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Hardcourt Bike Polo Hawaii Open

Saturday, May 16, 2015 - Sunday, May 17, 2015
Host club: 
86ed Bike Polo Hawaii
Contact info: 

86ed Bike Polo & peDal jUnkies present...HAWAII HARDCOURT BIKE POLO TOURNAMENT. It's the first tournament in Oahu so it should be AWESOME!!!
2 day tournament:

Saturday 3vs3 Swiss Rounds
Sunday-Double Elimination

Register on Podium at https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/hawaiibikepoloopen

Location: Sunset Beach Elementary 59 Kamehameha Hwy, Haleiwa, HI 96712.
Fee: $10/player

Transportation to and from the airport, housing, things to do , etc. will all be arranged by the polo fam in Oahu. Hit up Bike Polo Hawaii on Facebook with further questions. Check out Allegiant Airlines for tickets, as well as Hawaiian Airlines and Alaska Airlines for good prices on tickets.

See ya on the island!!


haleiwa, HI
United States

Signed up

whats the format? throw in,bench,team ect? Is this a one day thing? courts-lights size?

hey Alix. I've been talking to the guys and gals out in Oahu and here's what we're thinking.
2 day tournament: Saturday 3vs3 Swiss Rounds then Sunday Double Elimination.
we're working on the courts but they will probably be on basketball courts, boarded up for the games. there are lights until pretty late so we should have 2 full days of bike polo...and then, of course, Hawaii.
we'll be updating the event flyer and info this weekend.

Hope to see you there.



This way everyone gets to play on different teams all day saturday!!

whats up with this dope ass hockey rink next to the beach?

YES! thank you for posting that! I second that question...what IS up with that dope ass hockey rink next to the beach?

that hockey rink is in Maui. not oahu.

4-on-4 bench games the weekend after!

don't say that! this is too close to the boston open! 4v4 cant be played without me...I am the self appointed ambassador of 4v4! HAHA!

being the first tournament for this club, gonna keep it with the basic 3vs3 format. Also, Oahu wants to play at their tournament as a club, with their teams.

Brandon & Jason, I'm sure we can get a inpromtu game (bench) going on while we're there at the hockey rink. You're right. It does look dope. Maybe the Friday before. We'll do it school-yard style to pick our teams if we make the bench official.

The Oahu club is finalizing things for us with the city officials. Really excited to be able to travel to Hawaii for polo and everything else. Hoping to organize a polo group ride to see the sights.

Now....get your tickets poloverse. See you on the courts (next to the beach!!!)



When is registration? I'm pretty much ready to buy my tickets right now.

Team mates? Sup?

Is this thing happening? How do I register? Anyone want to make a team? Preferably Cascadia based so we can practice before hand but whatever.

Nice to see you're still in the game

If you aren't sinning, Jesus died for nothing.

I never left. I've always been right here.

i see only one comment from kona. oahu is this happening?people wanna start thinking about plane tickets.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Yeah ive been trying to reach anyone over in oahu for the last few days no response. has anyone been able to register?

Hawaiian airlines is doing a flash sale right now for the next day. Round trips under 400 all over the country. Most these tix are half off. If your thinking of getting a flight out, now may be the time.

Does anyone have an update on this?

Sorry for the delays on getting this updated. I just got off the phone with Oahu and everything seems to on track for an awesome tournament. They're working hard to provide us with traditional food, places to stay and things to do while we're on their island.

They're working on securing the courts; either 2 basketball courts with boards or a private spot where there will be 2 courts built. We're doing 2 days, Saturday Swiss, Sunday Double Elimination.

They've secured a spot to lay your heads about an hour away from the court. They hotel has agreed to give all bike polo players 50% off their stay! and Oahu has guaranteed that they can take people to-and-from the http://www.equushotel.com Most of the players also have back yards that we can camp out in. Hammock slumber party?

Registration starts March 23rd at midnight: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/register/hawaiibikepoloopen

If you're purchasing plane tickets, fly into Honolulu, Hawaii. 86ed bike polo club said it's about an hour from where the courts are, they can pick up and drop off most incomers. we found cheap tickets on http://www.allegiantair.com/ . Round trip tickets from LAX to Honolulu for $370.00
See you on the beach.


Anyone need a teammate?

Yes, join my team.

Also need team. looking to slam beers and maybe even play some polo

me and Maverick need a 3rd.

give blood. play polo.

Im in if your looking for a third

same weekend as SEQ...wouldn't you just know it...womp womp womp

Updates are posted. If anyone has questions, hit up https://www.facebook.com/bikepolohawaii?fref=ts

You can play with Jinxy and I if you like.


hell yeah, we'd love to have ya

give blood. play polo.

Lets do it!

Wheres everyone staying? the equushotel.com at half off seems like an amazing deal and its downtown. looking to book stuff soon. Aint no party like a polo party, raging downtown wakiki could be epic.

Hey Alix,
We were told that there were a couple of spots open for people to crash out at (back yards, rooms, etc) but that the best bet was equushotel.com . My wife and I are going to be booking at least a couple of nights there in the next couple of days. They said to mention that we are with the polo tournament and we'd get 50% off. let me know what your experience is when you get your room.
See you soon...


Hey Alix. Wrench from Oahu said he has a spot for us to crash out at. It's a spot close to the beach and the tournament spot. I'll forward you the address when we get it.


Anyone still looking for a third?

I'm down. You want to team up?


Yes. Any leads on a third?

I talked to the Hawaii guys. If no one else comes up, we're gonna pick up someone from out there . There was a guy on Facebook saying he'd be on the island on Saturday. I'll try to track him down. Keep you posted.


Just got off the phone with Wrench from Hawaii. Here's an update:
-There are people available to pick-up/drop-off at the airport
-There is free housing available. The house where we will be staying at is a 5 minute bike ride from the beach, and there will be a knife-fight court in the front yard!!! If you prefer to stay in a hotel, the Equus Hotel is about an hour from where the tournament is being held. They are still offering a discounted price for polo participants.
-We are invited to a major Grass Polo event on Sunday. It is one of the biggest events (and the "biggest tailgating party of the year") on the island.
-The court where the tournament will be held is across the street from some of the biggest and best surfing competitions in the world.
-It's Hawaii.


How's the mountain biking out there?

Looks good to me...



alright my polo peeps...
We got free housing for ya. Our boy Wrench is opening up his home to everyone/anyone who comes through to smash mallets for the tourney. It's located at: 66-912 Alena Loop, Waialua, HI 96791 just a couple minutes to the beach on bikes. He's also lined up 50% off of rooms at the Equus Hotel... just mention you're there for bike polo.
Wrench has set up skydiving, hiking, and a grass polo event that is the biggest tailgating party of the year on the island. IT'S GONNA BE DOPE!!!!!!

Contact me with any questions: (559) 394-5285 or Wrench at (808) 779-0730...don't forget that Hawaii is on a different time zone!

See ya in Hawaii!!!!


Hey everybody sorry been kinda MIA swamped with work, but if ANYONE has ANY questions please give me a call at (808) 779 0730. Looking forward to seeing everybody out here!

Yes, those who would like to a free place to crash, call me, and if you want to stay at the Equus hotel in Waikiki, please call me so I can make sure we have rooms available for you for 50% off.

Looks like everything up and running on Podium so go ahead and sign up-
Thanks everybody!

Is anyone staying after the tournament. I'm going to be around for an extra week and would be interested in a travel buddy/ someone to split a rental with.

My wife and I are leaving Monday night. That would've been awesome though. Most of the guys in Hawaii seem to have connections so I would talk to them about getting around the islands. See you soon!!


Got rooms at the Equus hotel. Were going to party Waikiki most days let us know if your down.

Nice. We're staying at the Equus a couple nights too. Shoot me your contact info on here so we can link up.
See you soon soon.
Cheers, Tea
'Bout to board our plane...!


what happened? who where the teams who won?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

what happened? who where the teams who won?

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you. Still in vacation mode...
Because we were swallowed by paradise in the North Shore (mountains on one side and the ocean on the other), so modern technology was hard to get going (back of the poster/paper & pencil). Had a beautiful court, perfect weather, and players from Fresno, San Diego, Los Angeles, Orlando/Kona and Oahu slaying on the court.
If you thought about going to this and didn't make it, YOU MISSED OUT!! We've planted the seed ya'll. The club out there is working hard to make bike polo available to everyone. They have more than 75 kids (Boys & Girls Club members) learning the game, building bike for each other, and promoting the sport. It was an amazing experience that we took from this tournament, being able to see the future of Bike Polo. I got to play with two 14 year slayers from Oahu that played their hearts out. You guys better be on the look out for Clayton aka Kid & TJ, Team peDal jUnkies!!! The club out there is working on getting a polo-specific court right off the beach of North Shore. You'll be able to play a game, jump over the fence, and onto the beach. Keep your calendars clear for May 14-15th, 2016.

Here are 2015's winning Podium:
3rd: W.P. (Ole, Chance, Kalani-Oahu)
2nd: peDal jUnkies (Tea-Fresno, Clifton aka Kid, TJ-Oahu)
1st: Slaycation (Jinxy-LA, Lawnmower-San Diego, Alix-Orlando/Kona)
Till next time...