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Friday, August 9, 2013 - Sunday, August 18, 2013
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
40 x 20

Inbeertational Event, Total!! Join us on the Krusty Roadhouse Show. Krusty and his crew will take his supercaravane to go play polo on the wonderfull beaches of Bike Polo Alicante. One court and up to 50 players to play a megashuffle tournament under the sun during the weekend of 9-10-11th august (You can even take decent holidays for some days and then…).

After, the caravane will roll on to Zaragoza. The court of the Krusty’s’ freudian dreams will await us 14-15-16-17-18 august. ‘The Cage’ will host a regular tournament type: you play with who you want to play with, or the team you find during de trip.

Dates of the tourneis:

-9-10-11 Agust: Close encounters on the third beach

-16-17-18 Agust: ZGZ Krusty dreamed theater of junkies (suposedly polo players)

You can either choose to come to one or for the whole trip. Tell us in the inscription :-)


Alicante: We will have between 20-30 spots to locate, from friday to monday. Maybe 40. To be confirmed this very very week. You plan to rent o stay a week there... find your hotel:-))

Zaragoza: We have a matress-spot for you all guys and girls to sleep and leave your stuff just behind The Cage. Showers and toilets for everyone also granted.

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Price: 5 euros for the trip :-) only hand payment accepted

INFO: www.facebook.com/events/342477859214310/?fref=ts



La Jaula, Torre Ramona. Zaragoza

Signed up

15th August people are invited too!!!
(also 14th at afternoon, and if someone needs, on Monday too)
We've to close it, but there'll be floor and some mattress to everybody ;)



1) Free spots: Actually we have 20 spots for people needed to stay for free. We will confirm another 20 at the end of the weeend.

2) Camping: I you guys are planning to come with the family, or you want to organice a group to stay in Alicante, here we give three good campings near the city (20 min by car), AND VERY CLOSE TO THE BEACH. You may want to tae a look:

- Camping el Jardin:
- Camping Bon Sol:
- Camping Costablanca:
Hotels: Friday we’ll give extra info about this option (but no less than 20 euros per night).


1) Free spots: Everyone invited. If you don’t mind sleep in a mattress and share the room with another 20-30 guys, you got it.

I'm totally in, but only for the second weekend, in ZGZ. yeeeaaahhhhh!!!!
And i'm looking for a team!

licor de bike polo quico gimeno?

Hahaha, not this time.
It's gonna be more like "Team of de gay"!!!
Good staff yah


Did you go to Alicante? Zaragoza is in your path? Do you want begin week on the right track?
Contact us and we’ll try to find you free hosting in Zaragoza to enjoy our city (and bars).