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Midwest Championship 2013

Saturday, May 25, 2013 - Sunday, May 26, 2013
Host club: 
Contact info: 
Court size: 

Time to pay up!
Yes, the cost is still super high like last year, 90$ a team (TEAM, not player, if you haven't found a third yet it doesn't mean you send $60) payable via pay-pal or to me in person (if you are so lucky to see me)
Send as a gift to prettycody@gmail.com, be sure to include your name, and your team name, as well as the name and team of anyone else who you are paying for. (if you don't i'll just take your money out to the river and toss it in)
Once everything is said and paid for I'll put up a detailed budget so that you can rest assured that your not paying for my very expensive crack-cocaine habit.
Please have the payment in by 420, on 420 (4:20pm EST on April 20th) otherwise I'll secretly disqualify you from play and make you referee the midwestivus, and sleep on my fire escape.
Questions, concerns, comments? Call me 9377281696 -Andy Lane

Alt Contact: davidfrnkhsr@gmail.com ****please cc him for anything important**** (This is to be used for official business only, if you want to know where your sleeping or tell us that you cant wait to party hard, please send to the event email midwestchampionship2013@outlook.com, lets try to keep poor David's inbox only slightly cluttered)

It's time again ladies and gents, so gather 'round and listen.
Columbus (OH) bike polo proudly presents the next chapter in midwest bike polo, the plan is currently 2 courts at 2nd ave at 6th st., complete with repair tent provided by paridise garage http://www.paradisegarage.com/, with 3 others spread around OSU campus area (For those of you who attended our Equinox tournament in the past, the 3 spread out courts are the courts we used for those events) all official midwest championship games will take place on the 2 courts in goodale park.

Since there seems to be plenty of intrest, we will be hosting a separate tourney on Saturday during swiss rounds of the midwest championship at lane/high and tuttle courts using a consolidated version of the equinox tourney (two groups of swiss rounds, one at lane, one at tuttle, followed by a double elimination bracket at tuttle) this will be a ONE day tournament, as we want the double elimination bracket of MWC13 to be viewed by as many onlookers as possible. Talk shit about it here, http://leagueofbikepolo.com/a-midwestivus-for-the-rest-of-us

Sponsors for this are in no short supply, Sarah has been flooding our facebook with new sponsors constantly, keep up with that action on our tumblr http://columbusbikepolotournaments.tumblr.com/
Full list to be posted, and if you would like to sponsor, please email me at midwestchampionship2013@outlook.com and make sure to cc David at davidfrnkhsr@gmail.com
Already declared sponsors:

After parties
Friday: Registration/meetup rage and cuddle-fest (Location TBA)
Saturday: Post mayham outdoor bar fun attack at The Village Idiot http://www.facebook.com/VillageIdiotColumbus
Sunday: Sweet you-don't-have-work-on-monday/ Andy Lane (me) Birthday shitshow

Housing to be announced. There will be housing, but if you'd like to stay in a hotel and lessen the burden on us, please let us know ahead of time.

Stay tuned.


2nd ave and 6th street
Columbus, OH
United States

Signed up

love the poster

Hmm... Wish this wasn't the weekend before Bench Minor.

Thanks for announcing the date though. Poster looks great.

Yeah, with our time frame, it was either that or the week after LA5, sorry, best we can do.

Can't wait, glad it's close

Can we move the date back a weekend?


No, I understand the concern with BM the following weekend, but like I said, if we move it back a weekend we would be butted up next to LA5 instead. Since LA5 has qualifier implications (well, I know that it did last year, with the winner getting a spot at worlds, if this is not the case don't crucify me), nobody here wants discourage any midwestern ladies from making the trip. That and what Sarah said, this is the date that works for us.

NAH tried to shorten the qualifier season to 8 weeks to free up the season for other events, and whaddya know the two biggest non-NAH tournaments end up smack in the middle of that qualifying season!

solid point that people should be taking their scheduling complaints to the Ladies Army and Bench Minor people, not the qualifiers.

My thoughts exactly.

We (LA Bike Polo and yours truly) were looking to avoid scheduling conflicts but it didn't pan out. I'll make sure we steer clear of qualifier season for next year's Bench Minor. Really wasn't my intent to cramp folks style. Sorry about that.

Yeah we were VERY limited in picking our dates, both from NAH and their qualifying window, and the rink which we are booking due to their hockey league. Also I would like to point out that BM4 was posted last December.

this was obviously a rouse to keep me(and the rest of the MW slayers) from attending BM4. I personally blame columbus not BM4, i know your dates were announced wayyy in advance. I actually am sick of tournaments on memorial day. i would liek to be able to do memorial day type stuff with friends and family one of these years.

Yes, you've figured us out!
We did this to punish BM4/LABP/all of your friends and families.
In all seriousness though, we really had only two weekends to choose from, so either punish the slayers, or the women.
And I'm for sure more scared of the women.

I KNOW! GEEZZZZ! but what about the female slayers! did you even consider them!?

A lose-lose for sure.

this date is working best for columbus ladies and gents. :) sek

thank you guys for setting this up!




thank you. i just busted up laughing out loud at the bike shop. hahahahahaha

They're playing tonight in Chicago. If you leave now you can make it!

Midwest is best!!

Are there any duos out there looking for a third?!

Midwest is best!!

id love to play with you meg! i have not even tried to look for a team though.

YES!!! Let's do it! I'll ask around and see if anyone wants to join us. I may ask one of our newbies in Chicago because I really want them to play in a tourney.

Midwest is best!!

into it. you decide and i promise to be down for whatever!

4 courts + 3 more... is columbus heaven?

Considering the activities planned, more like Valhalla

do we have word on how registration will work for this? open clicky? certain amt from each city based on last years results? etc?

Messaged Ben about it, said that its currently under review.

I'm currently looking for a possible team. Either that or I'm debating genetically engineering teammates.

Bike Polo Ronin

Also looking for a team. Would like to qualify, shooting for the podium.
Looking for fast players to play 3 up, thread sweet passes, and score fat goals.

I'm normally good for 2-3 goals a game. I'm a polo lightweight, with good bike and ball handling.
Looking for Bruisers and Defense men.

we should talk about this more at the wingman! or sooner, either one. haha


"Bruising, defense, and going fast" is my middle name. It is a very long middle name.

If the ball is on the boards, I will get it.

Also mine is the strongest of beards.

wait do i read above right that you will have 7 courts?

I'll be updating on that situation. Looks to be 5 instead of 7 in total. More to follow.

You're only gonna have 5 courts??!!

Pshht.. Peasants.

If you can dream it, you can do it!

i thought it was 2 for the main event unless i got something wrong..

This was a communication breakdown between me and David F. The event is updated, 2 temporary courts at goodale, 3 others to be used for pickup/outsiders tourney, I'll post up a map of locations after I work these two 12 hour shifts I've got.

"3 others to be used for pickup/outsiders tourney"
If so I'm there with my party pants on!

-DFL folife

Consider it so, updating.

anyone looking for a fast fat kid to be their out of region 3rd?

agile for my size.

Anybody want to play?.. Here are the things I'll try to do; knock people over, put holes in people's wheel covers, break spokes and Stay on my bike. Otherwise rip shots at people's shins and play good goal are what I can do well. I want to play.

how are we deciding who plays in this? similar to last year and base it off off results from last MW perhaps?

COLUMBUS!?!?!? helloooooooooooo??? or is this Ben Schultz? Ben simon? jonny? sven idk who are reps are anyway....answer to how we are registering?

It's definitely Ben Simon. I'm pretty sure he's on it.

"Registration to be handled via NAH ruleset, THIS IS THE REGIONAL QUALIFIER, so if you don't get to play, blame somebody else. Registration details to follow."

Nothing in the ruleset mentions registration, so who knows?!

Yes I would like to know too please. I just happen to be in Seattle during their qualifier so I'd like to talk to cascadia about a team if for some reason my Midwest team doesn't get registered.


Any word on how teams will earn a spot to play in this qualifier?

Draft Thanh!


I really hope that the registration process for this tournament would not be like last years Midwest, with mix teams spots and then one for each city. Especially since you can only go to one qualifier this year, and I would like to play with my all lexington team but we have so many players and I'm sure we're not the only city with multiple teams that want to try and qualify for North Americans. Just my thoughts. I wouldn't be so bothered by how we did it last year if we could just take teams to other regions to try and qualify like last year.

^^^ this is why we need to have 2-3 sectionals before regionals. to have teams compete in a smaller 16-24 team tournament and then send the top 8-10 teams from those to the regionals.

riverside's leading the way here.


No, and don't get me started. Stupid Zach.

Or we could just revert the qualifying process to the 2012 system because it was perffffect.

Sub-Regions, let's go.

i did some sketchign of what sub regions might look like in the MW over a year ago, i think i lost my notes from that but basically ts something like MW north (WI, MN, WNPG) MW east (Ohio, IN, KY), MW west (IL, MO, Iowa) idk what the hell is up with michigan and why they are still in the NAH northern region. i guess id put them in the east division but then it seems loaded as far as pure # of teams in the MW east div.

sweet! we get iowa??

I see you've done some (re)districting to group urban and rural communities in with one another. You are like the GOP of the midwest, Jake!

Looking to fill in as the third for two in-region folks. Enthusiastic and serious, but wicked in to having a good time.

Sorry about a lack of updates, I know alot of you are asking about the registration process.
Ask NAH, it's completely out of our hands. :\

i disagree. we came up with our system last year and we can do it again. MW are revolutionaries and innovators.

Everyone who truly wants to compete should apply so we can get a census on the actual interest and a survey of the teams, then we can talk about methodology of entrance. More information is better. Lets just get a list going.

if its okay with Columbus someone could start a Google doc (jake you're the best!) It wouldnt be a registration, just a survey.

Otherwise just grant one slot to top 12 finishing clubs from last year and then open 20 to a clicky race.


fill this in if you want to play in the MW main event in Columbus

3 rows are filled in with 1 person from MPLS with 2 TBDs after it. You all should suck it up and play with each other!


Ha! Just pointed this out on our listserv too.

so this is just a straw-poll, correct?

edit: yup it is.

I wish all your blog posts went this way too!

I play solid defense and midfield.

Looking for a team, looking to have some fun.

make that four single players from MPLS....


Sorry, those other dudes are in it for blood. I'm not.

yall need some dr. phill in your lives

2 days (granted, there wasn't a set date for the release of this poll and some people might just not know about it) and it doesn't hit 32, especially considering how many empty slots in teams there are.

How would you guys like to proceed with formulating an entrance method? Any opinions on the "right way"?

I thought it was just a poll of who wanted to play...?
Not a team list..
But what do I know... Just going to play some polo my man, hit me up if ya want to form a team.

and you know this man.

I'd be in if a team needs a third..or a second. I drop hammers from the heavens and knock the shit out of an aerial ball.

when is registration?


Waiting to hear from NAH to see how they want to handle registration, though its been a long wait. If we don't hear back soon we'll be posting our own method.

Just messaged the Regional reps/Ben, hoping to have some answers for you guys over the next couple of days.

If i would stop making Ben work so hard at his new job in MKE working under me he might have more time for these things.

He was pretty on spot with his response, now as soon as I hear back from Chandel I'll open up the regestration.

god. is it next year yet.

keeping polo sinful.

who's on the committee?

Full transparency- Every State gets a vote, at large teams will be ranked top to bottom, tallys will be added, results released in no particular order.
Me/David Frankauser-Ohio
Kremin-Wisconsin (Regional Rep)
Jerod Walz-Illinois (Regional Rep)
Jimmy Flaherty-Kentucky (Regional Rep)
Zachary Woodward-Indiana (I Assume)
Missorian? Charlie? Nick? Simon?
Minnisotianite? Dustin? Anyone?

If you don't like this list because you have some sort of beef with your states rep, sorry, don't make so may enemies.

oh also, missou/minn get me names by the registration deadline please, kthanxbai.

Nick D is the minneapolis club rep, and as Mankato club rep I'll relinquish all responsibility of ranking at-large teams. He's in Seattle.

Cool, I'll put him down for Minn.

I'll vote dawg. nickjkruse@gmail.com

You are missing Manitoba (Winnipeg) from this list. I think JB is the club rep.

WPG has contacted me already. Thanks.


a vote on what? im confused. and kremin is bad at emails let me handle that please.

"Selection of at large teams to be made by committee again."


wait, i got lost there. are we voting on whether or not their will be a committee at all, or is that already determined and now i'm waiting to vote on the committee?

ben schicago wrote:

I would like to take the opportunity to say that Chris Williams and Jerod Walz are two of the best polo players I've ever had the privilege to set foot on the court with.

Also, super handsome.

You're going to vote for the teams you think deserve to compete at midwests. You're the committee. If you can't beat corruption, join it!!

I'll just say this polo-nepotism is bullshit. This means large cities can send their b or c or d teams with their club spot, and the guarantee of A teams getting in at-large. People were "honest" sort of last year, but this year the precedent is ingrained and therefore more easily manipulated.

That being said, I have no solution so I should probably shut up. Sub regions let's go.

sub regions yes! join my bandwagon!

This should happen next year.

Baseketball wrote:

Dan Patrick: With the first nine months of the Baseketball postseason out of the way, the playoff picture is starting to emerge.

Kenny Mayne: So, with last night's victory over Boston, next week the Milwaukee Beers must beat Indianapolis in order to advance to Charlotte. That's in an effort to reduce their magic number to three.

Dan Patrick: Right, and then the Beers can advance to the National Eastern Division North to play Tampa.

Kenny Mayne: So, if the Beers beat Detroit and Denver beats Atlanta in the American Southwestern Division East Northern, then Milwaukee goes to the Denslow Cup, unless Baltimore can upset Buffalo and Charlotte ties Toronto, then Oakland would play LA and Pittsburgh in a blind choice round robin. And if no clear winner emerges from all of this, a two-man sack race will be held on consecutive Sundays until a champion can be crowned.

Dan Patrick: Right.

also im gonna sound like a dick but no other way to say it. MKE's C team beat Mankato's A team at the MWO (if i remember correctly ,or it was a very close game) so why should our b and c teams not be considered ranked above your a teams? that's why sub regions makes sense and those teams would earn a spot and no city would be guaranteed a spot . it all becomes based on skill. lat year was a meld of talent and allowing all cities a spot. i do no think that is the future: hence sub regions for the win overall.

Actually we won that game. And then our B team knocked em out of the tournament.

But that's not the point, you're right.

Subregions are the way to go. More tournament experience for everyone, and ultimately a truer form of qualifying. I don't necessarily feel mankato deserves a spot in "the best teams of the midwest" but we aren't going to turn down that spot if it's given to us. The same reason I can't blame anyone else for taking advantage of the system as much as possible.

If its cool with him, i'ts cool with me.
I selected him because he's one of the midwest reps.

Anyone need a third? I would like to play.

I also am looking, apparently I don't even have a team anymore!

I am looking to join an at large bid I believe!

Good call out Roustem. We held MKE's C team to one goal and pulled out a close one but a win nonetheless. Our "B" team, which is an alphabetical stretch, also pulled out a close one against them. A true testament to Mankato's hard work since we don't have the luxury of practicing with some of the regions absolute best.

I only have 4 club and 5 at large teams registered thus far, even if your on the selection committee i still need you to register, send those emails fools.

You only announced that registration would open yesterday two days ago. A lot of people that read the board aren't as crazy as... Let's say someone like me, for instance.

bitch, you crazy

Can you shoot me an email and let me know what it is you need and when? I've been out of the loop this weekend. I'm pretty sure i know what's up but i could use some clarification.

EDIT: Nevermind, I see the new info up top now that I'm on a computer and not my phone.

can anybody give an exact number of how many city A teams are guaranteed; and how many popularity based at large teams can get in?
Will these at large teams get ranked? or will people be fighting and voting for there own sub A club teams

Well, that depends on how many clubs want to send a team, I'm banking on 17 club teams currently, though I have no idea if some of the Indiana clubs are going to be registering, also, does Dayton still exist? so there should be 12-15 at large spots, there will be rankings, each member of the selection committee will rank the teams, then email those lists to me so that I can tally and release a final team lineup. though I won't release the individual lists (if you can however get one of the other selection committee members to release their rankings, that's fine), the totals can be put up online if everyone seems to prefer that.

The Bobel brothers from Cleveland need a third. Slayer + Goon preferably, because we have an image to uphold. Reply by 3pm EST today.

we'll say we're from Dayton if we have to

If its the deadline your worried about jon, you should scroll up and read those dates again.

ok well i will amend the post

No immediate rush actually, we have more time.

hey we found a 3rd. thanks people. see you in a few months!

What only 32 teams will be at this tourney. You should still accept 48 teams. Just split into three groups. Each group is assign to a specific court. At the end of the day tally the best teams out of the three groups then you have your second day.

What about being for fare? The committee can split the groups up according to skill. Each group will have the same amount of slayer teams etc..

A qualifying tournament that sets lower entry limits only means its more bias towards stronger teams. Weaker teams will not have a chance to beat teams that weren't selected by the committee there fore not giving them a chance of qualifying for second day.

Last year Madison had to let everyone know that the tournament was not full, even at 32. The midwest can no longer fill a 48 team qualifier because many people have lost interest in attending competitive tournaments. 32 is the right number, and I'm willing to bet that any team you find yourself on will be accepted, Thanh!

I mean, look at the numbers from our straw poll google doc. It is sitting at 32 teams with ~10 teams posting a TBD. Some "teams" are only one person.

Everyone who wants to compete will almost certainly get to. Especially if people are honest with themselves and realize they have the option of the side event for fun and better competition. And next year we can do sub-regional qualifiers into this tournament.

Did not know Madison did not fill. For Midwest who will qualify for na's

I believe the top 12 or 13 or somewhere around there. Zach from bloomington could tell you this number.

If this is the structure that was approved — and I'm pretty sure it was — it's the top nine teams (podium + 6).


I'd also like to note that we still only have 23 teams registered for the big dance, and that you all should register if you want to attend.

You can register in person this weekend at the Wingman2 in COMO if you'd like to.

Big thanks to two new sponsors!
DZR Shoes
Pattycake bakery

Three NEW sponsors as of today!
Chrome bags
St. Cago
More thanks and gratitude for those folks

I heard there is might be still open spot to register for the tournament is this true. And is there anyone looking for a 3rd. I want to play.


Registration is closed. I have exactly 32 teams registered. There will be no selection committee process, I'll have a team list up sometime today or tomorrow!

Dat unofficial list:
No Particular order
XX Indicates an unknown.
1- Cincinnati B (Joe Z CINCINNATI- Thomas Brannan CINCINNATI- Chris Hackman CINCINNATI)
2- Cleveland B (Matt Bobel CLEVELAND- Jon Bobel CLEVELAND- XX XX)
3- Tyrannasaurus Ripped (Ebben Martin MINNEAPOLIS- Ramone MINNEAPOLIS- Aren MINNEAPOLIS)
4- Bitch please (Sarah Elizabeth COLUMBUS- Colleen COLUMBIA- Pat LEXINGTON)
5- Columbus B (Peter Brown COLUMBUS- David Frankhauser COLUMBUS- Greg Brunner PITTSBURG)
6- XX (Kelly Strosser CHICAGO- Matt Bailey LEXINGTON- XX XX)
7- XX (Drew Combs LOUISVILLE- Chris Hammersly LEXINGTON- Adam Dirks TORONTO)
8- XX (Nick Kruse COLUMBIA- Charlie Hill COLUMBIA- Nick Dellwo MINNEAPOLIS)
9- XX (Brian Bolles CHICAGO- Tim D COLUMBIA- Quinn Kerry-Rockov LEXINGTON)
11- MKE B (Eric Kremin MILWAUKEE- Pierre WASHINGTON DC- Brian Dillman SAN FRANCISCO)
12- The Makers (Chris Simpson MILWAUKEE- Ben Schultz MILWAUKEE- Nick McLean LEXINGTON)
13- XX (Mick CHICAGO- Charlie Seeman CHICAGO- Andy Lane COLUMBUS)
14- XX (Tucker Reeb COLUMBUS- Jon Blake COLUMBUS- Andy Willis COLUMBUS)
15- Threeskin (Davis Murphy BLOOMINGTON- Nick Crowe BLOOMINGTON- Max Kohen BLOOMINGTON)
16- XX (Nick Barwick COLUMBIA- Amy Cunningham COLUMBIA- Katherine Wilcox COLUMBIA)
17- XX (Tori Miner BLOOMINGTON- Jeremy Green BLOOMINGTON- XX XX)
18- XX (Michael McCollum LOUISVILLE- Kelli Jurewicz COLUMBIA- Brandon COLUMBIA)
19- Mission from God (Jared Walz CHICAGO- Rob Glatfelter CHICAGO- Omar CHICAGO)
20- Columbus A (Justin Brown COLUMBUS- Michael Fletcher COLUMBUS- Josh Direen COLUMBUS)
21- MKE A (Jake Newborn MILWAUKEE- Guthrie MILWAUKEE- Matt Hewitt MILWAUKEE)
23- Cleveland A (Robert Knauer CLEVELAND- Lou CLEVELAND- Ryan CLEVELAND)
24- Tree City (Zach Woodward BLOOMINGTON- Evan Knipstine BLOOMINGTON- Travis BLOOMINGTON)
26- The Stragglers (Ian Bulling CINCINNATI- Alan Dykstra CINCINNATI- Chris Evans CINCINNATI)
28- STL A (Nick Knobbe SAINT LOUIS- Jake Wheeler SAINT LOUIS- XX XX)
29- Thrones (Aaron Hand COLUMBIA- Nic Maglio COLUMBIA- Christan Losciale COLOMBIA)
30- Mankato (Joe MANKATO- Bruce MANKATO- XX XX)
31- Handsome Boy polo club (DECATUR, ILLINOIS)
This list will be sent off to be entered into hardcourtbikepolo.org upon my return from Riverside, you have until then to contact me to make changes. Payment will be up then as well.
thanks bunches

I know I spelled names wrong, but I don't care.

Was anyone turned away? How long did it take to fill up?

Nobody was turned away, filled up about an hour before registration closed.

So it took the better part of about 10 days for it to fill, correct? Not directed at you, Andy, but can we skip all of this nonsense next year? Madison had room to fit a team from Northside last year, and it took over a week for it to fill this year. The Midwest isn't special. We don't need a special registration process.

I merely established a process to deal with a problem that could have very well happened, one more team and we would have had to use it. Also the only reason it took ten days is because I gave these turds ten days.

The problem hasn't happened twice in a row now, despite the 32 team limit on both tournaments. No, you wouldn't have "had to" use the committee process if just one more team had applied, especially if that one team got to the computer 9 days after registration opened. That's called snoozing and losing, dude. Furthermore, justifying abnormal registration processes with a handful of hypotheticals is no way to run a sports league.

I've done well to keep from taking cheap shots or making this debate personal, and I would appreciate the same in return. Principles are not silly, and NAH would seem a lot more legitimate if it held itself to them consistently.

It was a joke, at no point did I intend to make it personal.
I'm not going further into this, I still have another registration process, payment method to figure out/establish, a budget to set, a city to finish dealing with, boards to find, a venue for Friday night to secure, sponsors to figure out, housing to figure out, not to mention I like to do other things too. And this is all fine, don't get me wrong, I enjoy working on this,and I enjoy the enthusiasm people (Not just you, the jab was meant more towards the collectives ability to ask me the same question in 800 ways simultaneously) have shown on the subject. I can't wait to see how we do this from now on, whether it's sub-regions, committees or click races. However, whats done is done, We've all got shit to do, everyone seems happy.I'm happy, let's all be happy?

Im confused. What is the official NAH format for deciding which eligible teams are allowed into a qualifier, if there were to be more interested than spaces available?

This is not rhetorical and I'm sorry if I missed its being stated earlier. I would just like to know what would happen if there were 33-48 teams interested?

the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

I don't know how other regions were going to handle such a situation, as for the Midwest, we had a selection committee process set up, the reason you don't see it is because I removed it from the event description, as we didn't use it.

Jon - Here's what happened, both this year and last:

The host city's indicated that they had room for only 32 teams. An effort was made to find a solution in order to accommodate 48. No demands were levied. When it became clear that the host city felt most comfortable hosting 32, the Midwest reps worked with tourney organizers to find an solution.

NAH did not advocate this limitation. It's midwest regional and club reps simply assisted the organizers in finding a solution.

Thanks, Ben. I know that NAH didn't push for a 32 team tournament. I still don't like the proposed solution or how easily last year repeated itself, but like last year, no actual harm done. With that, I am dropping it for this year and looking forward to not picking it up again next year.

next year we will have sectionals before regionals anyway sooooo lets move one. is there anyone out there who is super pissed they are not playing in MW champs this year and would be a competitor in any fashion of the word?

quit your whining, LOMAX. that was personal. punk.

if pat g (lex) doesnt play with us due to travel. i will need a 3rd. ill keep the board posted

New Sponsor - Modifide Bike Polo Equipment

Still looking for 3rd as well!

Im looking to get on a team.


Another new sponsor!
Seagull bags is sending some prizes to us from alllllllll the way down the street.

So I don't see teams from a few midwest cities/clubs on here, what is the reasoning? Distance? Tournament Mentality? Date? Format on if people can play?

Just curious, I also see it has taken a bit for the East to fill in as well. Maybe it is just because we are taking out the other regions from each other's events.

I know of a few Midwesterners going to Eastsides and Northsides. For me, it was about playing with my teammate from Philly and timing of tournament announcement. For some of the others, it was about availability of all of the players on their team for a given tournament.

Winnipeg is out because of distance and timing.

If you want my body, and you think i'm "pretty neat" all you have to do is ask, cause i'll play.

Payment is up, please give me all your hard-earned money as soon as you can.

Can you repost payment details please? thanks.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

L2 scroll up, its posted on the event discription

Howdy folks, for those of you who haven't played polo in Columbus before, or haven't been lucky enough to catch him crushing skulls at other tourneys, I'd like to introduce you to "Big" John (Blake).
Jon has been building the best looking dollhouses you have ever heard of for years now (aka MKE housing modules) so when it came time to start work on the MWRQ courts, Jon was clearly the best candidate to start construction on them.
And oh my, my oh my, He's hard at work making THE BEST TEMPORARY COURTS.
Seriously, everyone should bring him thank you gifts, because at least to my knowledge, shit's never been this good.
There's loads of people hard at work on this tourney besides just me, and jon though.
I'd like to just acknowledge some of that labor while i'm thanking people.
Sarah Elizabeth- at the point I'm typing this the MWRQ has 28 sponsors in total, and I belive Sarah is responsible for 26 of them, you get swag because Sarah's been a vocal member of the midwest bike community since before your dad took the training wheels of your bike (she's not actually that old, please don't scold me Sarah)
Cody "LoveHandles" Goshorn- Go the Cbus polo website, read, win. Cody has been handling the cbus page for a bit now, and every time he writes anything, I crack up like a little girl. Not just the web page though, CoCo has also been helping me with payment, as well as tinkering with the midwestivus, which has been his baby from the start (yes, he made the wonderful narwhal poster).
SHEREMEY (Jeremy/Shannon)- Check pinchflatpress out via the link in our sponsors section, Jeremy's designs are going to be everywhere and on everything, I've been trying to whore out his stickers for a while now, and for good reason, its such tight butthole.
All of Columbus is helping, this is not a list of people running things, just extra special folks who deserve credit for the work that they do for all of us.


I feel no pressure.

awww thanks. bud! i do what i can:) and yes accolades to jon blake for sure

housing for one tiny team.

I'm a potential third if anyone wants a hard hitting VA boy who just moved to Chi town. Ask about me.


Did that sound homosexual or something? No one responded at all.


Look up at that list, I know there's loads of teams looking for thirds, like jeremy from bloomington, the bobel bros, and maybe even ditka, facebook is better for team making than this silly place.

Housing/ Contact info.
If a name has no phone number, call me and I'll set you up with who your looking for, map of locations to come.
Note that this also applies to players coming in for the midwestivus
Andy Lane-9377281696- Chicago/Virginia/North Carolina (if your from one of these places I'm your contact)
Cody Goshorn-5132066340-Cincinnati
Calyin Driscoll- -GreenBay
Fletcher-6143160997- Milwaukee/Half-o-Lex
David F.-3303981441-Bloomington(this may change)/Pitt/Half-o-Lex
Jeremy-6308498531- COMO/STL
Sarah K-6143273789-Louisville
Kevin S.- - Indy/Decatur
Justin Brown-3305094362- Cleveland/Minneapolis
Suzy- Contact Justin Brown-Layfette/Fort Wayne
Andy Willis- -Mankato
Jon Blake- -For anyone wanting a good nights rest
Josh Direen- Overflow (if your house is too full)
Did I not house you?
So sorry.
Please contact me and I'll fix that.
Going to hotel/Into camping, also let me know.

thank you!

so i just noticed that this size for these courts are 120 x 65. is that within NAH regulations? it is only 2 tennis courts wide? that seems like a 2v2 court...

It is the responsibility of tournament organizers to ensure that competition facilities meet the criteria
outline by NAH. Tap in locations must be clearly marked.
Courts must be no larger than 155 feet long by 80 feet wide (47.25m x 24.5m) but no smaller
than 125 feet long by 60 feet wide (38m x 18m)9. Center court and goal lines are to be marked on
the playing surface of the court."

or is that the festivus court? the google link up top takes you to a parking lot, but in description it lists goodale park???

I think Lex's courts are 120' long if that helps. I'd imagine it's a standard length of a fenced tennis court. 120 is certainly longer than Madison's were last year.

Let's just do this in Milwaukee.

In response to your questions jake the google link is incorrect by a long shot, we'll get that fixed. The courts are going to measure 65 x 120. And are on 4 consectutive tennis courts seperated by a fence on the west side of goodale park. As nick alluded to that was the largest tennis court we were able to find and seemed to be standard over all the courts we measured. In earlier conversation with NAH folks this year I was made to understand that the court minimum was 120 x 60. Seems that was incorrect. These facilities stand to be pretty fucking good as well as centrally located in the middle of the city and with more than enough parking.

If we are gonna need to find new courts in the next 4 weeks I don't know that we can guarantee anywhere near as good a locale or playing surface. let alone all the great ammenities that come with this area we'll be playing. We will also need to recalculate materials needs as well as completely start again with our parks and rec as different locations are under different neighborhood authorities. As no shot at past Midwest hosts, as all have done a great job, I'm not sure how many have met this requirement. If people feel we need to put an all but settled and ready to go tournament in jeopardy over 5 feet we can discuss it but our club paid for this and we're just waiting for may 25th.

Also I appreciate the need for standards and regulations in growing sport and the oversight in size was seemingly mine. That said this is a growing sport and 5 feet is a small growing pain in this process and a small price to pay for the awesome tournament we have planned.

In response to your questions jake the google link is incorrect by a long shot, we'll get that fixed. The courts are going to measure 65 x 120. And are on 4 consectutive tennis courts seperated by a fence on the west side of goodale park. As nick alluded to that was the largest tennis court we were able to find and seemed to be standard over all the courts we measured. In earlier conversation with NAH folks this year I was made to understand that the court minimum was 120 x 60. Seems that was incorrect. These facilities stand to be pretty fucking good as well as centrally located in the middle of the city and with more than enough parking.

If we are gonna need to find new courts in the next 4 weeks I don't know that we can guarantee anywhere near as good a locale or playing surface. let alone all the great ammenities that come with this area we'll be playing. We will also need to recalculate materials needs as well as completely start again with our parks and rec as different locations are under different neighborhood authorities. As no shot at past Midwest hosts, as all have done a great job, I'm not sure how many have met this requirement. If people feel we need to put an all but settled and ready to go tournament in jeopardy over 5 feet we can discuss it but our club paid for this and we're just waiting for may 25th.

Also I appreciate the need for standards and regulations in growing sport and the oversight in size was seemingly mine. That said this is a growing sport and 5 feet is a small growing pain in this process and a small price to pay for the awesome tournament we have planned.

Don't worry, jake left out this tidbit from rule 2.1.1:

§ – Exceptions may be made to this rule by petitioning the NAH Tournament Committee.

Could we have an updated team/player list? Excel spreadsheet?

Worth it.

I don't see the team list up on hardcourtbikepolo.org yet, nor have I gotten a response to the email I sent about month ago about setting up Podium.

These are important things, don't leave them to the last minute!!

Are you gonna be there? Some help might be needed..

Just shy of 24 hours until we depart for Columbus and have a few questions. We get in around three to check in at our hotel, then off to explore a bit. Will there be pick up at the Lane & High street courts tomorrow evening? Will there be early registration tomorrow night, and if yes then where? What time do we start on Saturday?

Hey guys, I know I'm a bit behind on filling everyone in, my apologies.
Lets do a quick run down of this weekend.
Friday- Get into town, contact your host (Scroll up, or call me for that info 9377281696)
Depending on when you get into town the event courts may/may not be completed, but most of us should be there, so, pickup. these courts are unfortunately NOT at goodale park anymore, the event now has been updated to the new location (2nd Ave. at 6th St.) Then come get silly at my house (1870 N. 4th St.)
Saturday- Tourney starts at 9am Food will be served (thanks North Market) Midwestivus also starts at 9am at Tuttle park (on West Oakland), then off to the village idiot (High st. near king) for 1$ pbrs and 2$ whiskey shots
Sunday- Wake up, back to the courts at 9am. Sweet dancing rollerskate ladies halftime show around 1pm (thanks Bob Knauer) Food will be served around this time. Then go home, or don't, I can't make you do anything, I'll be here for anyone who wants to stay sunday night.

Thank you, Andy! One questions though, what time will PM bracket start?


Wait... What? The tournament location changed? No longer at gooddale?

SW or SE corner of 6th st & 2nd Ave?

Also, final team list.

Did STL pay? Last I heard those dudebros weren't making it. Also, when can we expect to see the brackets?


Times 100 on the realasing of morning and afternoon brackets. Afternoon players should not have to get tothe courts at nine am. Also what's up with the location change last minute. Are we playing on four foot boards? Sorry for sounding concerned but I am a bit.

Edit .. I think I still owe you money too

No brackets yet... But the.boards are beautiful. Some of the best I've seen. The negatives are that it is only 125ft and the service is a little sketch.


the bracket is up, have fun finding your team :-* http://followpodium.com/midwest2013


Thanks for stepping up, Aaron!!

Photo's up! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kyleroland/