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Moshtrocity Polo Triathlon

Saturday, August 27, 2011 - Sunday, August 28, 2011
Host club: 
Cincinnati Hardcourt
Contact info: 
Chris @ cincygoose@gmail.com
Court size: 
1 polo court 110' x 60'; 1 fooseball table 56" x 30"; one flip cup table 3' x 3'

Cincinnati's finest would like to cordially invite all Ohio clubs, as well as it's bordering states (may be relaxed depending on how many teams are interested), to the first official Mostrocity Polo trainwreck. Coinciding with our local bike clubs annual event, the aforementioned Mostrocity, we will be throwing a one day tourney with all the festivities of a frat party (with far less risk of date rape).

The tourney will be teams of three competing in a trio of bro-tastic events. Each event winning you and your team one point. Every match-up will include:
- one game of polo
- one game of foosball
- tiebreaker game of flip cup (non-alcoholic beverages will be provided for those who don't like to party)

That being said, the weekends festivities are not limited to Sunday's tournament. The tentative schedule is as follows:
-Group ride to critical mass (we try to get an out of towner to "take it over" which usually makes it pretty interesting)
-Scavenger Hunt!!!!! Probably the coolest thing you will ever do....
-Punk Rock After Party till the wee hours of the morn

-Grill out
-A large group ride across our fine city of sausage to designated spots for bike games. including but not limited to:
chariot racing, tall bike slow race, footdown, whiplash, tall bike jousting, etc.
-More partying

-Brunch at the polo courts

Everyone is welcome to come to all, or just some, of the days. It's your decision on how much party you want to bring upon yourself.

We have more than enough housing. Just e-mail Chris @ cincygoose@gmail.com, and we will hook it up.

Registration will be $15 per team. We will be capping registration at a later determined number of teams, so please grab a spot ASAP, so we can get the logistics sorted out.


Evans St. Park
700 evans st 45204
cincinnati, OH
United States

Signed up

all these sunday things are killing my vacation time

tell 'em it's a sales luncheon, and have 'em expense account it! i'll buy something if you want me to so you can say it's legit

no date rape? fuck it

talk shit and burn bridges

I will be date raping Jimmy while listening to some Dave Mathews Band and wearing cargo shorts!

i need a team.

Lomax team up with me!

I would happily... if I was still coming. I'll be going to Rochester, so ya'll can have fun without me getting cranky and yelling at the Bloomington boys. I hope that there's something else between now and Louisville in October, 'cause I already miss all of you Midwest kids.

The Midwest Open is in Milwaukee in October, silly!

Midwest is best!!

oh darn. well alright, So Lucy(Ann Arbor) and I are still looking for a third!!

Indiana Invite is this weekend-- start driving!

I can't go to Bloomington this weekend. I will be in northern michigan. have fun though guys! I wish I could go...

Also, our normal pick up days are tues and thurs. if anyone wants to just come early and vegitate/play polo, come on in early. plenty of places to stay and lots of stuff to do. I know of people coming in as early as wednesday the 24th. whether you want to brush up on your foosball skills or drinking habits, we can accomodate. also please e-mail me with team info (folks names, team name, housing needs etc.), asap. I'd like to start getting things rolling so I can spread out the tasks soon. Thanks guys and gals, can't wait to see everyone!

when pigs fly.

Thanks guys, very fun time. Too bad I could only be there Sunday.

Kinda weird.... but if anyone found a sewing machine in a cardboard box around the courts or at the tall bike event, please let me know. It's mine.