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Milwaukee Bike Polo Friendlies

Sunday, August 15, 2010
Host club: 
Court size: 
100' x 150' (30.5m x 46m)

Cancel your tickets to Berlin and come to the Milwaukee Bike Polo Friendlies.

The tournament will be on Sunday with a full day of pick-up on Saturday. We'll be cooking both days in the park and drinking beer made be Megan (ComoMegs) that is better than anything the Hofbräuhaus ever came out with. Also, there will be parties on both nights.

Tournament play on Sunday begins at 11:00am.

Pick-up on Saturday goes from noon till dark.

Registration starts Saturday night and ends at 11:00 Sunday morning.

See you soon :-)


Washington Park Milwaukee, WI
United States

Signed up

tourney, tourney, first prize will be ..... You Get Drunk!!!!!!!!!! What are the plans lets get some teams together and play. Maybe win some small fry prizes. Lets do it. Random team setups maybe. ill give out a prize (one bottle of cheap whiskey) maybe now you guys will come

omg i wish i was able to come to this. =]

I'll get some prizes in the works, maybe we should get ahold of the pbr fellows as well...

mad_sam (not verified)

I'll be at Great Taste of the Midwest, sorry. Have to get my beer on.

cant you read? 30 gallons of beer?


mad_sam (not verified)

Great Taste of the Midwest is more than 100 microbreweries bringing more than 500 beers to Madison. All-you-can-drink for all afternoon. And all day Sunday to recover.

Have fun this weekend Milwaukee and the outeroftowners coming in.

good luck boys, whoop ass



Midwest is best!!

Thanh, we should use your car to drag a bunch of picnic tables over to the courts....then chain them together

how about using my truck and trailer planning on bringing some equipment to clean up the courts.

prizes? get drunk? sounds like milwaukee polo to me

Get rad

To make the beer happen, we will need someone to drive to Madison with me to pick up the kegs. We will also need a CO2 tank and regulator and two hoses. Is there anyone that can help with this?

Midwest is best!!

than - ill be there saturday bright n early (ten cool?) to help clean up and set shit up and get some pick up in cause i have to work at night : /


Bah! I wish play was on saturday instead of sunday.... maybe i can switch my days off. That 100x150 court sounds luxurious.

play can become saturday if there is a need for it well maybe not but come out

So it looks like no one from Chicago will be present on Saturday, which sucks I know. If I had a car still I definitely would be there with my beer in tow. Unfortunately, since I will not be there my beer will not be consumed on Saturday. Let's hope that I can make it happen on Sunday though. I apologize for this, but it is most certainly out of my hands.

Midwest is best!!

We don't care about the beer as long as you make it here! (However that's not saying you shouldn't bring it)

I like your polo.

That's very sweet of you Zach! I'll try my hardest to make it happen.

Midwest is best!!

If we're going to still have a tourney on Sunday, how does everyone feel about each throwing in $5 and the winning team splits the money? Also, for teams should we do them at random? Coed(at least one girl on each team)? Divide people up evenly according to experience level? What does everyone think?

Midwest is best!!

I vote for a drunken mallet toss...

x2 and we're leaving teams up to how many people and who shows up.

I like your polo.

At least 4 of us are coming from Chicago this morning. Hope to be there by 11.