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Metal to the Pedal

Friday, September 16, 2011
Host club: 
East Van Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
4 courts/ tennis courts

Alright all you slayers!!!!
Time to dust off your denim, lather up your leather, get that hair
feathered and put your Metal to the Pedal...

This will be a one day Heavy Metal themed tournament. Each team will
be assigned a band as their team name. Each team must also dress, to
the best of their abilities, like said band. No costume? No play! Prizes
for the best dressed!

If there is a band that you REALLY want to be, there will be a 'band
preference' in the registration. If there are any doubles, the one
with the earliest time stamp will be chosen, and the other team will
be assigned another band. This tournament will be CAPPED at
20 teams. Registration details below...

Think of it!!

GWAR vs. Metallica? Slayer vs. Mayhem? Cinderella vs. Gorgoroth?


And only $10.00 PER TEAM!!!

That's only $3.33 each!!!

That's half of $6.66!!!

How fucking Metal is that?


East Van - New Brighton Park Vancouver, BC

Signed up



MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Attention all scumbag worshipers of satan! It is time to praise the beast with sacrifices of hair gel, leather, and blooooood. Put your bodies on the line with the most metal of all hardcourt tournaments.

Registration for this one-day tournament will be capped at 20 teams, and it will open on Sunday, August 21st at 11:00 am PST. You can find the registration form here: https://spreadsheets.google.com/spreadsheet/viewform?formkey=dGdDVVV1WHN...

and the spreadsheet it will complete here:

Registration will cost $10 per team and will be payable on-site, friday morning. For details about what is involved when you register for Metal to the Pedal, see above!

May your ritual of registration be swift at your desktop alter!

There will also be an air guitar competition

Take it Sleazy

highly considering taking the day off work for this one...

The top prize will also be pretty neat-o

Take it Sleazy

Looking for a team, like to play with someone I have never played with if possible?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!


One more thing. You must play with a team you are NOT playing with in the Crown. I think alot of you knew this anyways, but for those of you who didn't. There you have it.

Also, I'd like to encourage people to mix it up internationally. Reach out and touch!!

Take it Sleazy

News to me...

That's always been the deal...

Take it Sleazy

tommy gunn wrote:

Also, I'd like to encourage people to mix it up internationally. Reach out and touch!!

Totally going to get a perm for this! Any non-aussies want to form an international super metal team?

I see 2 teams already on the sheet, is it already open?

Registration will be open on the 21st of August. These people blew their wads a little too early

Take it Sleazy

anyone else want to be deep purple?

Suggestion: allow individual registration and mix 'randomly' as Portland did in the previous spring tournies.

Great idea, but I think too many people have already formed teams for this...

Then i'm looking for a team. Arriving Thursday night. Traveling with my costume designer whose credits include the .38 Special of NAs '09.

is it perhaps possible to do both team and individual rego?

Hey guys,

Team registration will go ahead as planned.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Rock on!

Take it Sleazy

So the 21?

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

I highly doubt you can beat the clock to make that happen. With only 20 teams in this tournament, it's going to be tough to get one team in there!

Cameo and myself are looking for a third anyone want to join us? Let us know ASAP!

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!


Hey everyone,
I'll be in Vancouver on the Friday and keen to play on a team if anyone is looking for a 3rd.


Looking for a team as well.

Pros: I am extremely okay at bike polo. I've scored a goal before and I've saved at least 3 or 4. I've played polo in a dozen states and two countries.

Cons: My bike is kinda ugly, I'm below average height, and I just shaved my head and thus will have to don a wig if our team band requires it. I have already put aside $40 (canadian of course) in a lockbox for wig purchasing, can't you already feel my extremely serious dedication?

Want to join us Pete? Let me know.

I need a sugar momma so I can work less and play polo more!!

I still need a team! Anyone else on the last minute registration train?


i need a team for this one too

looking for a team for Pedal To The Metal!!!!! from Toronto (BPTO), with some mad skillz. some know me from past Ottawa,Toronto events and this past's NA's in Calgary.
chino114@gmail.com is the email or holla on this forum. thx Shane


Heavy metal shoot!

are you looking for 3rd?
I'm looking for a team too.

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

riki lets play together at pedal to the metal. we'll get 1 player to join us?


Yeah! Me & Arthur (from Tokyo) want to play with you, Shane!

Riki@Tokyo Hardcourt Bike Polo
tokyobikepolo.blogspot.com / www.flickr.com/rikitko / twitter: RikiTokyo

we are registered!! awesome Riki-San. see you in a few weeks.


Looks like three spots left in this tournament. Blu from Bellingham has just registered himself, looks like he needs a team. I suggest people get in touch with him!

Requesting Poison.

Will makeup make me look thin and pretty?

Tell me someone chose Anal Cunt in memorand of their late an great singer, would be a wicked costume get up as well!

still looking- someone pick me up! jkupsch at gmail dot com

TimTim and I are coming into town Thursday night. Who registered and needs two? Give me a call.


Tom.pdx.bike.moonlo or was it lolo?
Bike Camp 2011 rocked. Thanks Calgary.

Sweet... we're playing with Blu from Bellingham.........

In town until Friday night, if anyone needs a third.
Just kidding, plans changed. Bummed I'm gonna miss seeing this and the East Van Crown.

Alright Everyone!!!!!!

METAL to the PEDAL is ready to roll!!!!

We will be starting at 10 am SHARP tomorrow.

24 teams, four rounds of round robin, 8 team double elim.

We will have a break halfway through the rounds for a little air guitar competition.

For any teams who need fancy makeup, my little sister (a professional makeup artist) will be there to do up your face. Come a little earlier if you need this done so we're not lagging behind.

As far as food goes, please bring some snacks as we don't really have a food budget for the day. You will also be able to grab food nearby during the break.

Thanks to everyone who signed up! This is gonna be a fun one!!!

Feel free to send any questions my way....


Take it Sleazy

Rumour has it disputes will be settled by a shotgun competition. Confirm or deny?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Rumour has it disputes will be settled by a shotgun competition. Confirm or deny?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


Take it Sleazy

If there is any spot available, CALL ME KREMIN will love to kick some ass !!!

Play polo for Call Me Daddy


Damon (Australia) was looking to fill a spot.

Hey like what time is makeup? Poison requires about 2 hours of makeup time.