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Kubota Cup - Tournament Krakow

Saturday, April 14, 2012 - Sunday, April 15, 2012
Host club: 
Bike Polo Club Kraków
Contact info: 
Court size: 

A tournament honoring the legendary Kubota flip-flops.
Each team will go through a group stage on the first day, which will seed them into a double-elimination championship bracket on the second day.
Right now, the cap is set at 16 teams, but can increase if neccessary.
Villa accommodation will be provided to every out-of-town player by the Krakow community.
A BBQ will be organised on site.
Entry fee: 45 PLN (~11€) per team.
When: 10AM on Saturday and Sunday
The application form should include: a team name, city, three player names and their shoe sizes.
You can send it on email: krakow@polishbikepolo.pl

Please note! The court surface isn’t perfect. We advise wearing thick socks and auto-levelling Kubota flip-flops to keep the reality in check.


Polfa - former Polfa swimming pool
ul.Eisenberga 2

Signed up

Check out the blog with pictures and profiles of local players, as well as a few videos from the court.
Also, see the facebook profile with somephoto albums with pictures of the court!

12 teams registered, 4 spots left.

1 Relax Team - Madej, Rudy, Mamba - Kraków/Bydgoszcz
2 Poloski - Stan, Nosal, ? - Kraków
3 Apollo 3 - Przemek, Kuba, Maciek - Warszawa
4 Jah Jah City - Balcer, Adi, Kuba - Kraków
5 Kumple - Sieciu, Lisek, Mario - Poznań
6 No name - Tomek, Ariel, Filip - Kraków
7 Ściana wschodnia - Patryk, Qavtan, Przemo - Lublin
8 Sprute wory - Majkel, Barek Low, Jonty - Lublin
9 No name2 - Danny, Daniel, Karsten - Berlin/Leipzig
10 No name3 - Marf, Mario - Leipzig
11 Es de puta madre - Sikor, Miszel Mejrą, Doktor - Kraków/Warszawa
12 Młodzież - Predator, Pajac, Bolek - Kraków

13 Discopolo - Sabi, Majki, Wowa - Warszawa

3 spots waiting.

14 No name - Agata, Gitti, Marc - Gdańsk/Berlin

so... any results, bite!

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

onto the results:

1 The Eiernacken (Karsten, Danny, Johannes) - Berlin, Leipzig
2 Apollo 3 (Przemek, Kuba, Maciek) - Warszawa
3 Jah Jah City (Balcer, Adi, Tony) - Kraków, Warszawa
4 Poloski (Stan, Adam, Mario) - Kraków, Poznań, Berlin
5-6 Disco Polo (Sabi, Wowa, Marjan) - Warszawa
5-6 UNDP (Agata, Gitti, Marc) - Gdańsk, Berlin
7-8 Es De Puta Madre (Doktor, Miszel Mejrą, Sikor) - Kraków, Warszawa
7-8 Ściana Wschodnia (Patryk, Qavtan, Przemo) - Lublin
9-12 Młodzież (Bolek, Predator, Pajac) - Kraków
9-12 Relax Team (Madej, Rudy, Mamba) - Kraków, Bydgoszcz
9-12 Nie.Spokój (Ariel, Tomek, Filip) - Kraków
9-12 ZZ Topless (Maly Antek, Zwiju, Rudy Sr) - Warszawa, Jaworzno, Kraków
13-14 Leipzig (Marf, Mario, Piotrek D) - Leipzig, Kraków
13-14 Sprute Wory (Majkel, Bartek Low, Jonty) - Lublin

Best female player - Gitti, Berlin
Best male player - Adam, Berlin
Best rookie player/discovery - Przemo, Lublin
Most stylish player - Danny, Leipzig?
Best wipeout - Madej, Kraków
Worst injury - Qavtan, Lublin

check out http://www.facebook.com/bikepoloclubkrakow for groupstage results, brackets and team photos. more photos + video coverage to follow :]

Most stylish player - Danny is from Berlin.

Qavtan's injury was a broken tooth! Fortunately, he went to the hospital and they glued it back on!!

Video relation from the event: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJruPUI6_Lo

One but fun...


check out the 12-min edit from the event provided by kind gentlemen of jestwysoko.com!

worth watching!