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NACCC 2009 - Boston 8-1-09

Saturday, August 1, 2009
Host club: 

We are going to have a one day tourney on Saturday August 1st as part of this year's NACCC.

There will be a cap on the number of teams, so please let me know ASAP if you are definitely coming.
I'll also see about finding people spots to crash.

There is no entry fee as far as I know. The weekend is going to be a big party, so come play polo, party, and check out the races.


United States

Signed up

just realized this wasn't coming up on the tourney listing so i reposted it.

please let me know if you plan on coming.


I think I have a team. save us a spot.

that ugalde design is sick.


Yeah I might have a team too, I'm lookin' forward to this.

+10 on the Paul Revere illustration!

hey girlfriend im coming to visit again oh geeez look there just happens to be a polo tournamnt again weird.

HA! Good one Ryan. She's gonna be rootin' for me in Denver too!

hahaha alex just got burned

Tim in LA 818

a dude mikey will be in town looking to be a third. he is from new orleans not top level but has his moments. for just playing just under a year. will be a good third.

this will be a good chance for everyone to come to Boston for a serious race and a not so serious time of polo, just good bros and gals hittin the ball around.

blunt before every game?


RVA polo


there was talk about this being throw-in teams? is that talk or for reals?

yeah i would be down with that... i just don't want to piss people off who are really set on playing with a certain team.

it's really up to everyone who shows up. we can like do a vote or something the day of.

i vote for teams of our own choosing.
anyone who wants to play throw-in should just come back to nyc with us for pick-up in The Pit on sunday.

make sure to let us know in advance as it will certainly change the plans of some of those going


if you got a team you want to play with no one will break you up.

if people who don't have teams set want to mix it up and choose like that, that's cool with me.

basically ... stay high.

Nobody can break up the Special Friends. Nobody...

back to basics jav, you know i like it


i am a free agent open to offers.

You're picking me up at the Vancity airport on Saturday buddy and then we're going ballin'. Fuck Boston. CASCADIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111


hmm, boston or picking up brian and angelo from the airport... how ever will i decide?

I would pick Boston... seriously

Mallets Of Mayhem

Little Richmond Bike Polo

Choose Boston.
There are some special friends going that would love to see you there.

my only special friends are cannabis and beer. oh, and the hunters.



why even blur out adam's face? we all know...


Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...


Just wanted to poke fun at Jokers comment.

two of those friends will definitely be there, in large amounts



already started stocking up on booze for my housewarming party on friday night. hope y'all are around for it.

basically a metric shit ton of these guys:

(you must supply your own naked chick on a horse)

holy fuck are you coming to this? piet play with me and nick!!!!!

jav, msg me on the thing if you have a some good ideas. which nick?

hey javier I'm comin up from NYC but havent sorted out a team yet - please reserve us a spot while I figure that out. thanks pal


"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

word up!

im planning on being there also, but not sure of a team yet....

wish i could be out there for this, would love to play with you guys again

dood it would be ill to play against you and dustin and leon again that was a good game, maybe in Philly we can work something out.

we can make that happen if you come out to seattle...

yes, i have a team for you and everything. it's time to put on your "fuck it, let's party" pin and wear it like a man.




some of us coming in friday afternoon, what time is pickup starting? at allston?


we usually start around 6, but we may play earlier.

and yeah, Allston.

f-ing jobs, ride bikes/play polo

yeah I'm off tomorrow so call me when you guys get in and I'll come meet up or whatever.

267 2Four2 7sex21

Special Friends! Special Friends! Special Friends!

who one?

Alex D


tourney turned into a day of pickup games and grudge matches. much fun was had by all. the end.

Any Pictures?

"We don't need no education"

i heard from a miwaukee courier that there was some Milwaukee players that showed up and kicked ass... can you confirm or deny this? maybe the peorson he was taalking to was talking about ESPI.
-hero squad * milwaukee, wi-

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

no one i knew was there. some out of towners played, but no one from MKE afaik.

3 on 3 Chicago vs Chicago went down. MY SIDE WON, we were the northside.