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MHBP North South Invitational 23-24th March 2013

Saturday, March 23, 2013 - Sunday, March 24, 2013

MHBP North South Invitational 23-24th March 2013


A North versus South team invitational featuring 6 regular 3 man teams on each side.

North may comprise of 3 x Manchester; 1 x Scotland; 1 x Sheffield; 1 x Hebden Bridge or maybe Birmingham - subject to interest/invitation.

South may comprise of 4 x London; 2/3 x Cambridge and/or 0/1 x Brighton - subject to interest/invitation.

Teams play for points across the weekend to decide whether the North or the South are the overall champs:

– Individual teams can score 12 points for finishing top of the Swiss round qualification (regular 10 minute polo, first to 5) on Saturday followed by 11 for second etc. down to 1 point for 12th place in the ranking.
– The Bench Minor on Saturday is only for the top 3 Swiss rounds ranked teams from the North , playing as a 9 man squad, versus the top 3 ranked teams from the South – 45 minutes on court, all players must be on court for a minimum of 3 minutes, 10 points to the winning bench and 0 to the losers.
– Sunday is individual teams double elimination (regular 10 minute polo, unlimited goals, with 15 minute final/s) with 24 points the overall winners; 22 second; 20 third etc.
– Sunday the event closes with the final Bench Minor featuring the bottom 3 teams from North and the South (from the Saturday Swiss rounds ranking table) - 10 points to the winning bench and 0 to the losers.
– All points tallied from the two days decide the overall champions – so there is everything to play for from Saturday right down the final Bench on Sunday.

Approximate Timetable
Friday night under the lights – 1800/2130 throw ins/pick ups then pub/grub.

0900-1000 throw ins/pick ups/whateverthey'recalledthesedayz...

1000 – 1800 12 teams x 3 or 4 Swiss rounds

1800 – 1845 North vs. South Bench Minor Edition 1

2000 onwards – MHBP social and North vs. South dance off

0900-1000 throw ins/pick ups

1000 – 1500 12 team double elimination continues to finals

1500 – 1545 North vs. South Bench Minor Edition 2

1600 - Prizes and farewells…


United Kingdom

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