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Hellcat Bike Polo Tournament

hellcat - lille
Saturday, November 13, 2010 - Sunday, November 14, 2010
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Signed up

stay tuned : more info to come....

Lille, j'adore!!
I worked in Lille for the 2004 capital of european culture exposition.
Bike polo is an excellent excuse to come back!

Incredible video!


Arizona is now in france?

yeah that video was pretty well done and I totally didn't notice mini-mike in there until you pointed it out.

321bpm from münster, germany, will come to the hellcat! where can we sign up for the tournament?

C'est quoi le format du tournoi ? deux jours, poule et double élimination ?

Broken legs


Please send a mail to :

* hotn@hellcat-alleycat.net for the Alleycat
* street@hellcat-alleycat.net for Street Contest
* hbpt@hellcat-alleycat.net for hardcourt Bike Polo

let us know your name, your nickname, your alias, or anything you want to be identified...

For any other info : lajalousie@hellcat-alleycat.net

def coming through for the polo with some bruxy boyz! hell to the yes, please.

that's my shit

Results Hellcat Tourney, Lille, France, Nov.14th 2010 :
24 teams
1. Bambule, Berlin, GER
2. Hooks, Rouen, F
3. MGM, Paris, F
3. DTGP, Paris, F
5. Broken Legs, Rouen, F
5. Ketjes, Belgium
5. Gibiers, Lille, F
5. Peinture French, Paris, F

Final won by Bambule against Hooks with 5-0..
And a big thanks to all organisators and participants, it was grand, despite the weather.
CU next year!