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Saturday, June 27, 2015 - Sunday, June 28, 2015
Host club: 
Bici Polo Tapatío
Contact info: 

Info will come

Registration fee 75 usd per team



Signed up

what size are the courts?

Do you just ask this for every tournament whether or not you are even considering going?

no actually...but I will GO to almost any tournament being played on REAL courts just to play FLOLO. for me playing polo is actually FUN...I'm not a "whatever it takes to win" kind of doucher. I just go out and try to make the bike and the ball walk and talk and try to make it look pretty. if other players do the sane then the game is fun and even looks fun. short court polo discourages passing, discourages three out for fear of longshot and therefore discourages FLOLO. I think short court stop/start polo is ugly. it is boring to play and boring to watch so I ask if that's what's gonna be played and if it's short court then I can scratch it off the list. thanks for your interest though...see you on a REAL court!

This was last year (so a regulation hockey rink made smaller, and squarer). I have no info on whether this is the same court

thanks for the info

do you know what were the final dimensions of the court?

yo MXQ! what size is your court?

Email mexico@nahardcourt.com

Sadly this year those courts wont be able for us, but we're working in a brand new ones, give us a few days and I will reply you with the info.

Suerte y puntería

ok...let me know! I wanna come play with y'all but I hate short court polo!

Hey! The courts are gonna be 40x20m