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Jambes Bike Polo Open - BENELIGUE: #2

Sunday, November 20, 2011
Host club: 
Brussels Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
one single court, indoor hockey rink, 60m x 30m (huge but playable with a lot of fun, and despite the apparence on the photo above, no slippery at all), regular polo goals, lights, accomodations for players

BBP is proud to present: BENELIGUE: #2 - Jambes Bike Polo Open

Organisation body: The BENELIGUE

The Beneligue is a Hardcourt bike polo championship that will decide who in BElgium, NEtherlands, or LIlle, in France (cause they're almost belgians) is the best team.

Teams from Amsterdam, Antwerp, Brussels, Dunkerque, Eindhoven, Haarlem, Lille, Tournai/Doornijk, Utrecht,... or anyone else who wants to compete with us, even not from Benelux, because it's an open league, are fighting for the crown and BENELIGUE-points (and Benelux teams for Euros-slots).

Everybody's welcome, but you have to take part to at least 4 events to run for the final victory.

After Kick-off tourney BENELIGUE #1, Antwerp (BE): 16/10/2011
now it's time for BENELIGUE #2, Namur (BE) : 20/11/2011 !!!


Location: ADEPS, Patinoire de Jambes, 5100 Namur/Namen, Belgique/België
Google Maps : http://www.opt.be/informations/ski_jambes__patinoire_de_jambes/fr/AK/416...
Photo: https://fbcdn-sphotos-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-snc7/296110_294440293903...

Website, presentation, registration and discussion forum: http://dutchbikepolo.freeforums.org/the-beneligue-f23.html
Check the website for any progress:
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-BENELIGUE/117702881658146

10 am (check-in 9am!!!)

16 teams max.
Registration open until sunday the 13th of november at midnight. REGISTRATION CLOSED (but still some slots left..)
(Priority for registrated BENELIGUE-Teams)
PARTICIPATION FEES WILL BE 18€ per team! (we have to rent the place for the day.)

Swiss x Double Elimination
* 5-6 Swiss Rounds (8' games)
* best 8 qualify for Double Elimination (10' games)
* Final (15' game)/ 2nd Final, if necessary (20' game)

TEAMS (registrated so far):
1. Gibiers (Lille: Florent/Sylvain/Pierre) (Confirmed)
2. Güacapolo (Brussels: Antoine/Sacha/Molo) (C)
3. L'Amicale (Brussels: Stan, Vincent, Dan) (C)
4. EHVFXD (Eindhoven: Lorenzo, Taka, Jamal) (C)
5. Young Blood Polo Band team 1 (Tournai: Jérôme, Quentin, Valentin) (C)
6. Young Blood Polo Band team 2 (Tournai: Donovan, David, Steve) (C)
7. Dub Out (Utrecht/Amsterdam/Haarlem: Bram, Erik, Ewoud) (C)
8. Smoked Meat (London/Besançon/Bordeaux) (Not confirmed)
9. Dans Ton Cuberdon (Brussels: Loran, Maxence, Clément) (NC)
10. SwingFTC! (Antwerp: Floris, Niels, Ward) (C)
11.The Hoaxers ( Lille: Jo pompom, Gui, Dadou) (C)
12. Simon Says suck it! (Antwerp: Chris, Jaouad, Nicky) (C)
13. Fishsticks (Antwerp: Arnoud, Koen, Simon) (NC)
14. Polo Prospect's (Amsterdam) (NC)
15. Dans Ta Gueule Pingouin! (Paris: Yorgo, Hugo, Greg) (C)
16. DTC (Brussels/Amsterdam: Loran, Mortimer, Robbie) (C)




⊚ O'pignon - Fixed Wear / Fixed Gear Clothes Brand ***

⊚ TRAFFIC Distribution

⊚ Vainqueur Bicycles Shop, Brussels

⊚ "Pignon sur Roue"
Second hand bikes, repairs and vintage parts, quality service, Schaerbeek/Brussels, Belgium (Antoine's workshop)

Live results covering on challonge.com : http://bikepolo_beneligue.challonge.com/111119_beneligue_swissround
Double elimination: http://bikepolo_beneligue.challonge.com/111119_beneligue_brackets


Patinoire de Jambes, Namur
Allée du Stade 3
5100 Namur

Signed up

A team from south france are allowed to try to get a slot for the tournament?

Smoked Meat Polo

Yes, It will be a great pleasure to play at this tournament! We 're just coming back from Montreal and we want to play in Europe now, no matters where is a tournament, The smoked Meat want to be there!

Wheely wrote:

A team from south france are allowed to try to get a slot for the tournament?

"Bien sûr"! ;-)
it's like it is said above: "open league and tournaments", "in the limits of allocated slots", "priority for registrated Beneligue-teams", but everybody's welcome, no matter where they come from, give us just a proper call and registration!

Has anyone stepped up to host #3 in December? if the dates are set early enough we might come with a few guys from Hamburg/Germany.
Great you're doing a league in Winter.

.David. wrote:

Has anyone stepped up to host #3 in December?

about BENELIGUE #3:
not yet, probably in NL (Amsterdam?), more to come.

Auf jeden Fall seid ihr Hamburger Jungs jederzeit willkommen, cheers und danke für die Blumen!

If a team is looking for a player, I'm available !

cm'on EHVFXD

If it's allowed i'll play with you!
there are just 14 team registred at this time, they need 2 more.
let's do it

Hey, Jo Pompon!? Stop smooth-talking Agata, you're already registered with a team from Lille! ;-)

But of course, it would be possible, there are no borders, and much room for possibilities, take a look at the rules of the beneligue..

new team:
Dans Ta Gueule Pingouin!

Hugo, Greg, Yorgo.



Hey hey hey here are the results

Supreme Champion: Dans Ta Gueule Pingouin! (Paris: Yorgo, Hugo, Greg)
Worthy Adversary: EHVFXD (Eindhoven: Lorenzo, Taka, Jamal)
Maybe Next Time: Güacapolo (Brussels: Antoine/Sacha/Molo)
4th place: The Hoaxers ( Lille: Jo pompom, Gui, Dadou)
5th place tie: Simon Says suck it! (Antwerp: Chris, Jaouad, Nicky)
Gibiers (Lille: Florent/Sylvain/Pierre)
7th place tie: Dub Out (Utrecht/Amsterdam/Haarlem: Bram, Erik, Ewoud)
SwingFTC! (Antwerp: Floris, Niels, Ward)


Thanks to anybody for hitting the road, that was a beautifull day.
Special thanks to all people who came from outside Belgium, we hope you got home alright.

See U soon, cousins..