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Which city should host Ladies Army VI in 2014?

Do you want to travel to where all inhibitions are unabashed or do you want to travel to Hogtown - the centre of the Canadian universe? The choice is yours!!

Thank you to Las Vegas and Toronto for submitting bids for the 6th annual Ladies Army!!

PLEASE NOTE: You must be logged in and be one of people on the voters list to see the vote button. Here's the forum topic about the 2014 bid process. Questions? Email lisa[dot]moffatt[at]gmail[dot]com.

Voting closes at midnight Eastern time on Saturday September 28th. The winning city will be announced on Sunday, September 29th.

Best of luck to Las Vegas and Toronto!!

65% (39 votes)
Las Vegas
35% (21 votes)
Total votes: 60

Thank you to Las Vegas and Toronto for submitting two quality bids for Ladies Army VI.
(SIX! Holy crap!!)

Congratulations Toronto!!