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Midwest Brawl: Squad Tactics

Saturday, April 25, 2015 - Sunday, April 26, 2015
Contact info: 
Court size: 

Registration is February 18th at 8pm eastern via http://www.indybikepolo.org.

PODIUM LINK: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/MidwestSquad

5 person teams
Ten teams
20 or 30 minute games
Swiss on Saturday, 9am start.
Double elimination on Sunday.


1. Somethin! - Lomax, Megan Staton, Rob Biddle, Greg Russo, Christopher Williams
2. What Name? - Keith, Aaron, Daley, Pologre, Ross
3. Brew Tang Clan - Nick Nacrelli, Evan Cromer, Neal Bennett, Jose Travez, Kyle Roland
4. Brokemon - Graham Notestine, Cara Notestine, Brett Edmonds, Justin Nunez, Andy Hill
5. Bone Pit - Cailyn Driscoll, Spencer Lucas, Natalie Hamilton, Kaleb Christian, Josh Jackson
6. Moustache Party - Nic Maglio, Chris Hamersly, Drew Combs, Travis Davies, Rob Glatfelter
7. Voltron - Nico, Adam Say, Peter Brown, David Frankhouser, Eric Millard
8. Loader Backhoes - Coco, Midwest Megs, Louise, Rose, Amy Chi
9. Milwaulkies Beast Ice - Thanh Nguyen, Chris Simpson, Matt Hewitt, Tom Owens, Jan Dolo
10. St. Louis Bike Polo - Charlie, Francis, Brian, Phil, Nick


1. Scoopassaurus Lex - Tiffany, Porch, Sergio, James, Ben
2. Goombas - Benjamin Keller, Andy Lane, Andy Willis, Justin Brown, Lee Geer
3. Cleveland - Matt Bobel, Jon Bobel, Paul Lisska, Bob Knaur, Lou Erste
4. Fisticuffs - Besty Strange, Megan Burger, Zachary Woodward, Kevin White, Kelly Strosser
5. Mad Como - Tony White, John McDowell, Kelli McDowell, Jim Detlefs, Kalei Barreras
6. DEFEND GARFIELD - Kevin, Oscar, Mark, Knute, Bruno


Arsenal Park Indianapolis
United States

Signed up

Oh hell yeah

Longer games are better. With 10 teams and 30 min games, should still be able to get a good 5 rounds in without lights. Alias has the math down somewhere. The experience at the Frost was that a team with decent fitness could easily play only 3 or 4 people in a 30 min game so 20 min may be too shorts

I did the math after Slaydy's, just need to find it. If we start at 9, we should be good for 5.

What if you have amazing fitness?


There will be NHL15 at my place.

Can you join the midwest brawl if you live in cascadia?


Get on a team brah!

But I want to be on an Indy team :(

Once a Midwesterner, always a Midwesterner!

Midwest is best!!

Zach Bloomington and I are looking for a team!!

Free agent right-chur...

“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?”


You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Also looking.

Yo Porch! Play with us!

I think we are going to try and pull an all lex team. If I would have seen tht hear sooner I would have. I'll see all you lovelies soon!!

“I believe you should live each day as if it is your last, which is why I don't have any clean laundry, because, come on, who wants to wash clothes on the last day of their life?”



Looking for a team over here.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Ditto! Definitely want to play and looking for a team

I'll be a second if you have any idea for a third.

5 person team Tyler.

Oh yeah, ha. Well I'm available if anybody wants to put some shit together.

Dunno if we're doing a CBUS team, anyone got room for another?

Solid goalie from Ann Arbor with a guaranteed ride to Indy seeks 4 power forewards to share the glory with. Bench laurels include not being DFL team in Mankato for the Battle for the Midwest after a hard fought game with the locals.

Taco Tony and I make two.

I'm better at polo than i am at posting repeatative posts...sorry

REMINDER: registration opens up at 8pm EASTERN this Wednesday at indybikepolo.org.

Tonight at 8pm eastern: http://www.indybikepolo.org.

Team list and wait list posted in the event section above.

Here's how this worked: we used a form for the first ten spots. Once they were filled an email was automatically sent for payment, thats why some of you got an error message. CLICK FUCKING RACE, yes it sucks, but I don't have any other ideas other than an invitational. We then reopened the form for the waitlist. If you paid and are on the wait list, your money has been refunded. Everyone listed on the team list has paid. THANK YOU.

Give me a few days to work on this, I might open up a few more spots. Please be patient.

The first ten spots were claimed in five seconds BTW.

Keeping this to ten teams, but if an entire team drops we will contact the teams on the list accordingly.

Makes sense. I plan on going regardless so if you need a replacement teammate let me know!

Hey everyone. I will get this tournament set up on podium soon and housing into coming in the next few weeks.

Looking forward to seeing everyone.

Podium Link: https://www.podiumbikepolo.com/MidwestSquad

Instagram: #MidwestSquadBattle

Podium has been updated, a few teams didn't have people loaded into podium, so the rankins are a bit skewed, but I think this format will even it's self out quickly. We are set for 4 (four) swiss rounds as of right now. If time allows we can add another round if needed or just play some pickup after the rounds. Sunday will be double elimination and should be over fairly quickly, again we will have pickup after. I will have housing out soon and will contact team captains via facebook with the housing info. FYI, we might be a bit stacked on each other for housing for this one, check out the hostel if you want more space: http://www.indyhostel.us/

Free Agent looking to fill an open spot if needed. I will be in town regardless.


Amy Chi on the poster art work. Thanks!

Ok. Format has been an Indy polo conversation an well as a general polo community event. This is what will work for us and give us time to finish, time to pickup or bench, or time to get you home.

Saturday start at 9am. Four rounds of Swiss. 30 minute games. If we cruise through and we want to run a fifth round I'm open to that discussion. Otherwise we can just have pickup / grill out / video games / general partying.

Sunday. 10am start. Single Elimination bracket. Forty minute games, two twenty minute halves. Five minute halftime. Should tip through that fairly quickly leaving time for bench / squad / 3v3 pickup.

Krista and I aren't working on that Monday after. Karaoke? In.

Pickup will be happening Friday evening 5-8ish.