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Ladies Army III, May 2011

Saturday, May 7, 2011 - Sunday, May 8, 2011
Host club: 
Austin Texas Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 50' X 100' courts

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We, the Austin Texas Bike Polo Social Club, have just submitted a proposal for LA III!!
About time I know!
We've suggested the dates of May 7 & 8, this hopefully avoids spiked Spring Break travel fees and also various events in Austin that are kind of annoying to be around!
A more official post will be to come, but now we can start talking about it Ladies!!!

Register as a team or an Individual here:

See who's registered here:

Paypal Tournament fees to jasminejjones@gmail.com

LA fees:
$45 per team

$5 per person for those not playing in LA

please include name and team name with your payment


South Austin Tennis Rec Center
1100 Cumberland Road
Austin, TX
United States

Signed up

Let's do the damn thing! I can't wait!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

YES!! That weekend is perfect! My birthday is the 6th and LA would make it so special!! Can't wait to see you Austin polo folks again!

Midwest is best!!

Omg birthday reg party!!!

coed tournament on friday?

cut the lights on

yes, coed on friday!



I don't see why not, will get back to you on this though

Are you planning on holding this on the same courts as the Massacreade?

...those days are over.


yes we are


...those days are over.



Let us know if you have a team or not, or if you just need one more.
Lots of new ladies out there. I sure as hell don't know who is who.

give blood. play polo.

Yes who needs one? I might be the one for you!!

Hellllll Yeeeeeeaaaaahhhh!

This years LA is going to be bad ass! I cant wait!

Whos got the crack!

x motherfucking 2!!!!

Count me in.

Count me in.

YESSSS this is gonna be the best!!!


i'll work on convincing julia. put her through a winter training regimen and what not.

p.s. pppppppprrrrrrrrrrrrr

do it! i want her on 1017 bricksquad killaz with me. it's where she belongs.

according to my Swedish Ginger cookie (aka; the wish cookie) this morning, I'm going to take this one. Sorry ladies, but good luck trying.

Bernadette, taking after Jake's shit talk style prior to tournaments isn't wise.

you and what army? ; )
go go Milcocky! love, Shittsburgh

...those days are over.


oh man, you don't wanna even know my army! and the organizers of the tournament have asked that I keep it quite because they don't want my team discouraging people potential teams from signing up.

let the odds setting begin. give us a new thread with team line ups. i'll put good money on birdie, maija, whoever

betting against his own team! player of the year, and runner-up sports psychologist of the year. love you. don't make birdie the new #1 please.

and yes you said "the odds".

say i'm sorry for the man who love a girl like you

x2 on the betting thread

winning against the odds is my kind of challenge, enjoy losing your good money

I'll bet all my money on the CATHEADS giving the crowd the funniest games!!! Give me that ball!!


...as long as I take souls.

I know your team. ENcouraged.

...those days are over.


anyone check the ingredients in that swedish cookie? magic isnt made with the hands of knowing you have a bad ass team.

Portland is going to bring it this year with Jacki as our special guest. Better start sweating polo ladies, cause we are fighting for the people!

Whos got the crack!

Who else are you playing with? Cecily? Are there any confirmed teams yet?

Midwest is best!!

yup, Cecily Jackie and I!

Whos got the crack!

Ah MAN, I hope there aren't finals that week! I'm going to skip them to be at LA!


Get rad

Hell yes. I need a team, I'm the only girl in Ann Arbor playing polo at the moment.

Im the only girl playing polo in Tallahassee at the moment too! If you are still going and need a team, so do I.

rachel 850 polo

I am still going but I have found two teammates already, good luck finding some though...I'm sure there are more people looking.

Being the only lady polo player in your city is kind of empowering. I was the only female polo player when I first moved to Chicago, but I kind of loved it at the time because I instantly had 15 brothers that had my back. I <3 my Chicago polo boys! There are two ladies from Columbia, MO that might possibly be coming to this and would need a third. I'll talk to them and get back to you, but you should definitely be looking for a team in the mean time. ATX ladies/Maija/Kiersten- Are there any other single ladies that need a team?

Midwest is best!!

Please stream live games at this tournament. I can't wait to see.


in May i will have been playin for a little over a year. if you need a bad ass goalie on your team that can also play forward and knock a few heads together, lemme know!

give blood. play polo.

Wow. Joining this late. So returning champs broken up. Maija? We playing?

boyfriend's tournament?

2007 - King of The Juice


Fuck off

Polo prom? we could all play in formal wear. :D

give blood. play polo.

That would be awesome! And then we could have another bike prom the same night as a polo party as well! Hmmmmm........ :/

Fuck off


pphheww glad to know who's going to win! Sure takes the pressure off me :) Now I can focus on FUN FUN FUN!!!!

shelley wrote:

pphheww glad to know who's going to win! Sure takes the pressure off me :) Now I can focus on FUN FUN FUN!!!!

x2 and amen sister! fun always wins in my book.
so stoked that all you gals are so stoked!
...guys too. come one, come alll! this is the best time of year to be in our neck of the woods, yall!

Savannah Lion on the back of your bro's chair....

fun always wins
live oaks paradise

...those days are over.


There was a note inside my Almond Joy this morning that said, " Mo is amazing and LA is going to be tight!"
ha ha can't wait to see ya'll

I am for sure coming! Ready to leave this frozen tundra.

Holy exciting times, been waiting for this announcement since LAII! I've re-located from Vancouver to Winnipeg so I better shovel the ephin courts and get out there. Looking forward to a trip down south for some all lady action.

EVBP foreva

Cara, I just sent an email out about that tonight. I think it is time we start shovelling. I also like the idea of the tennis courts near your house.


hi, the european ladies would really be down to play at the ladies army. is there any possibility to do this close to the worlds, so we only need to come over once?
just an idea...

hi, the european ladies would really be down to play at the ladies army. is there any possibility to do this close to the worlds, so we only need to come over once?
just an idea...

Hey Angie, There is some talk about a one-day throw-in ladies tourney in seattle close to the worlds, to try and get us all playing polo together, so keep your eyes open for that one...

For now... so stoked on this. Can't wait for May!! Also, friday co-ed / boyfriends tournament and live streaming of the games... let's make it happen ;)

ok thanks for the info. we´ll see what´s happening.

Werd. May LA3. June Wrap up Work. July Toronto. July/August Cross Canada/Cascadia.
Who other than Angie:Munchen is prepared?

...those days are over.


I´m afraid I can´t make it to LA3, but that July/August thing sounds good.

How are you going to be traveling? I just might join you!!

Midwest is best!!

If all goes to plan I'll be driving a van so I can transport people like Angie, you, and whoever to the west coast for NAs and Worlds.I should know for sure by LA3.

...those days are over.



Midwest is best!!

wow! thanks, sounds great! seattle has to come up with dates!!!

The idea is just to round up all the ladies that are around for worlds for a day of fun polo - not so much a formal tournament. If you are planning on being in seattle / cascadia around the time of worlds, then it's all good!

A day of polo just for fun sounds great. Hope a few of the Euro ladies can come over. We´ll let you know.

Who's got the betting pool going? I want to put some money on Birdie's team! But just to keep it from being too easy, Seattle ladies are coming in force!

Who's on Birdie's team? Maija and...

I'm not sure if this is a rhetorical question or not, but their third is Cherri. I can't wait to watch them play!

Midwest is best!!

Free Agent
holla!!! gperala@gmail.com

Would any Midwest ladies be down for carpooling? I may potentially have a minivan leaving from Madison - but only if at least 3 others are joining.
Not confirmed yet, though.

Driving to Austin sounds painful but I'm a masochist so i might be interested. but don't count me for sure yet, ok?
Kiersten, I've been trying to break up your team for so long! But i guess it's for the best because now I can't wait to play against you bitches.
also can't wait to see you in Boston. xo

I'm still interested in driving down from Madison. Anyone from Madison, Milwaukee, Chicago want to join me? Airplane pickets are expensive!

I can't because I have finals the week after or I would love to! I know Suzy from Chicago is thinking about going, I'll let her know.

Midwest is best!!

Have you tried kayak.com? Searches tonnes of sites. I found $340 on expedia and cheapoair for you (but I'm only paying $265 from Seattle). Keep searching.

Have you tried kayak.com? Searches tonnes of sites. I found $340 on expedia and cheapoair for you (but I'm only paying $265 from Seattle). Keep searching.

In case you didn't get it the first time!

I had not tried Kayak. Thanks for the tip!

they let girls play bike polo? shit, i thought voting was pretty cool.

but really, that's finals week. trying to keep the smart girls from playing?

LAII was the best tourney of 2010!! Can't wait to have all the awesome polo ladies together again.

Free agent on the market - hit me up: passionforwords (at) gmail (dot) com.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

The godmother of LA is back! Can't wait to see you all again! Team is in the works.

Free Bird, needs a Nest

aka. TEAM!

Meg (Chi) and I are looking for a third (a solid forward maybe?) email me.

kill kill kill!

Are these dates set for sure? I'd like to book flights sooner rather then later.

I was wondering that too, I hope I can get the buy in advance price for the bus down to Texas..

these are the dates we are shooting for. the only thing we need to verify 100% are our courts which we will do this week. It should not be a problem because we have hosted two tournaments in the last couple of months without a hitch. so yes these are the dates but i will post a def confirmation this week once we get the courts secured.

well that's good, I'm stoked to head down to Austin and kick some ass.

Also if anyone is looking for a team, my team needs a third.

Ima still looking

Kelly(MKE) and I are still looking for a third. Preferably a strong forward, but we're not too picky.

Midwest is best!!

emforcer's aggressive on the court for sure.

just want to throw out an idea to see what others think... with all the discussion of qualifier tournaments to NAs.. i was thinking some of the best females players from NA will be at Ladies Army and what if a place was reserved for LA winners at NA. This would of course depend on whether a winning team planned on playing with others on a team (mixed or not) and or if they would even want a spot in NAs. what do some of ya'll think of this?

also are the dates confirmed so people can book travel??????

EVBP foreva

That's a great idea!! Have you talked to the other reps about your idea? This is Lisa, right?

Midwest is best!!

I yapped with Lisa and she mentioned it had been discussed on the ladies army google group (?), and that sentiment was that people don't want further segregation... which makes good sense...

EVBP foreva

That makes sense.

Midwest is best!!

Yeah I really dont care for this idea, because I dont want us to give the boys a good reason to have a boys only tournament and qualify themselves for NA with it. Hopefully the best ladies will make it in anyway.

Thinking about making the trip for this. Last year was so fun! Only problem is I've got no team. Anyone looking to pick up a strong goalie/sneaky forward/grade a heckler? Get at me!

You're too late to join Kelly (MKE) and I. Damn! Someone pick this lady up!!

Midwest is best!!

got a team yet lady?
elise fornell from austin/savanna needs a team.

I needs me a team! you get picked up yet? or do you have a need for a 3rd?

I may need a third, email me elisefornell@hotmail.com

Elise Fornell

I am so stoked for this!
Courts will be confirmed this week I promise!
Co-ed Tournament on Friday...count it
Bike Prom after party on Saturday night (...Sadie Hawkins style?) at Beauty Bar, possibly with Queen cover band, and supa raffle...count it
Breakfast provided by Amity Bakery...count it
Poster coming this weekend!!!
Can't wait to play ya'll.
Tell all yo friends...and nemeses

Any requests ladies?? this one's for you...

Slammin' sound system
DanielNOLA on the mic
that delicious ice cream
Vince's program
...these are a few of my favorite things

...those days are over.


Talk to Jacki in Oakland. She's got a great idea for a poster.

tell her to email me! jasminejjones@gmail.com


That all sounds amazing!! The only thing I can think to add is maybe get a masseuse or two. Mo- Can you convince some of your masseuse friends to massage some sweaty ladies? : )

Midwest is best!!

Massage therapist megs...

Talk to Davey in AZ. He might be willing to come out...

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Is there going to be a co-ed tournament on Friday?? For suresies?!
Confirm or deny.


Fuck off



a solution to this: play with Lil' Miguel and myself

I believe you only need one "chick"

...those days are over.


Aw hold up Daniel. I've got us a third and fourth so don't be pimpin our team out like some nasty bar ho. Also I intend on being in your care the night before because I'M LANDING IN NOLA AND TRIPPIN WITH YA"LL TO AUSTIN!!!!!!!!!!! (is this ok) ha ha so please keep me locked up and dust of the mindflex.

please count the dates of this tournament.
start buying those tix!!
and spread the word to all the ladies you know!

which airlines are best for flying with bikes, anyone?

last time I flew home Southwest didn't care that there was a bike in my bag....and they have 2 free checked bags.

Southwest is hit or miss. When I flew to ATX for the Halloween Tourney, Southwest in Chicago didn't charge me for my bike but Southwest ATX did.

Midwest is best!!

NOT United/Continental. Delta is inconsistent - sometimes they'll charge, sometimes not. I guess they're just lax w/ their rules but I only paid $25 one way and $0 coming home with my bike.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

It sounds like continental doesn't charge anymore than the usual checked bag fee?


Continental Airlines accepts a non-motorized bicycle with single seat or up to two non-motorized bicycles packed in one case as checked baggage. The following are bicycle restrictions:

If the bicycle(s) are packed in a container that is over 50 lbs (23kg) and/or 62 (157 cm) total linear inches (L + W + H), a $100 service charge applies each way. The service charge is in addition to any excess baggage charges that may apply, but first and second baggage service fees do not apply. Bicycle equipment over 70lbs (32 kg) will not be accepted as checked baggage.

If the bicycle(s) are packed in a container that is under 50 lbs (23kg) and 62 (157 cm) total linear inches (L + W + H), there is no bicycle service charge, but, if applicable, the first or second bag fee applies.

Handlebars must be fixed sideways and pedals removed or

* All loose items must be enclosed in plastic foam or similar protective material or
* Bicycle should be transported in a sealed box. If a box is needed, see the Courtesy Bags section of this site.
* Continental is not liable for damage to bicycles that do not have the handlebars fixed sideways and pedals removed, handlebars and pedals encased in plastic foam or similar material or bicycles not contained in a cardboard containers or hard-sided cases.

If you don't have couplings, good luck getting your bike down to "62 total linear inches". Having said that, my bike was slightly over this, but I stuck it in a goalie hockey bag (and had about 3/4 of space left! I traveled to Tempe on US Airways (who didn't give a shit I was carrying "hockey equipment") and United/Continental, who didn't blink at me either.
Hockey equipment, camera equipment, artwork... all fly free of charge.

I got tagged with a $100 bike fee on the way back from Tempe on US airways. The guys actually opened my bag and LOOKED!! I was fine on the way down though.

My bike was wrapped in a tarp:

Sorry to hear that...

I break down my bike as much as possible and call it artwork, worked for southwest in MKE and PGH

anything other than delta. delta will fuck you up the ass. They charge almost 200$ for oversized bags! most of the time it depends on how you present your bike. I recommend packing your bike in a hockey bag. just found one on rollers for $10 at goodwill! I have had good luck with southwest, jet blue, continental, and virgin.

Whos got the crack!

I need a team!

Elise Fornell

My teams are set! When does registration open?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

For the co-ed tourney, does there have to be two ladies on each team or can one lady play with two guys?

Midwest is best!!

yeah, good question! Co-ed should be at least one female on a team....

at least one girl.
and ladies...if you want to play and don't have a team formed there will be time before the start to form a team with whatever xy's are around (plenty of atx boys to go around)

Ladies ladies. now is the time to get your wheel covers! special tournament price $18 a cover (normally $25 + shipping)
email me


(and who ever is making the poster, send me the raw file so i can get prize covers and stickers going)

give blood. play polo.

So looks like Killer Ladybugs are in!!! Is it possible that we're the only team to stay together for all 3 Ladies Army tournaments? Glad to see some many awesome women come together to share something we all love.

On another note...I need a team for the co-ed tourney. I would really love to play with people I've never played with before. I'm a pretty average player and am really just looking to have a lot of fun.

Can't wait to see you Texas.

Sneaky Valley... average by Casacadia standards... Badass for the rest of the world! I don't have a co-ed team either, maybe we can ourselves a boy.

and the co-ed is gonna go like this:
a) bring a team if ya got one
b) throw in for whoever doesn't have one

Helllooooo ladies (and gents)! So pumped on this tourney and all yall! Get on your airplane tickets. Arrive thurs may 5 if yall can. Coordinate with eachother on your arrival times and get a cab/van/shuttle together to save on costs. Not too many of us have cars here so we need yall to be flexible and help us out a bit. Arrive thurs, play pick up with us. Co-ed tourney (at least one of each sex on a team) Friday, be at tourney courts at a whopping 9am to participate. Fri night ladies army reg partay. Saturday will probably be swiss rounds. Saturday night Sadie Hawkins Bike Prom!!!! Bring some spiffy duds and the guts to ask your fave boy or girl to go with you. Sunday double elim, killer polo, prizes, and a chill after party at the polo house. Austin is gonna be sooooo gorgeous in may. Plan to stay a while. Can't wait to see you gals!!!!

oooh!!! I'm going to ask Daniel. That is if he can find a tux to fit his bulging muscles!! le sigh

le double sigh

i bet he has one waiting for the occasion in his closet!
i've seen him in a suit...cleans up nice!


sorry had a brain fart

give blood. play polo.

What's the deal with housing ladies?
Any hotels near the court as a back up?
Also, can we get a google map link to the courts?

Can't wait!

just posted the court location.
working on a little map of relevant places!

Will the courts be the same as the the Masquerade tourney?

Midwest is best!!

yes they will be meg!

Will there be refs for the games? Penalties?

How are housing and registration working? I'm coming in Thursday and leaving Monday. Should I find a hotel?

When is reg? How many teams are you accepting?

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

registration is up and running here-

once we get an idea of numbers, we'll figure out the max capacity.
shouldn't be a problem though, 2 courts and potentially lights until 10pm.
swiss rounds on saturday and double elim on sunday.

this tournament will be using the 2011 NAH rule set and penalties will be enforced when necessary.
that being said, if you have a good grasp of the rules and are interested in reffing, please contact me or kiersten.

the atx girls are working on housing/camping/group rate at a nearby hotel.
sponsors tba, if you work somewhere that could help out or know people who do, get in touch.

see who has registered here-

Yeah! Registered!

I can't believe there are 10 courts at that location! Worlds anyone??!

I would love it if Timtim made it to his third Ladies Army as a ref. I'll see what he's got to say about that!

Thanks for keeping the dream alive ladies, so excited to play in Austin!!

Cascadia. Ladies. Army. Polo. !

Also, who did the poster? Its amazing!


Rad poster indeed! That lady looks pissed...perfect.

...those days are over.


An undercut and errrything!

very excited to see how these turn out on the wheel covers!
who made the poster so i can get the artwork going?

cant wait to see all ya'll ladies!!

give blood. play polo.

Tina medley made it. I also have the file if you want me to email it to you

i believe Tina made this poster!

Fuck off

*cartman voice* sweeeeet

I will be making about 6 wheel covers for prizes. 3 going to 1st place then one for furthest traveled and then MVP and then maybe one to raffle off. dunno

IF! you would like to purchase a LA wheel cover, please let me know. (acwainscott@gmail.com)
Proceeds will go to the Austin club (cuz its their logo and their poster and their tourney) Covers will be $20

If you want a customized cover, please let me know before April 20th, that way i have time to have anything printed and i can have everything shipped ahead.

give blood. play polo.


However, in other, devastating news...there's a chance I won't be able to make the tournament (sad face, slumped over in my chair). It's up in the air, but I've applied for a huge fellowship and the finalist interviews are that weekend in NYC. I'm so bummed at even the thought of not being there. I'll know more at the end of March. Sniff.

I don't know how I feel about this poster, as a non-grpahic designer I just don't think the font really does justice in expressing what ladies bike polo is about and the colour does not ignite the appropriate feelings ... it's just alll wrong

... I can't in a right mind attend this tournament anymore based on this poster

so, pink flowers and vaginas with mallets all over the poster would be what you're looking for?
the 60 ft woman doesn't reek havoc and strike fear into the hearts of men?
She's tearing shit up, and taking over the town. I think its quite the illustration.

i kinda dig the rough look. teal is a color that you dont see often, so in my opinion its fairly eye catching.
plus, what girl doesnt dig the underground comic style that made friends with Daria style? :)

what font would you prefer? Papyrus? Comic Sans? Scriptina? this fits.

sorry, im all about fonts. its my job.

(puuulease take this post in jest. don't take me seriously, i don't think anyone does anyway. just roll with it, as you should with the tourney poster. enjoy it!)

give blood. play polo.

I was totally being facetious. I'm definitely going to this tournament, everything about sounds like my cup of tea, in the process of working out financial logistics.

If I ever get bent out of shape over a bike polo tournament poster I strongly encourage someone to slap the stupid out of me.

ah fun banter. i figured as much. but i had just as much fun writing the reply.

ah.... the poloverse

give blood. play polo.

I got it!

This will be my first Tournament! I'm also stoked to play with females, currently I'm the only one in San Diego that plays!

Welcome to the Ladies Army - you are what this tournament is all about!

Ladies Unite!

Hey Kids!

I am looking for a team for the co-ed tournament. I am pretty solid on both the offence and the defence, and I'll play goal but I don't want to get stuck there. I like passing, big goals, sweet moves, and long walks on the beach. Hit me up here: stormfin@gmail.com if you are also looking for some co-ed action!

oh yeah the co-ed tourney... I can just throw my mallet in right? Because I don't have team yet for that either.

im thinking thats what is going to happen with me too.
as long as i get to play and tell a boy what to do. :D

give blood. play polo.

We should talk about this tomorrow, Emily. I'm kind of wanting to mix it up for the co-ed tourney if that's ok with you and Kelly.

Midwest is best!!

hey yeah, i meant to respond to this, but i didn't, so: yeah no worries. I'll prob just make a team there!

Very excited for this. Valley and Cordelia already have their tickets and I'm getting mine now. I am thinking of staying an extra day to visit more with you guys in Austin, hope that'll be okay!

Oh yeah and I don't know many people who have a co-ed team. Is it possible to maybe allow us to sign up individually and just assign us random teams? That might make it easier for you guys organizing but also helps us lazy people who haven't formed teams!

um never mind sorry i didn't really read through it all...

so we are working on having registration for the co-ed tournament and a cap on the amount of teams. check back in a couple days

Hey lady,
I haven't seen co-ed registration yet, but count Tall George, Machine and myself in. If there's a link to registration that I'm missing, let me know and I'll work through the proper channels.

If any ladies are looking for a team/need a 3rd, please let me know!

rachel 850 polo

I have a second tally lady now, but we are still looking for a 3rd!

rachel 850 polo

"mudfoot", elise fornell, former savannah players now ives inATX. wicked shot. she needs a team! Get at her!

Hey mo, is she still a single lady? Have any contact info? :)

Yes I am a single lady still, you got 2? Let's do it

Elise Fornell

Hey Elise,

It's just me, but I could probably wrangle us up a third. If you are still into playing together, hit me up here: stormfin@gmail.com and we'll talk more! Thanks!


yeaaahh! no worries. I was just going to toss my mallet in for realz.

Sweet! Maybe fate will put us on a team together again. : )

Midwest is best!!

there is a girl from Charlottesville named Ali looking for a team. i've only gotten the privilege of playing with her once, so far, but i can tell you that she's awesome! so anyone looking for a solid third should look her up on facebook Ali Cheff or let me know!

What's going on with housing?

we are talking to people in our club and cycling community. finding out who's got how much space. be prepared to crash on floors, couch (maybe), or camp. bring any equipment you wold need/like to be comfy. we are putting together a google doc of housing available and yall will just sign up for what sounds good for you. it is not looking like we are going to have the numbers to swing a room special at any hotel. i hear the seattle gals are taking that route regardless. if you wanna get together with other ladies and go in on a room together at a holiday in or la quinta inn or something, go for it. get something in the 78701/78702 zip code if possible.....

we are always down to cram as many bodies into as few of houses as possible because we think that is more fun. know that we will try to accommodate everyone- it will just be a pretty modest and humble abode. if you need more comfort/quiet, you may want to pursue the hotel option...

please email me jasminejjones(at)gmail.com and i can add you to the spreadsheet we have going and you can sign up for the available housing. there is more housing available than what is pictured but i will keep updating when i get more info.

if there's still a single lady looking for 2, email me.
rachelnkaufmann (at) gmail

rachel 850 polo

Just e-mailed you but thought I would hit both fronts. I am in VA charlottesville bike polo only girl so I am totally single. You still need one lady?

LA team registered. check!
co-ed team established. check!

when do we reg for co-ed and what is the cost if we do the co-ed and LA3?

thanks girls! you are doing a terrific job keeping us all in the loop!

should we throw in / register / sign up for co ed the day of?
i mean sure keep your teams in mind, but i don;t think of this co ed day being such a formal event. its all about the Ladies Army any ways!

give blood. play polo.

Ohh i would love to play on the co ed Fri too!! anyone need a team mate, mate?

My 12 year old an jill from pitts are two and need a third!

Fuck off

I would like a third for the co-ed tourney if anyone needs a teamate

I need some teammaids! Help a sister out.

My team needs a 3rd any solos out there?

Words of amazing warning...

Me: I've been playing less than a year, with all boys here in San Diego! I'm decent in goal, I have a crooked shot that makes it in mostly and I like to pass and I'm attentive to my team mates!

My teammate Alaina: has only been playing a month BUT in May it'll be almost 3months!!! She'll break yo'kneecaps.

We might not be amazing or even close to awesome at Polo but we have lots of fun and we're just out to have a good time, play some polo with rad people and maybe even laugh a little.

Any takers? You know you wanna!!!

until the middle of April will I be taking orders for the LA wheel cover as well as full custom covers.
I have to get these things printed and then shipped out ahead of time.

LA covers are $20 (proceeds go to the Austin Club) Very limited run!
Custom covers are also $20 (proceeds go to Jinxy's beer fund)

email me at

and please specify what wheel size you run on (700c / arrowhead or deep v) (26"s)

give blood. play polo.

ms gena perala and I were looking for a third if anyone's still available...

ms. gena perala. so classy. i'm a try super hard to make this happen but i'm still not confirmed.

Get your butt to Austin! You know you can't miss this!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

single players, email me so i can make a list from which these incomplete teams can choose from... and if your team still doesnt have a third, register regardless!

Anyone driving from Southern California or Phoenix (east on I 10) that has a spot for me and my bike? I can chip in for gas, help drive, tell jokes, and bring snacks. Also if you need another teammate, I'll play on your team!
email me: vhazels@gmail.com

krista and i are flying :(
i don't think i can sit in a car for more than 12 hours.
i found tickets though southwest for $250ish ($119 one way) AND you get 2 free checked bags.

if you still wanna drive, check out craigslist.com in the Ride share section.

give blood. play polo.

I'm flying in from San Diego...

but we need a 3rd player.

I just scored the best co-ed team-mates ever! Look out ladies!

Oh ya did did ya well I just scored the best lady team mate EVVA so watch out EVERYONE.nah nah nah nah nah . Incoming form all corners of the triangulated territory of North America is "Ignore Alien Orders"

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

omg yay!

I can't believe this is happening Machine. We've been trying to get this going for almost three years now. Thank you in advance for making the trip!

wahoooo! south central championships had some TOP lady players! be ready and bring your A game e'rebody!
dot forget your party hats, swimming trunks, and prom clothes too....!

I heard those TOP lady players were you and your team Mo! Our boys came back scurred ;-)


oh girl! this is going to be so much fun! i think the gals that put the fear in your boys were Tina and Elise R. though! all our austin gals are tough. we gotta be. trying to compete with all you casacadian and midwestern and yankee and left coast and dirty south goddesses!

...and cannucks toooooo!!!!!

Lock up yer daughter's we is coming to town...........................oh shite y'all are the daughters , What a dilemma even for the Dali Lama ?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

i have a lady, Jeanne Rose, who wants to donate her home made Bruise Juice that is used by some football playas.it's for rubbin on bruises. Usually sells for 36 bux a bottle. She wants to donate 3 bottles to either the winners , the most smacked around team or DFL

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

I need a life supply.

...those days are over.


Alright ladies ya betta have your Bro Ho's whipped into shape already coz you are all going down so far that you're gonna need a telescope to see the Lone Star

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Yay Machine! I'm glad to hear you are making a trip down for this! Are you playing with Lisa and George for the co-ed tourney?

Midwest is best!!

Yes, he is!
Y'all can keep the drooling to yerselves!

more mad on/off court skillage by a Master of our own destinies.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Another top notch video. Love the Peaches soundtrack.

I'll second that. On point with that track.

...those days are over.


Note to self:

Buy more Jergins.

fuckin A! killer! cant wait for the post LA3 footage!!!!!!
so many gals coming to kill it this may!!!!


Mr Do please, please tell me you are going to Austin!?

So bummed I cant be there.

17 teams so far...i can't remember how many there were last year but i think we've beat it already.
everyone better be conditioning! that's a whole lot of polo to be played on saturday in swiss rounds!!!!!

any word on co-ed reg? i didn't see anything after about a month ago on it.

thx! can't wait!!!! ONE MONTH!!!

oh also, mo and/or jas. i want to ship the crowns down to you so I don't have to bring them on the plane...i think. might use my 2nd checked bag for it...still undecided.
can one of you send me your address so i can make that happen. thx.

i'm pretty sure it was decided to leave co-ed registration until the day of. this way people who don't have teams can put them together the night before/on the spot so no one gets left out.

last year was 18 teams so we're almost there! registration will be open until saturday april 30th.


mr. do, that video roolz, thanks.

oh yeah, message me your address too. i gotta ship those wheel covers ahead of time.

give blood. play polo.

I'm going to roll super last minute on this, apparently. But I really want to come!! Can I possibly get on a single ladies speadsheet? Also, are any rides coming down from the Midwest? Ohhjeez, this is going to be too awesome to miss. I'm still trying to figure out the detaila but imma try superhard!!


yes suzy, you need to be at this! i'll add you to the list.


She's coming!! YAY!!! Are you?

Midwest is best!!

I'm just going to throw this out there: Would you ladies be interested in throwing at least $5 or more into a get Mr. Do to ATX fund? If each lady throws in $5 x17 teams that is $255 and should be more than enough to get him down there. We could even have him make a video afterward that people could buy to get our fronted money back. What do you ladies think?

Midwest is best!!

i got 5 bucks shiiiiit

i got $50 on it. for realz. i want him here. i want him filming!!!!!

I'll throw down $10

edit; but i wouldn't want it to be a sold video at least not for my payback i just wanna see MORE AWESOME POLO VIDS

I agree! I just thought more people would be willing to give if they were compensated back for what they put in.

Midwest is best!!

I'd throw some money at this for sure!

Thanks for the response ladies and gent! If you guys are serious, I will personally pay for his flight in the next few days and you can hit me back via paypal. I just need a little more interest, please tell your friends and club members! Also, if you find any good deals from MPLS to ATX let me know.

edit:I looked up flights and they are around $300. Before I purchase the ticket, there needs to be at least half the funds raised because I am broke and work a minimum wage job.

*I also started a thread in the general category if you would like more info on how you can help.

Midwest is best!!

I got $5 on it.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

I will throw in 10 dollars!

Elise Fornell

Ladies ya know I'm down for reffing , bbqing , heckling etc whenevvva needed

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Does this mean you are doing the Wednesday to Monday trip vs. the Thursday to Saturday trip? I guess there's an update in there somewhere. Good chatting with ya last night!

hey , can i get the Original illustrator file for the poster so that i can blow this baby up for the wheel covers

give blood. play polo.

on it jinxy. what's yer email address? i will get tina to send it on over to you!
i also have an image id like to send to you for mine own wheel covers!!!

send em over!!

give blood. play polo.

just wondering if there is any word on housing? i know we had to indicate in reg but a post earlier also said limited.... can you send an update?... i know some folks are getting hotels.... that's not an option for me unless we pack a room so it's silly cheap.... so excited.... is it going to be hot? warm? temps? .... the snow is just melting here.... thanks

EVBP foreva

I'm so glad there is a LR team signed up!! Are there any other lefty ladies out there besides Ruth?

Midwest is best!!

Lefty in the house! wooot!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Sweet! I'll watch out for you for sure!

Midwest is best!!

Stoked! Bought my tickets to come to play some pick up, wear shorts, and watch some polo!!!

See you all there!

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

Stoked! Bought my tickets to come to play some pick up, wear shorts, and watch some polo!!!

See you all there!

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

Tucker wrote:

See you all there!

duh, tucker. it's "ya'll". say it with me now...
you'll get it after a weekend with us, im sure of it!
super stoked you're coming! qnd stoked youre so stoked on it!!!! love the boy support!

mo][quote=Tucker wrote:

See you all there!

duh, tucker. it's "ya'll". say it with me now...

Well Mo, I believe its actually "y'all," but as a life long Yankee, a Mid-westerner at that, I have no say in how I should refer to "you all."

Regardless, excited to come and support the ladies playing my favorite sport and catch some sun in the South.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.

I guess I was so excited i posted three times.

MKE 05-06
CHI 07-Pres.


or email me (address at top of page)

the WEATHER will be freaking HOTTTT
It's been in the 90s already.
reekid breaking temperatures.
Please expect 90ish degree weather.
We'll be taking a field trip to Barton Springs (check out tha picture)
Bring BATHING SUITS!!!, sunblock, sun hats, umbrellas, cowboy shirts, light linen clothing...etc
Also bring water with you to courts.
We will try to provide water and might even have a water sponsor, but nothing is confirmed yet. We will keep you updated about it, but since it hot, probably gonna be sunny, and we'll be sweating a lot...make sure you drink a lot of water.

anything else my dears??


There should be water available to players and spectators at the court. I can't impress upon this enough. Even if its running tap water in a washroom for us to refill our own bottles.

I am already melting thinking about it. fuck me.

There is a fountain outside and a kitchen or faucet inside while the facility is open.

I think like 5-8 of us from seattle need housing thursday and maybe friday nights. getting hotels over the weekend...... this is 3 weeks away, can't wait for flip flops and swim trunk polo!

got ya covered. um i send you a facebook msg with the deets or something

I know what I'll be bringing to the courtz...........

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

aaawww shit

Get rad

that pic cracks me up every time i see it.

uncanny likeness

give blood. play polo.

since Mr. Do will be joining us for the tournament, he has decided to team up with me for the Co-Ed tourney.
we need a 3rd. and he will need a bike, mallet and helmet.

give blood. play polo.

I already told him I wanted to play with him. : )

Midwest is best!!

shweeeeeet! looks like we gotta team. Do's Dolls?

love it! can't wait!

give blood. play polo.

he should be filming, strictly, filming, no polo enjoyment for that man, he is supposed to film every last second of this tournament, even those moments where people are shitfaced in the polo house kitchen...FILM IT. GOD. STAY SOBER FOR THE LOVE OF GOD.

there will be plenty of footage. of the Ladies.

Or does Maxxx prefers to watch the boys of polo?

  • http://vimeo.com/5168164
  • what guy wouldn't be jealous of you right now?
    i kid because I love!

    Mr. Do that was Hilarious

    "So this is how it ends"MACHINE

    I'm coming to Austin!!!! May I please have a team and a place to stay? I signed up for housing on that spread sheet. Also what is the best way to get from the airport to bike polo? CAN NOT WAIT!


    When are you arriving?!?

    3:20PM on Thursday May 5th!!!!!!!!! :)


    Yay!! CInco de Mayo!!!

    Midwest is best!!

    Sweet. Well. I'm not entirely sure of the schedule but we should be at the south Austin courts by then. If you don't want to take a cab directly there (@$15). I suggest taking the airport flyer from airport to downtown. Let's off at 7th and congress. Ivan give you specific directions from there of you don't have a space phone. Just let me know or get my phone number :-)

    Oleha and I are looking for housing or if anyone wants or already has a hotel room with room for two more we'd love to splitsies the cost!

    Ladies we are now accepting payment for registration via paypal. Please go to palpal and "gift" your reg fee to jasminejjones@gmail.com. Ladies army is $45 per team. Co-Ed is $5 per player (ladies playing in LA do not need to pay this fee). The sooner the better gals. I got some court bills to pay!! Xo xo

    Things are coming along nicely. We have some fun stuff for y'all! Polo, parties, prom...oh my!
    We'll be posting a map and a list of events in the next week or so.
    Be prepared to rage on and off the court like a bunch of hooligans or ya know take it easy with a sun umbrella, some coconut water and a dip in the springs.

    But for realz...pay up :-)

    Hey lady,

    Damn, I missed that co-ed fees could be paid here as well. Just paid LA3, I'll leave it to my capable team-mates to pay the co-ed fee, or wait until we get there.


    hey could some locals (or anyone) give a holler with a some must see/fun/your fav things to see/do in Austin. this is my first trip and I'd like to check the city out.

    p.s. the swimming looks amazing! can't wait.

    EVBP foreva

    Austin Things to do and places to Google:

    Wheatsville Co-op
    Toy Joy and the vegan soft serve joint in the back of toy joy
    Alamo Drafthouse
    Barton Spring Pool
    Canoe/Kayak Rentals on Town Lake
    Burgers at Casion El Camino
    BMX Stuff- Empire, The 9th St Jumps, Terrible One
    Food Cart Courts on South 1st St, East 6th St
    South Congress Shopping
    Broken Spoke Honky Tonk- two steppin' tutorials wed (think this is ladies' night) and thurs nights!
    Sake Bombs at Jackalope
    Daily Juice
    Whole Foods World HQ Flagship Store
    Bars on east sixth, Red River. My faves are lovejoys, jackalope for happy hour, Liberty, rio rita, swan dive, east side show room
    Texas Capital Building

    ...thats all I can think of at the moment.

    don't forget 6th street friday after 12pm, if you stand around and look canadian, I'm sure the texans will notice and accost you in a sort of southern beguiling manner. don't get scared, they may be big, but so is they hearts!

    Thank you Thank you !!!

    Create a "my map" on google and send the link out (as if you didn't have enough to do already)!

    Let me know if I missed anything...

    Mo's Suggestions
    Nearby Bike Shops


    yo is this about to be the best tournament of the year?

    I'm going to let you finish, but over here: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/ladiesarmy3-thread2