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Ladies Army II June 25 2010

Friday, June 25, 2010
Host club: 

Building off last years' ladies army tourney in Vancouver, 17+ teams will battle in Brooklyn...


Newton and Manhattan
Brooklyn, NY
United States

Signed up

See also the first thread: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/espi-5-the-ladies-army-ii

A few things to note:

1) Thanks to Kev for our very own thread!

2) For those fretting about ESPI rules, the LAII rules will not be the same as ESPI. You can count on similar rules to every other tournament you've played, except that there will be refs present to call dangerous, rough, or otherwise illegal play. Watch yourselves, ladies. We will review rules before the tournament. If there are questions prior to that, please post them here.

3) We will play first to 5 or ten minute games for seeding (in order to get in as many seeding games as possible). We will determine timing for the elimination part of the tournament day of, but you can expect timed games up to a certain point, and then untimed - all depending on how quickly we get through the early stages of the day.

4) Registration will close on June 18.

5) Start time is 10am. Be on time. You may be forced to forfeit games if you are late.

I move for 10 minute games at a minimum for seeding. What type of tournament format are we looking at?

Why are we not using NAHBP rules? It would be good to test them out so we can provide any feedback as to how we think they are working.

Poster ROCKS! Great work Fiona!! Love it! Are there t-shirts? Posters?

Looking foward to seeing you C.

We are using ten minute games for seeding - see above!

We are using NAHBP rules for Ladies - see above! Only differences will be larger goals (100cm x 200cm) and game time length change from 12 to 10 for seeding.

We will have refs to enforce penalties per the NAHBP rules.

Tournament format will be:
10 - 2ish: Seeding games. We have 17 teams and would like to get at least 4 rounds of seeding games in.
2 - 3ish: Break for half-time performance, lunch, double-elimination bracket determination.
3 - 8ish: Double Elimination. All teams proceed from seeding round to double elimination round.

To get all this done, we'll need to really be on the ball about keeping to the schedule. We will post all the AM seeding games prior to 10am.

Registration CLOSES on June 18. No teams will be able to register at the tournament - although you can all pay us your monies!

See you soon!

Awesome Cecily, thanks for all the infos!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Thank you Cecily!!

Can we get a list of all the ladies teams registered?



1) Bush League - Cecily Upton, Fiona Ryan, Mehgan Murphy
2) The Saddle Bags - Jasmine Jones, Maureen Grady, Tina Medley
3) Knockers - Shelley Smalls, Oleha Riden, Dana Smoores
4) Spoken Three - Rita Verga, Megan Mazzei, Amanda Pease
5) Yellow - Bernadette Watts, Quinn Shamlian, Ryan Heflin
6) Longshots - Triane Tambay, Erin Phil, TBD
7) The Mal-ettes - Katie Fuller, Sara Wojcik, Laurel Goldstein
8) Delta Force - Chandel Bodner, Maija Eliashevsky, Kayla Traisman
9) Nancy Drew Crew - Kat McCarthy, Jessica Horning, Brianna Nichols
10) The Killer Ladybugs - Cordelia Horsburgh, Naomi Adams, Valley Fotsch
11) Tyvixens - Gena Perala, Krista Carlson, Liza Hodgins
12) Beer, Bacon & Babes - Kiersten George, Meg Lee, Kelly Beile
13) Boner Jamz - Kelli Jurewicz, Sam Luisi, Christi-An Hansley
14) The Moonshiners - Tiffany Morrow, Jessi Connors, Megan Stanton
15) East Vanties - Shannon Frey, Naomi Manin'tVeld, TBD
16) TBD - Lisa Moffett, Cait Hagness, TBD
17) Fueled by Old Crow - Amanda Mills, Naomi Szczesiul, Kelly Strosser
18) Crank-E-Cooters - Valerie Marquis, Nellie Colon, Jessica Ahern

Please let me know of any corrections!

18 teams - LOVE IT! That's basically double what we had last year.

Cait and I are playing with Roxanne. Team name is still TBD (my last name is spelled with an "a" not "e")!

Can't wait!

ack! sorry, lisa!

i'll make the chages! :)

Shannon and Naomi's third is Ali McLachtie..


Yay I can't wait!!

this is the THE tournament to watch all weekend! hells yes ladies. 18 teams, amazing! so looking forward to playing with/against, cheering for/against, and good times with you all!xx

wow looks tight! Here's a silly question but are their public restrooms near by? I'll obviously need to fix my hair and make up between games.
Excited to see all ya'll ladies
xoxox Knock' em dead

Ditto on Shelley's question (and thanks for asking it), but how far away are washrooms??

M'ladies! There will be port-a-potties at the courts which should be relatively clean for Friday. Also it's a short skip over to the public restrooms at McCarren park...but bring a little pocket mirror if you're worried about mascara running haha!
I wish I had time to make tees out of the poster I drew but if enough of you would want one I can take orders on Fri and mail them out to you in a couple of weeks. I have made some bike polo hats in 4 colors that came out well.
I am so excited to see you all ladies! And bring something pretty/sexy to wear Fri night!

Tees, if I got enough orders to justify making them might look like this:


I want one!!! And I think a lot of Seattle boys will buy them too actually.. :-) Can't wait for this.

Good point! Those West Coast boys aren't afraid to rep the Ladies Army! Can't wait to see you Kiersten!

Nice job, I would want one and I can't wait to see the hats!
That's my teammate!!!!

GIRRRRRRLLLLL! Can't wait to see you! Thursday morning right? Call me when you've arrived!

teammates, TeamMates, TEAMMATES!

p.s. i want a t-shirt too!

I will definitely take a shirt. I also can't wait to buy one of your hats! I get compliments all the time on mine! I'm so excited to see old lady polo friends and to meet new ones. See you girls on Thursday night!! Woohoo!

Midwest is best!!

ohhh yeah! i want one for sure...if you make 'em of course!

Me and Erin are in for sure. The shirt looks so rad.

I'd love to get an XL mens t-shirt for my big boo!!

hey shelley, please buy small one and send to tokyo for my wife! ;-)
i'll pay fee using paypal.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

hello ladies! for all of you also participating in ESPI V:

"it's going to be hard as fuck to win this tournament"


please pay attention to this!!!

Registration is at Hot Bird [546 Clinton Ave. (at Atlantic), Clinton Hill]
8pm SHARP! upon registration you will be given a package and a wristband.
the package for each team will have various things in it:
event guide, tips, etc.
Your wristband will give you discounts on drinks at the bar, $1 off beer and well drinks
Hot Bird is a great bar with a huge outdoor seating area, but as it is a Friday night and it is a popular-ish place, it will fill up quickly, with us and regular patrons.
Thus, 8pm SHARP is no joke. Please show up early to ensure you get in, get some beer in you, and get out. [I mostly expect people to linger for a few hours and then go, since we all want to be in top form etc for the early morning on Saturday]
As we will all, or mostly all, be coming from the courts after the Ladies Army finals, we will all be on bikes. Typically you can bring your bike in to the courtyard, but as we are going to be 100-200 strong the venue has asked us NOT TO BRING THEM INSIDE.
We will have designated areas around the bar to do bike pile ups. Please listen to us when we tell you where you can and cannot lock up...this is imperative to our relationship with the owner of the bar and the neighbors he has to deal with.


see you friday!xx

Absolutely going to need a restroom with mirrors for makeup if we are supposed to look presentable after playing crazy hard all day! I can't wait!


It's almost here!

Random draw conducted, game schedule created. Check this link to see the round robin schedule, double elimination skeleton, and team rosters: https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Autj3tqs5MHTdENOMUxpSHJaZENrRDh...

A couple of notes:
*ALL TIMES ARE APPROXIMATE - we may even get this bitch finished sooner, but we've allowed ourselves the maximum time on this schedule.

*Groups will stay the same, but courts might get jumbled depending on when we get the third court built. It's scheduled to all be done by 10am, but just a heads-up in case it takes a bit longer.

*Our double-elimination round is for 16 teams. We have 18 teams. We will figure out the best and most fair way to decide on the 16th slot on the day of the tournament. We may have a mini-play off with 16,17, and 18. We may just decide to cut it at 16. Not ideal, but it will come down to how much time we have. Sorry - this kind of sucks, but it's the best we can do.

*Please be at the courts BEFORE 10am - we encourage you to be there at 9:45 at the latest so you can hear any diversions from the rules and get questions answered.

So psyched, Ladies! So psyched!

Thanks for posting this...I can't wait!
Headed up early tomorrow, see you all soon!

Schedule looks jam packed! So stoked!

FIONA - I want three t-shirts!

See all you lovelies Friday morning. Thanks for continuing my dream!

I'm assuming people will be hanging out at the Pit on Thursday during the day?
We're flying in Wednesday night and will pick up our bikes Thursday morning.

When are finals? I've got stuff to do Friday but I mos def want to come see some international lady action. Is there a ball-park idea of primetime?

Also, those shirts are awesome, I totally want one.


finals should be after 7pm but before dark!

Most excellent!

OMG... so excited for ya'll... someone PLEEZ film some of the games!!!

EVBP foreva

Hi I'm pretty sure my team hasn't paid. Do we pay Friday morning? Or can I paypal ya'll know?

ladies. there will be loads of people filming and photographing, really. this is going to be more watched then the men. ha. [but of course]
i haven't paid either. cecily/fi? i know there is some kinda deal with espi v also....how do we divide and conquer that.
and yes, thursday probably about 4pm everyone will be at the pit.


If you haven't paid (most of you haven't), please pay when you arrive on Friday AM. We have a list, we know who you are, and we'll hunt you like wolves.

I am mostly positive that the fee breakdown is this:
-If you are playing in both LAII and ESPI V, then you owe us $5 for LAII (you should have already paid for ESPI)
-If you are ONLY playing in LAII, registration is $10

I'm getting on a plane in 12 hours!


It's going to be 86 degrees and sunny on Friday with 0% chance of precipitation. For you Canadians, that means it's going to be hot.

Please make sure you have a water bottle and sunscreen. We don't want your pretty little noses getting burnt and blistered! We will have waterbottles available (for sale, I believe) at the court.

Will water be available? I don't mind buying a bottle, but I'd like to be able to refill without major costs.

We will have (Coconut) Water from our lovely sponsor, Zico. Other water sources are being worked on.

As Cecliy mentioned, we will have more coconut water than we can possibly drink. There is also a water fountain on site. We are also working on having more water sources available. We're also located just between two very popular neighborhoods, stores to buy anything you could want are a 5-10 minute walk from the courts.

1st Place = Delta Force - Chandel Bodner, Maija Eliashevsky, Kayla Traisman
2nd place = Beer, Bacon & Babes - Kiersten George, Meg Lee, Kelly Beile

thats all i gots

5-4 in game 2 of finals. do all tournaments involving seattle have to end that way ? amzing p;olo

Awesome work Delta force! Go Maija!



Hell yeah Maija! What a babe!

killer day of polo.


more: http://www.flickr.com/photos/kev_walsh/sets/72157624240980429/with/47351...

i liked that Slayla got to wear the crown she made for last years LA.


oh and i liked that she was accompanied by two from bikepoloTO.

First of all, amazing tournament, thank you so much Cecily and Fiona! So great to meet and play with all you ladies, so impressed with the calibre of play.

Second of all, although I have nothing personally to contribute, I have started a flickr pool for the tournament:

please contribute! I'm sure we'd all love to see pics

"best level of play seen by women in a tournament"
we had our games compared to the finals at worlds last year. way to go!!!
everyone should be super proud of how they played and how the ladies showed that bike polo is not just for the boys.
it was a pleasure meeting, playing with, partying with, and celebrating with you all!

Thank you to Cecily and Fiona for doing all the work for us lovely ladies! Thank you to Kayla, Maija, and Chandel for helping me find a new level of polo and stamina I never knew I had. Thank you to all the ladies that showed up to play hard, make new friends and sell goodies! The best part for me is meeting all the rest of you that are as crazy as I am. Polo girls are the best!

Also, thanks to all the hard playing polo guys that helped us out and made this weekend fantastic. What an amazing cheering squad.

Austin, you guys still want it for next year? (how about December, or January ;-) ) Let us know and we are happy to help in anyway we can!

Thank you everyone so so much! I know there was a lot of hard work that was put into this weekend, and i had a great time meeting wonderful and talented women. What a treat!!!!

This was my first polo tournament and I had such a wonderful time playing and watching the games!!! Thank you again for everything you guys!!! Hopefully we will see each other again soon.


woo! I had such a great time too! Thanks so much NYC!!!! Really looking forward to see you ladies real soon. xoxoxoxoxox

Is it Austin time yet??!!

After being totally burned out (literally from the sun and mentally/emotionally from the energy spent) on polo this weekend, I promised myself I wouldn't look at this damn thing for at least a week. Yet here I am (having re-promised myself to only look at the LAII thread).

I've got the shivers! You ladies are so amazing and I feel so fortunate to be part of this community. Thanks to you all for coming to NYC and giving your ALL for this tournament. It was great to see old friends and great to meet new ones. The very high bar of play and sports(wo)manship set in East Van last year was raised - and I can't wait to see it go even higher.

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to this tournament! You have proved for another year that there is really good reason for this tournament to continue. Hearing first hand and overhearing all the supportive comments, makes me so happy that you are all enjoying yourselves! Ladies Army III - Austin?? Plesae host it in a temperate month - wow!

Ladies, post your photos on Shannon's flickr page - thanks for that lady!

Fiona and Cecily, I couldn't have asked for better follow up organizers. Thanks for everything!

Thanks to all the women who came out and played hard. You make it a great game to play!!


Damn I had more fun than I thought possible. Great job Cec and Fiona! Thank you Ryan and Quinn. It was an honor to play with and against all you amazing women. Seattle &Meg, two losses to you sucks but you're so fun to play against.

Hey, we feel the same way about Delta Force... 2 losses to them too! I'm going to find a way to come play pickup with you guys soon. See you in MAD

Ladies we love you! As exhausting as last weekend was I had a wonderful time with all of you and am proud as Punch of our level of play and endurance. A killer tournament with mind-bending plays and great camaraderie...even between opposing teams. It's so rare to hear a show of genuine appreciation for a play or goal you just scored from the defending team. Way to show the boys how true sports(wo)men do it!
I hope I see you all before too long!
PS: If you want a LA II tee shirt after the fact so you can brag about this tournament please email me!

i love you guys.
x2 everything ya'll have said!!
including austin for LAIII!!
once we get a group hellz yes the bid will go forth!!
it would be an honor to host all of you ladies in austin next time around!!
i'm thinking april when the weather is purrrrrrrrrfect!

Thank you NYC ladies. This tournament was too much fun, and so inspiring. Its awesome to see so many ladies kicking ass. we need to do more of these tournaments often! Ten hell yeahs for Austin!
ALSO my teammate Christi-an took lots of photos from the LA&ESPI. Her facebook page for photos is Hansley Photos, check it out: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=2044619&id=1272308572&ref=mf

great job, Ladies!!! this was my favorite day of the weekend. killer level of play, and awesome to see so many players travel so far for this event.

photos: http://www.flickr.com/send?nsid=99882546@N00&set=72157624421399585