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London Open 2012

London Open 2012 – Hardcourt Bike Polo Tournament
Saturday, August 25, 2012 - Sunday, August 26, 2012
Host club: 
London Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
3 courts (36m x 20m)

August 25th and 26th. £30 per team. No cap on the number of teams.

Three courts (36m x 22m) in Bethnal Green Gardens.
Swiss Rounds (or seeded groups) for qualification on day one.
Double Elimination on day two.

LHBPA page
Facebook page
LFGSS page

Thursday evening there will be a Polocat and welcome party.
Friday will be Hell's Belles Vol. 2 at the same location across all three courts.
Saturday and Sunday is the LO (9am to 9pm).

This is going to be one of the largest bike polo tournaments of the year, don't miss it!


The major sponsors (without whom the event wouldn't be possible) are:

Le Coq Sportif LogoUrban Outfitters Logo

The other sponsors (thank you for your support) are:

Fixcraft LogoFixcraft LogoFixcraft LogoWaiting for the Sun LogoFlat Cap Beers Logo

Prize givers and friends of the event include:

Bone Shaker LogoTimbuk2 LogoBagjack LogoSchwalbe LogoDodici LogoKnog LogoChunk


Teams currently registered:
01. Spring Break, London (Adam, Jono, Ryan)
02. The Hazers, Bielefeld (Daniel, David, Nils)
03. Tiny Little Puppies, East Van (Shannon, Max, Geoffrey)
04. Schnick Schnack Schnuck, Canterbury (Kristian, Adam, Mark)
05. Alliance of Loose, Dortmund/Bielefeld (Michael, Patrick, Felix)
06. Tornadoes, London (Erin, Nik, Jo) - Unpaid
07. Yeah Baby, Dublin (Stevie, Kropa, Alex) - Unpaid
08. Swiss Steez, Geneva/Seattle/Lexington (Quentin, Cody, Chris)
09. Passed It, London (Bill, Joe, Ben)
10. Better with Vodka, Warsaw/Australia (Sabicat, Rob, Yohei)
11. Mix, Eindhoven/Japan (Deesk, Mambo, Jamal)
12. 5G, Manchester (Neil, Andy, Emyr)
13. M.M.A Polo, Pittsburgh/Louisville/San Fran (Ady, Matt, Machine)
14. TBC, Berlin (Gitti, Marc, Michi)
15. Rabble Rousers, Bristol/USA (Andre, Aaron, Christian)
16. Yank Your Wank, Seattle/Como (Joey, Koyo, Nick)
17. Bromance, Australia (Ned, Scott, Ollie)
18. Acapolo, Brighton (Paul, Julian, Liam)
19. TBD, Milwaukee (Brian, Joe, Julian) - Unpaid
20. The Bisons, Budapest (Gabor, Dodi, David) - Unpaid
21. Where's the slip and slide, Lexington (Chris, Eric, TBD)
22. TBC, JAX/Poland (Cherri, Agata, Tony)
23. Oooh, that’s a bingo! Hamburg (Alex, Phil, David)
24. Edisons, Frankfurt/Munich (Eddy, Mo, David)
25. MUM LOVERS, Nantes (Flo, Norbert, Alejandro) - Unpaid
26. MALAKA, Vicenza-treviso (Mattia, Centocanesio, Punch)
27. Polonauten, Wendelstein (Jürgen, Svenja, Stefan)
28. Your Mum, Bristol/Budapest (Juan, Sophie, Caspar)
29. Team Warin, Bristol (Robbie, Alfie, Tim)
30. Yomoyo, London (Louis, James Arunas)
31. Risky Business, Birmingham (Mya, Matthew, Neil)
32. Team DoucheBag, Brixton/Yorkshire/Canada (Blob Fish, Josh Tree, Squirrel)
33. Cocorico, Paris (Hugo, Marc, Seabass)
34. Steve Wonder Polo Club, Barcelona (Esteve, Pablo, Juanma)
35. PSG, Paris/Seattle/Geneva (Greg, Dustin, Clement)
36. Gettin' Wild, Cambridge (Josh, Lee, Hayden)
37. BCC Polo, Frome/Somerset (Ryan, Mark, Dan)
38. Party Illuminati, Cambridge/Newmarket (Edd, Shane, Dan)
39. Liquid Yellow Tiger Horse, Chanchester (Rince, Salman, Andy
40. The F-ing Metric System, Brisbane/Berlin (Domenico, Robert, Johannes)
41. Poloski, Krakow/London (Stan, Piotr, Lish)
42. Sloots, London (Alex, Felix, Ben)
43. La Crème, Milwaukee/Rouen/Paris (Will, Max, Kremin)
44. Max Hardcourt, Sydney/Adelaide (Virginia, Colin, Locky)
45. Schultz/Dill/Kev, MIDWEST OG (Ben, Brian, Kevin)
46. DOG SOCCER! Sydney (Brook, Morgan, Stephen)
47. Antlers, London/Newcastle (Mark, Matt, Oliver)
48. Technically Cascadia, Vancouver/Seattle/Melbourne (Max, Damon, Suzy)
49. TBD, Tokyo/Osaka/Karlsruhe (Riki, Tatsuya, Oliver)
50. Mastodon, Bordeaux/Rouen/Paris (Robinou, Quentin, Alex)
51. Wasted Talent, Zürich/Frankfurt/xy (Tobi, Anna, xy)
52. Fenwicks, Oxford/Glasgow (Dan, Dan, Steven)
53. Le BigMac, LDN (Chukker, Mayeut, Sean)
54. Be right on, Brighton/London (Jamie, Chris, Dave)
55. Black Stabbath, Birminagham (Fin, Andy, TBA)
56. JLS, London/Manchester (John, Stephen, Andy)
57. Kim Jong-Il Memorial Society, London (George, Nick, Cem)
58. APOLLO 3, Warsaw (Przemek, Kubacki, Maciek) - Unpaid
59. Los Manguis, Barcelona (Camilo, Francesc, Marcos)
60. Skull Attack, Cardiff (Paul, Osian, Alejandro)
61. Butterfly Tits, Ottawa/Chicago/Seattle (Robbie, Julian, Joe) - Unpaid
62. Team Sensible, Edinburgh (Jonas, Colin, Stephen)
63. TBD, Geneva/Manchester/Seattle (Adam, Jojo, Valley)
64. Puzzels, Hamburg/Hamburg/Münster (Andy, Fips, Flo)
65. KINGS, London (Kevin, Pique, Kibble)
66. The Magic Number, Toronto/Lyon/Paris (Ngaihon, Martin, Quentin)
67. Simon Says, Antwerp (Nicky, Jaouad, Chris)
68. مجنون (Crazy), Vienna/Edinburgh (Miguel, Marcus, Leo)
69. Sirens, London (Zoe, Helen, Julia)
70. TROIKA, Birmingham (Dan, Chris, Lucas)
71. Super Fly, Dublin (Shane, Johnny, TBA) - Unpaid
72. 1/2 Watt Oranges, Eindhoven/Arnhem (Bram, Lorenzo, Rutger)
73. Shuffle Kurfuffle, London/MCR/Bristol (Jess, Rob, Richard)
74. The Balls, Manchester (Sylwia, Emma, Andy)
75. Cosmic, London (Mat, Rupert, Todd)
76. Ponkey Munch, Germany (Florian, Max, Carsten) - Unpaid
77. TBC, TO/Munster/Seattle (Maija, Mackenzire, Johanna) - Unpaid
78. Mervyn King's Wet Dream, London (James, Josh, Ali)
79. Eye of the Liger, London/Melbourne (Dale, B, Super Aids) - Unpaid
80. Dead Rappers, London (Emmet, Brendan, Luca)
81. Sac Magique, Canterbury (Daniel, Thom, Harry)


Bethnal Green Gardens
Bethnal Green
United Kingdom

Signed up

Registration and further info coming soon, check: http://www.lhbpa.org/lo2012/
Further info also available on LFGSS: http://www.lfgss.com/thread85486.html
Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/LondonOpen2012

Awesome Jono!

LO last year was the tournament of the season.

Wow this is gonna be some polo tour . Gotta check with the boss ........kool he says nae worries . Count it!!!

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

You better!


Thats gonna be some good polo summer :-)

when do you think helles belles is in relation to the london open? maybe I can make it out for both tourneys?

On the Friday, then London Open Saturday and Sunday. And the whole thing is one week after the Worlds, so easy to combine if you are going to Geneva as well.

Awesome, I probably won't be able to make it to worlds. But I am going to try my best to actually get a passport and save up to go to London, to play at Helles Belles and the London Open. yah!

You, me and Aaron at the London Open. Thoughts?

(also sent to you via text and Facebook, because I'm persistent)


"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Awesome shit! Size of courts seems perfect...Oh gosh oh gosh.

Hell's belles gonna be on same rules as 2011?

We're not sure yet, that's up to the girls, Hell's Belles will be announced soon (including who can play, etc), but it will be held on the Friday across all three courts regardless.

I need a team - get at me

I need you!


Should be picking up 3rd job in order to make this happen, need to iron out ticket purchasing this month. I'd like to hit up both hells and open, not much east van talent (side from returning world champs) making the trip so I need a team(s)!

oh me. oh my.
polo has made me sooooo broke!
but i have a couple months to save up, so we'll see if i can make this happen....fingers crossed a gaggle of gals from ATX can represent!


sooo can't wait. Bring it on, London.

I too am thinking about making this trip pre-Eurobike.

......i'm broke, maybe next year. grumble grumble.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

COMO will most likely have a tram coming!



ha jono. I see. next to your place. looks sweet. cant wait. will have to

probably gonna be at this after words! looking for teams now....

i'd be up for forming a team nate.

hell's belles vol.2 ... will be goooood!

cinaljuk meg

looking for female teammates for Hell's Belles

Hey everyone, just a heads up, based on feedback from last year, the Hell's Belles organisers have decided HB2 is all female this year.
But it will still be awesome and fun and we'd love everyone to come hang out for the day and enjoy it!


it will be better with only giiiirls ;))

cinaljuk meg

Need a team for this action, hit me up if interested.

Aaron and I are looking for a third for the Open. We'd like to have a committed third when we buy our tickets in the very near future.

will see :)

Tyre calligraphy of Zagreb

Nick Kruse (missouri) and Jacob Treo (copenhagen) looking for our special someone. Let me know!

Hey jerks. Still need a teammate. It's only 2-1/2 months away there's very little time left!!!

pick up Machine!


Special someone looking for 2 Special Hard Hitters with stamina , staying(up all night) power ,slaying agility , permanent polo smiles , own special powers and ability to enjoy Bluntch 24-7.(Applications required hourly).

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Los manguis wants to come!! Amazing Jono!

bike polo safe my life

What the hell belle gonna be? coed or full girl tourney?

All female teams only

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Yep, the London Ladies are organising Hell's Belles Vol 2 and have decided to go for all female teams.

I am flying from Australia for this.


Thinking about doing this, anyone want to pick me up, i know how to ride a bike with one hand sorta.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

yes i d like to, probably going but dont have bought my plane ticket yet. are you coming to geneva too ?

Yes, I plan on coming to geneve too! I hope to be qualified or if not be on a team that deos qualify! I want to play as much as possible with some great players I would ahve chemistry with. fast, technical, and clean.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Hey there, id be up for forming a team, i didnt manage to get a team up for the Euros (small scene in Ireland and lots of the lads had college exams at the time). But i am going to Geneva, so that would give us a bit of time to get some practice together, still need a third

hey benji (think i played against you in Barcelona last year, and did you come to Dublin too?? memory is fuzzy) anyway id be up for making a team with you as well

Yup thats me ! Are you coming in geneva with the guys from dublin or are you by yourself ? I will know for sure about my teammates and if i can attend to the london open next week. I keep in touch with you !

good.well if i get serious about my tickets or any good team looking for a third i let you know. i heard its around the olympics game so could be a bit expensive

Yep, book early to nab the cheaper fares. We're after the Olympics and before the Paralympics so there are still some cheaper tickets available.

The low cost option would be to fly to the Worlds in Geneva, then TGV to Paris (£80), then bus from Paris to London (£14), then fly out of London.

Can you take a bike on the bus from Paris to London? I'm looking up traveling from London to Geneva and back right now and I'm trying to find the cheapest way. Easyjet seems cheaper than a train right now but if a bus works than that might change things.


Apparently so (I've no personal experience): some Londoners are traveling to the Paris Euros by bus and they've said bikes in bike bags are fine (stowed as luggage).

The London to Paris bus is an easy way to cut £65 or so off of that leg of the journey (compared to Eurostar), I think it takes 8 hours by bus? In theory you could get from Geneva to London for under £100 return.

TGV (Geneva to Paris): http://www.raileurope.com
Bus (Paris to London): http://www.nationalexpress.com

(The super cheap £5 bus journeys are hard to find on that site though, they may only go down in price nearer the time, etc.)

Thank you so much!


I also just got return flight tickets for the worlds (from London) for £140 through http://www.britishairways.com/travel/home/public/en_gb

British Airways are a great airline, free travel for bikes and free booze!

I'll also be heading to London right after Geneva to take in some British hospitality and maybe even play some polo. I'm there from about the 20th - 28th and am looking for A) a team and B) Somewhere to stay - Ideally a couch or similar. I will happily contribute a few $, good manners and maybe even some Northern Standard product if I still have any left after the Worlds.

Also in need of housing from 23rd to 29th. Gladly chip in with whatever, $funds or yard work and such we can barter it out. Very good house guest nice and tidy, plus tons of cool ky stuff (tshirts, bourbon, hopefully some toolbags if done in time).
If possible would like to pick up some northern standard gear if there is any left over from worlds!!!

I am also looking for a team,happily cooperating with anybody who can ride a bike and hold a mallet at the same time :).Anyway:will there be a separate topic for the registration and this 'find-a-team' stuff?It would make things easier.
Sorry for interrupting :).

Hey Bruno,

Are you still looking for a team? I and Rob (Melbourne) are looking for a third for the London Open.
If you are interested, drop me a line at okamotoy(at)hotmail.co.jp.


I'm looking for a team for this also!


Hey Suzy,

Are you still looking for a team? I and Rob (Melbourne) are looking for a third for the London Open.
If you are interested, drop me a line at okamotoy(at)hotmail.co.jp.



Juhu - POLONAUTEN from Nurberg are Ready for starting - Jono, please Give us a Green light for starting ( handlebars are Not able to make insurance )

Our Team Leader Svenja Is also Ready to Start At Hell Bells

Dr. Danger

RC Wendelstein, Team POLONAUTEN

I am 100% ready to book tickets, just need some info on housing potential in London for this. Can someone help me out? I don't have many tight London contacts really, and would like to come out of this trip with a few.

And of course, looking for a team.

Cross post from FB: "We're going to house every player that has travelled the longest distances, so being from NA will mean you'll definitely have somewhere to stay, no worries."

we wanna make a team?

Team registration now open: http://www.lhbpa.org/lo2012_registration/

a great wear to spend a couple of relaxing days from work! :) bike polo rules any holidays! :) hells bells and LO ROCK ON!!!

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

i am searching a team, like to play with two guys.

Hey Wibke, wanna hook up?

nice bram, for sure i wanna hook up. greetings from bellin.

I'm booked for Geneva arriving on the 13th at beer 30 and departing on 29th at beer point . Gonna need housing in London the night B4 Helles Belles II to the Sunday night of the open if any one can squeeze me in. Can arrange other days accomodation myself outside of London. Thanx in advance for not getting me to sleep naked in the middle of the floor at The Naked Party. (unless it has to be)

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

@ gitti la mar - i would love to play! is your offer still valid??

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

oh hi, I think i fucked the registration.. I didn't insert team or anything before donating, and I don't know if it took the right amount (I might of had a less balance in US$, but even though I checked debit card it zeroed out my paypal amnt).. team is cunning stunts who can I contact to confirm?

Hi Cherri, your payment's been received just fine, but there's no registration form entry for you.

Would you mind filling the registration form in again here: http://www.lhbpa.org/lo2012_registration/

Unfortunately Brad had a shoulder problem and will no longer be with us, so the machine and i are in need of a 3rd. We are already registered and both have tickets booked. Contact me if interested.

Yeah, fucking bummer. I will still be at the London Open, but will not be able to play. Dislocated my shoulder (again) playing at NAHBPC in Milwaukee just a week or two after purchasing airfare.

Hey guys, Flying from Western Australia and need someone to put myself and my team mate up for the duration of the weekend or as long as you can possibly keep us! ;) Many Thanks in advance!

PCP||Perth Cycle Polo

No problem Ned, we're going to house the most travelled teams first, so I'm sure you'll be fine!

Black Stabbath (Fin & Andy) are looking for a third and thought we'd ask people who are travelling from afar first. We placed 5th in the UK Champs, pm if you're interested. Should be able to put you up over the weekend.

Drop Bears (Yohei & Colin) from far down Australia are looking for a third, we've got a full team for playing in Geneva as a Wildcard Team but haven't found a third for the London Open. If you are looking a team let me know asap! Cheers,

Yohei, i'm looking for a team :D i'll msg you on FB

There is a huge Welcome Party planned for Thursday evening with live bands, cheap beer and delicious BBQ food, don't miss it!

Hyper Allah, Yohei

We are ALSO looking for a 3rd... which makes 6 players... and if my math is correct, that's 2 teams. It means that one team will need to split but at least we can registered and play in this damn event before it fills up.

email me back directly at max[at]nsbikepolo.com

i heard it was unlimited teams

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Yep, unlimited teams, we have a few contingency solutions if "too many" teams register, but it's unlikely (we will probably end up with between 60 and 70 teams).

Hey Max, definite possibility, i'll let Andy know the score. Ideally I think we'd like to stick together and get some points for our national ranking.

Yo Max, I'm looking to join a team also.. just booked my tix in to Lundun and will be @ the worlds

So... eveyone.
My other two team mates from DISCO POLO team can't come with me. SO because i have played for spot so I am looking for two people. Team name to change of course.
I play Goal position and little defense. ANYONE wanna play with me??

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

4 (or 5) Japanese wwill enter in this tournament.
Now, we discus the team. Maybe we will be looking for the 3rd, or more.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

anyone looking for a team player? i play rather goaly! :)
My other two team mates fell out so i have a spot payed. so looking for peoples! :)

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

Hey Sabicat,

We are looking a third too! Hit me if you interested!

Cheers mate,

Yohei! SURE! lets rock at london open together,
WOuld you want to message in via email on staniewskasabrina[at]gmail.com and we would get it all sorted??

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

Hi Sabicat,

Awesome!! and thanks for your reply.

Yap, I guess email would be easier for all of us. I will send you the details to your email shortly so we'll be in touch...


Hi Sabicat,

Message sent. Pls check your email.


Oh yeah!!!
responded and taken! :)

3-2-1... POLoLAND!

free agent !!!

get the home brew started, DOG SOCCER! have now registered...


Hey I just paid my entry but I'm pretty sure the PayPal email is different than registration addresses. Who should I email to clear this up?

Payment received, your team should now be listed.

People can email me with any problems (jon [at] lhbpa [dot] org), thanks.

2 cascadian teams will make it into the top three. (prediction)

We'll see if we can find a volunteer to run a book during the Open, it might be a neat fundraiser and would enable you to put your money where your mouth is!

Koyo, Joey, Me = Cascadia? :P

2:3 displacement rule Nick. I hear Seattle is beautiful this time of year.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


"That Missouri team is good, I just don't like them!" Lol


My sister Josephine, who play the Belles with Mckenzi and Valley, is looking for a team. Real good goal keeper and really good screen-block play. Useful for a team looking for a defensive player or somebody who work for you in offense.
Send me a message if you are intersted.

2 small size Japanese looking for couch or somewhere for sleeping.
I want to stay 20th - 27th Aug, and another guy want to stay 22th -26th Aug.

Please help us, Londoners!

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

Ste (Manchester) and I are looking for a 3rd for the London Open.

A third from abroad would be cool, any North Americans or others coming over, and not got a team yet?


Took my sis, she's almost cool and exotic as any NA peep.

Clem, Jess (London) is now looking for a team too. Perhaps let JoJo know? Her username name is 'mothergirl' on lfgss


Yes I am! Originally meant to be playing with guys from Rouen but they can't make it now. Last year's LO was my first tourney and managed to get into the winner's bracket somehow - good team mates but I'll pretend it was my solid goal keeping. I usually make sneaky breaks from goal and can be a bit of a bruiser (not afraid to get in there) but can try and switch things up too. Anyone interested please get in touch on here or LFGSS!


I'm available for subbing too, apparently I'm not bad when I'm sober.

Anyone can cheat

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

It's unlikely that he will, Machine.


I will be trying my hardest to cheat.

London has tough refs... you'll have to keep it super sneaky!

The refs will force me to drink?
I really am looking forward to this tournament.

Is this getting streamed? please, please, please.

Unfortunately not, our internet/equipment hook-up fell through and we don't have any finances to fund it this year (buying the equipment ourselves, etc). Sorry.

A highlights video will be put together by Chan (he made the awesome London Invitational one earlier this year), he should hopefully catch all the best bits...

Myself and Johnny from Dublin are looking for a third player for this. We're both solid players, and looking for someone with tournament experience that's been playing for a while. Hit me up.


It's Rob! From polo erectus!1!!



we only managed to field one team from Edinburgh, so I'm looking for a team. I'm average in skill. I've played in a couple of tournaments. I ride clipped in.
been playing for a year now.
let me know if your interested leojayb@gmail.com


Ya shoulda picked up another Irish slayer and called yersel' "Call Me Paddy"

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Three Americans need a place to sleep on August 8th on our way to Geneva, if anyone can give us a floor to sleep on in London we would be so grateful!



myself and Marcus from Vienna are looking for a third player for this. We're one defense player and a lefti , and looking for someone with tournament experience that's been playing for a while. Hit me up.


I'm looking for a team, we only managed to round up one team from Edinburgh.
let me know if you want to make a team or are looking for a team mate,
emailing me is probably quickest leojayb@gmail.com


All the player emails have now been sent out, check your inboxes!

If you haven't received your player email, then please ask your team captain to forward it on (the person who registered your team), or get in touch if you think there's a problem.

Deadline for team registration: Midnight on Wednesday 22nd August.

Can I encourage all teams to please pre-pay your Welcome Party £10 entry fee (this is for your first 3 drinks so we can be a "private party" and also helps with our cash flow).

Details below, thanks!


A little late I know, but just firmed up plans last week.
Booked a room at City Hotel here:
12 Osborn Street, Aldgate East, Whitechapel
London, E1 6TE

Checking in Friday 24th and out Monday 27th. Room sleeps 4: 1 double bed, 2 twin beds. First dibs would go to benschicago and his team (dillman / kevin), but rumour has it they are pretty sure regarding their sleeping arrangements.
So if any stragglers still need a bed, let me know here or tell Ben Schultz (if you're hanging with him in Geneva)


Last minute dude looking for a spot to fill up on a nice team. Solid player with 1.5 years of experience and a few tournies under my belt. Would love to play, hit me up (alaeca@gmail.com).



Rules for the tournament, amends in red, no double goalies:

4. No double goalies
1. A double goalie penalty will be assessed when a team has two stationary players within
the crease around the goal (hashed area).
2. A stationary player is defined as one whose wheels don't turn for 2 seconds or more.
3. The referee will first state "too many goalies" and if neither of the goalies roll out of the
crease then a delayed penalty will be given to the attacking team.
4. The delayed penalty may be escalated to a 30 second penalty for repeat infractions.

please add the size of the crease around the goal so we can try it a little bit at pick up ! pictures or video would be awesome

also this got me confused :

" (checks with the forearm are not allowed at all)"

" (players that mutually make contact shoulder-to-shoulder
should not be called as they are both at fault)."

so there is no legal body to body contact ? or can you only shoulder2shoulder when the ball is around ?

full rules : 7. Forearm Infraction
1. A forearm infraction penalty will be assessed when a player initiates contact with an
opposing player with their forearm (checks with the forearm are not allowed at all).
8. Check off the ball infraction
1. A checking off the ball penalty will be assessed when a player delivers a check off the
ball during a blocking play (players that mutually make contact shoulder-to-shoulder
should not be called as they are both at fault).

who reads the rules?

read the rules dude those british guys are sick , next thing u know they will allow shuffle.

arent you dancing half naked at carnival anyway ?


Benji971 wrote:

please add the size of the crease around the goal so we can try it a little bit at pick up ! pictures or video would be awesome

that would be very nice to know!

81 teams, you got lights or the tourney start at 6 o clock?¨

edit: can't wait anyway

My team mates just told me that they cant make it,so Im register and if someone wanna make a team hit me :-)

pick kropa up b4 someone else does He's fast Furious and WILL take you thru Sunday.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Follow Along at http://followpodium.com/londonopen



DOG SOCCER! had a third drop out very short notice, about an hour ago (and about 20 hours before joining) so we need a third if anyone is down to get down.

57 kegs a tourny bitch!

Rain stops play.

We packed up the computers once it started to rain, so if you have any results from the 3rd session, please let me know.

We will resume the "afternoon" session at 7am tomorrow.

Everyone already in the elim only needs to turn up at 9am.

We won't be able to do a 60 team double elim.

We do want to play all 60 teams, so we will probably just do single elim, but we will look at the options overnight.

Fuck that rain, you were keeping the schedule incredibly tight for such a big thing. Without rain you wold have give us 4 rounds for every group in one day wich is awesome.

Keep double elim for last rounds a least tomorrow, as the seedin can be unfair wich such big groups you have to give chances to top teams who cross each other too early to go thru. Firsts rounds can be single elim.

Crease, the rule seems to work for now, but creases are stupidly designed, they aren the same on each courts. Somes are designed on the basis of the Basketball ball crease and are way smaller than other on another court wich have to big rectangle on it. Wich make thing hard to ref and play, as on two courts you can almost double goalie and on another one you cant. There is non sens to make different sizes an that's not a big deal to make them the same on each court. Also reffing this is really hard, I took a shift on mid day group, an staying focus on classical rule and ball play is hard enough. Having to watch on static defense with on eye and staying focus on ball play at the same is hardcore.

Listen to clem


I want a full list of the prizes that 1st place gets so I can covet them. yarrr

Awesome weekend! thank you london!

Who was mvp? had to leave before the party...

full results?


1st - Yank Your Wank (Nick COMO, kouyo, joey SEA)
2nd - Reverends (Manu GVA, eric MKE, William Paris)
3rd - PSG (Clement GVA, Greg Paris, Dustin SEA)
4th - Cocorico (Hugo, Marco, Seabass Paris)
5th - Edisons (David, Moritz FRA, Eddy MUN)
5th - Spring Break (Jon, Adam, Ryan LDN)
7th - Swiss Steez (Quentin GVA, Max LDN, Cody SEA)
7th - Cosmic (Rupert, Todd, Mat LDN)
9th - Mastodon (Robinou BDX, Alex Paris, Quentin ROU)
9th - Butterfly Tits (Joe CHI, Robie OTT, julian SEA)
9th - Mix (Jamal EIN, Yusaku, Daisuke OSA)
9th - Technically Cascadia (Damon BNE, Suzy CHI, Max VAN)
13th - Mervyn King's Wet Dream (Josh, Alastair, James LDN)
13th - MIDWEST OG (Ben CHI, Brian MKE, kev TO)
13th - Black Stabbath (TBD ?, Andy, Fin BRS)
13th - Team Warin (Robbie, Alfie, Tim BRS)
17th - Pienture Latina (Max CBG, Antonio LDN, Thomas Paris)
17th - Gettin Wild (josh, Hayden, Lee CBG)
17th - Dead Rappers (luca CBG, Emmet, Brendan LDN)
17th - Be Right On (Jamie, Chris ESH, Dave LDN)
17th - Los Manguis (Francesc, Camilo, Marcos BCN)
17th - Apollo 3 (Przemek, Kuba, Maciek WAW)
17th - Simon Says (Nicky, Jaoaud, Chris ANT)
17th - Wasted Talent (Tobi CAT, Anna FRA, Philipp HAN)
25th - Malaka (Cento PAD, Mattia, Enrico VCZ)
25th - Beer & Loathing (Johanna FRA, Mckenzie SEA, maija TO)
25th - Karamba (gitti, Marc, Michi BLN)
25th - Tornaboges (Tom CBG, nik, Erin LDN)
25th - Bromance (Ollie BNE, Scotty, Ned PER)
25th - Polonauten (Jürgen, Svenja, Dr. NUR)
25th - M.M.A Polo (Adrian BRS, Matt LOU, machine SF)
25th - Sloots (Ben, Alexis, Felix LDN)
33rd - Puzzels (Andy, Phillip HAM, Florian MST)
33rd - 2 Beavers & 1 Beard (Josephine GVA, Adam MCR, Valley VAN)
33rd - Alliance of Loose (Felix BLD, Patrick, Michael DOR)
33rd - Tora Tora Tora (Agata GDN, Cherri JAX, Tony KRK)
33rd - Le BigMac (Matt, Mayeut, Sean LDN)
33rd - The Magic Number (Martin, Quentin Paris, Ngaihon TO)
33rd - Antlers (Mark, Matt LDN, Oliver NCL)
33rd - 1/2 watt oranges (Bram ARN, Lorenzo, Rutger EIN)
33rd - Shuffle Kurfuffle (Rich BRS, Jess LDN, Rob MCR)
33rd - TKO (Oliver FKB, Tatsuya OSA, Riki TOKYO)
33rd - Ponkey Munch (Flo CAT, Max FKB, Aidan LDN)
33rd - Passed It (Bill, Joe, Ben LDN)
33rd - Sirens (Zoe, Helen, Julia LDN)
33rd - Poloski (Stan, Piotr KRK, Lish LDN)
33rd - Where's the slip'n'slide? (Eric, Christopher ATL, Tiffany LEX)
33rd - Kings (Pique, Kieran, Kevin LDN)
49th - 5G (Emyr, Neil, Andy MCR)
49th - Tiny Little Puppies (Shannon, Max, Geoffrey VAN)
49th - Dog Soccer (Kropa DUB, Morgan SF, Brook SYD)
49th - Yomoyo (Louis, J, Arunas LDN)
49th - Team Sensible (Jonas, Colin, Stephen EDI)
49th - Free Douches From Dale (Sam ESH, John, Jack LDN)
49th - JLS (John, Andy LDN, Stephen MCR)
49th - Skull Attack (Alejandro BCN, Paul, Osian CWL)
49th - Acapolo (Paul, Julian, Liam ESH)
49th - The F-ing Metric System (Johannes BLN, Dominico, Robert BNE)
49th - Rabble Rousers (Andre BRS, Christian, Aaron COMO)
49th - Super Fly (Chris AMS, Shane, Johnny DUB)

El Vaquilla hubiese jugado Bike Polo.

note that all the teams in 49th are actually also joint 33rd, that's just Podium not accounting for the fact we did single elim for the first round.

How'd that work out? Would you do it again?

Also, I'd love to hear how the 'no double goalie' rule went. Were there warnings &/or penalties? Any complaints from offense like 'hey ref call the double goalie?' Would you do that again? I like it a lot in principle.

"Do or Die" was a great way to secure the extra hours we needed on day two, obviously it sucked for any teams that lost their first game, but most people thought it was a fair approach given the awful weather on the previous day (we didn't want to de-qualify some teams from the original 60 team cut-off plan as this seemed wrong).

Double goalies was called with a ball turnover a few times each day, but nothing more. (Most non-goalies stayed out of the crease if they could help it.)

Some people bitched about one court having a larger crease, but if anything I'd have liked all the creases to be a little bigger.

Some teams avoided overly defensive tactics altogether, although many just planted their defender on the edge of the crease instead of having them as a second goalie, this meant attackers could shoot in the middle or behind the defender though (or pass across the goal more easily) and made for more exciting games in my opinion. Teams could no longer rely on picking up rebounds from shots on two goalies.

I'm not sure if our wording was right (it was a little rushed!) as I also like the idea of only allowing rolling players (attackers and defenders that aren't the goalie) through the crease, but it'd be similar whatever was written I expect and might just be semantics apart from deciding how big (and what shape) the crease should be (ours were square and were 2.5m out from the goal and 2.5 from the goal on either side).

I think it's a step in the right direction, but it would be interesting to hear how other players/teams found it affected the game.

On the two main courts crease was smaller enough to don't affect the double or triple goalie technique in significant way. And on the other court the creae was almost impossible to see after rain ofthe first day.
I saw few teams or players adapting their game to this rule. But for the finals for example will team play lot of double goalie technique without any real effect from the rule.
Another trouble with the different sizes was that it look sketchy an not serious, so players who didnt agree with the rule can say that it was not taken seriously even by organizers.

I didnt saw any penalty called, mostly some verbal warning for the best refs or the ones who were thinking about it. During my shift I think I probably completely forgotten this rule during some games, as I said it was hard to try to enforce a new rule that we are not used to.

Also the delay ball turnover penalty that I didn't saw could have be problematic in a way. As a team who was winning could have stay triple goalie and don't even try to get the ball at the end of a game that they leaded.

This rule probably worked in some games, and for sure it give better Polo to watch than the static defenses. But I think this kind of rules should maybe get tried on smaller tourney first, where you can take more time to explain it to the ref staff and players.

2.5m sounds plenty big to me. I might try cutting string that length and making a semi circle crease at pickup. See if people get it naturally. Two bikes parked in the crease = turnover. Wait, that penalty is lame if offense has the ball already. Maybe the parker has to do a Portland tap-out in the corner or something fun like that. Hmmm


polojoel wrote:

Also, I'd love to hear how the 'no double goalie' rule went. Were there warnings &/or penalties? Any complaints from offense like 'hey ref call the double goalie?' Would you do that again? I like it a lot in principle.

Almost no-one double-ded in games that I was reffing (and I reffed a lot!), so I didn't have to call it, apart from one team, Polonauten, who didn't understand the rule. I would have preferred to see either the crease bigger* (around the size of court C crease), or that the rule was one wheel in (I was applying 2 wheels in).

(*edit* Possibly 1m from each goal post, and 2.5m from goal-line.)

I didn't think it was too hard to enforce, apart from the 2nd final, when it was too dark to see very much anyway (although I managed to spot & call a blind-side check from Manu, hmmm). But that may change as players become more accustomed to the rule, and start to figure out what the refs are likely to spot.

I would also like to see it applied to attacking players, though.

Erin was definitely on the ball with the double goalie rule , warning any defensive player that stopped momentarily in the crease that their second was up . This seemed very effective in that the defenders kept rolling and gave up their tripod immediately, opening their goalhole . Thanks London for letting a huge number of international players experience an innovative "play " together at a major tournament.
I am personally in favor of it and was expecting a semi circle as described by Joel.Lets try that SF.
I must thank Geneva bike polo for making me head ref at the Worlds too .
This position has intensely focused my game and realized the frustrations of players who have minor fouls committed against them that do change the game significantly. . Playing advantage in these situations was perfect and calling for ball turnovers when this was not the case, was perfect.
I feel that our sport has benefited immensely in the last 2 weeks from us all playing together and pushing the boundaries of the rules at 2 major competitions.
A massive shout out to Europe for having banned your own namesake ECM (European Cheater Mallet) at such short notice before The European Championships so that the class of polo in Geneva and London was truely World Class. Your mad skillz where clearly evident in your clinically clean play(and I dont mean boring in any way) and lady/gentlemanly play both on and off the courtz
Allowing teams to reset after a goal is also a major rule that needs correct enforcement. MMA Polo came back to draw Butterfly Tits 1-1 and were immediately scored on b4 reset. The ref did apologize after the game but at this point it is too late with a game changing goal. Mucho fun was had non the less . Love ya all.
Sorry to mix up threads here but we were mostly all there.
Our tournament in SF (November) shall be following all national and international rules and guide lines, no matter what polojoel posts about San Francisco being an Island polo community with salty old feckers who are stuck in yesterday , So please contact Eric Bloomquist or myself if you would like to attend. It is invite only but a list has been made incase invitees can not make it.
Thanks poloverse for an astounding slaycation.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

The issues raised with the test at London was:
1. I never saw a ref call it, only warnings for obvious infractions so hard to gauge whether the rule worked
2. For the ref to watch gameplay, the ball and "1 full revolution per 2 seconds" is too hard. A goal ref should manage double goalies perhaps?
3. 1 revolution for 2 seconds is actually still really fast (2m of movement)
4. No one knew the penalty - most said ball-turnover but that'd completely favor the defending team?
5. The zone should not have been a square - a semi-circle like field hockey, handball or indoor football makes more sense

Wigan Will's pics. Note how dark it was at the end.



More photos here: https://secure.flickr.com/photos/kube414/7869060564/in/pool-hb2lo2012/

(Thanks Paul.)

WOW London. Leaving in 3 hours . Gotta shut down for a couple of hours. Photos r fantastic . In one of them Jono has a silver whistle in his mouth. Someone (tom , not from london) dropped it in my snakebite at the Sea Bright so its *clean as a whistle*,sterile and luckily I didn't choke on it , so I have it for who ever owns it when our mallets cross again.
Luv u all very much
PS Someone owes me a beer(you know who you are but I cant remember at the mo) coz I bet it with you early on Friday that the Tornadoes would win Hells Belles(well done Nic , Erin and Jo , you are phenomenal poloistas and peeps into the bargain)
and Yank a Wank (my other bet to win The LOndon Open) I am so proud of you as Gentlemen and world class slayers for being everything that polo means both on and off the court . Koyo , Nick and Joey come to SF already so i can buy you a beer ;-{). and some factor 72 for the number of hours straight we is gonna party thru when that happens.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine wrote:

In one of them Jono has a silver whistle in his mouth. Someone (tom , not from london) dropped it in my snakebite at the Sea Bright so its *clean as a whistle*,sterile and luckily I didn't choke on it , so I have it for who ever owns it when our mallets cross again.

The whistle belongs to the LHBPA. Cost about £4. I hereby authorise you to keep it as a souvenir.

Thanks Bill , I shall use this power responsibly and effectively in the years to come...... as I type this I realize that our paths crossed once b4 in the USA but i remember not where. Portland?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine wrote:

Thanks Bill , I shall use this power responsibly and effectively in the years to come...... as I type this I realize that our paths crossed once b4 in the USA but i remember not where. Portland?

Not Portland. It's around 12 years since I was last in the US. My best mate, Andy Capp, moved to SF in 1996, I went there a few times over a couple years, but last was Stateside, Philly for CMWC 2000, and last in N America for 2008 CMWC.

Unless there is another Buffalo Bill i met you in 2008 . Where is CMWC?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Machine wrote:

Unless there is another Buffalo Bill i met you in 2008 . Where is CMWC?

Cycle Messenger World Championships, which, in 2008, were in Toronto.

mmmmmmmmmmmmmm .............. Gonna work this out ......

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

That shit was so fun! London club, you did a great job managing the tourney. The parties were rad, my hosts were wicked awesome, and the tournament went about as well as possible considering the monumental task of 82 teams and a whole group getting rained out on Saturday. London as a city left a great impression on me, I really enjoyed it. Jono, thanks a ton for showing me around when I got there and being so welcoming.

As an aside, I give you this picture of Koyo taken at around 6 or so on Sunday. Joey and I went to go tell him that our game was on deck late in the winner's bracket. Found him 'preparing'.

still clutching his beer, a true champion

Get rad

Final game: https://vimeo.com/48381519

So were you in the basketball net filming?

Get rad

Kev, you missed, and I'm not surprised that you missed it, because the final was just chaos, the penalty goal at 2-3, Joey (YWY) hit the ball against Will (Reverends) whilst Will was lying on the goal-line (so I was told by my goal ref), so I awarded a penalty goal to make it 3-3, and therefore final score YWY 5-3

gotcha, didn't realize that it was deemed a goal.

Saw the replay. It looks like no shot is taken on almost dead willy on the floor but one on kremin who looks one foot down when it happens. It looks likehe block a shot first, then dab, ten get shot on while is pointing will one the ground ground asking for stoping play. It looks like total chaos for sure, no visibility, stressed players, crash on double goalie defense.
I wouldn't have give a goal in that situation, but it was so messy that some wasn't surprised to see I count ( a lot of people from crowd behind nets who was cheering for koyo team was yelling for counting it).
The scoreboard system make it also hard to know if the goal was counted or not, and I think some players didn't even really know it was. Scoreboard should always be near the main ref, with both score side to side.

Kev I love your video. I wish you could have spend more time on this post!

uolmo .Clement. wrote:

Saw the replay. It looks like no shot is taken on almost dead willy on the floor but one on kremin who looks one foot down when it happens. It looks likehe block a shot first, then dab, ten get shot on while is pointing will one the ground ground asking for stoping play. It looks like total chaos for sure, no visibility, stressed players, crash on double goalie defense.
I wouldn't have give a goal in that situation, but it was so messy that some wasn't surprised to see I count ( a lot of people from crowd behind nets who was cheering for koyo team was yelling for counting it).
The scoreboard system make it also hard to know if the goal was counted or not, and I think some players didn't even really know it was. Scoreboard should always be near the main ref, with both score side to side.

Kev I love your video. I wish you could have spend more time on this post!

I was standing on the side pretty much on the goal line and it looked like at least one or two shots were blocked by will. But it was a really messy situation. I thought it was fair the goal was counted since he was able to walk normally and play on like nothing happened just a few minutes later.

It's not clear what happened from the video, and I certainly couldn't see from my position, but the goal ref (sober & a good ref) called it.

.David. wrote:

I thought it was fair the goal was counted since he was able to walk normally and play on like nothing happened just a few minutes later.



I was standing next to refs podium and it was very clear that Will and Kremin had both dapped when there was (at least one I saw) a shot from half meter out, correct and easy call by Bill.

Did anyone pick up my mallet? Silver perro pole, black capped milk with black golf grip. Had some black tape on shaft around 3/4 way down. Please! It was my baby


Jono has posted a pic of all the found mallets on LFGSS polo forum.

Thanks bill, I have looked but its not there. I'm sure it'll turn up!


It was a messy situation, but the shot I thought should have counted was the one that went into kremins foot that was dabbed. Reffing is a hard job and thanks bill for having the balls to do it!

What was really messy was that cramped up leg Will got , i can't believe he played through that.MAGIC SPRAY BOOYA
Joey,Koyo,Nick you guys killed it right from the start , stripped down to your boxers and played right into the darkness.
congrats boys you deserved every second of that win

I must say that the funniest thing for me in the whole of the London Open was Clement from Iron Ponies putting on the Le Coq Sportif head band and immediately looking and acting like John McEnroe (the tennis player). If anyone has a picture of this please post it here coz I am still laughing my ass off everytime I think of it. Video would be even better.
If nobody has one please repeat the play Clement and post it for tears sake.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Hey Lads and Lassies , How would it work if we just said that the player furthest from the goal line in the crease is not allowed to tri-pod , Anyone see any conflict of interests there?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

1) Too hard to ref
2) Doesn't really achieve what you want, a player could trackstand, or hop, for the same effect.

Highlights video:

Awesome vid, awesome moves (emmet "Ice Tea King" goal and Ryan vs Will fight!.
Thanks Chan!

Dr Chan ,I had avoided post polo tournament blues until this moment. Thanks for the best interweb wake up evva. Your mad skillz brought a tear to my eye. Thanks again London. Another tournament nevva to be missed again

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Nice one Chan!

Cheers guys! Glad you liked it.

Ryan's pass to Adam was polotry in motion

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Photos!: http://www.flickr.com/photos/49844967@N07/sets/72157631627413013/