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Last Stand

Last Stand Poster
Friday, July 9, 2010 - Sunday, July 11, 2010
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Roller hockey court with concrete curb, 125' x 75'

Rough schedule:

Friday: registration, arrivals, pickup games. Opening event
Saturday: round robin play to determine finals bracket
Sunday: top 8 teams in double elimination format

I'm hoping for around 16 teams.

If you've never been to Burlington, we've got one of the most awesome polo court locations, right downtown in the big waterfront park, right on the main bike path. We'll be losing our court this fall when it gets torn down to make a parking lot for a new development. We really want to host a northeast tourney in this location before it falls to the bulldozers...

Town map with tags for key spots can be found here:


Waterfront Roller Rink
Lake Street Next to the Waterfront Skatepark
Burlington, VT
United States

Signed up

Dammit Liam! I would love to come home for this but won't be able to show my support. I hope to see Burlington at north americans this year though!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Anyone driving from Burlington to Madison?

Not sure if any of the other crew are going, but once this tourney is done I've got to switch my focus to a kid that is due to pop in August...

don't think i can make it to this – i'll be in chicago at that time. hopefully collar city crew can send a team or two tho!

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

Jesse, let me know if you have an e-mail group or somebody I can shoot info over to as things get more dialed in. I'm just waiting on the final permit from Parks before I lock in sponsors, etc.

Hey Liam, just saw this, our listserv is here but is members-only. If you don't feel like signing up just hit me up through this site and I will forward it on.

the j is for jesse
Troy, NY: 2008 - 2010
Seattle, WA: 2010 - 2013
Austin, TX? polo!???

Update with new poster art

Liam - thanks for organizing! Stoked we're hosting a tournament! We really do have the best polo court location, so all you city kids should come vacation in Vermont for the weekend (and play some polo). Let's get the ladies out representing too!

I'll be up in Maine on the 4th after ESPIs... might want to come to this. Would be looking for a team.

hey pete, I'm sure I can connect you with some locals, or help you link up with others coming from out of town...

update: not coming to this, sorry guys!

Liam this looks like fun. I need to hit up Burlington anyway, plus is that offer still open to crash at your mountainside cabin? My teammates will be heading to Madison without me as I cant make it so I may come solo.

Tobi, you're welcome to the guest room at my place if you don't mind the 30 minute drive to town. Depending on the weather, I might actually camp in town that weekend so I can party without having to drive home all swervy style. North Beach campground is on the bike path, less than a mile from the polo court and downtown...
Either way, we'll have a place for you to crash for sure!

camping sounds good as well.

great poster.

collar city (albany) is sending a team. do we need to register?

I'll put you guys down for one team. Let me know if more get sorted out!

Once we get a bit closer I'll PM everybody to make sure I'm not missing anybody.

stoked on this!
will have camping equipment and just need shower access
bringing three from nyc

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

4 from ny....

we can hide the columbian somewhere...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

We're looking at reserving some spots at North Beach if people are interested. Right on the bike path, about a mile from the court and downtown, and like the name says... right on the beach. Backyard camping will also be an option.

Here is the link to North Beach campground if people want to check out that option.

no chance those spots could already be reserved is there? i ask because that time of year is busy, so let us know when you do and if we should get a spot close by
thanks for the link, it looks really pretty

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

They do get fully booked out pretty quick for summer weekends. If you want to be sure you get a tent spot, best to call and reserve one...

and yes, "really pretty" does fit the bill for the whole scene. We're really lucky to have a polo court on the waterfront bike path (for now) which is why we're hosting this tournament before it gets bulldozed in the name of progress! We're about 200 yards from the water, and one of our polo regulars has a boat (which makes for interesting distractions on hot summer polo nights)

booze cruise! booze cruise! booze cruise!

I'm sure if it is a nice weekend, the boat will be around. It only fits 6-8 people, but all the drink holders are water bottle cages. Very bike ghetto...


im in.

im in.

i didnt get to follow the decission by the parks department and city on your courts. are you going to be able to or have yall asked about whats happening to the boards?

Current courts go away this fall when the new development starts. We're hoping to save the lights and the benches for the new location (TBD). We don't have boards right now, just a 12" curb. The new spot 'might' get an upgrade, but the parks crew are still trying to find out where the new spot will be, before we get into the details of what the setup will be like.

also .....me and my teammate(1 so far) looking for a way to get their from nyc any ideas ........car pool,share rental,cheapest bus...any ideas?

Greyhound is the only bus service I know of from NYC. I checked online but did not see fares listed...

also also ....trying to book camp site what site should i be looking for( number?) and any idea on how many people per site or tent per site.......?

Campsite map is here:
The sites close to the bike path are also closer to the beach.

according to the internets:
One tent or RV per site. Second tents will be allowed for an additional $5/night. Two tents per site maximum. Four occupants maximum per site.

Quick update on Sponsors:

Bailey Works donated a nice bag.
Gatorade will be providing drinks for all teams and will have some extra goodies for prizes
The Ski Rack will be the local bike shop, providing a mechanics station with tools, tubes, tires, etc.

More stuff on the way...

reserved site 134 semi-detached/nice 4 person spot butted up on the graveyard
i have heard some twitterings about rides and such, we will be coming north from NC so...
around the weekend of july 4th we will be passing through rva,dc,philly,nyc,etc, all i can offer is to come by and get your equipment to create ease of travel
you can then meet up with it in VT
this also goes for heading west after that chi,mke,mad... driving to portland after nahbpc
so what's up with teams? 3 two person teams
will or will not be playing with na's...hawk...confirm or deny
to much of a punk to crush it with the slayers...peecoke...confirm or deny
moving to portland...canary...confirm or deny
will prolly score more goals than all three of you chumps...slayla...confirmative
ok jokes aside
lets help the organizers out and ourselves by nailing this situation down, please

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

"The gentleman from dc yells?"...........NEY!

Just added some gloves from Fox Racing to the prize bin

and some of those new DVS/Cadence shoes...

Boston has reserved a spot (31) on the camp site.

the party is at spot 134.........i will be showing up on friday....can i get tele number of of host or anybody for that matter
...looking forward to this ...should be a lot of fun......not sure about a team yet but looking forward to playing against Canadas finest ....................and who is coming from boston?

the team that's winning this.

Baker, hit me up:
bikepolo at mac dot com and I'll get you some phone numbers. I'm organizing, Rachel will probably be the local CEO (chief entertainment officer) for the weekend. Oh, and if Lee is around, he'll have the boat...

well then!...looking forward to losing to you..


We're getting a pair of Chukkers from Velocity...

Should we:

A> Figure out a system for MVP

B> Sell raffle tickets to raise funds for the new court

feedback from players appreciated

Ha, thanks for giving me the CEO title, Liam! I'm happy to help coordinate all things fun and party-like. For the out of towners, Burlington is barely 3 miles end to end, so absolutely everything is within biking/stumbling distance, and it's all awesome. Just bring lights for biking at night! As the date gets closer, I'd love to organize stuff like a biking pub crawl, nighttime swim outings, biking/boating to the best rock jumping spots, etc. You tell me what you'd prefer and we'll make it happen! Cheers, -R

wow....you had me at biking / stumbling distance .....rock jumping yes but should be done sober .....early.....swim yes...night time even beter.....as far as the chukkers raffle off ..keep polo alive and homegrown ......just give an extra few tix to mvp/winners for an added edge......but what do i know...
hey Jav.....if the Celtics win tonight i will "only" score 4 goals on you ...not 5...

Sponsor update... new poster above. Thanks to everybody for the support!

Attention visiting teams... I've started to put together a local map that shows places I think you might want to visit in town while you're here.

suggestions on other things you're looking for are welcome. Locals, feel free to chime in on stuff that I should add. This map will continue to evolve as we get closer and figure out where people want to go for apres polo drinking, etc.

If you're in BTV early check out Duff Hour at Three Needs. $1 pints every weekday @ 4 until jah keg is kick'd.

confirm the presence of peacoke, prince hawk, and uncle slobber. We are FIF ROUND KNOCK-OUT!!!

Congrats Liam on becoming a father!

Hey, hope everyone's stoked for the tournament this coming weekend! Weather's been amazing here, the lake is perfect swimming temperature and details are coming together. If anyone needs a couch or a floor to crash on and hasn't emailed be yet, here's your last chance. I'm trying to finalize housing and get back to everyone by Thursday at the latest. My email is rachel.invt (at) gmail.com. 3-2-1!

Just so everybody knows, I might not actually be able to make it to the tournament, but Rachel, Aaron and Bill will have things under control. My wife and I were expecting our baby in mid August but he decided to show up a little early while we were in Canada visiting family... so we might be in the motherland for a little while. Rest assured that the BTV polo crew will still put on a good show.

that's rad, congrats liam. hope all is going well with the little one.

Hi, any chance anybody wants a 3rd player (from Montreal)? I will rent a car once I get a positive response.

Hey Jean,

Maybe drop bill a line... knockonlockwood AT gmail dot com

Maybe you could play with him and Jase from Montpelier. They have polo tonight and should be figuring out final team details.

Cool, I will. Thx Liam, and congrats and good luck with the baby.

@jeanberberian, hit me at jase AT jaseroberts D0T net .

Plattsburgh isn't going to make it. One of our three flaked out and there were only three serious polo players in Plattsburgh to begin with. No chance of a sub and neither of us can get sunday off. The shit has hit the fan and it is ninety f'ing degrees.

ima try and make it to the pick up games on friday though.

we get in to btv at approx 6pm any suggestions on where to go when we get there , perhaps there is a local that would like to give us a phone # .
see you soon

Come straight to the polo courts for registration and pick up games! And if it's raining, we'll be meeting at the Olde Northender Pub, directly up the hill from there. There's parking at both places and we can send you in the right direction from there whether you want food, beers, directions to the campground, etc.

For directions to the polo court using google maps for mapquest, enter "Lake Street, Burlington, VT" as your destination. The Olde Northender Pub is at 23 North Street. You can also check out the cool map Liam created here: http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&ll=44.476896,-73.2169....

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

@rachel, can you post a final-ish schedule here once it's set? Want to have somewhere to point potential spectators to if they just want to come see final rounds of play on Sunday or whatever. Gracias.

Here you go...

WEEKEND SCHEDULE (subject to change, we’ll let you know)
Friday, July 9th
5:00-8:30pm – Registration and pickup games at the polo court. Rain location: Olde Northender, 23 North St
8:30-? – Drinks at the Olde Northender.

Saturday, July 10th
10:00-10:30am – Registration and team check in at the polo court
11:00am-6:00pm – Round Robin tournament play
6:30-8:30pm – Optional group ride to a swim spot
9:00pm-? – Gathering/Drinks at Manhattans Pizza, 167 Main Street

Sunday, July 11th
11:00am-3:00pm – Finals
12:30pm- Raffle
3:30pm – Awards

Oh my god! I hate that I'm not here for this! I want to go home!

Liam, Rachel, I hope you have a place to play in september!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Dude, I'm not there either and it is making me a little crazy. All good chilling at the hospital with Milo though...
we need to figure out how to live webcast all bike polo events.

Somebody please post pics and the finals brackets!

I got news via text message that "Fif Round Knockout" (Alexis & Robbie from Ottawa & Chris NYC) took the win over "Slay & Bake" (PDX/NYC? I don' have final team rosters). Hopefully somebody from the VT crew posts full results soon, since I'm still stuck in Canada...


1st - Fif Round Knockout - Alexis (Ottowa), Robbie (Ottowa), Chris (NYC)
These guys won "Tournament Champion" gold polo mallets from EighthInch (http://www.eighthinch.com/)
2nd - Slay & Bake - Kayla (Portland), Jason (Portland), Johan (DC/NYC)
This crew won their choice of free sneakers from DVS (http://www.dvsshoes.com/)
3rd - (What do you think about) Virgins - Gena (Vancouver), Jake (Boston), Nick (Plattsburg, Sat.), David (Troy, Sun.)
This crew won some sweet gloves from Fox Racing (http://www.foxhead.com/)

Props to the Montreal Bagels (Montreal), the Dream Team (Burlington), and Golden Gearing (Burlington/Montreal) for also making it to Sunday's double elimination bracket. We had a ton of prizes, so all teams took home swag from Obey (http://obeygiant.com/), Maven (http://www.mavenvt.com/), St Cago Polo Works (http://stcagopoloworks.bigcartel.com/), Eighth Inch (http://www.eighthinch.com/), Fox (http://www.foxhead.com/)and more.

Thanks to Gatorade, we all had free hydration all weekend long.



The Velocity Chukkers (http://www.velocityusa.com/) went to Robbie from Ottowa (who also happened to break his frame Saturday...)
The Bailyworks Messenger Bag (http://www.baileyworks.com/) went to Gena from Vancouver


Thanks to everyone who bought raffle tickets, we raised almost $300 towards a new polo court!


Huge huge thanks to everyone who came out to Burlington this weekend! I'll follow up with more later, but if you took photos, please send us a link once they're posted!

Thank you thank you!

Rachel, you are awesome!

Oh, and one more sponsor link - Skirack's Bike Center (http://www.skirack.com) stepped it up to provide a mechanic tent both days. Awesome.

Again apologies for only 1/3 of Boston showing up. We had reasons.... Glad to see Jake went on and took 3rd with a makeshift team.

Rachel is so on it.

Need to give out a few more HUGE thanks to...

- Liam for all the amazing organizing, collecting sponsorships, dealing with legalities, taking the initiative and making this whole thing happen.

- Kyle (http://www.kylesauter.com/) for killing it with the awesome posters, t-shirt screen printing, sign-making, and all things art related.

- Aaron and Lockwood for stepping up pull this off without Liam

- And the weather gods for coming through last minute to give us an unexpectedly beautiful sunny Burlington weekend :)

big ups burlington, thanks for all your hard work!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Thank s so much for a really great weekend . I will reflect on the chilled out atmosphere next weekend at the nabpc when everyone is trying to kill each other for champion of the universe .
great work and thanks again

thanks and praise burlington
rachel, aaron, walt, kyle, liam and the rest: you really sent your beautiful court out in style and class
locals refusing the prize when the raffle draws their name, giving them instead to the oota
the slayers bring the love, for polo and for people. see you soon family
sheik and robbie, loved being on and off court with you fellow princes
johan way to keep the flag waving. keep marching on that rocky road

can natty plant up him scallions? can natty plant up his yams? cause natty dread is the cultivator

Some shots from Guillaume here:

and from Rubino here:

thank you burlington! what a great weekend! i hope you find another court that rocks just as hard. until next time.

Oh and thanx liam for all the behind the scenes work. Congradulations on the new baby! And rachel you rock!

Whos got the crack!

oh i almost forget! Thank you burlington for the prizes! I cant wait to rock my new cadence shoes. when i was in sf the end of last year i stayed with ellie and dustin from cadence and we talked about this new line of shoe. so funny that we won them!

Whos got the crack!

I'm so glad to have been able to make it, even if for just a couple of days. You should be seeing me around every once in a wile for a pick up game or two. I have a whole new reason to jump the puddle.

VIDEO IS UP! Check it out here: http://7d.blogs.com/stuckinvt/2010/07/last-stand-waterfront-bike-polo-to....

Huge thanks to Eva for coming down to film and for doing an amazing job re-telling our story! And thanks to all of you for representing on camera!

(Thanks to the Montreal Bagels for giving me that beautiful fat lip too... Ha, funny seeing that one on film...)