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Kings of the rink 2010

Friday, September 10, 2010 - Sunday, September 12, 2010
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Hockey rink 25x35 meters

:::::::::: OPENING OF REGISTRATION: SUNDAY 1st AUGUST - 10 am AT www.grenoblebikepolo.com :::::::

Friday 10:
Pick-up / Goldsprint / Movies ...

Saturday 11:
Tournament (20 teams / double elimination)
+ Pick-up (Sherwood playground)

Sunday 12:
Bench Minor + Pick-up

Outdoor rink of Mistral Parc (25x35 meters)
and Sherwood for the pick-up (25x30 meters)

(If it’s raining) Indoor playground (25x35m)
in the National Cover Market of Grenoble.



Hockey rink of Mistral Parc Grenoble

Signed up

That poster is a thing of beauty, are there printed versions? how do I get one to New Zealand?

yes, there will be a printed version,we'll find a way to sent it to you :)

I would also happily pay for one to be sent to me. The most recent Rouen poster, too, if it's the same artist.


not the same artist but I'm sure we can a find a way to send it to you guys.

Mapple: Qui c'est qui a le plus gros Rink ? :)

x2 on a copy! That is a really nice poster. I don't have any polo posters on my wall yet.

Good work mapple, amazing poster!!

I'd love one too!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Wow, if your tournament is a popular as your poster it's gonna be awesome - good luck!

The thing of beauty is that day two is a Bench Minor

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Yeah, that too and the indoor court's ceiling - Damn the French have style!

Im IN ! don't car of the team, we want play BM mod!!

(gonna be the third time, one in Geneva, then NYC, then Grenoble, this kind of play is awesome and will become a classical of polo tournament, thanks nyc for the great idea!)

Signups closed

1- The Sheepers : (Will - Jo - Rychie) Grenoble
2- Bang Bang : (Mapple - Tibo - Xav) Grenoble
3- Give Me Five : (Damien, Flo, Cyril) Grenoble
4- Iron Ponies : (Clément - Quentin - Johann) Genève
5- Moteur fuckers : (Eddy - Pat - Gaz) Genève
6- L’équipe : (Mario - Manu - Lukas) Genève
7- G’nève : (Nato - Jérémy- Xav’) Genève
8- Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand: (Samy, Marco, X) Genève
9- Old skulls 1 : (Fredo - Kalé - Yan) Bex
10- Poloccitan : (Alex - Théo - Polo) Toulouse
11- Dynamo : (Flo, Ludo, Guillaume) Lille
12- Peinture French : (Alex, Thomas, Mathieu) Paris
13- Sparton : (Alvaro - Morgan - Martin) Lyon
14- Armoires à cuillères : (Greg, Mickael, Remy) Bordeaux
15- Blood On My Bike : (Thomas, Adrien et Giacomo ) Bordeaux
16- Sangliers Sauvages : (Mass, Piks, Ronhino) Montpellier

super poster le programme s'annonce top!!
:( but full

Edit. 4 more slots for the lucky ones! :)

1- The Sheepers (Grenoble)
2- Bang Bang (Grenoble)
3- Give Me Five (Grenoble)
4- Iron Ponies (Genève)
5- Moteur fuckers (Genève)
6- L’équipe (Genève)
7- G’nève (Genève)
8- Le Bon, la Brute et le Truand (Genève)
9- Old skulls (Bex)
10- Poloccitan (Toulouse)
11- Dynamo (Lille)
12- Peinture French (Paris)
13- Sparton (Lyon)
14- Armoires à cuillères (Bordeaux)
15- Blood On My Bike (Bordeaux)
16- Sangliers Sauvages (Montpellier)
17- Marteaux (Paris)
18- DBAA (Rouen)
19- Broken legs (Rouen)
20- Dans ta gueule, Puceau (Paris)

o/ *tap* \o - yeah!

Youhouh ça veut droit chier!!!