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Midwestern Championships 9 - May 21st-22nd, 2011

Friday, May 20, 2011 - Sunday, May 22, 2011
Host club: 
Bloomington Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
A 130x75, B & C 120x60

Registration - March 15th, 10pm EST, 9pm CST.


After registering you will be sent a confirmation email with directions to paypal.

$60/team with $10 of that going to NAH.

City map: http://tinyurl.com/MWBPC9-BloomingtonMap

See list of registered teams at https://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=0Autj3tqs5MHTdE16aGg1QWZDQVB4djh...


RCA Park
W Rca Park Dr 47403
Bloomington, IN
United States

Signed up

9 of 9 suckers. Return of Grass Polo. Full circle.


want want want want

I'm going to this. I missed the last two Midwest Champeenships because of broken bones. I'm not going to miss this one because of not getting drafted or not being able to sign up online in less than 30 seconds either.

It's kind of a tradition that you not go.

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Maybe you'll have some broken bones soon.

i'm excited!

So in.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

Thanks for stepping up, guys. Bloomington is one of my favorite clubs, hands down. I know it will be off the hook.


when will registration information be released? dayton, ohio bike polo does not want to miss registration.

gem city
diagonal text

60 days before.

The following may be an unpopular statement; if your team has no shot in hell of making the top 16 please do not clog up the registration. Be realistic folks. Attend a few non qualifiers this year, practice, and even feel free to give me shit for saying this. This rush for whose computer can register them the fastest is not the way to get the best teams to compete for an NA spot. It closely resembles this" placeholderituos" syndrome Joe Burge speaks of. And though the nah committee worked hard on someway to make it more fair it can be improved. Here are ideas for your city to think about 1) hold a citywide tourney to decide what team or two may represent at the mw quals 2) well that was my only idea i guess but its a good one.

I understand what you're getting at but your worry is premature. South Central, while filling up within 1 minute for out of region, took almost 2 days to fill up in region. The midwest is a bigger region, yes, but as long as everyone is diligent about remembering the day of registration, everything should be fine. Everyone who truly wants to be in bad enough will get in. No worries, dude!

i think that the Midwest has more players than SC. Certainly more who want to travel. Midwest Open filled 48 spots in 7 days, and it was at least 75% midwest players right?

I agree with Jake on this, if you're not that experienced a polo player maybe hold off to make sure there's room for you (no i'm not talking to you nick)

If you think that this is an elitist sentiment, consider that most people who qualify have also helped organized tournaments in the past.

Yeah for sure, nothing wrong with at least saying it for people to consider.

ok. bench minor draftee's get first pick.

I'm all about the best being here. I want to see some intense play in our humble city.

x2 This is the MW Championship. The Open is in the fall.

Over 34/36 of the spots the filled up within 6 hours.

I don't think its premature. Kev is right there are more players in the MW region. I'll spread the word in MKE if you all promise to spread the word in your hometowns. I'm just saying as the system stands now theorettically the beavers/machine politics/and wardens ;)(just as an example) could not make it into the MW championships due to a computer glitch or/and wifi interuption. and to me thats just dumb

If you're worried about your buddies getting in, give them your spot. Don't tell me not to come.

Grandpa- I have no idea who you are or how long you've been playing or your skill set so how could i be directly talking to you. I'm discussing a possibility about lots of teams in the MW not getting a spot because 3 teams from Carbondale, IL get some hi speed internet. And honestly things would be easier for my team if the beavers and machines weren't there, and for your team as well. But don't you want the best teams in the region competing and not left out because of a computer glitch, or not fast enough of a trigger finger?

Me? I'm all the people who have little chance of winning, but could fair well on the right team on the right day. Who can't afford a lot of tourneys or a lot of travel, but love playing with the folks in Bloomington. Who get better by playing better players. I'm 57 years old for crying out loud. I'll probably break completely in two before I make it to a podium of any kind. But I wanna play against the best I can before that happens. And yes, I truly hope the best midwest teams end up representing me in the worlds. Jon grandpa Blake

love ya pap-pap!

...those days are over.


If you can't afford to travel why are you trying to qualify for a tournament in Calgary, (flights are over $600)., and driving will take you 40 hours from Columbus. I understand wanting to play the best, shit your right that's a great way to improve your game. But ya know what at the Midwest Open there will be tons of great players and a ticket to Calgary isn't on the line. Speaking of the MWO has anyone officially put their hat in the ring to host that thing?

Scary Larry should host! You guys know you want to.

Midwest is best!!

Lawrence is not in the midwest region. I think Como should do it!

hold your horses. theres no way we could pull that off.

Oh yeah, I forgot about that. They should host it anyway, region lines be damned! As much as I would like to for CoMO to host, there has already been a Midwests in CoMO.

Midwest is best!!

hmm. meg how bout chicago instead...i need more reasons to go there.

I would love to, but it would be a bitch to host two major tournaments within 5 months of each other. Plus, Benbama will be getting hitched at the beginning of October and that will be an event in and of itself. You should come to the 2v2 that is the day after Ben and Britt's wedding. It will be so much fun!!

Midwest is best!!

give me a heads up and i will try to be there.

says the guy that didn't get picked for bench minor... ouch. Take that elitest exclusive attitude and shove it baby jake.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

your not even fun to mess with anymore Jared, i hope you come to MW and I hope our teams play eachother (but i also hope you have to try to get in by way of out of region with 2 seconds to sign up)

Oh don't worry, i'll be there. I can't wait for you to cheat again like last year so i can laugh at you.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

I'm still confused.

Who are The Wardens?

Did you mean The Guardians? Are The Guardians coming? The Guardians are good. If they come everyone should hold off a second or two come registration.

Wait, they'd be non-regional. Nevermind.

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Wardens is me,Hewitt and boom. We are from mke.

mr matt lane for capo 2012

toodles to you bitches

I told you who they were today, silly.

Midwest is best!!


That poster is fly as fucking hell.

Please tell me someone is going to screen print posters of that.

except that they spelled champeens wrong

If u want the best then qualifiers should be held in each region more then once in every state or city. If you put limits on who can play then don't allow out of region teams play otherwise why call it Midwestern if it's just a qualifier for whatever's next?

hmm, you make interesting points. I wonder if anyone's ever thought of this?

gee this hasn't been discussed a million times already

The man has been in vietnam the past 8 months but still taking polo mor seriously than your wildest dream a la mke throw him a bone

The registration document does not include Manitoba in the list as part of the Midwest. As far as I understand we are part of the Midwest region. We do count as in region for this right?

Zach or NAH, can I get confirmation on this?

Yes, you're Midwest. The idea was to evaluate region boundaries later on in the season for 2012, but NAH may be open to making an exception here, assuming Winnipeg may prefer to be Northside for qualifying purposes. You put more people at the tourney in Toronto at a tourney than in MPLS last year. The Northside reps will talk about this ASAP and you should talk to your club adn we should talk soon to figure out if this should change in the short-term. Cool? I will email you.

Thanks Kev. We actually sent 2 teams to Midwest last year. I think Midwest for the rest of the season is probably fine. We should talk about this anyways. I am not sure that Northside is the solution to our geographical problem.

I love the Winnipeg crew, but I think it's funny that Winnipeg is considered Midwest and the whole state of Michigan is considered Northside. Region lines will definitely have to be re-drawn in 2012 and will possibly have to be adjusted according to the eventual growth and spread of bike polo in certain areas. I'm excited to see how the 2011 NA tour goes and what will need to be tweaked next year and in the not so distant future.

Midwest is best!!

I signed us up to be Midwest a year and a half ago. At that time neither Thunder Bay or Saskatoon were really playing. They are still very small clubs. This meant that the closest Northside city was Toronto or Ottawa (approximately a 26 hour drive to either) and the closest Cascadia City was Calgary (15 Hours). In the midwest we had Minneapolis (8 hours), Madison (12 Hours), Chicago (16 Hours) in fact almost all of the Midwest is closer to us than Toronto. Pretty much we just do not fit into any of these regions all that well.

Wow! I didn't realize that. I'm sorry that you guys have to travel so far to play polo in any tournament. You guys should definitely stay in the Midwest, then. Will there be any Winnipegers at this tourney?

Midwest is best!!

If we don't get beat out by registration at least 2 teams I think,

who wants to meet up with our caravan? Passing through Fargo, MPLS, MAD, & CHI

Chicago will be using the 2010 census data to re-draw the ward map this year. Pay just a little attention and you will get a lifetime lesson in gerrymandering. Who knew it could be applied to polo?


This sounds great, but I'm not sure census data is appropriate (unless you're talking about a polo census). For example, look at Kansas City (where we have very few players) with 2 million people metro (500,000 in KCMO), but both Lawrence and Columbia (80,000 and 110,000) have fair sized clubs with highly skilled players. However, if you have some hidden scheme that seems to compensate for this, I say gerrymandate away.

Jack Crowe
"If you're gonna be dumb, you gotta be tough."

On that note. i want to play in this... Need a Team.

Find anyone yet? I'm in.

You, Me and Brian from chicago.

i'd just like to note how refreshing it is to see players from a region looking forward, and welcoming, top notch competition. y'know, good polo. unlike some other region where it was made abundantly clear we are not welcome, or wanted. rest assured that up here in the northside region we will welcome all comers with open arms. yes even the southerners. in fact i'm pretty sure it's safe to say that ALL the other regions feel this way.

welcome. wanted. excited.

it's too bad this is the same weekend as the Cascadia qualifier. c'est la vie eh?

holding ALL the qualifiers on the SAME weekend might actually solve a lot of problems...

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I think this is a great idea!

It's been suggested before in the NAH first 7 months thread. Seems like the schedule was moving too quick to do it this time around, but maybe next year?

Regional's Weekend 2012!

that link goes to our original plan for having four 48-team tournaments, although there was no intention to have them at the same time. the 4 tournament tour (with open registration) was expanded to one tourney in each region, with the weird semi-open registration system, in order to guarantee some regional representation at NAHBPC.

Yeah, i just wanted to point out that the idea has been thrown around before.

Reading back through that thread things have already come a long way!


agreed. doesn't sound like a bad idea...

less polo? I don't like that solution.

i'm talkin bout quality, not quantity.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

you can't get quality polo in different cities? I don't buy it.

You need quantity to have quality.

x2 :)

quality amidst quantity can only breed more quality, right?


X 1000 but i am so enjoying gettin to go to all these kool places to meet so many kool people . Got wild card in Tempe , going to Little Rock to have another go , just got signed up for Savannah and gonna try for portland first then you guyses tournament straight after. Polo Heaven this year

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Anyone want to pick me up for the midwest's? I would love to go home and see my family and play polo all in one trip.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

heck yeah. you gotta come hang in como for little bit too. i'll ask around at polo tomorrow and try to find a third

I'd love to play with you two!! Pick me up!! I'll take care of registration.

Midwest is best!!

Relevant information:
No alcohol can be consumed in any Bloomington park, including RCA park where Midwesterns will be held. This is city code and the parks dept isn't budging. I asked about temporary alcohol permits and/or if there was anyway around this- the answer has been a consistent "no". I apologize if this ruins the weekend for you. This is the only location in our city for such a large tourney, and while i do love drinking i love polo more. I hope you do too.

That being said, at previous tournaments alcohol has technically been prohibited and yet it still occurs on the down low. The park we're having this at is already where kids go to drink at night, so we shouldn't really have a problem; I just want to be as straightforward with y'all as possible. Also, we're already working on a lil' accommodation to this situation.

Registration - March 15th, 10pm EST, 9pm CST.


After registering you will be sent a confirmation email with directions to paypal.

Questions, concerns, hatemail:

NOw I won't have the straight edge advantage?!?!?!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

milwaukeeans will sneak alcohol into the park in our bloodstreams

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Very true.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

if anyone needs a third, let me know!

go to dc west instead

flyboy life style

this gainfully employed poloista doesn't want to spend the $$$

If you're still looking, Stephen (LA) and I are looking for a third.

Midwest is best!!

i didnt see anything about the park dept being against green friendly so were still allzzzz goooood

concealed container, concealed container and concealed container


looking for a team!

Me too! Let's join forces, lady!

Midwest is best!!

Is Michigan not considered mid-west anymore?!?!?! whaaaaaaaaaaaatttttttt????!?!?!?!??!?!!

I don't think it ever was. It is considered to be part of the North region. I'm sure this will change though when new region lines are drawn next year.

Midwest is best!!

im not so sure why you think it will be moved into midwest. the midwest region is big enough. if anything i think we'd lose a state or cities to another newly created region or to a neighboring region.

Sure the Midwest is big, but saying it is too big for Michigan to be included is complete bull shit. Of the cities that play and have traveled to tournaments is only 2 cities (us and Grand Rapids). I have nothing against the original people who put us into the northside region. I just say that here we have to cross an international border to play with our own region. Michigan doesn't even share a land border with anyone currently in our region.

I want to play in the Midwests even though I am not in the region, and am not currently planning to go to Calgary for NA's. But, I have a fast Internet connection so that might be all I need.

personally i think its to our (michigan's) advantage to be in the northside. we can get into midwests easier, just like i did after all the regional spots were filled. and there will be no trouble getting into northsides either. so i'm not going to make a lot of noise about it.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Registration - Tuesday March 15th, 10pm EST, 9pm CST.


shouldn't the time be just in CST. I'm starting to understand why jared gets so angry about this kind of stuff.

I'm not up to date on what the Indiana time thing is nowadays concerning Daylight savings time, but most of the country is now in Daylight Savings, so it would be CDT, not standard. This is probably a non issue, I'm just airing my confusion about Indiana time keeping.

Bike Polo Ronin

Time zones in Indiana can be very confusing. Some parts are Eastern, some parts are Central, and everyone disagrees on the issue of Daylight Savings.

As i post this it's 9:05am in Bloomington. I just called my girl in Champaign, Illinois and she said it's 8:05am. So when most of you all are registering it will be 9pm, but for us in Indiana and Kentucky it'll be 10pm.

I really hope this doesn't cause any problems for anyone.

so thats why you said 10pm EST and 9 pm CST ???
so mke regges at 9pm


everything in indiana is confusing

talk shit and burn bridges


Midwest is best!!

Thanks for the support jonny( vote for me ), but this is a common mis-conseption. I am not actually mad. I'm laughing after every keystroke.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Are there any out of region people looking to hop on a last minute team? Stephen from LA (Boludo) and I are looking for a third. Hit a gal up!

Midwest is best!!

Looking for a third to play with me & Tucker. Guaranteed mediocre finish right in the middle of the field!

Thanks Vince!

Is that a "Thanks Vince!" because you now have a full team or an arbitrary thank you sent to the polo airwaves? I ask because I could round out your team....solid, up-and-coming Madison player with plenty of MAD/MKE/CHI experience. Keith you just whacked my hand on Sunday (doing fine) and Tucker I shared a table at the weary traveler after the bench minor in Madison. Any takers? If you still need a third, sign me up with you guys and let me know after registration is taken care of! Here's to mediocracy?!? Email: sam.howard.crossley@gmail.com

Yeah, that meant Vince joined our team. I'm bad at waiting for the last minute securing teams, or actually talking to people about teams (like this last Sunday). Would love to team up some time soon. Maybe MKE Slayerfest, if they are still taking new teams.

Thanks for clarifying...I was actually just thinking about Slayerfest and sent an email to a MKE cat looking for a team on a recent thread. Looks like there is still room for teams?!?

Does anyone want to play with Charlie (buffalo) and I?

I am willing to play the fast-clicky registration game tonight.


I hope you find someone and that your team and my team both manage to register on time. It would be wicked to see you in Bloomington.

getting drunk and trying to register on time is going to be more exciting than the actual tournament.




isn't that how you fucked up and missed registering for savannah?

I'm still looking for a team

I'm still looking to play with some out of regioners! If you see this in the next hour and would like to play with me call me at 573-639-2364.

Midwest is best!!

oh for fuck's sake! i almost shit my pants when i realised today was the 15th! thought i was late. okay, 10pm, see you kids there.

talk shit and burn bridges

I called off work for this, hope i dont f it up!

Nice! now just don't sandbag us with 12 teams from Decatur.... bring the best, not the rest!

As far as I know Im the only one besides N8 from the D that even really visits the site...We will bring the best.

Yeah St.Louis was kinda rediculous...hahaha sandbag.

Four seconds? In.

Founders made us do it.



I'll be online later tonight and I'll help midwest reps sort thru dupes etc. Mike the butcher and eric the lawyer just randomly ran into pcola the sails in a scuzzy bar in DC

is "pcola the sails" an autocorrect error or a new nickname (probably with an interesting backstory)?

Ya that was the sauls. And I forgot the "and I" in that sentence.



Are you just asking for a link to the sheet?

yes! thanks. favorite team name: Siamese Eagles

You should have registered brolexis.

busy that weekend bro

Bike polo is officially stressful now.

registration is hogged.

gem city
diagonal text

by my count you are the 37th team registered. bummer dude.

when pigs fly.

correction: we held a recount and despite hanging chads, you appear to be in. see you guys there.

when pigs fly.

Looks like there are still out of region spots. I think.

spreadsheet? i ask purely out of professional curiosity since i'll be busy this weekend at the best tournament to be held on these dates.

you keep trying to bate the midwest into a trash talking contest and no one is taking it.

i know and it's really bugging the hell out of me. where's jake at?

( insert random word vomet to bate alexis along with the rest of the poloverse )

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

right here doobie bro, now... what were you saying?

I was saying i'm going to mop the court with your blood at midwests fool! I'm in!!!!!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

I was asking Alexis. If you'd like to speak please raise your hand and when you are quiet I will call on you.


Registering 5 times is dick move. Two maybe three times okay, but seriously your just making it harder for everyone else.

I think people register multiple times in order to find the spreadsheet.

x2!! Machine Poitics registered around ten times which is ridiculous! Machine Politics: Did all three of you register at the same time? If so, that's bullshit! You're just making it harder for everyone that's having to sort all the registration out.

Midwest is best!!

its not bullshit. all 3 wardens were at separate locations trying to register our team. in an age where internet connection speed or a glitch could decide your fate you have to do what you can to get in. all it does is makes it take whoever sorts through the list take a bit longer. its not against the rules. its not that hard to go through and see machine politics is listed 10 times then say...well ok we see where they registered first and we take that, after that mark it as a dupe.

No kidding, my registration attempt for the team was one second too soon and I got ousted. Even though it said 21:00:02(cst) on my phone, it was 20:59:59(cst) in polo land.

When registration for a tournament fills up in twenty-two seconds, one has to take desperate measures.

I like your polo.

next time open the official time clock, the link was provided at the top of the registration form
That way you'll know for sure, much easier less stressful

sorting out dupes is pretty easy, no big deal.

wow, at 19 minutes after we only have five non regional teams signed up.

my best guess scenario is that Arborcide from Indy was the last team to get a registration spot. That is after all dupes are deleted. It kind of blows that no bloomington teams registered in time.

tba from minneapolis registered multiple times, pushing the limit down a couple spots

jonny wrote:

my best guess scenario is that Arborcide from Indy was the last team to get a registration spot. That is after all dupes are deleted. It kind of blows that no bloomington teams registered in time.

wow never that id see the day

Haha, actually we registered that Indy team for them cause they couldn't be near computers.

Well, damn.

the 25% is reserved for out of region teams until 10 days before the tourney

Defending champions Beaver Boys registered too early and the hosting team Tree City Polo registered too late (22 seconds = 69th spot)... a clusterfuck to say the least.

I've already talked to Ben about all this... there's lots of doubles, we're sorting it out.

FYI, I'm not sending out the "confirmation/paypal" email until tomorrow morning.

beaver boys registered 4 times and got in. Tree city on the other hand did not.

So i work my ass off for five months, but because i own a computer from 1998 i'm not allowed to compete in my own tournament?


This makes me sad.

woops, looks like you did make it my bad

Edit: Sorry, that sounded terse. I clicked send at the moment i thought was 10pm, and apparently that was 22 second too late. Should i have had 3 different people register 5 different times? Maybe, but i don't think that's what polo is about. The system is broke, let's figure out how to fix it.

You very well could have made it. Just clean up the sheet first. I count like 16 duplicates + 7 early registrations, and 69 - 23 is 46 and that puts you IN THE TOURNEY. SO JUST CLEAN IT UP!!!

Wait... how many teams are there in this tourney!?

I shared one sort with you Zach. I'm pretty sure you are the 36th in-region team.

so should people start registering out of region to get in

Yes. Register, get on the waiting list.

From my best guess there is no open spots left. The out of region spots are held as a limit not a minimum. So only 5 registered and the other 43 slots go in region.

this being the case, i think only four out of region made it.

i was wrong, the 25% is reserved for out of region teams until 10 days before the tourney

this question's been raised on the cascadia qualifier as well. seems the rule was written incorrectly from the intention. apparently 25% non-regional was meant to be only a maximum, not a holding place even though that's not how the rule is written.

here's the cleaned teams to my best estimation. pink may or may not be in depending how that rule pans out


i have no ties to the organization or anything so do not consider that sheet accurate or official in any way


You have Handsomehoff in their twice as well as Do's Dont's.

thanks, fixed.

elaborate please.

edit: thanks, nevermind

discussion starts here: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/cascadia-2011#comment-74186

Oh my god this rule is fucked up! It should just be a cap, nothing more. But it was over-written and over-complicated and now there's going to be a big god damn fight over it!!!!

Its OK. The Cascadia reps know what's up and are going to post something any second now. I think they just couldn't get to it early today.

we're going to need a ruling on this asap

Too old to care about this stuff.


might not wanna share the spreadsheet with people's phone numbers...

this has been fixed.

correct me if i'm wrong, but our crack team of NASA scientist are only counting 45 teams legitimately registered. 8 non region and 37 regional. confirm or deny....

when pigs fly.

Nerdiest thing I'll ever say (probably not), the last team in seems to be Lisa Franks Unicrons (they're typo not mine).

Haha, I love you Kelly!

Midwest is best!!

their typo

...some classic (dot) ca stuff there.

Quit classic.

Quite classic.

OK i just added an additional column showing the order. it's unoffocial, it's really up to the regional reps (Sven, Jonny, Schultz) to sort thru this and confirm.


is this tournament 42 teams or 48?

congrats to everyone who made it in. do shit...

when pigs fly.

I see my registration attempt (#44 - team Wonderflonium) listed as a DUPE when it shouldn't be. I was the first to register my team at 9:00:02 and the other listing for us, the one that should be and is listed as a dupe, is #47 and was registered at 9:01:03. Since I registered 2 seconds after 9pm, my team should be in the first 23 teams registered. I also got the confirmation email and will be paying today. Let me know if there's anything I need to/can do to get this fixed.

woo, almost gave me a heartattack! glad you caught that this morning, pete.

Yup, caught that and one duplicate team this morning.

We'll post again when we updated the spreadsheet.

my brain hurts. but i'm pumped you all want to come here so bad!

what a fucking mess. i am not jealous of you guys having to sort that shit out. if this registration system is going to be used there should be some sort of no duplicate rule or something... we need more rules and less fun in polo!

talk shit and burn bridges

OK the spreadsheet just got yet another going over. Nothing changed in the 36 in-region teams. Its still unofficial until Bloomington says so.


Jared from FTL is on two teams however. Can you sort that out yourself Jared, so Zach and Co don't have to deal with it?

Jared is only on 1 team. Look closely, it's the same guys. Charlie just thought that he missed registration so he changed some things around in a facetious manner.

/edit oh. I see what they did there. Thats stupid, why would you two say you are from Kansas City, KS? Its not duplicates that are hard to sort out, its crap like this that is hard to sort out.

Jared is on two teams with 4 different people.

One is out of region one is in region.

I didn't write shit. If you notice, neither of the people on Jared's team are me! I'm just trying to help in the aftermath!

Rick, I know your name is Nick.

Aww fuck you blew my cover!

I didn't do it! Charlie had a panic attack because he effed up. I'll give him 50 lashings tonight at polo for his insolence.

Bike Polo Ronin

i was being cheeky to illustrate what a loophole it would be to reserve 12 spots for out of region rather than a cap at 12 teams.
if you look closely, you'll see that tree city did the same thing.

Yup. I was scared we wouldn't get to play our own tourney, so just in case i registered our team from the cities we all used to live in.

I hear NAH is working on this rule/issue, hopefully we'll hear more soon...

haha, it's not a loophole if everyone knows where you're from.

How would they know where i'm from??

I'm everywhere BITCHES!!!!!!!!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

bike polo 2011: year of the internet connection.

fuck this.

It's also the year you win a pedicure for 2nd place:)

Confirmation emails are being sent out.
If you're the captain, please check your email and respond accordingly.
If you haven't received one yet, don't fret, i'm still trying to sort a few things out.

The worst is over; thank you for your patience!

Cities that fielded more than 5 players:

Chicago, Lexington 12
MKE 10(if you count Mr. Brown Deer, WI)
Minneapolis, Winnepeg 9
Columbus 8
Cincinati 6

joe is the founder of brown deer bike polo club, and matt hewitt is actually part of appleton bike polo club ;)

I liked seeing that!

I like your polo.

Chicago loves the Midwest!

Especially COMO and LEX!!

Midwest is best!!

Who wants to play?

I just Reg'd a team and I'd like to play with people from other cities in this. I'm pretty good and i'd like competitive team mates, so if you interested in getting on a team email me.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

WTF you said you couldn't go?

break them chains

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Bike polo is whack son. INTernet connections and internet sign ups and rules and loopholes. If you institute a system, it stands to be taken advantage of no matter what whether it's by punk or normal assholes. you guys ruined bike polo in 2011. Shit was FINE before all this committee rules tour schedule rules bullshit came about.


"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

So how would registration work for tournaments like Midwests and South Centrals? Just the first 48 teams to email or what? You keep saying that this system is stupid yet you've never put forth a better alternative. If it was done the old way, just by emailing, wouldn't it essentially be the same thing? It would be the 48 teams who sent their emails first on the day registration opens. Unless you have a better idea. Do you?

It's one thing to say that this is a bad system, it's another to say that it is not one of the best available right now.

stop responding. dude's got middle child syndrome. he's just doing it for the attention

I"m a first born fool!

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

punctuation fail.

your also acting like a child, polo tournaments may be changing but the game itself is still Polo. deal with it


the robbie boards show!!!

People who are upset with the current system should look at what is happening in europe. They have a country by country entry into EHBPC, further the number of teams each country received was decided by the tourney organizers in Barcelona. Many countries are being left out of the process because they didn't fill out the survey. Without NAH this would be total chaos and a lot less fun for everyone. I think that a system like this would be really difficult in NA and would lead to a lot more people being upset.

NOpe. wrong. just plain old elitist bullshit

Alexis for President.

then don't go jared, stay home and play pick up. fuck your a bitch!

you know when you're taking jared too seriously when.....


double post

sorry i'm missin your qualifier Just happens to be the same weekend as i take Cascadia . Miss ya all already . Hope you all qualify so i can beat your asses in Calgary

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

don't worry my buddy Atwell should set you straight in Portland.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

i need a out of region player that wants to play. please email me.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

nevermind if people are still looking, i found somebody.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.



Keep your standards low, and morale high.

my team missed the cut off by 3, so if anyone needs a teammate for this, pm me


As of 7:54(EST) March 19th, if you have paid, your captain has a confirmation email.

And if you haven't paid yet, do it.

By 7:54(EST) I mean 6:54 central....I think we have the conversion down now.

As of now, we have 6 Non-Regional teams signed up. 3 have paid. Only 4 Regional teams haven't paid.

Get your monies in, secure your spot. Lookin at you Emphatic Silicon, 217Polo, A Polo III, and Arborcide. Let me know whats up.

I'm predicting the teams that will podium in this tournament are the 4 teams that have already paid.

You gotta pay to play.

Hey. I'm looking for a team. I'm pretty good/aggressive/I don't just sit in goal, I block those damn shots. So yeah email me if you need a team mate.

get an out of region team together. i think there are still a few spots left for non regionals? maybe? am i wrong?

when pigs fly.

Rawbie Boardz rulz

I wish the midwests had a show....

you do, huh?

is there room for two polo serial series???????

yesyesyes! don't play with my heart, when's "Midwest is Best: the Show" coming out?

is there an updated spreadsheet available????



thanks for the update.
so now lets get some predictions for top 9

I just want to beat Grand Rapids, you hear that GR? I'm gunning for you.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

excuse me that's Grrrrrrrrrrrrand Rapids. and bring it! Who's A2 sending to the Debauchery for a warm up?

Hey matt remember that one time I took your team out in the first round of that tournament in Lex?


i think she's talking about the 3's, but don't worry, i scored the game winner on her to get the the finals. right between her wheels, right Quinn?

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I think Alex means he doesn't remember that one weekend in Lexington.

saturday night was fuzzy, i do remember the fried chicken.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

mmmmmmm yes the fried chicken <3

The lineup is finalized and i've sent Registration Confirmation emails out to everyone.

If for some reason you did not receive one and your team is listed in the top 48 of that spreadsheet, email me asap at wardenofthewoods@gmail.com

The girls from Dayton were the last team in, and the waiting list is currently three deep.

1 - Rustbelt (Cleveland, OH) Charlie Puckett
2 - Dead Lincoln'z (Decatur, IL) Jeremiah Lamon
3 - Barb City Dandies (Dekalb, IL) Tyler McKellar

If for any reason you team needs to drop out please speak up so that these guys can compete.



We're filling up fast; if you need free housing please email the above address as soon as possible.

the list so far:
-Chicago (some of you)
-Toronto, etc.


Again, even if you think you might need some space, let us know. We'd like to get this all ironed out by next week... so ASAP, please.

Some of Chicago? We need to let you know what's up. You hear that Chicago slackers? Get the word out to Bloomington on housing as soon as you can!

+ STL...there you go nick, you're on the list

Go! Winnipeg!!

COMOPOLO would like to request that Winnipeg stays/parties in the same location as us.

x2 oakshitts reunion 2011!

Winnipeg Polo would also like to request that we stay with COMO. Can we all stay in a sword museum together? That was fun last year.

If you haven't already sent a housing request, we strongly recommend you check out the map at the top and look up those hotels. We have pretty much filled up.

i sent an email about housing but didnt get any response





Basically 85% of you requested housing and we estimated 50% at most. We're still trying to figure things out.

I'm sending out confirmations now to the people who requested early. Don't fret, please have patience, and we're trying very very hard to find free housing for as many of you as we possibly can. We are a small town and a small club and we can probably find place for all y'all- but it's gonna take time. Yes we got yr request and yes we're finding you housing as we speak. I do apologize for the delay. If i haven't contacted you by monday then please start yr harassment...

Love ya Zach.

I'll pitch a tent near where the party is


You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

all signs point to your pants. the party, the tent... same place.

good one lomax

gem city
diagonal text


Hey Guys and Gals,
It's getting close! Housing is closed, if you've sent it in, we're trying. It's been tough but we're almost through the mess. If you haven't, check into those hotels on the map in the original thread post.

Also, we need people to step up big, for reffing. We've only had 5 volunteers thus far. Do it for the Midwests. You know if you are qualified. With great power, comes great responsibility. Just Do It.

Can't wait to see you all.

after much deliberation, all the cincinnati folks plan to camp out in the wilderness. does anyone have any wilderness surrounding their home that would accomodate 3-4 bunched up tents (disclaimer: wilderness=yard/property, we aren't tough enough to fend off all the local wildlife).... or any place where we could do our naked pagan rituals.

when pigs fly.

Did you guys already put a housing request in?

Many of the requestees are already camping, so there's not much space left. It might take some time but we'll do all we can to find some space for ya.

no, we didnt put one in because everytime i tried to ask everyone where they wanted to stay, it was like trying to herd 12 house cats into a closet. we'd like to stay at a "polo friendly" household (by we, i mean myself) to do the usual drink myself into a mess and hassle the other teams, in no particular order, but we could probably manage to find a friend who will allow us to shack up with them for a few days. anyone know of some little wooden huts sprinkled throughout the woods there that are free to stay in. Our friend, chris, was trying to tell us about them, but it was pretty late into the evening and the only useful information he provided was, "they are in the woods, there are 7 of them, and they are free to stay at." then proceeded to tell me he had only ever come across one of them in the woods off some god forsaken trail. if any native bloomington'ers know what the hell he was talking about, i'd be interested in trying to find one of those and cramming a bunch of sweaty dudes in one of those.

when pigs fly.

which is the best airport to fly from/to?

Indianapolis International. It's 55mins north of Bloomington but we can probably help you with a ride. If not there is a shuttle that runs from the airport to Bloomington, aptly named "Bloomington Shuttle"

why is this one the same day as ours?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

midwest called it first. portland's call on that one.

Really..? I guess that shows me.. I feel like somethings not right though.. these shouldnt have been on the same weekend..oh well..good luck everyone!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

The Cascadia qual shoulda been 2 weeks later because I'd be out in Portland by then! Why can't everyone plan their schedules around me?! Life is so unfair.

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