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Halloween Ball Whackers Ball II--Bring out your dead!

Saturday, October 30, 2010 - Sunday, October 31, 2010
Contact info: 
Court size: 
45' X 120' to start 60' X 120' semi on

1) Valleros (LA Joker Pistolero Too $hort)
2) Slayers n Arlyn (PDX DC)
3) Los Tres Pendejos (SF Casey Devin Mickey)
4) Bad Fingers (SF Ben Ben Miah)
5?) Five-Oh (PHX MMJ DaveyC SF Justin)
5?) Working Stiffs (LA Brian Craig Jeremy)


SF Bike Polo cordiality invites one and all to the Halloween Ball Whackers Ball II. Bring out your dead!

If you couldn't make it last year, talk to someone who did. This year looks to be a bigger better affair. Our headlining sponsor is Pyramid Brewing. Other sponsors are Velocity, Freight Bags, Chuey Brand clothing, Milwaukee Bikes, and others.

There are a bunch of last minute changes. We recently found out that we are getting muscled by the P&R for a huge tab. SF Bike Polo once again wants to making this happen for the sake of polo but it is going to cost us around $3K for everything. We are asking for registration of $30. If you can't, we understand. $10 per person. If you can, help out.

The site has changed and we now also have to build the courts freestanding within a restrictive space. The courts will be 45' X 120'. Long and skinny. When it gets down to solo matches, we will break down and reassemble into what will be a more standard size court.

This event has gotten a lot higher profile with the city. We have been actively courting the Rec and Park to get a permanent space. This event is going to be a test. All alcoholic beverages will need to be out of site and kept to a minimum. All smoking must be done outside the fences.


Here is comes;


Critical Mass to pickup. If you want to see one of the best critical masses of the year. 2-3000 people riding in costume. It's a wild time. We will have a start point set so you can all ride together. Ride to Jose Coronado for pickup till 10pm.

Post pickup mixer. Treat and 18th.


Costume Saturday Swiss Round. At least 4 games. Morning and afternoon brackets. Playing in costume is highly encouraged. If fact you are seriously lame if you can't a fun with this. Prizes will be given to best Team and Solo costumes. Pickup either at the courts or back to Jose Coronado.

Saturday Night Party Back to 18th and Treat for Costume Ball. Prizes will be handed out at the post party this year. You must play in costume to win. The theme is "Bring out your Dead." Go in whatever direction you want.


Double Elimination. Finals to start at 4 or 5 pm.

Dan Finger is in charge of registration, team and loose cannons. Get your name in the hat ASAP We will be capping at 24 teams. 20 registered as of this post.

See who is registered here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0AnUlTI0HEGe0dGJncmUxaWdFNTNMY1h... Here is the text you can add to the tourney announcement for the team registration spreadsheet:

Contact danfinger to get your team registered!

Transportation: If you are flying in Get in touch with me ASAP.(Ruckus). We will make arrangement. In is not a big deal, but we want to have you scheduled to get to the airport on time.

Housing: Housing is becoming scarce. Get with me ASAP

I hope you have your costume ready.


Margaret s Hayward Playground, San Francisco, CA
Golden Gate Ave/Octavia
San Francisco, CA
United States

Signed up

Can't wait! This is gonna be awesome!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

do i get to sign up even though i can still barely manage to stay on my bike for all that long a period of time?

"When the lights go down in the city,
And the sun shines on the bay,
Do I want to be there in my city".

Get ready for some serious burrito gut and cold summer nights. Pack a sweater bitches. We are cold all year round and love it.

"I'm making it look mean!"


did that just happen?

babylon control the information

closed network, closed regime.

always remember that the hangmen also die.

These aren't the droids you are looking for?
Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain?
All those moments will be lost in time, like tears...in rain?
The fall of man is uniquely linked to the forgetting of his past?
Fuck it, Dude, let's go bowling.

"I'm making it look mean!"

Watch out SF here i come!



$44 from LA,Seattle, SD, Las Vegas

Super Cheap flights. Get them now and come have fun.


just gotta find a team. and a couch...

give blood. play polo.

jinxy. Mike has a brother with a condo out there we might be staying in for the weekend im sure your more than welcome to stay with us

So what kind of ball are you guys planning on using this year? Liquid filled or hollow? Thanx

Don't worry joker sac is bringing a bunch of balls all air filled, no water.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

The balls, they are now hollow. And if they are filled, they get drilled. Since can't find much in the way of non-AGS super high density balls, I've been ordering the AGS variety and drilling them out. A little on the heavy side but not as bad as with the water.

hey dan, here is a link to regular balls on amazon (non water filled)
and here is a link to where you can get them in red, orange, pink and yellow
happy shopping and see ya on halloween


Calgary will be making an appearance at this one. What are our best bets for accomodations? any backyards or beach spots to camp out?

B.F.P. 403

As things get a little closer, we will be setting up accommodations. Last year we set up over 30 people. We'll post when it starts to come together.


Awesome Thanks! We are looking forward to the trip!


B.F.P. 403

well, at least now i don't have to worry about accommodations. :D

just gotta save up some money or start stretching my thumb muscle
and i just need a team. hmmmm

whats easier? train, plane or automobile?

give blood. play polo.

Definitely automobile. It ends up being around $25 round trip with 4-5 people in the car. It's also entirely possible to leave after work Friday and return before work Monday, that's how most LA players did it last year. Once October comes around, there'll be more caravan details.


glad to hear it. my car aint lookin too good. just going back and forth to work is scary. so hitchin a ride would be awesome. :D

give blood. play polo.

Say Whattt!!!! Im back and ready to rip shit up..

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

is this your homework Casey??
you might want to look out the window....this is what happens when you FUCK A STRANGER IN THE ASS!!!!

Anyone still need another teammate?

who's got their costumes figure out yet?

soooo freakin excited

give blood. play polo.

My team is trying to figure out exactly what Gravy Pants are supposed to look like
for costume day... but hell yeah, get excited cuz Halloween in SF is alway fun----especially with POLO!!!

Lefty Bullshit!

i think you should all wear diapers will jello pudding running down your legs :)


Get ready gravy pants! Battle of the lefties.don't worry gravy stains will wash out with the tears you will shed after sac crushes you in three weeks. Ha! I'll be down a couple times before then. Hugs and kisses !

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I have no team so I hope people are getting paired up just incase?

So is this tournament happening at the Youngblood courts? I'm tryin to find a cheap hotel close to the Polo..

Joker rooms are more because holloween is a big weekend in sf . I got a room at 7th and mission. I have a hookup there, the good hotel. Let me me know soon.yes that is the name of the hotel. Rooms are about 99 bucks a nite, but let see what I can do. Let me know if you are interested .

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

im interested..

"We don't need no education"

I'll see what I can do David. See you guys soon.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

We are coordinating housing for people from out of town. Just started working on it. Not sure yet who is coordinator. Maybe contact Ruckus.

Hold on a second. NO entry fee?!?!


FREE FOOD??!?!?!



Sorry folks, SFBP's private polojet got reserved by Machine at last minute so he could visit his dear Mother in Loch Cloontyprucklish so you'll just have to find your own way here.

Great location, great folkses and the best damn hookers $8 can buy! COUNT IT!

What an $8 hooker might look like:

slipper stud!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Susan must be getting better to raise prices in this economy. Hopefully some of that scratch goes to buying a bike, or two.

slayers found our third for this one...and we need housing for three

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

So I believe that while we were lined up discussing the tournament on
Monday everyone took a step back when Housing Co-ordinator was
mentioned , making it appear that I had taken a step forward when in
fact I was too inebriated to move. Not to back down from a challenge,
and assuming my short term memory allows me to complete this
task, ........ I accept. So here's how it goin to be. Unless you want
your mothers ,sisters, brothers, fathers and/or immediate family
members to be bunked with Susan Dabbles ,who along with Joel and Doug
are the only volunteers to offer housing to our fellow poloistas so
far ,you need to offer up a space in your otherwise polo filled lives
to our tournament comers. Last year i housed 15 people who i had never
met. They left the place tidier than when they found it and where
totally respectful of my place. This year i can only house 6 or so, so
come on sfbikepolo you know ya wanna. These are people like you and me
except nicer. Email me how many you can house ASAP . I shall be
hassling you all Monday coz this is my baby. There are at least 26 of
us and with 2 people each we have it covered. Thanx in advance for
your commitment . Machine "so this is how it ends"

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

So... do you have an e-mail where I can leave you info about when we're arriving/leaving and how many poloites need a place to stay?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Hey Davey and everyone -

Got to put this out there: we'll have a new housing point of contact really soon. Machine's ex - the mother of his young daughter was recently in a bad accident. His priorities for his free time just got turned upside down.

Wish her well. We'll help you out. Figure on contacting Ruckus until he announces who the housing point of contact is.


Credo quia absurdum

Damn:/ Hope all is going well w/ her.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Everyone in L.A. is excited. I've got a place to saty in oakland but need to set up a team...looking for some hot bay area singles.

hey matt I am down to team up the other josh from long beach cant make it out and i might not be able to make it either cause my polo-dads neglecting me

if anyone needs any custom wheel covers made to complete your costume ensemble, lemme know! only 2 weeks left!
$15 - 20 a piece.


give blood. play polo.


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!


Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

DO YOU NEED TRANSPORTATION: Let me know. bikemanben at gmail . com. No one has stepped up to the plate for the position, but I would like to start compiling the list of people flying into town. If you are driving and need directions, I can help there as well.


we have a Calgary crew flying in. 3 of us, Let me double check the time we arrive, and I'll let you know. Thanks.

BIG THANKS to our friends at benscycles for their awesome contribution to our tourney. Milwaukee does polo right! Thanks guys!

HOUSING NOTICE>>>>> Do you need housing? Better let me know. Otherwise there are lots of doorways here in sf, the other homeless will show you how. I have my list of possible locations but need to have your confirmations.


Wassup Ben,
Coming to get that hoody from you in a week mans, can't wait.
@Steve, staying at your house last year was the shit! Still cant thank you enough.
-best regards Eli


Some Announcements For You

The location has changed. We will set up courts at Margaret Hayward Playground, found across from Golden Gate and Octavia in the Civic Center area of SF. Youngblood Coleman had another event going on Sunday and we were bumped by the Parks Dept. We will be building two courts approx 120x45. On Sunday at the start of the winner's semi-finals (when the remaining four winning teams play) we'll change to a single wider court. Clearly 45' is more narrow than we would like. This is the best we can do. The surface is smooth, a bit rough and sticky. The location is in the center of the city, easily accessed by bicycle, public transportation and parking in the neighborhood is typically easy.

We're looking at around 20 teams. On Saturday we will split them into morning (10a to 2p) and afternoon (2p to 6p) brackets with at least four rounds, swiss system. Sunday double elim. There's no pickup spot in the immediate area but our usual pickup spot is about 10 minutes away by bike.

The weather has been wet all weekend. Please plan accordingly. We are.

The Giants are in the World Series!! Hell yeah they are. Please bring a nappy-looking black beard and orange shirt this will be the costume of choice in SF. The games will be in Texas next weekend.

Friday is Halloween Critical Mass, gathering in front of the Ferry Building and rolling at 6p.

polojoel wrote:

Please bring a

Water bottle.

We have a slim likelihood that some Park & Rec officials will be dropping by. It would be great if we kept all EtOH bevvies on the downlow.

Extremely high likelihood of some officials checking us out.

SF RPD is very curious about us and this is our first dance. Slim likelihood GM Ginsburg will join us to fulfill his commitment to play in every sport played on his (our) property.

3 2 1!!!!!!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!



Team Forrests is looking for housing. Was hoping the GF's dad would get us a hotel room with his bling, but that looks like it isn't happening. So if we could have find housing for 4 that would be cool. 3 team members, 1 GF. If not I suppose I could go to the hostel or something. 410 two five three 5479 if you want to call me or just use the email that's on here.

120x45' is the functional size of most single tennis courts (Think Mosswood and Dolores Park) when including light poles and benches. Regulation tennis courts are 120' in length from fence to fence. This wont be much of a change for the Oakies!

If we have your contact info we will let you know on Friday evening whether you are in the AM or PM bracket on Saturday.

If you have not been informed this means you need to show up at 10a on Saturday.

This is on the tourist end of town, but check out Clare Roja's installation if you get here early. Closes on Saturday at 5:30. I think.


SFMOMA Artists Gallery at Fort Mason
Building A, Fort Mason Center
San Francisco, CA 94123

Credo quia absurdum

more raffle prizes! Jinxy Wheel Covers yo!

give blood. play polo.

Jinxy wrote:

more raffle prizes! Jinxy Wheel Covers yo!


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"


Let me know tonight or you will be sleeping on a bed of used needles under the Cesar Chavez/101 bridge.

Right now we have homes for

Santa Cruz

Placing right now.


also! my LBS 'Bumsteads' in Ontario gave me 2 Pryme helmets to raffle off!
yay Bumsteads!

give blood. play polo.

Jinxy wrote:

also! my LBS 'Bumsteads' in Ontario gave me 2 Pryme helmets to raffle off!
yay Bumsteads!

That's freakiing Sweeet!

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Bracket start times have been email'd to folks who registered with me. If you have registered but not heard from me, shoot me a message ASAP. If I don't respond in time, assume you are starting in the 10am morning bracket.

ALSO, Susan Dabbles was being passed around like a jailhouse punk over at the Park & Rec and her 'efforts' have rewarded all of us. We are now playing at our beloved YOUNGBLOOD COLEMAN playground. Two excellent courts and the best spectator bleachers in the known poloverse. COUNT IT!


Tory's punk ass backed out of the tournament today. LIKE A DICK! Anyone want to join team forrests from santa cruz? I'll be asking tonight at pickup too.

Updates on today please!

Today we had two swiss rounds. Start 11a with 12 teams. PM Bracket going about 3p with 10 teams. Misty & wet, particularly in the morning. Courts were clean and well-broomed, no puddles, the wet was quite tolerable. Temp in the 60's.

Results after Saturday.
1) Five-Oh (PHX - Davey Justin MMJ)
2) Los Tres Pendejos (SF - Casey Devin Mikey)
3) Working Stiffs (LA - No Love Craig Brian)
4) Cow Pnuchers (Calgary - Justin Danimal Treeface)
5) Slayersnarlyn (PDX - Jason Kayla Arlyn)
6) Valleros (LA - Joker Pistolero Too $hort)
7) Evil What (SF-AndrewSK Doug Joel)
8) Bad Finger (SF - Ben Ben Miah)
9) Judgment Day (SF Dustin Jason Kim)
10) Team Forrest (SC Brandon Pat Eli)
11) Space Doctors (Sacto - Joe Joey Scottt)
12) Three Amigos (Oak - Max Brendan Paul &co.)
13) Courthouse Rock (SD- WildMan Jush Fraggle)
14) Team Gravy Pants (SF - Xian Jackie Scizzors)
15) Swiss Miss (LA Switzerland Krysta Nora Mario)
16) Scag Barons (SF Ben Eric Jeff)
17) 2 1/2 Men (PHX - Julio Justin David Z)
18) Hailey's Grommet (LA - Eli Pepper Matt)
19) Glory Hole (Sacto - Barry Jamie Mike)
20) My, What Big Mallets You Have (LA - Guy Jinxy Sarah)
21) Team Nightmare (SF - Machine Jeremiah Daniel)
22) God (Seagravy Jay Justin)

There you go, it was a fantastic day getting all them games played. I pulled away from the courts at 7p. The lights had come on and plenty of mallets were on the fence. The sunset was fantastic, pink puffy clouds overlooking the Bay. Drying court and cool evening weather, no breeze and clearing skies. Mmmm, tomorrow. Yeah lots of teams could win this, hot polo action.

Thank you Sir!

Who won?

(Pulls up a chair. TV in the background playing SF Giants going into the 9th up 4-0.)

1) Valleros (LA Joker Pistolero Too $hort)
2) Slayers n Arlyn (PDX DC)
3) Los Tres Pendejos (SF Casey Devin Mickey)
4) Bad Fingers (SF Ben Ben Miah)
5?) Five-Oh (PHX MMJ DaveyC SF Justin)
5?) Working Stiffs (LA Brian Craig Jeremy)

MVP: Kayla

Sublime day of polo. A beautiful crowd of polo fanatics graced us with their presence at Youngblood today. We had clear blue skies, warm weather, clean courts and 22-team double elimination brackets running at 10:30a. Fifteen minute time limits until just about the end when we went to 20.

SF has much to be proud of. We threw a great tourney, had many many exciting games. The polo left people speechless at times. The crowd was on their feet screaming all day long. A special nod from me to Devin Casey Mickey for taking the podium, the first for SF (Bay Area to be more precise) in a big tourney. Devin demonstrated that bamboo beats aluminum. And he scored one hellacious game winner. Nora & Mario from Switzerland also brought much excitement, Nora scoring the first game winner of the day with a fast backhand. If my memory and my (empty) stomach were up to the task I'd blather 10000 words about the other great moments of the day. Hopefully we'll see some good pictures find their way here.

Some thanks...
Miah for making great courts happen in no time, low budget, breakdown done by 7p. My loverly Cecilia for her partnership in this whole affair, and the great spread of food she made happen. Dan Finger getting people registered and sent to AM or PM on Saturday with notice Friday night. Justin Runns, Justin Calgary, Puglife and others stepped right up to the stage director's spot and made the games happen when others stepped away. Dustin, Ben Ruckus, Machine made for spectacular prizes and plenty of frosty adult beverages. The most wonderful thing about tourneys is the way everyone steps right up to the plate and makes great polo, no bitching, more great polo and good times all weekend long.

(Giants long ago handed Texas a shutout. Time for shower and some din din.)

Hi Polo Joel;) 3) Los Tres Pendejos (SF Casey Devin Mikey) Mikey,,,

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Ah Mikey, apologies for that. Well done today. I've chosen whiskey over ibuprofen to get me to bed tonight.

Well ya bunch a crazy poloistas , that woz an amazing weekend of polo related awsomeness . Thanx to everyone who came to our tournie coz let's face it if ya hadn't it would have just been a bunch of sf maniacs whacking their own ballz for fun . You rocked our world.Over and oot

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thank you sf for a great weekend! The court set up, food, drinks and prizes were amazing.
Special thanx to all the arists and sponsors who donated prizes... dustin the mvp metal you made kicks ass!
LA, way to bring it! But you are going down next year... ill be seeing you in your nightmares.
The polo gods were shining down on us this weekend with beautiful weather and killer games.
Calgary, Switzerland, LA, santa Cruz, san diago, Sacramento, phoenix, and portland, all in sf.
Love you all!

Now we are drivng back through the beautiful state of California. Life is good.

Whos got the crack!

I want to thank Pistolero and Joker for calling / overseeing the most fun game I played all weekend. Also want to thank Longarm for keeping the reasonableness high - I slapped a ball that went through the goal and the excellent crowd would have otherwise convinced me it wasn't a shuffle. Couldn't ask for stronger ref work.

Shouts to the undead cops from AZ and Jinxy (Little RR) Danya (BBW) and Guy (Grandma with his nipple hanging out - also aparently while getting in some guys face in a near bar brawl...???)

Frisco loves yous!

ps Hey Joel - It's Mikey in the Sunday too.
pps Finger in his speedo and a few other things.

Credo quia absurdum

Thank you SF for a wicked tourny! Calgary had a blast. There was great play; and awesome heckling.

B.F.P. 403

818 1st Damm wish I was went to this!

My goodness, what a weekend! With so much anticipation leading up to this tourney, it was so fantastic to finally be there, and on the beautiful Youngblood courts. Couldn't have asked for anything better, even a bit of rain couldn't soggy this parade - just made for some slip & sliding! To the San Francisco polo crew, THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!! Excellent tourney, great, great, great people, and some amazing games.

It was so great to see familiar faces from faraway - SF, Portland, AZ & beyond - and meet some more dedicated poloistas. To the Calgary guys, that game we played against ya'll was something else! Hope to see you on the court again soon!

Also, huge thanks to my teammates, Mario & Nora - Swiss Miss held it down, loved playing with you guys!

I just can't say enough was a great tourney and weekend it was. SF, you always do us right. Hope we can offer the same level of tourney awesomeness when ya'll come play in L.A.

Lastly, way to go L.A.! Joker, Pistolero, Too $hort - Way to go guys!!! You fought hard for your victory and came together like the true champions you are to make it happen. 818 Dominate! All the way!!! And to Kayla, the indisputable MVP of this weekend - keep it up girl!!

Uploading photos now...will post a link when they're all ready.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Thank you SF for hosting such a wonderful tournament! Perfect one to be my first away tourney :)
Team Gravy Pants, you were wonderful hosts and thanks so much for letting us experience the 'Flower Shop'

Even though on Sunday, I felt as if I was going to puke on anyone who got near me in goal, I had the best time! Nora and Mario, very cool to meet you guys and glad you were able to make it out!

AZ always great seeing you guys! Bad Finger, Calgary and everyone else, it truly was a pleasure playin with ya'll.

Hope to see you soon, and yes... I did leave my heart in San Francisco! Go GIANTS!

and anyone who got pics... post em! My Gran keeps asking!

give blood. play polo.

And many thanks back at you for supplying us with the wicked Halloween goodies! "El Dedo del Diablo" loves the new wheel skins

If you're looking for some high zoot skins for your spinners, drop Jinxy a line. She will pimp your shit!


this batch: from saturday afternoon and a few from the gathering that evening.

here is the link:


only 339 photos from saturday.

sunday's photos will be posted within the next few hours...

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you all.
Ben and Joel thank you for letting me help out I felt like part of the family being able to help. I enjoyed my stay in SF. The tournament was amazing.the people were friendly and crazy, it was a great vacation. LA good job boys BUT Portland was great! I love my LA boys but DAMN those games had me hanging at the edge of my seat. I don't think polo will be the same in LA anymore.

P.S Joel please thank your wonderful wife Cecilia for all the delicious food she prepared for us. she is going to be a great mom, ask her if she won't mind taking in a 25 year old daughter:D thank you all and I hope to see you all soon.


ok, and as promised, here is the second batch, from sunday, halloween, 2010.

the link is here:


392 photos i do believe

and that brings me current on all the photos i took this weekend.

if folks see shots they want copies of, drop me a line here or to my e-mail address: dadanation at gmail dot com

Excellent job Kayla!

A few photos here: http://www.labikepolo.org/?p=121

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Great weekend of Polo! way to bring the ruckus... We'll se you in LA in April??? announce that shit, son! And pull yer pants up.

Team Gravypants... Quite possibly the biggest assholes you've ever lost to, since 1897.

Undefeated World Champions since 1997

Thank You San Francisco! As always we had a blast. Great courts, awesome vibes from everyone, and you pampered us with delicious food and beer nonstop. Can't ask for a more beautiful weekend in a more picturesque city. To Kayla, Jas, and Arlyn, that was a thrilling final, look forward to a rematch anytime! To everyone who dressed in costume, thanks for bringing the spirit all weekend! Cheers...

Joker when is the Winter invite taking place??

Peace to all the Gods and the Earths!

Dont trip potato chip. We are working on some scheduling issues. Most likely April, but if it can happen sooner we will let you guys know. Should have some details in a month or so.

S.F Thank u guys for such a great weekened up there. We all had a blast. Ruckus, and Polo Joel u guys Rock broe. Beer, food and delicious goodies from Cecilia.. Thank u . Everybody Played great. Calgary, Az , L.A,Sac, Sf, SD, Santa Cruz, Mario and Nora all u guys rock and I defenetly give up to Portland.. u guys kick some Efen ass. Arlyn, Kayla (M.V.P) and Jason u fucken Rock Broe. U are a Great Player. Great games agaisnt u guys it was an intense Final. Thanks everybody that was there and helped out make this happen. Thank u Gabbie for all ur help, it was highly appreciated.. and for the rest that helped out . Thanks to all the sponsers. Travis from Freight Bags thank u so much for the custome Bags.. they rock. and all the sponcers as well.. Also i was to Thank our crew (L.A) all u guys played great up there and for keeping it rowdy.. Whos the rowdiest crew? L.A.. wooot wooot

"We don't need no education"

Thanks for the good times...sf

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

? can you still sign up for the tournment..

^^^it was last year. They said they're having another one this year, stay tuned...I know I am!

yah totally!... took me a second to figure that one out..lols..
Im going this year..costumes + polo= yes!..

Haha I told Joe I was gonna be Dog the bounty hunter for halloween, and he thought you should dress up as Dog's wife.

me: good idea Joe! it wouldn't take too much effort.
Joe: no, it wouldn't. You have enough chest hair to be Dog, and Autumn has enough cleavage to be his wife".


LmaOs..thats so true!..maybe.. we'll see...if i dont find a costume in time..