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Ladies Army IV + Coed Tournament

Ladies Army IV poster design by Cricket Press
Friday, April 27, 2012 - Sunday, April 29, 2012
Host club: 
Lexington Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
3 courts, 120' X 85'

4th Annual Ladies Army Tournament in Lexington, KY with coed tournament!

Tentative schedule for the weekend:

Thursday, April 26th

NOON - Keeneland horse racing - Ladies Army Keeneland Trip
8PM - Coed registration party @
West 6th Brewing, 501 W 6th Street, Lexington, KY 40508

Friday, April 27th

9AM - Coed registration, breakfast, announcements, t-shirt time
10AM - Coed tournament Swiss Rounds
4PM - Coed tournament 24 Team Single Elimination
9PM - After party and Ladies Army registration @
West 6th Brewing, 501 W 6th Street, Lexington, KY 40508

Saturday, April 28th

9AM - Ladies Army registration, breakfast served, announcements
10AM - Ladies Army Swiss Rounds
2PM - Lunch served
9PM - Ladies Army Bike Prom after party @ TBD

Sunday, April 29th

9AM - Breakfast served, announcements
10AM - Ladies Army Double Elimination Tournament
2PM - Lunch served
3PM - Raffle drawings
6PM - Awards


Coolavin Park
W 6th St and Jefferson St
Lexington, KY
United States

Signed up


Hey is no longer just for horses . Lookin for 2 gals for the Co-ed on Friday?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

2 minute LA promo

Heyooo! Nice work in the promo, Mr. Do!!

Balls for balls!


omg yes. cannot wait!!!!

I can't wait to be chugging bourbon and swimming in my underwear all weekend. I need some girls for that coed tourney. Quinn, you down?

when pigs fly.

Lexington snatched me up....sorry.


ladies beware. this year i aint gonna sit in the box all weekend.

give blood. play polo.


Coming home for this!

Oh hell's yeah! London is going to represent this year! Birthday is on the 30th as well. Shazam!

Bake that cake!

You're gonna be here!? Oh damn, the reasons to go just keep increasing!!!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Plus we need trained, drunk, medical personel on location. I would not miss this event for anything.

That will never work.

Tall George wrote:

Plus we need trained, drunk, medical personel on location.

this is so true. Medic Mike saved my life last year!

For you any time ann silver.

It just so happens I am both a professional in bother the medical and drunken fields. Though never at the same time in an official capacity.

Also, I know co-ed spots are going to go quick but...what's up ladies?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.


Bring your Sunday's best and an over the top hat for the horse races.

i'm listening....go on.....

I'm trying really hard to stay the whole week and make it to derby. Apparently my guy's got something in the works. I know you look good in a dress Mo!

Hey looking for a team for the coed tourny! Hit me up if you need a lefty!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

whatup ladies? i'm looking for a team. do most of you have yourselves sorted? what's the whaaaaaaaaaaaat? and what bros wanna play with me for the co-ed?
Holla at cha' girl!

i'll co-ed 'cha, yo

hey still looking for some girls for your team? I'm in need of a team.

big WTF...

why is this event the only tournament already on the schedule for next year?....ehhh..hmmmNAH?

what if? (hypothetical) you commit to this event so far in advance that it prevents you from realizing your full potential. such as...team mates and/or other events that might be more important for your polo future.

this tournament is a big kick in the balls to all men....is it not enough that all the guys you play with are ok with co-ed and actually encourage it?

there i said it...not hatin...just sayin...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

the majority of the tournaments posted from last year April were Euro tourneys; aside from the polo retreat in Canada. Considering the amount of Cascadian ladies that came out last year, I am sure the polo retreat can be arranged on a slightly different date.

There were 3 NAH tournaments in May last year, but from the attendance we had at LA, i don't think that mattered much.

and if you aren't attending Ladies Army this year, save yourself some time and effort and troll elsewhere.

give blood. play polo.

I'm going to be gentle with this, so as not to drag a very, very protracted discussion from another thread(s?) onto this page. Lexington is very excited to host Ladies Army. We are going to try our absolute hardest to make sure everyone who comes has a great time and gets to play and/or watch some great polo. The co-ed tournament is sort of a compromise right now. I understand Pete's point (and even more surprisingly, view it as valid). However, we've decided to keep the format the same as previous Ladies Armies. We confirmed the dates far in advance to encourage more ladies from all over to come.

I know you have good intentions, but this is not the place to force this discussion.

booo, I dont know why you want to put yourself in that shit storm.... Im Hyped, looking for teammates for the co-ed

Looking to play in the co-ed tourney.

If I can't get a team, welp, I guess I'll drink heavily anyway.

I'd be down for a little co-ed team with ya!

You're the first to get at me. So it's a deal.

You wanna pick the third?

on it.


I'm a free agent for this one, if some ladies need an all arounder on their squad for the co-ed let me know.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.


Need to find a ride from chicago to Lexington. If yes, it could be really awesome!

We don't have set rides yet since its so far out, but you we got you covered Clement! You can even stay with Chris and I again like old times. : ) I'm so glad you're coming over for this!!

Midwest is best!!

It's not a polo tourney but the Little 500 is happening the week before in Bloomington. We'll be playing some pickup, drinking like crazy, and enjoying "the world's greatest college weekend" like we always do.

Clement (or anyone)- we'd love to have ya!

Thanks !
For now nothin is sure, but if there is another touney around like an espi it could
Really help Me to spend the 1000$ for the trip.

we got you! My car currently has 4 open seats!

Finally not going.
not enough money, and not enough tourney around during same period to make the spending worth it...
want to cry.

Is there any touney planned around Midwest during this period?

Nothing comfirmed yet, I think Milwaukee was going to put a bid in the last I heard from the rumor mill. But It is usually in May.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

They just hosted the fall Midwests. I believe they are wanting to host NA's.

Midwest is best!!



I'm soo excited to see all you lovely s again!!!!!

Thanks so much Lexington!!

And thanks for sticking with the two day format that Austin started.

Just spent a week in Kentucky, but didn't play polo. Will get that rectified in April!

I love that this dream keeps on living.

yeah! yeah! yeah!!!!!

Hear me weeping... 1st Ladies Army tournament I won't be at. Bad timing dat.

Say it ain't so?! My god. Call me if I can in any way get you to this tournament. I even have a cheap flight solution.


Nietzsche's Peaches reunite! Count it.

...those days are over.


heck yes!

yes, please.

Does that mean i can finally wear my "coach" shirt?

RVA Bike Polo
You can't beat us on the court, but you can beat us off!!


Still looking for a team for coed tourny. Come on ladies! Or if anyone needs a third hit me up!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

A wise man said once, "if you will it, it is no dream", i'm willing myself to this to watch some great polo, first ladies army i'll have gone to.

anyone want to pick up an active galactic nucleus for the co-ed?

Hey guys, Lots of people have been contacting me about wanting to help out during the tournament. If you are interested in helping out on any of the days - especially guys who are coming to hang out and can help out Sat and Sun - please add your name to our volunteer list here:



Virginia lady needs a team! Down for co-ed too!

She's taken!! : )

Midwest is best!!

Baby Birds!

Bloomington has at least two ladies teams lined up and we're bringing the boys!

I'm playing with my baby birds again, but I know Cincinnati has one girl team going!

yeah, back off ladies, Quinn is mine. :D

give blood. play polo.

Need me a lady or two for co ed. Some bourbon intake required.

when pigs fly.

Tiff and crew, it's looking like a lot of attention is being thrown at the coed, and the LA. What is the team capacity for the coed and do you guys have a registration date in mind so we can prepare all this?

also, who is the main contact. I need to holla 'atcha about some tournament committee fun things...chandelbodner@gmail.com

We plan to have registration open by the end of January... hopefully sooner.

Looks like the cut-off will be 48 teams for Ladies Army and 36 teams for the Coed.


single day double elem, we have 2 courts with solid boards and lights till late. and 1 temp court with not so solid walls and no lights. so we could do ummm...36?
we don't want to go to late on friday so we can start on time on saturday


Sir, I would like to theorize that the later the polo stops on friday might actually help with it starting on time saturday. I've seen you lexington folks roll.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

indeed but I dant want to give the Lex ladies any more advantages on top of home court haha


I wanna play. Any ladies still looking?


greg if i go, i would be honored to play with you!

we can talk in pitts!!!!

for B - RUINER

Also who needs a third?? Going as free agent

I need a two and a three, just me so far.

JK I GOT A TEAM for co ed. still need a team for ladies army tho.

if anyone needs a male teammate for friday, i'm in. i promise to potentially let you down in one way or another.

talk shit and burn bridges

aw shit, if i didn't already have a team i'd let you let me down all day long!!

you'll be stickin around all weekend though, right? we're gonna have so much fun not playing polo!

hell yes i'll be there all weekend!

talk shit and burn bridges

Jimmy, you will be the biggest disappointment they will experience until they get married.

when pigs fly.

i can only hope

talk shit and burn bridges

I may need a third or a team to join. Not sure yet if my homegirl from Tulsa is coming. Ladies Army is going to be a blast!

Lucy Yao from Michigan needs a team! you guys should play together.

Yes! Pick me!!!

I'm down to play with you. I'm not even sure if the other girl I was hoping to play with is coming. So we probably need one more to get our team together. Who else is in?

Are you still looking for another lady?

I'm looking for co-ed teammates!! Hit me up.

imma going to try and snap you up as a teamie for this. that is, if you'll have me... i've been known to play some damn fine polo...

yesyesyes looking for a third now

Y'all got a 3rd yet? I'm looking for a co-Ed team!

do you and meg have a third yet? my friend lucy needs a team.

Ya Meg's friend Britt is our 3rd as far as I know! We might could use an alternate third? Ask Meg for more o them deets....


who's doin the artwork this year?

give blood. play polo.

Our resident graphic artist Cricket Press is working on it, I believe it's almost finished, it will be very nice!

OH damn james!!!!! you me and jess shoulda coeded it up! ....aw man...alright next time and there should be plenty of play time with us in the near future if my lexington plans work out ;)

make sure to email me the original files so i can get wheel covers printed up


give blood. play polo.

Will do. Poster should be ready in the next week or so.

ok. im going to toss my hat in for a co-ed team. we can make jimmy wear a dress if need be.

keeping polo sinful.

Moved and fell out of the the loop for a second- are any ladies still looking for teammates?

i think lucy is still looking for a team.

Yeah Meg, you better change that to Pittsburgh Bike Polo. :)


Still not sure who my team is, let me know if you're still looking.

You, me, & Lucy... may I propose a team?

Lucy is playing with Ariel from Louisville, I think they still need a third but they may be picking up Corbin from Lexington.

Well, if Lucy is spoken for then we can still play together with a different third. I'm down.

ah sorry i don't check these a lot and am taken. oh well. i can't wait to play with y'all!!!!

girl, you still need a team? i wanna play with you for reals. dana, you, me.

Need a Coed Team if anybody is still looking.

pick this guy up he is a sleeper


Quickly someone make the ticket prices drop.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

are you really coming? I'm getting travel insurance this year... no more broken elbows...<3

Bake that cake!

We need a third, Patti and I are short a lady

We need a third, Patti and I are short a lady

Any dates for registration yet? We've got 3 teams from london looking to come but ticket prices are going up fast! Gonna risk it an book it. Hells yeah!

Bake that cake!

We plan to have registration open by the end of January... hopefully sooner. If you're coming from afar, you are sure to have a spot!

Looks like the cut-off will be 48 teams for Ladies Army and 36 teams for the Coed.

*PS - check out the poster design by Cricket Press!

Sweet! London ladies are looking forward to this event! Thank you so much for hosting!

Bake that cake!

Japan got to 1 team. (2 tokyo & 1 osaka ladies mixed team).
And they want to spot, too.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

YES! so excited to see you guys come out :)


I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation

hey Zack, Tokyo ladies are looking for a team mate for co-ed.
did you decide your team?

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

i want to go to this. pretty sure im going even if i dont get to play in the co ed but it would be nice to play with some awesome ladies!!!

jessie and i from lex need a 3rd for the co-ed if you are interested

oh snnnap. this'll be a gooood team!

julian, you rock. ya'll seattle boys sure do know whats up. thanks for the support!!!

Looking to join a coed team, right here!

I'm a big wad of bloody hot damnation

That poster is awesome! Nice work! SO EXCITED ABOUT MY TEAMS!!!!!


hell yeah girl!!! partyyyy


>>> any girls need a team? ali & i are still seeking thee.

I'm looking for a girls team

You still looking lady? We are still short a lady.

North Carolina polo boy seeks team for weekend of awesomeness, plays nice with others! I just wanna have fun!! oh Cindi!!

Now in freewheel flavor!!




Any free Lady Agents want to ride on Patti and my Lady team?

you should hit up Gena from east van

Bake that cake!

you should hit up Gena from east van

Bake that cake!

I might like to hangout in Lex for this weekend. anyone need a teammate for the coed?

Christian and I still need a third.

Yeah yeah, join us for the coed.

Kelly,..... Christian, you, and me just happened.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Team name=Vengabus.

Noooooooo x21

Balls for balls!

Done!!! X81

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Of course.

Who did the poster!!!!!!!!!!! I can see every one of you from last year in the face on the poster. It really is amazing. Just booked my flight . Arriving Wednesday evening Leaving Monday evening.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

MACHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. yahhhhh so excited to see ya again, and get lost on epic car adventures!!!!

How the hell do you travel so much?!?!

not that it's a bad thing, i'm totally jealous.

also, what are the chances of you hosting a live feed from the courts? i'd be willing to help with that..

A live feed is on our "awesome things we'd really like to do for the tournament but have never done before" list. So, if you know how to do this, just let me know what you need from us and how much it will cost and I'll see if we can fit it into the budget. Email me.

i would love to host a live feed if our hosts would like me to. Unfortunately my technical abilities are limited but if someone can sort it out i'll help out where i can (like a kangaroo operating a washer /dryer combo whilst wearing boxing gloves)

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

we'll talk. as long as somebody has a spacephone that can act as a hot spot i think i can help make this happen.

Machine wrote:

Unfortunately my technical abilities are limited

Yeah, the guy just has skillz with chatter. Leave him to that. Keep him away from everything else.

Hearts and Stars Machine, hearts and stars!

machine!!!!!! i love you. for realz.

i'm coming to this! probably going to need a team for co-ed too

Any ladies looking to set up a team?

hey corbin, lucy from ann arbor and ariel from louisville need a third!!!

Hey everyone! Your stats will be tracked for Ladies Army so please be sure to register here: http://www.hardcourtbikepolo.org/polo/main

Will play for food.

HEY BUDS!!! SO! Toronto's got a new lady player, who is AWESOME! She has played one summer, and already has a killer shot! Hit her up via me if you're interested! xxoooxxxoooxxoooo!! PARTY ALL THE TIME BUDS!

i need a ladies team if she is still looking :)

I still need a ladies team! Anyone interested?!

Balls for balls!

You, Me, Megan (PGH/LEX). Thoughts?

I think that's a great idea. What are Megan's thoughts?

Balls for balls!

Megan's thoughts are: sounds rad. Team name ideas, ladies?

Ill try and think of some.. This is going to be so much fun! Stoked.

Balls for balls!

kaycie your photo just reminded me, if it had been a competition at last years ladies army you would've received most fabulous hair.

PBR (pabst, bourbon, and rum).

Lexington Bike Polo OG - Retired (Still show up and heckle though)

still looking for a coed team. Matt b. and I are looking for a lady for the co-Ed if we can find someone. jazz? kaycie?

keeping polo sinful.

I'm down. Do I know you?

I need to revise my damn lobp id, no one seems to realize its me. it's Michael from Louisville.

keeping polo sinful.

we know who you are, we just collectively decided to give you the cold shoulder.

when pigs fly.

i hate you.

keeping polo sinful.

I already have a team, I'm sorry!

Balls for balls!

He's good with kindergartners and flying jets.

Going to ladies army hell's yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bake that cake!

Holy shit!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Can't wait!

fuck yes!!!!

Hey everyone,

Registration for LA 4 is set to open midnight central time Jan 30th, and registration for Coed is set to open midnight central time Feb 1st.

Be sure to create an account here (each player needs to create one in order to track stats) because LA and Coed registrations will be run through this website:


Also, please go here if you can volunteer any of the days - refs, food, goal judges, random errand runner, etc. If you already did, thanks! But please go back and add your email so I know how to contact you.


is it just me or is the signup page on that site not working.

I hope it gets fixed in time.

Reg for coed starts on Feb 1st at midnight(cst).

If you can dream it, you can do it!

Just to avoid any intercontinental translation issues, does that mean first thing in the morning on Feb 1st, or last thing at night on Feb 1st?

So midnight CST is 6am UK time.

It should be first thing in the morning for Europeans. And last thing (or pre-party thing) for U.S. registration.

Tiffany can clear it up, but I'm rather positive that coed registration starts at the first minute of Feb. 1 CST.

Ok, now it's working again, got registered.

i'm putting my self down as a free agent for this one. if i'm going to be there, wouldn't mind playing in it.


Got both teams squared away, and happy to be playing with four fabulous former team-mates over the weekend. Bringing it from East Van, Colorado Springs, Boston and Chicago!!

Hey-O, lookin to find a coed team. If it helps to sweeten the deal, I can provide home-brew.

looks like its gonna be you me and another lucky lady.

Davis and i need a 3rd!

give blood. play polo.

damn fuck! i still wanna play this stupid coed bullshit if any ladies need a gentleman

talk shit and burn bridges

I'll dress up like my profile pic and we can play together.

i'm down. i won't tell anyone if you don't

talk shit and burn bridges

looks like davis and jinxy might need a 3rd tho ...

keeping polo sinful.

Yeah Jimmy, 1 lady minimum. You down?

if Jinxy approves I'm cool with it

talk shit and burn bridges

Jinxy approves. I'll handle sign-ups I guess, since I already made our team on the registration site.

sweet! let me know what i owe ya

talk shit and burn bridges

Hello Ladies and gents. I have a co ed team for friday...Lou and Jon from Cleveland! but am seeking a lady team. I love polo and am a good teammate...(you can ask around :) Please let me know if anyone is still looking. I will try to be on here to see anwers but if you can email me or facebook me,,,,,sarahelizabeth@urbanvelo.org or sarahelik@gmail.com Thank you and ride safe.


p.s yayayaya Jess and Chandel see ya soon

Arg, jumping in late on this.
I'm not super fancy good or nutin', only been playing a few months but would love to join a team if anyone has minimal competitive ambition. Or just party hard ambition, which I have a lot of.

-DFL folife

Im game if you are game Annie :) Pretty sure I saw/met you at the lock in.....

Sure sure yes yes! Can we snag a third from anywhere??

-DFL folife

I'm looking for a TEAM!?

I'm kinda new, but lots of fun and am soooooo excited for L.A.
Hit me up.

I think I may be in need of a co-ed team. i am an alright player!

YOU'RE AN ALRIGHT PLAYER??? Quit selling yourself short Sam. I need you here with me you know that!! And bring your other half!

Hello Ladies! Annie and I are seeking 1 more female player for Ladies Army :) Thank you!

I will make us matching custom team hats!!!!!!!

-DFL folife

into it!!! for sure

HER HATS ARE AWESOME!!! I may hire her to make my team hats!! ladies bring some $ this girl makes killer hats! Plus she is awesome!!

After meeting you ladies at the lockin and seeing your killer abilities, any third lady would be lucky to play with you guys! I would jump on that horse just for the hat! There might be a couple girls in COMO looking for a team, I will refer them to here.

Bike polo is the rollerblading of 2012

awww thank you for the compliments! send out the word in como and hopefully we will get a 3rd shortly. : )

let me know about como ladies for sure!

HEY!!! im back, babes. and i am so ready to party and polo with yall in KY! what am i seeing about sunday horse races?i'm def in to dress up and participate in that if i can. is this during LA weekend? im going to have some pretty rocking teams and cant wait to be a participant again. hosting and running the tourney is the tits and all, but damn the stress and distraction! stoked to hang with all my old polo boo's!!!!!

As for the racing, depends which Sunday you mean. The last day of racing is the 27th. Here's the schedule: http://www.keeneland.com/lists/events/calendaralt.aspx?CalendarDate=4%2F...

Lexington Bike Polo OG - Retired (Still show up and heckle though)

The plan is for those that are here on Thursday the 26th and are interested in seeing races, we can go to Keeneland that day. Otherwise, people can hang out until the next weekend and go to Churchill Downs in Lousiville. I personally would recommend going to Keeneland because it's really cheap to get in and you can actually get up to the track to see the races... whereas Churchill Downs is very expensive and your chances of actually seeing a real, live horse are slim to none.

I am down to be a third for your team! I met both of you ladies at the lock in too. This is the other Annie by the way.

hey annie! thanks for the offer but jazzy and i have chosen to play the field this year and i have teamed up with some of them vancouver vixens already. my co-ed team is all squared too. cant wait to see ya in lex!

That's right! Cascadia's gobbling up players like nobody's business!!

I got your fb message I think it would be fun to have a team with two Annies, and confusing.

-DFL folife

think of a good name ladies!

I will also make hats for a co-ed team any gents wanna join up with me?

-DFL folife

i reckon i'm still around!

Hey thealexangus , was it you and your bro i gave a shout out to at the worldz?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Do I really want to make the trip? Hmm... People have been turning the screws pretty hard.

just do it! you can ride with me.

oh i'll turn your screws real hard

Pretty please Q, it will bring polo full circle for me if you come.

...those days are over.


Come on Brad... Pretty please.

Screws have been turned. Have a co-ed team. See you soon KY.

it worked!

yee haw, I'll snag ya if ya want to play

-DFL folife

Hi, I'm coming over from London to support our ladies, and also to play in the Coed with Anna and Johanna from Germany.

I'm going to book my ticket any day now, I just want to make sure I don't miss registration for the coed, and come over just to watch polo.

Hey ya'll, I'm on the market for a co-ed team. = )

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

I'm still lookin. Oldest fart on the court. Sneaky left hand. I play to win but don't cry for losing.

YO! Dana (OT) and I are looking for a third!! Forward plz! RAADD!! Also, must be ok with getting hugged repeatedly!

Ok people.... let's make this complicated!

Registration for LA 4 is set to open midnight central time Jan 30th - this is what we Americans call Sunday night / Monday morning.
So 12AM Monday Central = 1AM Monday Eastern = 6AM Monday London = 3PM Monday Tokyo.
Military time: 0:00 Central = 1:00 Eastern = 6:00 London = 15:00 Tokyo.

Registration for Coed is set to open midnight central time Feb 1st - this is what we Americans call Tues night / Wed morn.
So 12AM Wednesday Central = 1AM Wed Eastern = 6AM Wed London = 3PM Wed Tokyo.
Military time: 0:00 Central = 1:00 Eastern = 6:00 London = 15:00 Tokyo.

Be sure to create an account here (each player needs to create one in order to track stats) because LA and Coed registrations will be run through this website:




Also, please go here if you can volunteer any of the days - refs, food, goal judges, random errand runner, etc. If you already did, thanks! But please go back and add your email so I know how to contact you.



thanks for your kindness info.
my wife already created an account and ready for registration. ;)

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

God! I'm glad I just read those instructions. I'm a smart cookie, but jeez! Anyway, just to clarify, those are instructions for DPI4, so don't pick that tournament when you are registering!! Pick LA4! Just a helpful hint! Also, please create a user name that is specific to you. Do you know how many "Naomi"'s are playing polo right now??!! Seriously.

Will payment instructions be sent via email??

Yes, payment info will be sent out in the next couple weeks.

********Also, registration for Coed is not open yet!!!!! There was a glitch in the system, so if you think you already registered, you will actually have to re-register 2/1/2012 Midnight central as previously announced.

thanks for that last part. i was confused this morning when i saw teams already registered and didn't have all our info together yet. party

Can you tell us how much, so we have it ready in our Paypal account. Also, how much is the co-ed tourney?

Midwest is best!!

We don't know this yet... we are waiting on word from some of our sponsors to hopefully lower registration costs!

For an insight as to how we're raising some money for the tourney, here's a handy visual guide from one of the recent events as covered by the local paper: http://www.kentucky.com/2012/01/21/2037629/snapped-bike-polo-benefit.html

Lexington Bike Polo OG - Retired (Still show up and heckle though)

im so happy I have to create another account and try and keep up with another fucking website just to play bike polo


I registered here. Is this right? Cause I don't know.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

goddammit bob. sheeshhhhhh

^ Ha, so glad I didn't click on this at work

Flights booked, coming over from Cambridge, UK. Just need to get my head around registration process and not forget to wake up early on that day

HEY LADIES,still looking for a third for co-ed ? hit me up!!! I wanna play in this lefty for hire! I'm good on defense good shot and smart all around player.

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

I'll vouch for deaddog. Pick him up and throw him in for the win

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

If anyone needs a third for co-ed I'm game. I'm not great but I promise at least a couple great falls that will ensure hilarity.


hey me teams, make an acct here, so we can register.

oh other people as well .i just figured out what tiff was saying

Hi Ladies!!
I'm looking for a team if anyone needs a third.

Shelley Smith needs someone register with her I can be a sub and there maybe more singles at the courts

Hey BIg Red!

want to join forces? I'm sure we can find a third.


hit me up on FB, i think I just messaged you...


Still need a team for co-ed!!!!! Hit me up!!!

Deaddog- sacbikepolo

How about places to camp? Any housing potentials there? Gyms places to put tents etc?

There will def be places to camp... we will address housing after both registrations are done.


Still need a girl or two for an all girls team!! email me shelleylucillesmith@gmail.com or facebook me. or if you need a third let me know.

working out glitches but it'll be fine. NO ONE IS REGISTERED FOR THE COED YET.
the date was entered wrong in the system


we understand that having to register for another website and create a profile in which you can see how you're doing as a player statistically is a bit of a headache in the beginning and may cause some confusion.
we will and are trying to make it EASIER in the long run.
you only have to sign up to www.hardcourtbikepolo.org ONCE and you may CLAIM yourself in tournaments previous to 2012.
from this point on, once selected to be on teams, or when creating teams with existing registered players, you will be able to simplify the registration process [not eliminating the race, but more after the fact] and the stats from the games played and teams played against will AUTOMATICALLY show up on your user profile. this is where it gets cool.

please be patient with us. we will fix the bug for the COED.
the LA4 reg is under way and going smoothly.

huge thank you to zach in atx for deciphering the emails/needs/and time he's put in the system to get it where it is. it only goes to greater things from here.

********REGISTRATION for Coed is not open yet!!!!! There was a glitch in the system, so if you think you already registered, you will actually have to re-register 2/1/2012 Midnight central as previously announced.

****Also, no "TBD"s for players in the coed registration people!!! If your team has a TBD, it will be removed... so get your shit together.


Thought I didn't have to get up early after all.

The timer says 1 day, 0 hours, 7 minutes right now, which would make it around midday Central Time?

That doesn't add up with the midnight thing.

Should be correct now.

John H, what time London do we have to register?


now that DPIiv is all done and over with, time to get jiggy with the LAiv!

with flights i am finding that it is cheaper to fly into Louisville or Cincinnati. any info on trains / buses or even rides
from those airports? or should i just use that extra $20-50 cab fare difference and fly directly into Lex?

give blood. play polo.

hey girl! fly into cincinnati! We will pick you up from the airport and you can hitch along with us down to lexington! You should try and come earlier and play on our new court!

sweet! i will try and make it Thursday night. or i might be able to do wednesday night, but i would have to boogie out of there Sunday. i only get so many days off during the year. but i will keep you posted!!

give blood. play polo.

If I do the same is there another spot open in a vehicle?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Tomorrow I will talk to everybody at polo about it. We would be leavin thursday probably cause were only an hour from lexington. I'll send out a facebook message to both yall tomorrow night.

Baby Birds are gonna kill kill kill! AAAAaaaahahahaahaaaaaaa I'm so psyched for this! Especially with the Euro teams coming over!!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Hey everyone! My friend Jess from Colorado Springs is punk ass rad and looking for a Ladies Army team. She and Mr. Jake Sere are looking for a third for the co-ed. Hit me up if you are interested. Trying to get them on LoBP!

I'm down to be the third for co-ed!

Need a team for the co-ed!

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

I am down to get a team, now we just need a lady! i'll see if any of the CoMo ladies are down! let me know what you think.

I'm happy to play with you both. Coming from London.

Bake that cake!

sorry guys, he's taken!

dudes, Nik and I are planning on running away to New York together after the tournament. currently we are arguing about how to get there

planes, trains, or automobiles? any advice would be greatly appreciated.


erin, there's a chinatown bus that runs between cincinnati, OH and NYC, some guys took it to spring break last year... not the most luxurious, but cheap !

sweet, tanks Maija!

who ya playing co-ed with?


Just, FYI... we're trying to figure out ways we an format the Coed tournament to fit in more teams. So if you don't get in the top 36, make sure you still register in order to get wait listed and don't freak out just yet!

So Sirens are coming from London and we need co-ed teams, we can split any ways, each of us into a different team or two who just need a boy/1 who'll need the rest of the team.

Help us! We're coming from so far away and don't know any peeps over there! Its me, Bakenger and Bells (helen).

Also do you HAVE to have a boy or can you play 3 girls? Sorry if this is a dumb question.

We're all so excited!

I've been a geek....


this might help organise?!

yes, i guess you can play with all girls for coed... the only restriction I put was that each team must have at least one female...

Shit, I didn't open this thread for a looooong time. As in I just read 207 new comments.

Who needs a defensive oriented player for the Co-Ed? Anyone? Hit me up.

dammit, i am teamed up or i would have!

Nice one Zoe.

In case anyone is wondering why some teams are already registered, we opened up the coed to teams from Europe and Asia and the Lexington organizers first.

Like I said earlier, if the coed fills up, we will do our best to take in more teams.

Thread #2: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/ladiesarmy4-thread2