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Midnight Sunburn Bike Polo Tournament Anchorage Alaska July 2013
Friday, July 12, 2013 - Sunday, July 14, 2013
Contact info: 
Court size: 
2 Courts

Hey folks,

Curious about Americas northern most polo club?

Come join us July 12-14 and watch the sun bounce around the horizon while we play polo, and ride bikes.

Seeing as most of you will be traveling thousands of miles to visit us, we will be planning a weekend full of events.

The plan goes as follows:

-Registration/Meet and greet
-Alley Rally ending at an absolutely beautiful location, bring yer camping gear...

-Swiss rounds
-Huge after party with some local bands

-Hungover Double elimination

-Polo bike only single track race at Kincaid park

This will be an Alaska-style tournament meaning:

There will be DOPE prizes
There will be BBQ's with fresh CARIBOU and SALMON,
(yes we have caribou bacon it's delicious)
You will not sleep.
$30 a team
T shirts will be available

Housing available, please RSVP asap, or just email me if you have any Q's



More details to come as the snow recedes and everyone comes out of hibernation...


Pop Carr
4500 Arctic BLVD
United States

Signed up

Ow so not on midsummer night eej?! Uhmzzz

Attempt #2

It's on and It's happening

Changed Date to the weekend of the 13th

JetBlue has some super cheap flight up here, might be worth checking out


Is that a walmart fixie in the lower left?

gonna try to make this one. caribou, salmon, and anchorage in july is appealing to me.



Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Just bought tickets from Richmond. Cutthroats bicycle club!

looking forward to it!


josh, the last time i saw Crinklebine he was making folks hit a ramp to tap out.

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Yes please



Midnight sun is out and shining, it's crazy when the lights on the court go out for the day and you stay to play 4 more games, only to stop because the only good late night food spot is about to close. pack a lunch sucka!

Frontier has 10% off flights to Alaska for the next week. Not only that, they only charge $20 to check bikes! Here is the info:
"Plan a sensational adventure to Alaska this season. Let us help with an extra 10% off. Use promo code ALASKATEN to receive the 10% discount on any fare to/from Anchorage or Fairbanks. Buy by
May 20 and fly through Sept. 16, 2013."


I'm going to try my best to make it. I don't think I have any schedule conflicts so it should be awesome.
Out of curiosity, what is the temp going to be during the tournament...typically?

60-70's if its sunny. 40-50 if its raining.

Hey, don't forget to bring your camping stuff and your stores of caffeinated energy drinks

Ok folks, 1 month left, it has been straight sunny (all day and night) and 70 for the past week and it is lookin good for the rest of the month

we have several teams confirmed, as well as a few free agents available.

If you are coming up, please shoot me an rsvp email so we can make accommodations

This tournament is going to be rad we have a sweet location and an incredible after party planned

count it!

I need a team.
I have my ticket, coming in early Friday
Pick me up!


I'll pick you up from the airport.

I meant for a team!


DAMN its so sweet up here!

I just built up an polo bike at the coop and found 3 matching prizes for the winning team. this shit gonna be FLY!

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Yo! email me if you are planning on coming up.


I need to start putting together numbers and organizing housing!

We have some sweet housing accommodations at the polo compound available, first come first serve!

that was a good 1st week.

more badass bikesexual debauchery http://bikesmut.tumblr.com/

Like the Care Bears said, "sharing (bicycles, F/OSS, alcohol and Josh's Mom...) is caring"

Kickin' off the weekend right, GET READY!


Where to start!


1st Place Almost Twenty and Up; Becky,Josh andWill
2nd Place A-Train; Alia, Dave and Joe
3rd Place Dave is a Pedophile*; Brandon Jon and Travis

(Dave is not an actually* pedophile)

Great job Anchorage bike polo for opening your city and homes to the visiting polo players.
You really came together to produce a great tournament and show us an amazing time in your beautiful state.
Thanks to Phil for a great time exploring Anchorage through his great scavenger hunt and for his Bike Smut showcase.
Shout out to Kendra and Will for capping a great weekend off with hosting us knuckle-heads at the cabin/hot tub!

I would proceed to thank everyone else that made it a great time but I would just wind up listing the entire club.
Instead I just the individuals that didn't enhanced my weekend in any way: Jon


Good. I hate fun and now my house reeks of Chrome products.

Links to pictures please.


get a facebook hippy