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Last Stand (again)

Last Stand Poster
Saturday, July 9, 2011 - Sunday, July 10, 2011
Contact info: 
Court size: 
Roller hockey court with concrete curb, 125' x 75'

WEEKEND SCHEDULE (subject to change)

Friday, July 8th

5:00-8:30pm – Registration and pickup games at the polo court.
Rain location: Olde Northender, 23 North St

8:30-11:00pm– Monkey house

Saturday, July 9th

10:00-10:30am – Registration and team check in at the polo court

11:00am-6:00pm – Swiss Rounds tournament play

6:30-8:30pm – "The Last Supper" at Maglianero

Sunday, July 10th

11:00am-3:00pm – Final brackets

3:30pm – Awards

We're planning for around 16 teams.


$15 per person for the tournament
$15 per person for food (BBQ Sat & Sun and "the Last Supper" dinner on Sat eve)

If you've never been to Burlington, we've got one of the most awesome polo court locations, right downtown in the big waterfront park, right on the main bike path. We'll be losing our court this fall when it gets torn down to make a parking lot for a new development. This was supposed to happen last year, but the red tape bought us another summer worth of polo. After doing the "Last Stand" last summer, it made sense to do the "Last Stand (Again) since people seemed to have such an awesome time last year. We are really stoked to host this again and spread the VT mellow polo vibe.

Local spots map (very useful if you're from out of town)



Waterfront Roller Rink
Lake Street Next to the Waterfront Skatepark
Burlington, VT
United States

Signed up

More info coming soon, just wanted to get this on everybody's calendar...

Anybody who made it down to VT for "the last stand" last summer knows how awesome our setup is, and due to some delays in the parks process, the demolition of our court has been delayed until at least mid July, so we've got a chance at another "last stand" event before it gets torn down.

Sponsor info, schedule, etc to follow, but we're probably going to stick with the rounds on Saturday & the brackets on Sunday like last year, with a max of 12-16 teams.

Pretty easy drive for anybody coming from NSPI. Awesome camping nearby, right on the waterfront bike path...

Too many great reasons not to miss this!

Stay tuned...


We are not missing this one!!!! Cant wait !!:)

That sounds great!!!


Dang, as much as I would love to do this it seems that weddings and worlds will keep me away. Hell yeah burlington!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

nooooo... say it ain't sooooo. Your homecoming to BTV is more important than weddings for sure...

First round of sponsors confirmed:

Old Spokes Home
Blotto Photto
Okay! Okay!
DVS / Cadence
Bailey Works


more to follow... the poloverse is on our side for this tourney!

is it true theres free ganj too?

there might be some free portabellos.

I heard Raddison is going to sponsor the tourney with green goods from the NW!?

I'm claiming a 5 foot by 5 foot patch of sand next to the bums on that little beach

..any one in on beach bum crashing?

there with you "bakin"

There may not be beach to crash on by then, Lake Champlain is currently seriously flooded, many many bums perished.


the flooding just means you don't have to go as far to get to the beach, since the water is closer to everything now...

Very "glass half full," I like that.

As of yesterday, lake is back below flood stage for the first time since April! Woot!


If sponsors are donating cash, would you rather...

A. Have the cash paid as prizes to the winners

B. Have everybody get more food & goodies

C. Have the money go to the fundraising efforts for the new court.

D. some combination of the above.

Updated poster with sponsor logos...

Big thanks to everybody who has contributed so far!

Lots of goodies rolling in, and some cash too (see above post and let me know what you think about cash distro)

Also need to start locking in teams...

From above, confirm or deny?


Do people have full teams together yet?

BTV is starting to get shit together...

Alexis (Ottawa) and I (NYC) are coming back to defend (for the LAST time?)

i want you to put water on the fire, consistently, until there's no more fire

robbie is confirmed too

TO will be there, i'd say at least 1 or 2 teams....

So bummed I can't make this, it clashes with some significant in-law action. MTLPolo is growing and we have been having some serious fun playing TO and OT, you're top people. And VT has legacy good vibes from our "old guard". There's plenty of interest here just not enough organization/cash/cars/visas, I hope we can send at least one team!

You guys need to send at least one team... otherwise how will we get some Montreal bagels? St. Viateur is the best!

I'm going to get a Philly team up for this.

and the blind watson goes to vermont!

pretty sure boston is sending two teams.

I think Im gonna try to make this. Let me know if youre lookin for a teammate.


i just decided im going too, still need a team?

Hey everyone - so stoked to see last year's teams coming back for more AND a bunch of new teams. I might not be a main organizer this year (thanks, Liam for not having another baby!), but I'm still working behind the scenes to bring the awesome.

Here's a little sneak peek on Friday - I'm working on a benefit concert with some pretty sweet local rock/punk bands. My friend (and super fun local DJ, DJ Treatz) is going to be spinning tunes after to get the late night dance party going. Should be awesome. Stay tuned for more...


Yeah, Rachel is sorting the fundraising party times, I'm sorting the polo. Also working on an apres polo social at Maglianero (new local cafe with the BEST coffee, that also has bike storage, showers, etc for commuters).

rachel wrote:

Hey everyone - so stoked to see last year's teams coming back for more AND a bunch of new teams. I might not be a main organizer this year (thanks, Liam for not having another baby!), but I'm still working behind the scenes to bring the awesome.

Here's a little sneak peek on Friday - I'm working on a benefit concert with some pretty sweet local rock/punk bands. My friend (and super fun local DJ, DJ Treatz) is going to be spinning tunes after to get the late night dance party going. Should be awesome. Stay tuned for more...

pickup too of course....

Yeah, for sure... LOTS of pickup Friday until our lights turn off. Then, party at the Monkey House. :)

I will be there to defend my 2 nd place....second placefor life son!..... bring your flags boys...... "This is not is not a social event "

thinking of coming up for this, looking for a team and all that fun stuff!

the blind watson is errwhere! i'll play!


what's the housing situation? should we book a room somewhere?

Hey all- there's a pretty sweet campground only a mile from our court, right on the bike path, near the beach: http://www.enjoyburlington.com/campground.cfm. We can also put people up on couches/floors/futons if you don't have a tent. I'll connect with Liam and see how he wants to organize housing, but that should be a good start!

Burlington! A new city to add to my list of poloventures, ah yes. Lefty in the house, in search of teammates.

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Hey there Miss. Still looking for a team? Let's join forces and find ourselves a third.

Christa are you coming for this??? See ya there!

I'm trying...will have a better idea after tonight...

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Dang krista, you're all up in visiting all the places I've lived! Enjoy Burlington lady, get out before it snows!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

FYI on housing: Rachel has graciously stepped back into the CEO (Chief Entertainment Officer) position again for this year and will be dealing with the party, as well as housing...

Please hit her up soon at Rachel Polo so we can sort out couches, floors, spare rooms, etc.

As mentioned above, there is also an awesome camping option that is on the bike path less than a mile from the court.


I'm in the process of dialing in details for the event at Maglianero on Saturday eve.
Since this is "The Last Stand" I thought it might be rad to have "The Last Supper" as sort of a group sendoff...
working on dialing in food & booze options. Suggestions welcome.

Hey everyone - you can message me through here or shoot me an email, rachel.invt(at)gmail.com.

Also, Burlington crew - let me know how many people you can house!

I'll try to connect everyone with couches or futons, but we might have to resort to floor space too. The first people to email get first dibs on non-floor options.

Ready, set, go!

3-2-1 Housing! (for polo)

to register do we just state our teams lineup on this thread?

yeah, if people want to start listing team names & players in here, that would help so I don't have to contact everybody directly...

Team Name - Currently Unknown.

Liam Griffin
Nick Tanner
& we need a 3rd?

Me, Kyle and Will are a team! Working on the name... Stoked!

Toni, Jav, Kruse

robby, cyrus and simmers. TRAMPSTAMP.

Handlebar tramp stamp?


Dear New Englanders,

How the feck do I get up there (from NY or Philly)?? I am trying to figure this much out...if I have a way, I will come. I really really really really really really want to!!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

Two options that I know of:

Greyhound Bus - drops off at Burlington Airport. Somebody could pick you up, or you could get the local bus to downtown (the CCTA transit bus has a bike rack).

Take Amtrak from Penn Station to Springfield Mass, and then transfer to a bus that drops you in Essex. That looks like the cheaper option, with daytime travel instead of an overnight.

Once you have a plan sorted, let us know if you need to get picked up!

Other options (maybe)

Chris NYC is on a team with Alexis & Robbie, but I'm not sure if he is coming from NYC or if he is in Toronto with them and then coming down?

You might also want to check with the Boston crew, maybe easier to get a train or bus there and nab a ride up with them?

From the reg list above, it looks like two Philly players are registered, Cris & Rob?

Thanks Liam!

Ride, bake, polo, repeat.

One other option might be Perry from Philly. He came through here and played on his way to Toronto, and then came through today on his way back. He might be coming back up next weekend, so you might be able to connect with him...

I'll come from Ottawa and then I'll spend the week in NYC.

Who's doing the Burlington - NYC trip, by car or bus ? Or at least the Burlington - Boston trip.


Anyone looking for a third for this?

I'm on a team still looking for a 3rd...

tight!! i'm trying to get work shifts covered, i'll let you know hopefully by tonight for sure

Got off work, let's do this!

Johan, Jamie, and Jake are in.


Anyone still looking for a third or want to form a team? Looks like we may have enough strays to do so.

youngadam, chombo and i are officially coming out for this!

Ok, according to my rough list, we just hit the 16 team mark... Here is what I have. If you are on here and missing info, please hit me up via bikepolo@mac.com

City Players
BTV Robbie, Cyrus, Simmers
BTV Liam, Nick, Plus One
BTV Rachel, Kyle, Will
BTV Chris, Zach, Addison
BTV Lockwood, Rubino, Dees
Boston Tobi, Jav, Kruse
Montreal Alex?
Toronto 1 Maija (Toronto), Greg (Paris), Cherri (Seattle)
NYC Ace (NYC), Nate (NYC), Tif (Lexington)
Philly Cris GT (Philly), Brian Windle (Delaware), Peter D (philly)
Ottawa Alexis (Ottawa), Chris Roberts (NYC), Robbie? (Ottawa)
DC Baker, Chandel?
Philly Rob Biddle + team
Boston Johan, Jamie, Jake Mazanson
NYC Sara, Chombo, Youngadam

Alexis and Robbie can't make it anymore. I am now playing with Ian RVA and Mike the Butcher

kitchen talk all weekend

hold the fort
why can't i make it any more ?

Tex told me you guys weren't coming anymore. Are you?



My team is going to be:

Rob "Robby the Blade" Biddle
Tommy "Mustang" Manson
Brendan "Pickles and Swiss" McHugh

Rob Biddle wrote:

My team is going to be:

Rob "Robby the Blade" Biddle
Tommy "Mustang" Manson
Brendan "RICHARD" McHugh



ok so looks like i may need a team for this.

Just update the local bike map...


Link is above in the tournament info as well.

I think the butcher wants in.........and dc johan is the baker!

Oh....I see....

This got interesting ..........

oh yeah you got one more

Sara NYC
Chombo NYC
Young Adam NYC

Ok, some final details...

Registration cost is $15 per person, which helps cover the actual tournament costs (tees, promo, insurance, permits, etc). We're also adding a food option (that I'm guessing most people will be stoked on) that is an additional $15 per person that will cover BBQ costs for Saturday & Sunday, as well as "The Last Supper" on Saturday eve (we've got a fully catered sit down dinner set up for everybody at Maglianero).

Is anybody interested in roller races on Saturday eve, after dinner? That might be an option if people are into it...

hell yeah! Let's set up mad dashes!

will they still be rad without booze? We could all just drink coffee...

Big thanks to Vince for getting this set up on Podium...


Info won't be final till registration is done, but we're getting pretty dialed in.

*** don't panic if your name is wrong or you team isn't on here yet. Still waiting to add some teams and lock down final info.

I'm heading to the courts soon, hit me on email (bikepolo@me.com) or cell (347) 647-0371 if you need any info!

im not a baker...



Stoked to see everybody in real life and get all the rest of the names/teams sorted!

thinkin about focusing on finding the lake champlain monster this weekend instead

any takers? count it

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

"Hunting for Lake Monsters" sounds like a great team name

I'm working on a working title for that
and I at least plan to get the monster's autograph while up there.

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Final brackets for tomorrow are up...


thanks to everybody for an awesome day today...

Full results are up on Podium, or off the top of my head...

1. Gamma Ray Liotta - Ian (RVA) Butcher (DC) Nick (BOS)
2. Fif Round Knockout - Alexis, Robbie (Ottawa) Chris (NYC)
3. Ten Hit Acid Trip - Tobi, Jav, Kruse (BOS)

Thanks everybody for an amazing weekend, I'll post some more info, photos and stuff tomorrow...

Thanks Liam and all the BTV crew. Looking forward to playing on the new court already.

Some pics & coverage up on Culture Cycles...


Thank you BTV Polo, for another great weekend by the lake. I look forward to returning next year, no matter what location you have to use. Your tournament will continue to grow and get rave reviews if you just keep doing what you're doing. I suggest you build a trophy (or three) for the winners, something(s) that can be passed around year to year. It means that much to the rest of us. Your hospitality and organization are benchmarks in the sport. Great work.

Thank you Alexis and Robbie, you two give everything a teammate wants and needs, and make polo look damn good.

Thanks Chris. Good call on the trophy... it was on the list for last year and didn't happen when I ended up missing the tourney with the kid coming 7 weeks early. This year, I just ran out of time. Definitely need to make it happen for whenever #3 goes down, and we'll have to add the names from the last two years onto it!

I wish we had a 3 day weekend so we could just do a full day of Vermont stuff aside from the polo... I've got some ideas for next year if we don't have a new court in town yet. There is a secret spot where we might all be able to stay in the middle of the VT hills with potential for 2 courts and free camping for everybody, with magic swimming holes. Will keep everybody posted...

x2 on all this. thanks nate/meg/liam/rachel and the rest of the burlington crew. i've never had a better time at a tourney. despite the lamest team name in history and the poop shoe incident this was really such a great time. thanks peter and the prince of delaware as well. further congrats mike/ian/nick. viv le Champ!



thanks for all the fun
more soon please thanks

thanks for the fun polo and hospitality, Burlington! what a great tournament by the lake.

the camera was lovin' ryan:

-my stomach is a pickle-

Flickr set from Culture Cycles is up...


AND, my Flickr set:


(sorry, I'm too lazy to edit 300+ photos right now so I just dumped them all on there)

Thanks Burlington!
One of the most hospitable crews out there by far. Thanks Rachel for lending us your couch! Thanks Liam and Nick for being such awesome team mates and for taking me in so last minute, I was proud to rep Burlington for you guys!
Can't wait to come back!!

I've already begun 2012 trophy production, thanks for the great playing, travelers!

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