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Ladies' Choice Texas

Saturday, July 16, 2016 - Sunday, July 17, 2016
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Court size: 
BIG - full size hockey court (i think)

It's Ladies' Choice: Texas edition, y'all! The Gainesville club was nice enough to let us borrow their format:

6 teams of 5 folks
40 minute games, 20 minute halves
round robin followed by single elimination on day two

mostly standard NAH rules! wristshots! NO CHECKS! helmets required!

**Anyone who registers for this tournament must currently live in Texas OR have previously lived AND played with a club in Texas**

there will be 6 captains. these will be the first 6 lady, nonbinary, femme, trans folks* to register when captain registration opens. later, there will be a capped registration held for the rest of the players. this is capped at 24 players. ALL of the first 24 players will be drafted by captains. there will be a waiting list for anyone after. if a player drops from an existing team, the captain may pick someone from the waiting list. trades between teams will be allowed until a certain TBD date.

registration for captains will be held friday, may 13 at 7pm CST. registration for players will open saturday, may 14 at 12pm CST. links will be posted to the fb event page and you will not pay at registration.
*if there aren't enough tx folks registered by saturday, may 21 then registration will be opened for out of state players*

price: $12 includes help with court rental and snacks! payment will be secured AFTER draft takes place. HEADS UP, you will have a quick turnaround to pay the registration fee once drafted to secure your place. if you don't pay, then your spot will be opened to the waitlist.

p.s. we don't know of anyone who lives in bryan, tx. this will be a tournament where you will likely need to throw in on a hotel or a campsite. working on securing some deals. $$


Neal Park
600 W 22nd St
Bryan, TX
United States

Signed up

I played in the gainesville tournament and it was FUN. my only complaint was wristshots. the positive to "everything counts" is rooks get multiple ways to score. there were onetimer shuffle redirections by super new players! it's awesome to see them going to scoring spots and it should translate into better positioning and scoring ability once they develop more advanced stickhandling. breakaways resulted in goals vs flubs and bolstered confidence. so what is my gripe with wristshots? they did the opposite. rooks can't do top corner reach around scoops from behind the goal and rooks can't stop top corner reach around scoops from behind the goal. so all wristshots did was introduce yet another way to be scored on by "pros". a super high percentage and demoralizing to newer players way to score at that. so what I would humbly suggest is that scoops only be legal for players of 6 months or less? a year or less? first tournament? it was the one mistake in the rule set. the no contact rule also allowed everyone to play with more confidence since there was no fear of being wrecked. I considered it a huge success in the groundwork series.