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2014 Heartland Regional Qualifier

Saturday, May 31, 2014 - Sunday, June 1, 2014
Contact info: 
Court size: 

Two courts.

Saturday May 31st full 24 team group for five rounds of Swiss. Be at the courts at 8:30am, games start at 9am sharp.

Sunday June 1st, sixteen team double elimination tournament for the five team spots up for grabs to qualify for North Americans. Games start at 9am.

NAH will be handling the registration process via Podium.

1. The Scorpions (Justin CBUS, Karate Jon, Matt CLE)
2. Handsome Boy Polo Club (Gene, Shane, wes DEC)
3. Hood Relix (Nick, Rob Digital, Neal Indy)
4. Witchcraft (Spencer, Malakai, Josh LKS)
5. Cleveland (Thomas CIN, Lou, Bob CLE)
6. Three Bucks (Peter, David CBUS, Eric LEX)
7. Hustle and Muscle (Chris CIN, porch, James LEX)
8. Los Tranquilos (Mags, Charlie COMO, Hams LEX)
9. Imperials (Tucker, Evan, Kyle Indy)
10. Blackmoths (Jonathan ANC, Colin BTV, Tim D COMO)
11. Natives (Travis BLM, Stas FTW, Thomas LAF)
12. Quarrymen (Davis, Zachary BLM, Evan PDX)
13. It's all in de tails (Taffy, Andy, Brent LEX)
14. Acronymphos (_bzbu CIN, David CLE, Weezie LOU)
15. Tickle It In (Cody CBUS, Joe, AJ CIN)
16. Interlopers (Corey, Ross, Jose Indy)
17. tbd (Mike, Alan, Kelly CIN)
18. Touchy Eely (Cailyn, Paul, Clark CBUS)
19. BloodBath and Beyond (Joshua, Natalie, Kaleb CBUS)
20. 59 Digits (Jon CBUS, Callie, Christopher COMO)
21. Buttery Smooth Crackers (Hersh, Karl, Zachary DEC)

If you register a team and pay for it, then need to make changes you should contact Nick Nacrelli on FB or email nicknacrelli@gmail.com to make a change. When you contact me I need the following information: player's full name, city, name used on podium (if you have a nickname), and contact info. Just add me on fb, its easy.

INDY HOSTEL - 317.727.1696
Cheap rooms, right around the corner from the courts, liquor store, bars, tasting room, grocery five blocks away, bike shop, and close for partying. YOU WANT TO STAY HERE, much cheaper than a hotel room on the northside or downtown.


Some of you have been to our courts, we've been incredibly lucky in terms of drinking in the park. Arsenal park is a designated family zone, it has a splash park, fields, and gets quite a bit of use, but provides a challenge when it comes to having a beer and watching a game of polo because there is absolutely no drinking allowed. We have been and are looking into permits to get around this, but as of now are not having much luck. We will be going with one full day of Swiss rounds on Saturday.


Arsenal Park
46th and Haverford
Indianapolis, IN
United States

Signed up

can we not be "heartland" please?


Heartland Regional Rep

Not my call, but I totally agree.

What if we are simply called "Central"?

This thread isn't for that discussion. Speak to your city rep, although I'm not sure how that matters since it says you play for Honolulu bike polo.

Due to some pretty absurd gerrymandering, Honolulu is now part of the Central Heartland division.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

You happy now? Thanks for reminding me of my poor life decisions.

P.S. Thanks for putting this together

You are very welcome and hope to put together or help with a club get together sometime for pickup.

More like "Fartland!"


Combination of choice: Smash + Bang


I lobbied for Bourbon Belt .....

Looks like registration will open in early March and ran by NAH.

Does it have to stick to 24 teams?

Yes, we don't have lights.

I just want to point out that Columbus also did not have lights and finished fine with 32 teams. Just food for thought. I will also add please get more than one porta potty to avoid the need for a shot shuttle, unless that's a tradition now.

We went with nah regulations, which I believed have changed from last year regarding the requirements for these tournaments. Also, with a smaller region, Eastsides the same day and the Great Lakes region the next weekend, I doubt we could fill 32 teams.

For our other tounaments we have the parks open a public bathroom that is located on the same grounds as the courts. Adding a port a potty has been mentioned too.

Also, I have midterms this week, once they are finished I will be working on the poster and some more details for this tournament.

Registration for this tournament opens up next week and is being handled by NAH. John will be announcing details soon, but at least one of your team members will need to be current on PODIUM.

I've updated the top of this page to include, what I feel like, is your best bet on housing. Due to limited people in the area, families, some of us being married and not wanting an epic shit show on our hands for the entire weekend, and just life, housing will not be 'offered.' I know this can be a problem, but as of right now it is unavoidable. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look at the hostel that is linked above and book a room ASAP. The hostel has 38 beds available, some of the rooms are big, there are female dorms, and group rooms. I would register for the tournament, then book a room. All the info is located above for you.

We are working on an ideal bike / mallet check in process, working refs, and all other tournament prep.

As for the allocation of prizes (and since people tend to bitch), these will probably be limited, BUT we are about certain that we will be paying out CASH to the top three podium finishers. More to come on that later.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch with me personally on facebook (Nick Nacrelli) or email, nicknacrelli@gmail.com. I will do my best to work with people where I can.

Can't wait to see everyone.

Oh man! Registration is next week! I better quit procrastinating and find a team.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

I can't make my region's qualifier.

If any two people who have a good chance of placing in the top 5 need a 3rd please be in touch.

I haven't read the rules so maybe this isn't even allowed.

matt dot lane dot r at gmail

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Where is all the teams chatter!? Surely not just Bob, Matt and myself don't have a qualifier team lined up.

Bike Polo Ronin

There's your team.

Looking for a team, not sure who in each city is looking.

When does out of region registration happen?


C'mon John, gotta read up

Noted. You guys should make it 25 teams if we don't make the wait list. Just sayin...

Polo dad just reprimanded the fuck out of you punk.

With that being said, come to this one.

I'll be there.

Lou and I need a 3rd. Good passing game, verbal communication on the court, and Willing to cover goal periodically is preferable. Email me at bobknauer05@gmail if you're into it.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Alright, I told myself I wasn't gonna play, but I'm trying to get my club at least 1 more point for bench championships, so if you've got low expectations I might just be your guy. Mediocre at all aspects of the game. Professional at not letting it get me down.

Registration opens tonight at 10 eastern / 9 central on followpodium.com.

Clicky clicky at ten.


People looking for a team (AJ), big Corey Callahan from Ajax is moving back to Indy in a few weeks and needs a team. Just a heads up, find him on Facebook.

Also, if you have moved recently please change your city affiliation on podium. If you can't access it pleas speak with John Hayes. These point go towards the bench championships.


Big thanks to Indianapolis's own Rob Young for doing the artwork for this tournament. Rob is currently pololess in Baltimore, we hope he is home for the summer. Please check out his site if you have a minute.


Also, please register your teams, sign up, plenty of spots available. Currently we have 18 teams registered, one team looking for a third (Louise LOU and Sweetbox CLECINLEXLOU), leaving five open spots, send your squads. Once registration is closed I will update the full roster list at the top of the page. Please contact me with questions.


I'd like to be that third.

Edit: I have a team now.

One more thing, please contact the hostel I have linked at the top of the page.

Looking for a team.

I've been playing polo for ~15 months.

Defense is my favorite aspect of the game.
Before picking up polo I played defense and long-pole midfield in lacrosse for 10 years. Obviously, the game is pretty different, but the basics are the same. I play polo with a pretty long mallet and love surprising opponents with the reach.

As for references for my abilities on the court,feel free to ask anyone from COMOPOLO.

Contact me at cdphy8@mail.missouri.edu

Edit: I have a team now


/ / / B A D V I B E S / / /


Help us out, be a ref.

I'm having trouble updating our team name on Podium. Maybe because we aren't confirmed yet. Please change from "TBD" to "59 Digits". Thanks

Trying to get a team from St. Louis to go!

Make it happen, talk to Colleen.


Looking for refs. Need refs. Take the tests. We will need more help with Swiss games, as the double elimination goes on I think we have it covered.

Book your rooms. Let me know if you need anything, questions, whatever.

Another thing: Indiana has blue laws meaning liquor stores aren't open on Sundays, you aren't supposed to be drinking in the park anyways, but just so you know.

I don't know if folks are still looking for accommodations, but cincy is camping at the fairgrounds, which are only about a mile and a half away according to google maps. We should take the place over and have bonfire parties. They don't take reservations but the lady on the phone assured me that they will not fill up that weekend.


Good find AJ.

If you didn't see it yesterday, NAH issued ruleset 4.3 with an appendix, I have them linked in the details section at the top of the page. Take those ref tests, they will help you know the rules and know why infractions will be called, plus we need the help.

As it looks from Podium, just one more team to register. So talk a few people into playing from any club and have fun in Indy.

Ben & I (from Lex) may need a last minute third. Message me if you might be available.

I added a link to the fairgrounds camping site, thanks for the link AJ.

ALSO, its looking like we will be doing one big round of swiss on Saturday. There are several reasons for this: seeding, more equal times between games (groups of twelve would have several back to back games), more refs, goal judges, and a better tournament experience. This isn't final just yet, but keep checking podium - which I hope to have updated soon.

Let me know if you need anything.

The hostel still has a couple group rooms available. One coed for 12 people and one female only for 6. They are giving a 10% discount for polo.

I know this is dumb, like asking a man what he is thinking, but is there an official start time? We are coming in Saturday morning and are on deck to start.

You should be here by 8:30am at the latest for check ins and player meeting. Games start at 9am.

Instagram: #HLQ2014
Friday night pickup: 6-9.
Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/632240030192698/

Anybody need a third?

I can't register on Podium (I know I should have done this a long time ago). I select "Join an existing team" and then no teams are listed, and I can't pay unless I select a team. Is Vince still in charge of podium? Should I contact him?

Sidenote: My city isn't available to select for my profile on podium, so I just put that I'm from CoMO since I was at one time.

Contact Vince or John Hayes.

Please send me an email. John@nahardcourt.com

Added Springfield, MO

Big thanks to the fine people of Boston Bike Polo for whipping up this diagram of correct hand signals.


Ready? You should be.

Players meeting / bike check / mallet check / ref meeting tomorrow morning (5/31) at 830 am. ALL PLAYERS NEED TO BE IN ATTENDANCE.


If you must drink it's at your own peril, leave nothing behind. If you get caught and it hinders this tounament I will ruin you.


9am Sunday start. Full 24 team double elimination bracket.

Don't forget to give the feedback of how the newruleset worked over there.


Thanks everyone! Hope you had fun, we did.

Congrats to Los Tranquilos, Three Bucks, Hustle and Muscle, Natives, and Twice Removed.

Our MVP was Ian from Cinci who ripped via the lefty bullshit magik.

A few more things:

Thank you everyone for playing a mostly clean tournament, you are all lovely.

A BIG THANKS to Liam and his father for being at the tournament and taking pics both days. Please check out his website here: liamgilson.com.

Liam's pics are up!