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Inland Empire Beginners Tourney

Saturday, April 10, 2010 - Sunday, April 11, 2010
Host club: 
Claremont Bike Polo
Contact info: 
(773)991-9293 or dezerted@msn.com
Court size: 
two single tennis courts

We can have up to 20 teams, priority will be given to local teams until april 1st at which time, its first come first serve. This tournament is aimed at beginner to intermediate teams, but no one will be excluded, just use your own discretion. There is housing available for out of towners, and info on prizes, rules, and directions to follow.

Friday- Pickup

Saturday- Breakfast starts at court at 11am
round robin morning bracket 12noon-4pm
Lunch starts at 3pm
round robin evening bracket 4pm-8pm

Sunday- Breakfast starts at court at 11am
Double Elimination Tournament bracket begins at noon

All teams will play at least 3 round robin games to determine their ranking in the bracket. In the event of a tied ranking(2 teams have 2 wins 1 loss) point differentials will be used. No teams will be eliminated on saturday, every team plays on sunday. More details will be posted with the rules.

email dezerted@msn.com with:
1. Name of team and where your are from
2. Phone numbers of each player and preferred email contact
3. food allergies/preferrences
4. whether you would like a shirt if so what size
5. whether you need housing/ how many are in your group
registration is $15, which will be collected on game day.

Any questions or comments can be sent to Ace at dezerted@msn.com

Rules and tournament structure:
Claremont Bike Polo Tournament:
Each team starts the game on their respective goal lines. All players must be stopped, players may have a foot on the ground if they wish until play starts.
If a player foot downs at any point during the game he/she must tap out on the center line.
Only body to body, mallet to mallet, and bike to bike contact allowed. If illegal contact occurs and results in the footing down of a player then that player is exempt from tapping out and may continue the game. This means if a player foot downs because another player's mallet hits his/her bike, they do not need to tap. If a player touches down because of their OWN mallet, they do have to tap out.
Players should not use excessive force, if one of the score keepers thinks you are using excessive force they can give you a warning. Multiple warnings can get you ejected from the tournament.
Half court press: when advancing the ball after being scored on the scoring team that scored cannot pass half court until either one of the players of the team in possession or the ball crosses the half court line.
Goals must be scored with the small, circular end of the mallet and may not rise higher than the top tube of the goalie or other defensive player, when passing through the pylons.
If a goal is scored with the flat length of the mallet head rather then the circular end, this is a shuffle, and play continues as though the ball had simply missed the goal.
ABSOLUTELY NO THROWING MALLETS- doing so will result in that player’s ejection from tournament. The team has 10 minutes replace ejected player.
No team can pass the ball backward through the opponents goal. If this happens the deffending team gets possession as though a goal was scored.
When a goal is scored the team with possession must wait until all three players of the other team are back on their side of the court
If the ball goes through the goal after touching a bike, mallet, or player from the team to which that goal belongs, it is considered and own goal and recorded as a point for the opposing team regardless of whether it touched the circular end of a mallet last.
Tournament structure:
Friday will be a pick up day to allow teams travel time and get players acclimated for competition.
Saturday will be a seeding day, each team will play 3 games. Teams will be seeded by firstly and foremost their win loss record and in the event of a tie, point differentials.
Sunday a double elimination style tournament will commence. The seeding dictates each team’s first team. The first seeded team vs. the last seeded team, the second seeded team vs. the second to last seeded team, and so on.
Each game will last ten minutes or until one team scores five points.


Claremont Colleges
just east of Dartmouth and 7th
Claremont, CA
United States

Signed up


"We don't need no education"

Nice...this is perfect because I was bummed that I couldn't make it out to the Santa Fe tourney the weekend before.

SD will have at least 1 team...hopefully two or three if there is room.

Question...is there a reasonable way to get from Union Station in LA out to Ontario if we take the train up?

I checked the Amtrak website, there are a couple of lines that go directly from Union to Ontario.
You can also take the Metrolink to the Upland station, which is only a mile or so from the park. I think Metrolink is cheaper than Amtrak too.


Nice...thanks! I looked over that stuff but just wanted to double-check with someone up there.

Awwwwww yeah. Locals get priority mafuckas!!! Now i just have to find a team.........

Still looking for a team assholes........

Hey, I've got at least one person who is still looking for a team here in claremont. Here is her contact info:

good luck, email me when you guys get a third,

This is going to be a great experience for all beginners!
I will be playing with a guy who just started playing last week!

Even if you just started don't feel intimidated to bring a team out!


just to make it fair Joey, I think that you should only be able to go to half court.


Ben I was seriously thinking of giving myself a handicap because it is a (bigginer) tourny. I heard about some of the registered teams and decided I still will handicap myself. Somthing about two (A) players on one team is not right in my book for this tourny but oh well.

I hope all the fresh players have fun!

Should've been hyped as a beginner's tourney... I at least had my team set for the IE tourney at least a month before I heard anything about it being a 'beginner' tourney. I like my teammates too much to change now. Those beginners have gotta learn sometime, right?

Besides, L.A.'s newest player can't be given any slack, how're you training 'em up in IE?


All 'A player' shots must be from behind mid-court. If you're in defenders territory you have to pass it to a team-mate (non-A) for the SKEET BANG!.

look out for the phoenix beginner team of justin(hotrod), julio & corbin!

These guys are hooked for sure. It's great to see them get better week after week. Get some !!

Not Yet....Not Yet.

ya man! I kinda wanna go and watch them play/cheer them on.

yeah justing we should go and cheer them.. and play some dice on the side.. what do u think?

"We don't need no education"

if i can hop in their car for free then, hell ya!

if i can hop in their car for free then, hell ya!

Lookin' good Ace, real glad to see you guys come out with a tournament. BTW which ball are ya'll hitting around out there these days, the AGS or the Hollow kind?

the water filled kind and there is one hollow one but its too bouncy. If you have a preferred ball bring it and we'll just use whatever people want to use.

how come ya'll aren't using that awesome rink?


there is a hockey league that uses it from 4pm on.

REGISTRATION IS NOW FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. We have 10 teams that have registered so far(6 from Claremont, 2 LA 1 AZ 1 San Diego) and we are expecting 5 more from LA and 1 more from San Diego. That means there are 4 spots that are wide open and the guys from LA need to start sending me some emails!

Also the rules and tournament structure have been posted and the court moved to Claremont's home court.

bang bang!

I'm already counting the hours till Friday.

If you bring me some special brew from Stone I will give you something special.
Cant wait to play with ya Hillbilly!

Damn man, I wish I had time to stop by Stone and pick up a growler to bring with us but I really don't think I can make it. You guys have the big bottles up there right? If not, I can definitely pick up a couple of those to bring with us.

Ya we can get like 3 flavors in the big bottles over here.

Thanks though!

joey loves his ipa

@Ace, I shot you an email


Ace - I shot you an email too.

I figured one of my questions would help posted here as well: Are Friday's pickup games being played at the location listed on the map in this thread? If so, we'll plan on meeting you guys there Friday evening.

I heard the location moved. Is it true? What is the location cause i need to print directions before I leave work today.

The location has moved and there is a slight chance it may move again. The new location is also on the campuses, and has been posted above. Driving from LA will be almost exactly the same, call me if you are having any problems (773)991-9293.

I'll try to make it over today. Joey called yesterday, but I was working at the bike shop.

Man this was great!
I enjoyed getting as far as we did!


Had a awesome time guys...very mellow and a lot of fun. So much polo...it was great.

I had to leave early on Sunday...Any posted results?

This beginner had so much fun! What a great first tourny he said.


He will be traveling with me soon!

Very nice Joey, bout time.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

What a cutie! And he cooks a good burger!


TOP 4:
1. L.A. Confidential from 818-Alex(Joker), David(Pistolero), and Chris Torelli
2. Akron House from Claremont- Ace(Eric), Jasper, Bennett
3. Snap, Crackle, Pop from Downtown and 818- Derrick, Sara, and Guy
4. Dead Meat from 818- Steve(Boludo), No Love, and Eli

Dead Meat was 5th actually (sorry guys, I love you but...) Sissygirlcryparty came in 4th. That we me, Matt and Brian. Just for the record. We battled SnapCrackle for 3rd/4th.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

The Tourney was awesome. I'm glad i came thru.... lots of fun.
thanks guys! Hats off to Akron House you Guys were really good!

Thanks for hosting that peoples.... Wanted to pitch the Velocity Tour Weekend, mainly Sunday May 2nd. We've got a parking lot outside of a bar for polo. Thinking about doing a a mini tourney. 5-10 teams max. I'll create a new thread for the speculation. Anyways, thanks again IE crew....