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hungry hungry hippolo II

Friday, February 24, 2012 - Sunday, February 26, 2012
Host club: 
Tallahassee Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
one court, approx 90' x 60'

this is a benefit for our community bike shop, krank it up!

just one court so registration is strictly limited to 20 teams.

old but not out-dated format, 3v3.

this is the same weekend as fresh fest V, an annual punk fest in tallahassee. mostly house shows, a bunch of them so there will be plenty to do.

we'll be playing at our usual pickup spot, the parking garage at the corner of st. augustine and macomb. pickup on friday, swiss rounds saturday and double elimination sunday.

we will be poaching this spot so please do not abuse it. this is our pickup court and we'd never be able to find a better location if for any reason we lost access so please do not abuse it. of course we don't care if you want to smoke pot but i will disqualify you and your team if you smoke at the court, go somewhere else. cigarettes are whatever but put your butts in the garbage. we have decided to not allow drinking of any adult beverages. also there will be no music, we do not want to draw too much attention. if you ignore these requests i will disqualify you and your team, i don't want to do that. understand i am saying this because if you abuse our spot then tallahassee won't have a place to play, don't abuse it.

registration will be $42 per team, nearly all of which will go to the bike shop. food not bombs will be making us lunch sunday so they will receive a small portion of the proceeds. the rest of it will go to krank it up! polo in tallahassee wouldn't be close to what it is now without our bike shop so this is one way polo is giving a little back.

with registration all will receive breakfast and lunch at the court saturday and sunday, coffee in the mornings roasted right here by the famous justin pogge of sweet pea cafe and old field cycles, free flat repair at the court by one of our highly qualified mechanics, member prices at bread and roses food coop just two blocks from the court, as well as whatever other perks we come up with.

we have housing for nearly everybody but it is limited. if you know somebody in tally who doesn't play polo that you may be able to stay with, please see if you can. we currently have housing for 12ish teams plus plenty of tent space with nearby showers. bring a tent if you like nature. housing will be given on a first come first served basis. we're working on finding more space for kids to comfortably crash, look for updates. free housing is high on our list of priorities, we'd like to avoid anyone paying for a room unless they want to. but if that's how your team rolls here are a couple cheap hotels not too far from the courts: days inn at I-10 and highway 27 is $30 a night and 3.5 miles from the court, suburban extended stay is $38 per night with a kitchen and is 3.2 miles from the court. there are likely cheaper options as well.

pickup on friday will start around four, or earlier if there are enough people. we can play until there aren't six left to play, the lights will stay on all night. saturday will be swiss rounds in two separate groups, morning and afternoon, so you won't have to wait too long between games. each team will play at least four games. maybe we can do a pickup bench match after the brackets. we'll have to drop the four lowest ranked teams for double elim on sunday, unfortunately. hopefully there will be time for a couple dfl games.

we will use nah rules with one notable exception. if the game is tied at end of time both teams will line up as they would for a rejoust. but instead of one ball we will throw a bunch on the court at once. hungry hungry hippolo will ensue, teams will have two minutes to outscore their opponents. this year we are working on a modification for our nets that should keep each ball trapped behind the goal line, a slight reduction in chaos but only slight. this rule will not apply to final and semi-final games.

there are no bathrooms at our garage but there are a number of public bathrooms a block or two away; a couple convenience stores, bread and roses food coop from 12-5, and 24/7 at all saints cafe. all of these are 3 mins tops on a polo bike. bread and roses has lots of cold drinks, healthy vegan junk food, not so junky health food, locally made vegan and dairy ice cream by icycle works and a ping-pong table. all saints cafe has coffee drinks, cheapo vegan food and a small video arcade with a few solid classics. also just as close: st. mike's pub, krank it up!, voodoo dog (dogs and burgers with vegan and veg options), fat sandwich, fancy beer at the fermentation lounge, etc. we might make silly little maps to give out to everybody. also we will have cold water all day and a small grill that we can fire up whenever so bring something for it if you want.

to register email me, jimmyg@riseup.net registrations will not be accepted without the names of at least two confirmed team members. include your team name, the names of your players, where each player is from, at least one phone number that i can send a txt to, whether you will need housing and for which nights, if you will be bringing extra people who will not be playing but who will need housing, if you are willing to camp and any other relevant info. once i receive all of these details i will send you my street address, send a check or money order for $42. only when your check clears will your registration be complete.


tallahassee, FL
United States

Signed up

did i leave anything out?

this sounds so fucking awesome. i really hate to miss it

talk shit and burn bridges

no need to hate, we'll miss you too. just think of us when you get naked that weekend.

I am so stoked about this! I've already started emailing sponsors.

Everyone come to this. Mobile is really looking forward to it.

Anyone want to shell out 5 Gs, so i can get my grill fixed and come to this? ... didn't think so

My scratch-off winnings will be donated to fund this,....but only if your getting gold caps!(Knocking on wood real hard right now).

kiss my dick

tally gonna get slapped around like a pizza

i've a great idea for a coffee table book, Empty Threats by Fraz. <3. Think I might come to this.


yes do it. and bring adam bunn back to us.

it can sit right next to tall tales of texas tattlesnake

*spoiler* chapter I: tattler has sex 3 times in 24 hours

Northern Standard and a bunch of local sponsors have already committed!

awesome, Food Not Boms in the house!

Holy shit I'm stoked. First tourney of the year and first on my new bike. I wish reality only consisted of bike polo so I can play all day and not worry about life shit.

Awesome I don't think my team will be available to play but I've been meaning to visit tally to see some friends. I'm gonna come during this and hang out if that's alright and take some pictures. Sounds like it's gonna be a load of fun.

Currently looking for a team/ride to/from this. I'm coming from Memphis, so if you were coming through there (unlikely!), that'd be cool, but I was planning on Mega-bussing it down to ATL and catching a ride with someone there. Anyone able to help me out? Be glad to pay my share of gas and whatnots.


two coming from asheville! but we're broke so we might just watch and play pick up

was wondering if anyone can help me out. I am working in orlando on friday evening but am flying and will be without a car. I can leave early on saturday morning and would be up for paying for gas money on the way. Or if anyone had any suggestions on how to get to orlando to tallahassee. Thanks in advance. My number is 678.697.2628 if that helps thing out or chris@dangerpress.com.

Does anyone need a team? I got one and maybe two people who want to play. Shoot me a pm if you wanna play.

we have 18 teams again this year.

waiting on details from two teams and then i will publish the brackets.

we will not need to drop any teams for the double elim on sunday. but don't try too hard, the dfl prize may rival the first place prize.

if you'd like to, you can now add your team to hardcourtbikepolo.org

looks like we may get some rain late friday afternoon or early evening but the garage is covered. we'll plan on having the court set up for pickup around 4pm. the weather saturday and sunday looks great. highs in the 60s and lows in the 30s and 40s.

everybody's covered for free housing, i'll be sending out info to team captains today.

with just one court we will need to keep a tight schedule. games will start at 9am saturday and sunday. breakfast will be there a little sooner.

brackets are published:

i want full coverage of this tournament updated every hour with complete score cards (including hungry hippo) and streaming live in HD


also i want someone to code a chat into the stream that is sent to a big led monitor so ppl can read me talking shit as it happens in real time

had so much funnn! couldn't have asked for a better first tournament :)

Didn't think I could have so much fun being the worst at something.