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Saturday, March 26, 2011 - Sunday, March 27, 2011
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
34 m x 15 m

Este es el I Open de Bike Polo de Madrid "El Polo y el Madroño".
Hay un máximo de 16 equipos, en este momento quedan 9 plazas.
Si quieres participar puedes inscribirte con tu equipo en las siguientes páginas:
http://libp.tk/ (- /torneos/-/open polo Madrid marzo/-)
o escribiéndonos un email a: ecmc-polo@googlegroups.com
Las normas y más información en nuestro blog: http://bikepolomadrid.blogspot.com/

This is the I Open of Bike Polo in Madrid "El Polo y el Madroño"
Up to 16 teams, still 9 places available.
If you want to participate, you can sign up your team in this website
http://libp.tk/ (- /torneos/-/open polo Madrid marzo/-)
or sending us an email to: ecmc-polo@googlegroups.com
Rules and more info at: http://bikepolomadrid.blogspot.com/


Arganda metro piramides
Madrid, MD

Signed up

Ey! parece que el email de google groups está dando problemas... si quereis preguntar algo, usoaareitio@gmail.com

Sólo quedan 6 plazas, animarse!!

Hey! the email of google groups doesn´t work if you have cuestions please usoaareitio@gmail.com

We have only 6 places free !!!

Hi Usoa, the email is not responding well, please let me know if you have another one so we can confirm our presence at the Madrid contest. Peace



podrias poner una lista ade los equipos apuntados y de donde son, por favor

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Aquí va una lista provisional, ya que faltan datos aún... pero para hacerse una idea vale

1- Polos Pelos: Jordi, Enric y Alejandro (Barcelona)
2- Vice Polo: Alvaro, Sergio y Coco (Madrid)
3- (Madrid X1 "otro sinnombre"): Sebastian, Angelo y Julio (Madrid)
4- Polotaris: Roi, Aitor y Usoa (Madrid)
5- Manguis: Camilo y Cia (Barcelona)
6- (Zaragoza X1 hay que poner nombre) (Zaragoza)
7- (Zaragoza X2 Nombre también) (Zaragoza)
8- Bang Bang: Tibo, Xav, Yann (Grenoble)
9- (Gijón X1 "otro sinnombre") (Gijón)
10-Hooks: Maks, Quentin, Woods (Rouen)
11-Armoires à cuillères (Bordeaux)
12- Gijón X2 "otro sinnombre" (Gijón)

Hey! nos quedan 4 plazas....

Hi there to all, Barcelona friends included, we the HYENAS from Lisboa want to come and play at the Madrid contest.


Hey! Hyenas! the last place is for you write me and email to: usoaareitio@gmail.com, to have your contact and I can give you all information. If you need some place to sleep tell me also, we have some confortable couches at friend´s houses.
Visit also de libp.tk there is all the information about the tournament.

Thanks thanks for coming!

Last update:

Finalmente la inscripción está ya cerrada y a falta de algunos detalles os presentamos la lista de equipos:
Finally, the registration is closed, in the absence of some details here is the team list:

1. Polos Pelos: Jordi, Enric y Alejandro (Barcelona)
2. Vice Polo: Alvaro, Sergio y Coco (Madrid)
3. Ruedas de Plastilina: Sebastian, Angelo y Julio (Madrid)
4. Polotaris: Roi, Aitor y Usoa (Madrid)
5. Manguis: Frank, Marcos, Camilo (Barcelona)
6. Antitaxistas: Dani ''El guapo'', Dani, Raul (Zaragoza)
7. Los Putas: Pablo, Borja, Chabi (Zaragoza)
8. Chocolate Sexy: Eduardo, Pelayo, Felipe (Gijón)
9. Armoires à Cuillères: Rémy,Greg,Mikaël (Bordeaux)
10. Gijón X2: Parris, Enol, xxxx (Gijón)
11. Los Mata Cristos: Dani, Héctor y Mario (Alicante)
12. Nueva Rumasa: fco.javier, eduardo y pablo (Gijón)
13. Hyenas: Tomás, Mosaik, Kiko (Lisboa)
14. A Coruña: Roberto, Dani y Sebastián (A Coruña)
15. Poloholica: Anja, Katrin, Angie (Munich)
16. Almost "Tough Shit" (Munich)

Sentimos mucho por los que no habéis podido entrar, esperamos veros en el torneo del ECMC en julio!!!!!
We are so sorry about the teams that couldn´t get a slot in the tournament, we hope to see you in the ECMC polo tournament, in july in Madrid!!!!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

cuando el turneo se terminara el domingo?

When do you think the tournament will end the sunday?


Sunday mid day probably.

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Hey there!

Here you can find the information about the tournament and the wekend =)


See you soon!

Munich (Poloholica and Almost Tough Shit) will arrive on Thursday and is hungry for some sunshine polo. Anyone down to meet and play some pick-up games? What about Friday and Saturday before the tourney? Is the court accessible?

See u on Friday!!!

Los Manguis will arrived in Saturday Morning!
See you there!!!!!!

bike polo safe my life

Great weekend, see you in ECMC!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

Special thanks to Usoa and Roy for everything and for hosting us and this event in Madrid. Get well soon Roy!
And a big up to Hyenas for taking the fourth place for the third international contest in a row, dreaming on podium for the next one,ehehehehehhe!


hahahahaha!! the podium will arrive soon, for sure Mosaik!!

Great weekend in Madrid, thanks to everybody!!

Hope to see all of you soon!!

Hola, your blog isn't active anymore... new site?
would like to visit Madrid on february, maybe. is there any court playing?

They use Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002063102638 I'm sure after Madris you coming to Barcelona ehhh!!

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.