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KaPow! Australia Day Bike Polo Tourney

Wednesday, January 26, 2011
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1 - Gentlepersons (Leigh, Lewis, Scott)
2 - Place – Vive Las Vegas (Vive, Rob B, Rob M)
3 - Place – Big Top (Ali, Ray, Alex)
Chris and Ali voted by all players equal MVP


We are planning a tournament for Australia Day, Wednesday 26th January, 2011.

Interstate visitors are welcome, sorry about the midweek, either way, we’ll see you in Sydney for the Bench Feb 5th. If you can still make it, drop us a line and we’ll arrange all the appropriate accomodations.

Registration will at noon on 17th of Jan and at 6pm one week later so that we can prepare brackets/rounds/etc. Format will be rounds (probably swiss) followed by finals in the afternoon.

Read the rules here (www.bikepolo.com.au/rules) which include penalties for dick moves, a few details will be confirmed closer to the date (BJ restriction type etc) tho they are pretty much the same rules we use.

Teams must wear matching shirts, and you will have to select your team colour when you register, once you register, it’s yours, first come first served.

Other features: BBQ, A sound system, prizes you can be proud of!

The venue will be North Carlton with fishmarkets as a backup.


North Carlton

Signed up

WTF ya bunch of shielas . I'm oin auckland until the 12 th jan with non changeable Flights -i lived in St Kilada for a year and a bit mid 90's and would have come over if yed posted that shit earlier WTF

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine! sorry man, we just decided this 2 days before I posted it.

Get over to Melbourne for a weekend before you nick off and we'll turn it up all weekend and make it worth the extra trip!


Cheers Dingo Would love to but on a tight schedule in New Zealand with my most awsome family. My wee brother just moved to sydney and he's already coming over to NZ to meet me there.As are my parents. My big brother lives in Auckland, so looks like I'm gonna have to make an aussie specific trip in 2011. Bummer;-) I'll see ya all then .Have a crackin Australia Day and Christmas to boot.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hey everyone,

Good to hear about the potential interstate/overseas visitors. glad we put our hand up for this one.

If any people not familiar with the lay of the land here, PM me your postal address and I'll send you a bike map courtesy of the City/Transport Department.

Registration should go live next week after the bench draft results are published.
We will give you advance notice so you can try getting your hands onto your favourite team colour as soon as the rego system goes live.

Format will be rounds* between 11am - 5pm-ish and then top 4 progress to finals. (sunset is about 8:30pm)
* more details when we know how many teams we're dealing with and how our swiss tech research is going.

The venue will be North Carlton, any problems we have a backup.

If anyone can help out organising prizes, please do and get in touch with me.
There will also be cash prizes as per Sydney Open/Brisbane Throw Up and some Melbourne tourneys in the past.

Rego fee is also yet to be confirmed, but it'll be something reasonable.


Damon (at) bikepolo.com.au