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Little Rock Battle Royale

Saturday, December 8, 2012
Host club: 
Little Rock Bike Polo
Court size: 
120x60 (one court)


3 V 3

You're gonna show up Saturday morning at 10 and rank yourself as an A, B, or C player. You don't have to be a Worlds champ to be an A. For example, even crappy old Adam Hite is an A, to give you some perspective.

Then we're going to divvy teams up randomly with equal weights. We can't guarantee all teams will be exactly equal, but we'll do our best so just play fucking hard anyway. Double-elimination, winners get some pretty sweet prizes.

Later that evening we're going to try out a bench minor tourney, which we'd like to be divvied up by clubs (which will depend on how many towns/players from those towns make it here). We want to make a solid shot at making a bench minor actually fun, so we hope you're open-minded...

We've got a pretty pink knife fights court, and the winner of the most knife fights also gets a special prize. Some might say, the best prize? (This will be played between games by whoever wants, it's self-regulated; it's knife fights).

AFTERPARTY SATURDAY NIGHT AT SOME GUY'S HOUSE/OUR FAVORITE BAR! Please stay and show us your stupid(er) side.

The next day, Sunday at 2:00, is the State Footdown Championship. We'll post a video on the wall for you to get an idea of what you're in for, if you're a cool person and stay in town.

And of course, pickup games all night Friday, early morning Saturday, Sunday morning, and forever after. We gots lights of our very own, so you can play all night any night.

We've got plenty of places for you to sleep inside and out of, so just post up if you need a bed, couch, or backyard.


MacArthur Park
1000 McMath Ave
Little Rock, AR
United States

Signed up

I want a rematch of South Centrals from 2011 because I sucked big time back then!

What do you mean "back then"...

"rubber side down boys"


Oh come on! You know I love you.

"rubber side down boys"

hey folks, it's gunna be a bench minor, fyi.

lol how serious is this?

How many people on our bench teams?


another update, lol