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Ladies Army 3 thread #2

Ladies Army 3 thread #2

Thread #1 with all the details: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/ladiesarmy3

Fantastic map!!! Thank you! This is exactly what we have been needing.




Just seeing all these posts from all these amazing women is making me all fluttery. It is raining cats and dogs in Portland, but I'm running through meadows of sunshine and butterflies on the inside.


Got some team play with Jackie and Kayla this week, we figure out our super awesome Don't-Mess-With-Us-In-Texas name, and we're ready to GO!

My only problem...what am I going to wear to Prom and WHO'S GOING TO BE MY DATE?

  • Bringing Back the 80s with the Mullet Wig  pictures.jpeg

if you dress like i fear you'll have to mallet the boys off ya!
omg i still need a dressssssssss!!!

JazzHams wrote:

omg i still need a dressssssssss!!!

best lobp post eva.

it is not raining here! and shouldn't you be going up to seattle to practice? all you have to do is jump in the car..
team boss...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

You gots to get yerself a date lady. Its all Sadie Hawkins down there in Texas.

is anybody willing to camp in my backyard?

me! Under the stars


done. i have a million pillows you can borrow and actually a tent too.

shirts for pre-order! $15 for a slate gray american apparel locally printed shirt. go to paypal.com, send money to jasminejjones@gmail.com specify the size you need in the message box. thanks. i am shit with computers. no idea how to post the shirt image here. i can post my facebook link...see the shirt there(?!) http://www.facebook.com/maureen.grady

remember to bring something to wear for BIKE PROM! also, our tech guru is working on a project for the tournament. if you want to help contribute images/video during the event, download quik and wordpress on your smart phones and email me with your user names. mo.grady@gmail.com

countdown has begun ladies and gents! bring sunblock and a hat/parasol. i got burnt crispy yesterday...sunrays are only gonna get stronger out there!

are there any available in a t-shirt that's not white?

the photo looks white but they are actually printed on slate grey american apparel shirts.

-TINA - Mobile Bike Polo -

that's awesome. i'll have to get one. can I get it there?


Are there any ladies still looking for a third, because I'm still looking for a 1&2!


Suzy! You me and Amanda need to join forces and conquer. We are the three singles, let's do it!,

Elise Fornell

hells belles! do it gals!

Donedonedone. We just need a killer team name..



Elise Fornell

Omghilarious. I think I know what we can wear..


Is it cardboard armor?

Elise Fornell

OMG somebody pick this girl up already! Shes amazing!

can you post the paypal link in this thread too please jas!

see you ladies there.

hey chandel. we never really figured how to do a paypal link, but if you go to www.paypal.com and click the "send money" link then send to jasmine's email address, jasminejjones@gmail.com we will get the funds for your tournament entry fee. co-ed tourney participants can also register on paypal. it is $5 per person that is NOT participating in LA3. and if you want to buy one of the nifty LA3 t-shirts on an american apparel shirt, you can pay for that in paypal too! $15 and we will have your requested shirt size waiting with your name on it at the registration party on friday! whoot!

frick! gena's backed out! anyone need a 3rd still? or can anyone please convince that lady to go? i already spent all my money on Mr Do!


Why don't you play with suzy and I because I don't know who Amanda is and I can't find her and haven't heard from her yet

Elise Fornell

sounds perfect!

from what i understand, amanda isn't coming anymore. valerie from arizona is also looking for a team to play with...

I'm so in, finally in in in!!!!!! Need a team to play with...I'm said valerie. Let me know ladies.

hey all you guys and gals. what are your itinerary plans?
who is arriving, when? and how long are you staying? i am trying to get an idea of how much time i get to hang with yall polo peeps. i am also wanting to take a little poll about our sunday 5/8 post-polo activity. i am working on a karaoke option at a bar downtown. mind you, we will have a bar/party outing planned for every night thurs-sat up to this point, and will have played mad amounts of polo and swam in the *hopeful sunshine. are yall into the idea of going downtown to a bar one more night, or do you want a house party, probably more relaxed and chill then raging kegger. thoughts? opinions? let me know so i can finalize this plan. oh, this house party would be at the polo house (where jasmine and i live) and this is where many of you are projected to sleep. so keep that in mind too.
cant hardly believe this is finally almost friggin here!

what's this hopeful sunshine bit mo???! i demand sunshine and 80+ degrees minimum! actually I don't demand anything, but I do hope it's sunny too. there are 5 or 6 of us getting in thursday around 5. I think we are staying until monday afternoon. I'm in favor of a raging kegger or relaxed and chill house party. very excited for this, see you guys soon

I am totally down with an evening of Karaoke!
Shannon and I arrive late Thursday evening (around 10pm) and leave Monday at 2:30pm. I think TG is on the same itinerary.

I get in at 11:50 on Thursday morning and leave on Monday at 5:35om. I am sooo down for some karaoke action! In fact, if it doesn't happen we should definitely hit up a karaoke bar on Thursday night. See you all in 10 days!!! I also plan on heading to Barton Springs almost immediately after I get settled in. Who is with me?!

Midwest is best!!

Dustin and I get in at 12:03pm on Thursday. Flying out on Monday at 11:30 am. (Thanks Meg, et. all)

I'd love to see as much of Austin as I can, especially the swimming hole! (It snowed here this week).

ticket booked today. arriving wednesday [yup i'm coming WAY early] at 430pm
leaving monday 230pm.

really would prefer a house thing on sunday...by then we're all 'besties' and wanna just hang with polo peoples mostly anyways.
so bar 'interference' isn't really necessary.

cannot wait! pickup wed night?!

x2 pickup wednesday night!

of course you would suggest that. because polo thurs - sun is not enough! You are too demanding coach!

-TINA - Mobile Bike Polo -


well it's my doing. i 'goofed' and booked a day earlier than intended. OOPS. so let's play!
also...anyone that feels like picking me up from the airport...that'd be rad.

I AM DOWN. As soon as I get in around two in the afternoon wednesday. I'm throwin my bike together then findin the polo courts.

i like the dedication!

that's my team mate! playin hard and gettin in the extra practice! make me proud girl!

give blood. play polo.

all that blood on yer face is hot!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

so about that wed night...that is when we need to build the tourney courts. so how about a grand ol polo people group effort to help construct tourney courts and then we polo all night long!!!!!!

Yes lets build them courts then play all night!

@Jinxy - yup i got my game face on always.

i think we should DEF go to this party on thurs night too....

facebook link:


i arrive friday morning at 12:30am and then leave Monday evening around 5ish i think.

so as long as there is beer, food, music and of course polo... lead the way.

give blood. play polo.

Arrivin thursday 6pm partyin til monday evening . I frickin luv kareoke.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

How many teamz we got for Friday and how many for the Main Event

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

main event so far is 18
friday is...well i just posted a sign up so we shall see!

I need a team!!!!!!!!!!!!! AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hey there Valerie!! How is the car beg going?? I am seaching flights to see if I can spot something cheap for you! I knew I should have worked for the airlines!

CO-ED registration is going up now...here


please fill out if you want to play.
boys...please pay $5 each to paypal jasminejjones@gmail.com

also t-shirt pre-order is $15.
will cost you more at the court.
professionally printed on american apparel shirts...

cool right?

i feel like i'm learning so much about technology...google forms, google spreadsheets, html picture shit. i feel like such a nerd
i can't wait til we're playing polo IRL (in real life FYI)
luv yas

Can you post the link for the co-ed registered teams?

Machine you on this registration bit?

Also, what are transportation options from the airport?
Do you have as fabulous a public transportation system as Vancouver now does thanks to those Olympics?

I did find this: http://www.supershuttle.com/en/AUSAirportShuttleAustin.html
Seems like a good bet, but I'll take recommendations from the locals!

i have never used the super shuttle. i usually cab it or take the bus.
the shuttle might be the way to go if you have a bunch of ya!

cabs...depending on where you are going might get pricey if you are taking one solo.
directly to courts, i'd say around $15-20 ride.
to polo house...i dunno $30-40.

The bus will bring you downtown (7th and Brazos) for $1.
Or to UT campus (Dean Keaton and Speedway) same price. This location is closer to all the North/Central sleep spots, but not walkable with your bike in a box or whatever.
If you take bus with assembled bike, only 2 fit on front of bus.
Still in box, bag, whatever...they have luggage rack on bus.
I hope everyone has smart phones to look at maps and such.

I don't have a car and will be quite busy with things so organizing to pick anyone up is not an option for me.
If you have other contacts in austin that might be able to give you a ride...ask around!

if you can't figure out what to do...call me. pm me for my number
but please be ready to make some personal executive decisions.

I get in pretty late, so I think I will stick with the shuttle. You can even do a quote ladies to see how much it will cost (you need the zip code for where you are staying). I am about a 10 minute bike ride to the courts and its $17.00, $10 for the second person, roundtrip...


any chance to get one of the T-shirts post to Europa???
or in safe keeping until the Worlds???
whatever is easier for you

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

hell yes! we are sending a few to tokyo...we can send to europe (or i will be in seattle too). maybe pay the extra shipping, or i will hand it to you in seattle in sept. your call.


I rather pick it up in Seattle, one less T-shirt I have to take with me when fliying over

comfim me that this is the paypal address and I will pay ASAP

thanks a lot

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

confirmed. jasminejjones@gmail.com
see you in seattle. (make note the size you'd like when you pay!)

Meg, can you sign me and Mr. Do up for the co-ed?
what did we decide on? Do's Dolls?

give blood. play polo.


Midwest is best!!


give blood. play polo.

I'm arriving May 4 at 2:00 in the afternoon.

Most of Seattle comes in Thursday, between 2 and 10. I think we all leave Monday and will always party one more night!

Kiersten wrote:

Most of Seattle... will always party one more night!

this just in: i think we have a house party/bbq/whatever penciled in for sun night. at zach's house, just between the tourney courts and the springs. then for those wanting more fun...Second Sunday Sock Hop is happening! always a swingin' fun time.

But where do we sing Karaoke??

im counting the votes for karaoke on sunday. working out the deets....stay tuned. please note that Barton Spring Pool is totally closed on thursdays from 9am-7pm for cleaning (whomp whomp) so megs, take your time settling in. or be ready to get your bike in order, go play pick-up and then head over to the springs 7 or after. i think there was talk of a pool party-ish thing/bbq chill-fest happening-maybe at ruth's apartments (seattle's gracious hostess) that thursday also....

i also think cab or that super shuttle with lots of folks is best. i do not have a car either, and will be running around with stuff to do as well so i hope yall can get yourselves to your destinations. holler at me 512-797-5483. maybe text me first. i am really bad about answering my phone, worse about checking voicemail and just forget me answering an unknown number...its sucky, i know. just text me and i'll holler back at ya asap.

now, people staying at the polo house: we live fairly far from the courts. i really really really want to have a happy fun group ride to and from courts each day, are yall capable of doing this? i have been toying with the idea of renting a van or something, but i dont necessarily want to do that. especially if i am just going to pay for it all myself. so yall help me out. really look at that map and note the distance from our house to the tourney courts. there are some hills but nothing hellacious....in my opinion. i believe we would make it to the courts at a nice cadence in around 30-40 minutes. can yall dig it or do we need to pool some funds for a slacker shuttle? (i gest with the term 'slacker'...sorta.)

hate to poop on any parties, but I kinda need vehicular transport to & from the courts.

I'm down for group rides to and from the courts. No need for a shuttle, in my opinion.

Mr. Do & Megs, and others getting in around noon on Thursday. Shall we share a cab?

You read my mind, Kat!

Midwest is best!!

mr. do, you are covered. no worries.

Tell me there are some last minute ladies that want to play out there!

mo/jas...since i get in really early i will just book at super shuttle from the airport

but...where am i staying? i know it came up last minute. can you hook a sister up still?

Hey I think you and your team are staying with me, shoot me an email at elisefornell@hotmail.com or call me (970)3799562. I am working till about 630 on Wednesday but I can pick you up at that time wherever you might be, let me know what your thinking

Elise Fornell

just did the reg for co-ed. how do i find your paypal jasmine? thanks :)

until such time, more time.

jasminejjones@gmail.com. use that. i dunno how to set up a link. sorry

Also. The T-shirt sizes are uni-sex. XS is available if you are a tiny lady.

hey gals, i live in austin, have a car, and am willing to pick people up from the airport! i get off work on thurs at 4pm, so i can pick people up after that. let me know!

what about wednesday?!

when do you get in on wednesday? i have to be somewhere at 7pm sharp that night...

I get in at 430pm.
Staying at elise fornells...music lane?
Lmk! Thx!

That's amaazing! Can I take you up on that? I get in at around 330 but I don't mind waiting. The only question would be if my bike bag can fit in your car..


yes, it will fit in my car. i'll head over there as soon as i get off work on thursday. my number is 832-477-2866 - let me know if there are any changes!

hey yall! Young Gray (our youth development program) said 3-4 QUIET, respectful people can stay at his [parents]house. anyone looking for a quiet place to stay? maybe not so into the crazy madness of super late nights and/or floor sleeping with loads of other people...tell me ASAP! thanks! shells bells, i'm looking at you. who else?!

Cordelia and I (Naomi) from Victoria need a third for the co-ed tournament on Friday.

I will be your third?, looking to team up with people I haven't played with before. Strong shooter, defense, and goalie. ...and fast.

anyone coming up without a team for the co-ed tournament on friday? I don't have a team and want to play all day long! if you need an austinite with heavy d on your team, i'm your man.

I'm coming without a team for Friday! We would probably need to find a good shooter as a third though. How do you feel about that?


hells yes! alright, any takers for our third?

i think my girl kaycie is still looking for a co ed team RVA ladies don't mess around

boxed up and ready to be sent out tomorrow!

give blood. play polo.

Those look so bad-ass! Nice work

jinxy you're amazing! those look awesome!

-TINA - Mobile Bike Polo -

Oleha and I are looking for a thrid for the fri co-ed!!!

Operation: Find and Buy Bike Prom Dresses was a smashing success for jasmine and me. Ladies Army, I am ready for you.
What you got, huh?!!?

I'm registering my dress at davidsbridal.com.
please everyone check it out...it's under Jazz Hams
thanks....i really don't want to show up in the same dress as you(pl-ladies)...that's so embarrassing.
i mean...what would everybody think?!?!
please don't ruin the only important night of my life.
thanks again.

Hi Mo, Olehas and I got a place to stay!! Thanks for lookin out for us. Also we both get in Thursday so will be around Thursday night :)

great! great! great! soooooo happy to see you soon! (cant wait to hear your laugh! love it!)

Hey Ladies,

I've got a couple of questions/requests/suggestions:

Are we using NAH rules (I believe I did see this somewhere)?

If so, I assume we are using nets. Do you nets' dimensions fall within NAH regulations?

How are you planning on running brackets on Saturday?

I have my fingers crossed for a morning and afternoon bracket so that I might spend a little free time getting to know your fine city. I know some other women are skipping the co-ed tournament to do the same. I am wondering if there is an appetite for this from other ladies and if so, if we can swing this with whomever is running brackets. If this does fly, we should be able to know in advance which bracket we are in...

Thanks for considering!

Love you ladies, can't wait to see you all in Austin!


x2 for am/pm brackets!!

Midwest is best!!

I vote for am/pm brackets.

x2 am/pm brackets...

"i think my girl kaycie is still looking for a co ed team RVA ladies don't mess around"---

word? suzy, have you found a team? still plan on coming?

"i think my girl kaycie is still looking for a co ed team RVA ladies don't mess around"---

word? suzy, have you found a team? still plan on coming?

into it. so excited.


she's not on lobp unfortunately but kaycie's excited too! if yall wanna look her up on facebook or something her name on there is kaycie tater

Hey yall...

At Mo's request I've been working with the organizers to get Podium up and running for Ladies Army, so I thought I'd chime in here about AM/PM...

First of all, some info: 18 teams, 2 courts, 5 rounds (5 games per team)

The purpose of doing Swiss rounds is two fold, 1) to get an accurate seeding for the bracket on the second day 2) to match teams together of equal ability. Splitting up a smaller tournament like this into two very small sessions (10 and 8 teams) would defeat both of those goals...

For example: In an 8 team session, each team will play 5 others, which means they'll play 5 of the 7 potential opponents. This is basically just a round robin, where all teams play each other. You won't get an accurate ranking out of this split, because it could be that the top 4-5 teams wind up in one bracket, which would make one bracket much harder than the other, and skew the results. Also, the results won't be as meaningful, since teams won't be playing against equally matched teams

The quality of games will suffer as well, since there is no room for the swiss rounds system to pick potential opponents, Each team basically would have to play most of the teams in their small session, regardless of their respective skill levels. Having a pool of teams to pick from is what makes the swiss system work. And when it works, its much more enjoyable for everyone, from the bottom team to the top.

On top of this, the turnover would be quite quick... Teams would only get a single game of rest in-between each of their 5 games

thank you vince, for EVERYTHING!
so ladies, what do you say now? i totally understand wanting to explore the city for those of you who have never been here. i want to have the best tourney possible though, good fun games. yall call it. vote now or forever keep your peace.

see you real soon!

2 courts/18 teams/5 or 6 rounds/12 minute games means we should be able to get through each round in about an hour... if we get going at a reasonable time & keep things rolling smoothly then we could potentially be finished by 4pm leaving ample time for people to play more pick up or go see some sights.... and also allowing all of the teams to play the best possible games..


-TINA - Mobile Bike Polo -

yeah. i was expecting our day to be longer then that..finish around 7or so, but still plenty of time.

I am definitely down for an earlier finish than 7pm. If we can be done by 4, you tell me what time I need to show up and I'll be there.

Disclaimer: Don't read this as "I don't want to play lots of polo..." Read this as "I am a single mama with freedom spilled all over a weekend in the deep south with some of the hottest ladies around (and a not to shabby guy!) and I need to pack as much fun in one weekend as humanly possible".


What about an early start, and a long break for lunch (and the excessive heat) then a come back to wrap up in the evening?

x2...break from the heat and a chance to explore or go swimming while everything is still open. the polo addicted diehards can get in some pickup!

jason f-off wrote:

x2...polo addicted diehards...

sooooo, you?

-TINA - Mobile Bike Polo -

Hey Ladies.............

Im so bummed I wont be able to make it. I started a new job and am working so much,and just cant. bummertown.
But my team is still super excited and all they need is a 3rd. the team listed as 'Secret Cervix' but it will be 'We Cycle Together'. Its Jamie (Tallahassee) and Ali (Charlottesville). So if anyone knows of an interested lady player, email Jamie at justjamielee@gmail.com.


rachel 850 polo

YES YES WE NEED A THIRD!!! We would love you to join us! LADIES any single out there?? contact me ali.cheff@gmail.com


LAST CALL for t-shirt pre-order!!!!! please fill this form out:https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dHRtVWppblZtcDdzREJKVzJLU1hkZVE6MQ&ifq

you DO NOT have to pre-pay, we just really want to order the proper amount of properly sized t-shirts. these are being done professionally for us and they AINT CHEAP for us. we are pre-paying so dont want to be stuck with too many unsold at the end of the tourney.

Please understand that if you decide you want a shirt at the end of the event, we will have some to sell and we can also take your info and ship one to you later, understand yo uwill have to cover shipping fees as well.
Thanks everyone!
See you super soon!

I'm coming in Thursday night 11:45. Gonna wait for Jinxy to land and then we're off to tear up Austin No Manners style!

These little babies are heading out tomorrow

  • 0424111358-01.jpg

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

so. stoked.
see ya soon!

Also, I will have L.A. (Los Angeles) shirts & stickers available!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

BIKE PROM saturday may 7th! we are having a raffle this night ($10 gets you an arm length of tickets and some sort of drink special). Bring spiffy duds and dancing shoes! We dress up for this for reals! This will be a fun time! save me a dance, every last one of ya'll!

http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=171167299605215 (facebook event)

less than 24 hours until i head out there!!!!
damnit can't come soon enough!

So... Cordelia and I are still looking for a third for co-ed tourney. I'm sure we can figure it out when we arrive but if anyone is still looking drop us a line!

isn't zach playin with y'all

he found a different team. apparently they are playing together at another tournament though i'm suspicious ;)

well no worries...there will be some time on friday before we start to get a team. or you can ask around thursday night

I feel really bad now! I hate picking teams. Sara and I play together in a couple of weeks at Midwests in Bloomington. I said if you didn't find a third that I would DEFINITELY play with you two! :( :(

QUESTION: is anyone available to pick up the two RVA ladies (myself and kaycie) from the airport thursday at 4:30 pm? or who should i get in touch with about this?

hey ann. a lot, a LOT of people are arriving thursday at the airport. not many of us have cars here and are working, etc. we are really hoping yall can coordinate amongst yourselves and hire a cab or a shuttle (lisa moffet did some investigative work and posted her findings in this thread somewhere) to the tourney courts, South Austin Rec Center, at 1000 cumberland rd 78704. It should cost $30 max. Or coordinate with your host and get their address or something. I know this may seem slightly difficult, but we still have shit to do to get this tourney ready and work and stuff....

that is totally understandable. thanks for posting all the info

Ann if you take the 100 bus it is like 75cents and has a bike rack it will get you and Kaycie down town


I'm already picking up suzy from chicago Thursday as soon as I can get to the airport after work, which will probably be around 4:30...
I bet we can fit all of us in the car + bags! Let me know.

oh awesome!! lemme get dem digits and we'll coordinate

annsilver- sorry, can't help with the lift, but does kaycie still want to play with me and suzy from chicago?

yea! she's really excited! hopefully we'll be able to meet up with suzy at the airport sounds like she's getting in around the same time we are

c-c-count it!

NEED THAT THIRD LADY!!!! Valerie are you in?

Ladies and Gentlemen: please remember to pack your blinky lights (front and rear), your lock, and a helmet (required for tourney). We will have a waiver for yall to sign at the courts and/or at the registration party on friday night and then let the fun begin!!!!
see ya'll all real soon. ive stopped trying to sleep...just staying awake holding vigil til ya get here!

Also! Please be prepared with $3 cash for entrance to Barton Spring Pool if you plan on going during the day. it is free 5am-9am and 9pm-10pm.

there's so much to do! i'm just gonna wear my helmet, prom dress and bathing suit all weekend and go where i'm told.

give blood. play polo.

I like it!

Alright ladies so valerie of az is a no. Anyone know girls in austin who want to play. Really need a third, this last minute scramble. Maybe someone who isn't on lobp? I will cover their reg fee? I am registered and plane ticket bought. Don't want to not come! Jaime lee and I would be stoked. Will throw in a foot massage!!

I will also paint your toes for you! And carry your mallet to the court!

I will also sub in for you girls for a game or two if it's allowed.

Midwest is best!!

Ladylady If you end up subbing this weekend I will gladly play as a third. Everyone will have a banging good time isweartogod:)


Who gets in at 2? I have room for one maybe two...

Does anyone wanna take a virgin to The Prom.? I've nevva been to one before but I know how to paaarty.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Awesome! I have never been to Prom Either! Multiple PV cards to cash!

Good luck ladies!

Good luck to Minneapolitan, Kat and good luck to her teammates Cara and Lisa.

And Mr Do, drink lots of beer and film lots of awesome polo.

Don't forget to have some fun, Austin, you've worked hard now enjoy it.

Hey anyone know how to reach Re Mac or Christina Kinsel?? I sent them messages tell them to e-mail me if they want to join my team!! Thanks ladies!!

Good luck ladies!

Is there an agreed on twitter hash tag? I tried searching and all it could come up with was army wives feeds.

Australian nats are on in Adelaide this weekend so I'll be trying to follow by phone between games. Twitter updates would be amazing. You can follow us at #AHBPC11 !

How about #LA3 for a hashtag?


this (link above) seems like a cool thing to do and check out for the fellas not playing ladies army. if you are in need for a momentary change of scenery, head down the street for this, then be sure to come on back!

check out this brochure of events, etc.

PLEASE: keep beer/booze drinking on the down low. use koozies, be respectful of the neighborhood we are surrounded by, and be subtle.

PLLLEEEASE pick up after yourselves, often. all day. all three days. thank you.

please be prepared with plenty of water and a canteen (water fountain near courts), sunblock and shade aparatus (lots of shade trees), and food stuffs (we are providing some food and snacks) you will need to function and be happy. We are providing charcoal for the grill, and condiments so bring some grill-ables and cook your food court side.

Bring $3 if you need to go for a refreshing dip at Barton Spring Pool.

Bring any and all monies owed to Organizers.

Bring a fun and sporting attitude and be patient with Jasmine and I (we are still new to this rodeo) and have a shit ton of fun, yall!

See you bright and early (9am!) at the courts!


LA_info_brochure_front.pdf663.07 KB

Fucking rock it this weekend! Wish I could be there!!

polojoel wrote:

Fucking rock it this weekend! Wish I could be there!!

What He Said!!!!!

fuck ur face

Can we get a list of the Co-Ed tourney teams? I haven't seen the it listed yet.

here is the list of teams via google docs


any results from co-ed?

Tina, Israel and Mark team Philoso-Rappers won. According to Mr Do.

1st place: Philoso-Rappers - Tina, Pelon, Mark
2nd place: Prestige Worldwide - Maija, McKenzie, Dustin
3rd place: Manwich - Chandel, Miguel, Rob

the rest is history...

I don't know who this Dustin douchebag is but nice job on second place Maija and McKenzie!

Bethink thee of the albatross, whence come those clouds of spiritual wonderment and pale DREAD, in which that white phantom sails in all imaginations... ~Herman MFing Melville


Will be thinking of you all this weekend. Best wishes.

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Pictures..footage...dying here-Let's see!

Results from swiss rounds

#03 Nasty Ass Honey Badgers (Leslie/Elise/Tina) 4/0/1 +14 16
#01 Cunning Stunts (Birdie/Cherri/Maija) 3/0/2 +12 17
#05 The C.L.A.P. (Kiersten/Shannon/Mckenzie) 3/0/2 +10 17
#02 Back Attack (Jasmine/Mo/Sam) 3/1/1 +8 14
#08 Bedazzlers (Kayla/Jacki/Cecily) 3/2/0 +1 15
#11 Killer Ladybugs (Valley/Naomi/Cordelia) 2/1/2 +3 12
#06 Nietzche's Peaches (Chandel/Jill/Sara) 2/1/2 +3 12
#12 Catheads Aka the Cariboos (Oleha/Shelley/Dana) 2/2/1 +3 13
#10 Cheerihos (Tiffany/Jessie/Megan) 2/2/1 +2 10
#16 Plump Off (Lindsay/Brittney/Liz) 1/1/3 -2 9
#14 Hardcore Hug Gang (Kelly/Emily/Megan) 2/3/0 -5 11
#04 Pippi's Longstocking (Pitbull/Fish/Kat) 2/3/0 -5 9
#15 We Cycle Together (sub/Jamie/Ali) 2/3/0 -6 11
#07 Baby Birds (Jinxy/Krista/Quinny) 1/2/2 -1 10
#17 Zombie Funeral Dance Party (Ruthless/Allison/Julie) 1/2/2 -4 9
#18 Gladiatwhores (Elise/Cait/Suzy) 1/3/1 -5 9
#09 Tit Squad (Ann/Kaycie/Julia) 1/4/0 -5 8
#13 Queen Crabs (Dana/Alaina/Toby) 0/5/0 -23 2

Where the dbl elim bracket go at?

Final game is streaming live, starting in about 5 minutes, if anyone sees this in time.



1. Cunning Stunts (Birdie/Cherri/Maija)
2. The C.L.A.P. (Kiersten/Shannon/Mckenzie)
3. Nasty Ass Honey Badgers (Leslie/Elise/Tina)


Where's the party tonight??

YYYAAAA Seattle ladies!!!!...

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Nice work ladies!!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

fuckin rad "yall" :-)


oh yeah, that's what i like to see, Seattle women representin'. Great job ladies!

btw, cherri's from the 206 for this one...

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