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Imperia Tourney 3

Saturday, October 6, 2012 - Sunday, October 7, 2012
Host club: 
Bikepolo Konstanz
Court size: 

Imperia Tourney goes into the 3rd round. Head over to our tournament website and get the newsletter for any update.

Due to the one court and a reasonable amount of games per team, it's limited to 24 teams – like last year So be quick. Apologies for it being in october again but there was no chance for having it earlier ...

The registration opens on Thursday the 6th of September at 20:00 (8 pm, UTC+1).


Konstanzer REC
Salesianerweg 12
78464 Konstanz, BW

Signed up

Does anyone want to form a team for this? Or does anyone need a sub. I'd like to mix things up and play with some European guys!


I'd be up for forming a team, luca.

you guys want a third ?

Amsterdam Fixed It ;)

Strasbourg will be there !!!

Strasbourg, bike-polo

Registration opens this evening at at 20:00 (8 pm, UTC+1).

Hi all, I'd like to join a trip from Munchen to Konstanz at friday afternoon or saturday morning and back sunday or monday to go to the tournament. Can anybody help me? Thanks!

The Bisons

Hey Polo people, i have a registered team and need 2 Players for the tournament ... so send me a message if you want to play!
greetings from Hamburg

Hey everybody,

Ralph and me are now looking for a third player since our original one can`t make it to Konstanz. We are registered as "Die Kraken" (from Nuremberg). Feel free to contact me by posting a comment or drop me a message to tim_schlenker@web.de


Also looking for a third... If you want to go last Minute, hit me up. mopfen@gmx.net

Now again looking for a third one. Please contact me quickly if you want to play with us.

Bisons is looking for a third this weekend in Konstanz.
Spread it! Thanks. Call David Varga on facebook!


The Bisons

We've found a player.

The Bisons;

Who's missing a team/ player?

Final ranking:

1. Edisons (Eddy, Mo & David)
2. Wolfgang (Clement, Quentin & Manu)
3. Moteur Fuckers (Piks, Sammy, Laurent)
4. Elephant Guns (Bison David, Giv & Salvo)
5. Bambule (Danny, Nico & Clown Hannes)
5. Knoff Hoff (Pete, Flo & Reno)
7. Beer Shitting Monkeys (Max Power, Tough Shit Till & Tobi)
7. The Argonauts (Yann, Jo Pompon & Jason)

Thank you for the 3rd edition of Imperia. It was another great weekend in Konstanz.
Big thanks to Danny and Nico for some really good games! Yes, Bambule!
Congratulations to the Edisons! Well done!