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Little Rock Labor Day Polo Courts Fundraiser

Little Rock Mergoat
Sunday, September 5, 2010
Host club: 
Little Rock Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 courts, both 120'x55'

It's the last push to get our courts fixed up. We're doing this last minute tournament as a fundraiser to fix up the old street hockey courts we use in MacArthur Park. $30 per team. If you can make it here we WILL be able to put you up.


MacArthur Park
MacMath Ave.
Little Rock, AR
United States

Signed up

Should be a fun day! The T-shirt design looks cool too!

Here's the poster Dave drew up...

I'm in for a shirt. Are there going to be any prices? Can any other cities make this? Dallas? OKC? Larry? Are you guys coming?

Sweet! Glad to hear you're thinking about it, this being last minute and all.
What do you mean by prices?
Also, just let us know if you decide you're coming and I'll line you up a place to stay.

I don't know, I was just thinking about coming and I was wondering what it would be like.

Prizes? Sorry, yeah are you going to have any.

We will probably throw together some sort of prize, but nothing like the trophy DaveO made for the River City Rumble. Our focus for this one is more last minute fundraiser to get the final bit of money we need to fix our courts. As far as competition goes, we are approaching it from an exhibition angle to try to give the spectators a good show. We're making our local teams as even as possible. There's six local teams so far. We're expecting a fair amount of spectators from the community and from the organizations that have helped us out. We will be grilling burgers and we have tshirts with the mergoat polo image we will be selling too.

If some out of town teams can make it we might restructure a couple of our current teams to be a little more competitive, but aside from that possibility the level of play looks like it will be more "laid-back." We will have the River City Rumble again in April and do that one up right.

Looks like eight or so teams for tomorrow. Polo-goat t-shirts for sale cheap. Gigantic grill to cook the burgers, dogs and such.

And it looks like well close the gap on the fund raising and get the second court built out! :)

We had a good turnout for this being so last minute..6 local teams and some guys from Denton TX as well as 40 or more spectators at any time during the day and pickup games until 10pm. We made enough to get the 2nd court built out this weekend with Americorps help. Thanks alot to everyone who came!