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Imperia Tourney 2

Saturday, October 1, 2011 - Sunday, October 2, 2011
Host club: 
Bikepolo Konstanz

Prepare for the next round of Imperia Tourney.
This year one month earlier – October, 1-2 – and limited to 24 teams.

Check out the Tourney website or Facebook for any progress.


Rollsport-Anlage am Tannenhof
Salesianerweg 12
78464 Konstanz

Signed up

stoked for this!

can you put the pope on the poster next year?

If any teams need a third, I am very very keen to play. (Tornadoes on the wait list, but not looking like we'll get our spot).


This just in...

L'Équipe beat Eddison's 5-4 in the final. Paris Blue Socks (greg/hugo/someone from rouen?) 3rd. Iron Ponies, Tough Shit, Spring Break rounding out the top 6.

Eddison's are Eddy, Mo & Will???

Yup, after they won the first final with 5-2, they forced L'Equipe in a second heart-breaking final, with no-time limit, which L'Equipe won on the razor's edge by 5-4, beautiful and intense to watch.
(For info, Clément or Michel from Geneva might have captured it with their camera).

If my memory is correct after the night drive home, here are the (un)official results of the Imperia Tourney 2, or something close like that:

1. L'Equipe (Geneva)
2. Eddisons (mixed, Frankfurt/Grenoble/München)
3. Paris Blue Socks (mixed, Paris/Rouen)
4. Tough Shit (mixed, München)
5. Spring Break (mixed, London)
5. Iron Ponies (Geneva)
5. Bambule (Berlin)
5. Nouvelle Vague (mixed, Grenoble/Geneva)
9. Candy Colored Clowns (mixed, Karlsruhe)
9. Üç Çük (Karlsruhe)
9. Güacapolo (mixed, Brussels/Paris)
9. Polo.ch (Hamburg)
12. Eisprinzessin (Leipzig)
12. Wheels of Fortune (Konstanz)
12. Time to get Ill (mixed, Lausanne/Geneva/Rouen)
12. Chain Doe (Mannheim)

Not qualified after group games:
Chain Bastards (Konstanz) » Lazy lazy (Geneve) » l'Amicale (Brussels) » Greenhorns (Konstanz) » Bootleg Bazooka (Grenoble/London) » Poloroid (Zürich, Schweiz) » la poloma loca (Nürnberg) » Jedi Polo Tricks (Munich / NYC)

After watching a couple of The iron ponies videos I can only conclude that this court is amazing. I love the white tires to prevernt skid marks. So amazing!

Congratualtions l'equipe and teh edisons and of course greggles.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.