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Graz get-together

Saturday, April 13, 2013
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Since we have our (hopefully) last snowy week in Austria and expect warmer temperatures in the coming weeks we want to kick off the outdoor polo season by hosting a training day on our training court. Players from Zagreb and Vienna already confirmed their interest and I am sure there may be players in Slovenia/Hungary/Slovakia/Czech Republic/Italy/Germany who are also interested. For players attending the Vienna and Zagreb tournaments this is a good chance to meet potential competitors.

For now it is set as a one day fun event with most likely shuffled teams. If there is more interest we may change that but there will be a real two day tournament in Graz later this year.

So everybody who wants to come please post it here. We may set up something on our website and most likely a facebook group but for now updates will be posted here.

In terms of accomodation we will have to see how many people are coming and how many want to spend the night. We can certainly host some people in our own apartments but obviously there is a limit to this. So once we can estimate the number of players who need accomodation we will get to it.




Signed up

Hey Django!
As I already told you, I would like/am willing to come. I think the same goes for some of the guys from Zagreb, too. And as far as I'm concerned, I would like to spend the night in Graz and hopefully drink some beer/have fun besides playing polo ;)

We will do that for sure ;)


Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

cubic will come!!!

For people who prefer Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/146659488837523/

Tomorrow we will fix our polo court. We will post some pictures of it.