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Mallet Dolorosa

Saturday, April 6, 2013 - Sunday, April 7, 2013
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Dear Ladies of the Poloverse!

The German Bike Polo Ladies are happy to announce "Mallet Dolorosa", the first all-female individuals shuffle tournament.

Come over to Berlin on April 6th/7th and play with all the ladies. Have a super duper awesome weekend in the heart of Berlin.
We will kick off with informal pick-up games on Friday. Saturday and Sunday are tournament days.
Our court is close to the Central Station at Lehrter Str 59. It's a roller hockey court with proper walls, a roof and lights. Court size is 40 x 20 m. You need to use tires that don't leave marks, e.g Schwalbe Kojak or white tires.
The format is the following: Each player will play as many Swiss Rounds as possible with automatically shuffled teams in each round. The top players will proceed to a single elimination round. If you lost one game with your teams you're out.

We are looking forward to this and hope to see you all there!

Bring it on, ladies!

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1 Käthe - Berlin
2 Angie - Munich
3 Johanna - Münster
4 Anna - Frankfurt
5 Jess - London
6 Adrienne - London
7 Jo - Cambridge
8 Alison - Cambridge
9 Elena - Geneva
10 Nele - Berlin
11 Charlotte - East Greenwich
12 Aline - Leipzig
13 Catarina - Barcelona
14 Madelaine - Oberegg
15 Petra - Giessen
16 Valeria - Pordenone
17 Kati - Köln
18 Ricky - Konstanz
19 Kathrin - Konstanz
20 Steffi - Karlsruhe
21 Agata - Gdansk
22 Eva - Dortmund
23 Katrin - München
24 Valley - ...
25 Bianca - Hamburg
26 Julia - London
27 Zsofia - Budapest
28 Violeta - London
29 Christina - Cambridge
30 Amilia - Toulouse
31 Anne Lise - Angers
32 Margot - Angers
33 Melli - Leipzig
34 Pauline - Toulouse
35 Zoe - London
36 Anouk - Berlin
37 Maddie - London
38 Eliška - Pardubice
39 Sabrina - Warsaw
40 Hazel - Berlin
41 Margot - Caen
42 Jule - Berlin


lehrter str 59

Signed up

Angie this looks awesome! I'm up for this and I'm sure there'll be a few london/uk girls who will want to come! <3

Bake that cake!

Youhou its a really cool opportunity playing with girl . But why german like thats much shuffle tournament ?


Hey Jojo, we just didn't want to have another "normal" tournament besides Ladies Army and Hell's Belles. Would be nice to have 3 all-female tournaments every year, each with its own charm and character.

It will be a great opportunity to play with other girls we wouldn't usually get to team up with! Form some super teams for future tournaments :)

way to go berlin!
Shuffle tournaments ROCK!!

This sounds soooo awesome! I wish I could make it. Have fun, ladies!!!

Midwest is best!!

props on creating another all-female tournament. sweet logo, too.

We are happy to announce the participants so far:

Gitti - Berlin
Käthe - Berlin
Angie - Munich
Johanna - Münster
Anna - Frankfurt
Jess - London
Helen - London
Adrienne - London
Jo - Cambridge
Alison - Cambridge
Elena - Geneva
Josephine - Geneva
Nele - Berlin
Charlotte - East Greenwich
Aline - Leipzig
Nora - Geneva
Catarina - Barcelona
Madelaine - Oberegg
Petra - Giessen
Juliane - Torino
Valeria - Pordenone
Kati - Köln
Ricky - Konstanz
Kathrin - Konstanz
Steffi - Karlsruhe
Valley - ...
Marta - Warsaw
Bianca - Hamburg

Valley is out of nowhere.

We are overwhelmed! 35 registrations so far. Awesome!
To provide as many games as possible we decided to close the registration at 42 players, later registrations will be put on the waiting list. Please see the description above for an up-to-date list.

Girls: Some of you, especially gmail-users, might have to check their spam for my confirmation mail and payment info.

Sounds like an awesome tournament!! I really wish I could be there with you all. Have so much fun!!!


Only 4 days left to pay the registration fee. It seems my confirmation mail landed in numerous spam folders. Please check your mailbox and make sure to confirm your participation.

Only 10 days left!

YO !

My teamates and me are the \\ TH∑ ∆P∆CH∑S //, from France, are coming to support our friends Anne-Lise and Margot who are playing during this week end. We're looking for someone who can host us during three nights (5th, 6th and 7th of April). So if you or somebody that you know that can help three little indians it would be great ! Many thanks! See ya there http://apachesbikepolo.tumblr.com/

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Facinating sport. A pure pleasure to watch. Keep doing what you are doing!

See the pictures: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6eoxbiqrdcnvln/7E48o05L19
All of them are downsized. Got each one in 36MP. Just ask me.