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NAHBPC Thread #2

I'm trying to book my flight this morning, and I'm reading on the forum that registration is closed? Does this mean I can't get in now or what? Like to figure it out before I drop a bunch of cash on a flight....can someone shed some light on this for me?

i believe yesterday was the deadline for registration. kansas city also snoozed on this.

everything you have heard about me is true


KC has a team registered...

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

we do?? haha, we dont know what the fuck is going on. we ar terrible.

everything you have heard about me is true

yea!!! hahahahahah you are playing on it! team #33 on the list

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

i registered a team but didn't pay for it and thank god i didn't because our team fell apart. the right person knows we won't make it, they'll figure it out. sorry for the inconvenience. and yes, we're terrible.

so you guys aren't coming now? there go all my fountain related heckles, thanks a lot...

wait... theres a list?

everything you have heard about me is true

Get it together, elrod!

dude the registration deadline was posted a month ago. a couple teams still need a third, you coming on your own?

Hey. Are there people who still need a third? I'm coming after all... and need a team.

Your good justin. Johnny already had a team registered.

Thanks, for the call Johnny, and ya wasn't paying a lot of attention the last little while cause I've been working ridiculous hours, and was trying to get our tourney done with too....which went awesome

I am turning 20 on Saturday. THIS WILL BE AWESOME.

(Are all the venues going to be cool about this? Because we'll have a grip of unhappy players if they're hassling the under-21 crowd.)


So Saturday night will be 21+ but nothing else would be. Sorry, i worked really hard on an all ages venue and it feel through last week and had to work to make this happen.

Plenty of great stuff in madison though so no worries.


make the JC thing on monday night

and here is a map of places MKE & MAD http://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&hl=en&msa=0&msid=1139193528978151...

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

So between the 6 courts and 3 days, how much pick up is expected??

Would it be worth my precious unemployment dollars to spend on gas to come just for pick up?

We will have at least three courts open for pickup every 30 minutes on friday in the AM and PM bracket. We will have less pick up on saturday but still plenty. Sunday will move down to 4 courts then 2 courts fairly quickly.

will these courts be available on thursday as well?

perhaps not the tournament courts, but there will definitely be pickup at the Thunderdome, which is two blocks from the Thursday night party. Corner of Paterson and Dayton on the roof.

So about four of us Lexington kids kind of dropped the ball when it comes to planning where we'll rest our weary heads and all of that, and now we're scrambling to get that sorted out (preferably on the free end of the cheap scale). Any floor spots left anywhere? Alternately, where are people camping at? 'Cause we're down to pitch some tents.

5 of us Chicago kids are planning on pitching tents too.
I think one of us figured out where, I'll get a hold of them tomorrow and bother you on facebook or call Chris.
Or I'll realize I'm wrong make another post asking about where to pitch tents.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Awesome. Chicago+Lex tent party. We'll bring the bourbon. Bother me on Facebook about it- I think Chris and Tiff got themselves a hotel room? Maybe?

Oh those fancy pants assholes.
Of course they did.
I'll bring the rum.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.



"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

X173937 on tent pitching. It just makes me laugh. But seriously, who got room in thir tent for ol Jared. This weekend I'm an honorary lexingtonite right? I gottah stick with the crew seeing as there is only two south Florida player comin...
I'll bring the ruckus

.. And root beer

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

The two of us from denver are bringing a huge tarp so we will try to figure out how much space we can make underneath it.

We will bring the mile high goods.

So far as I'm concerned you'll be an honorary Lexingtonian, at least for the weekend. I'm sure we'll have room for you, even if it means I'll be sleeping under the stars while you dudes all sausage party it up in the tents. Which, I'll probably do anyway....


I bet we can make some crazy coverings with our tent/tarp powers combined (hey Denver, heeeeeeey). No matter what happens, I'm pretty excited about all of this.

Im going to use my former lexingtonian status to revoke any lexingtonian status that Maxx may or may not receive. Just saying. I play with this guy all the time, and he could never cut it in SEXY LEXY. I will not accept this.....

That will never work.

I'm pretty sure she's referring to jared/furies
and I don't need any status besides
A) Brickyard
B) Denver
C) Colorado Cup Winner
D) Chiller than you (naturally)

See ya Friday goony.

Sometimes you kill me.

That will never work.

Yo Chicago/Lexington, LA would like to get in on this tent pitching.

Here's my email. Aamaya13@gmail.com

I'll bring vodka.

Good God this work week can not be over soon enough! I'll be spending all afternoon tomorrow drinking High Life and tuning up polo ponies. I'll see you all on Thursday!

Bike Polo Ronin


hurry the fuck up week!

Who needs a third? I'm coming to the tournament.

I have a Cascadian "A" player available, all interested inquiries please inquire within.

  • Screen shot 2010-07-14 at 4.24.37 AM.png

okay, so we had a motel on hand since way back, but I had no idea how close token creek park was until I looked at Sam's map (thanks!)

are other people camping here? just called and got the following info; its too late to reserve a spot but they keep open 20-25 for walk ins. campsites are $16/night and allow 6 people w/ no limitations on amounts of tents/sleeping bags as long as they fit within the camping area. pretty sure the rest of my team+julia still wanna do the motel, but I'd rather do this if I can get some people to throw down on a site with me and if other crews are staying in this area.

mad_sam (not verified)

Yeah, Token Creek is crazy ridiculous close if you have a car. I'd encourage anyone interested in camping to try and get a walk-up site there. If you get enough people early enough, you could conceivably take over enough available spots to have Tent City 2010.

even biking its only 5 miles away! given that stroughton road isn't too crazy!

mad_sam (not verified)

It would be wiser to bike down Portage Road. Stoughton Road is a 4-lane divided highway, speed limit 55, though it does have a big shoulder.

even. better. (i didn't zoom in enough)

Token Creek it is.
Thanks for the help Sam, we'll work on that tent city, I think we've got all the makings for it.

You'll see. Unless you drilled out your eyes because they were too heavy.

Woah. I didn't look to see how far away it is. I want in! I haven't really figured out my arrangements so I just threw a tent in my bag and was hoping for the best. Someone hooking me up with a roof over my head would still be ideal though.

Good looking out, that sounds fantastic. Pretty positive that the car full of kids from Lexington I'm with will be willing to throw down on this with you.

Tent City 2010.

hell yeah it's on! George and Nick are in, as well as rest of den, tally, Amanda and possibly more sea, and with chi and lex..

I didn't think it was possible for me to get more excited for this weekend.

midwest polo camp? I think so

I'll still be in Madison this weekend, but everyone from Cleveland and Pittsburgh has punked out... #frowntown

I heard they went to Miami instead.

Low blow.


you should bring our flag or at least post naked pictures with it.

dammit, either Bob or Karate Jon have it and now I dont have time to get it from them.

To say that Pittsburgh punked out is unfair, whistle dick. I offered to sing show tunes to Baby McBastard in the car, but you refused, claiming that she's more of an disco fan. Tell the whole story, sir. #reallywouldalikedtoplaywithyou

tis true lomax, but as it turned out, even without your acapella showtunes, traveling with a 5 month old through chicago at rush hour is actually worse than i thought. I did not get a chance to play (or a solid nights sleep) all weekend. I may end up in Lex for midwests though....

Just wanted to confirm- it's okay for us to loiter around the courts over the next couple of days, right? I plan on hanging around there all day tomorrow, at least until all of L.A. has landed. So... if anyone wants to meet me at the courts around 9 a.m., feel free. Come hang out, I want to meet Madison people.


you mean the pickup courts or the tournament courts? i suppose there could be pickup at the tournament courts but they probably won't be finished by 9am tomorrow. but come hang out anyway, help build courts and then play on them.

I meant the tournament courts, since they're so close to the airport. 9 a.m. is just when my flight lands, I wasn't really expecting everything tournament shaped to be ready yet. I'm down to help set up, I'l see you guys there.


nice! it's a 10 minute bike ride from the airport.

I get in Thursday around Noonish, I'll probably go there since its so close, but I won't have my bike with me, Sent it with Zach. Be happy to help build some boards or whatever needs to get done.

nice! it's a 20 min walk. or call one of us and we'll grab ya. i'll email you #s

I'll be at the courts *probably* by 9. There is a lot of work to be done, but these courts are shaping up to be awesome. Anyone who is in town and can help, stop by!

Just wanna let people know that Token Creek is the best camping option at this point. It is close to the courts and has facilities. I would highly recommend folks to camp there.

Much better option then trying to sleep at the courts.

follow @nahbpc2010 on twitter if you want your team to get good courts and an easy schedule during the round robin.

corruption is getting cheaper and cheaper every day

Turns out I'm in Madison this weekend and not Geneva. I guess this way I can get the inside scoop on the NA players and take my spy notes back to Europe to prepare the Euro-boys for taking down all you USA dude/ettes.
Can't wait to see lots of you and meet whoever is coming to the World's and the London Open.
Party on Friday night?

Well you'll miss all those notes about players from the great white north. Advantage Canada.

Leaving ben's cycle on 10th and Lincoln in MKE at 7pm thursday night. arriving at High noon saloon Madison 1.5 hours later
BE ON TIME! Have cash looks like it will be under $20 a person. You will have to take wheels off your bike to get them all into the bus without blocking aisles. Kremin will be your bus captain. Please pass on to anyone who may not see this in time.

EighthInch will be there Fri,Sat, & Sunday. We will have extra bikes for community use, and we are providing the pickup court community mallets. We will also have crazy prices on mallet heads, shafts, or kits, and some of our other products!
If you have any special requests or want to order something to be brought to the courts- call us 1-866-995-9918. Talk with Noah or Brian.

South Florida loves eigth inch <3

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

Am I crazy or do I remember something about free haircuts in the bid process? I could really go for a trim in between games...


Martin is highly qualified and clearly has satisfied customers.

Don't think he's free.

Folks should play pick up at the thunderdome. We will try to have two courts up there. It will make it easier then folks heading over to MATC while we finish building courts.



It's funny how the forum turns into a ghost town the day before a huge tournament. The NA Poloverse is either in a car, on a plane, or playing pick-up either in Madison or here in Milwaukee.

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

Or depressingly pestering friends that will be there while "working."


We should start a Not-Attending-Tournament support group.

Early in the weekend Rory takes the lead in voting for Most Annoying!!!

Friday Morning Swiss Round Results
1) Smile
2) The Odds
3) Like Chicken!
4) Dans Ta Gueule Puceau
5) Beavers
6) East Van
7) Bad Fingers
8) Mike and the Piranha
9) Hymen, I'm Back
10) King Shin Beef
11) Bone Thrash
12) Polony and the Pool Boyz
13) Rum, Sodomy and the Lash
14) Rusty Nutz
15) Lexington 2 (Rage Coma)
16) Purple Pain
17) Skin Mob and the Pulpo
18) Chun Kuk Do
19) the coach and the captain and you
20) Manifest Destiny
21) Los Cuatreros
22) Black Sunshine
23) johnny and the big fancy
24) the stranglers
25) Poloners
26) Pedalpaloozers
27) FBFL (Fat Boys For Life)
28) guilloteens
29) Polosarusrex
30) Armadillodactyls
31) And Your Little Dog Too!
32) abcd

Friday Afternoon Swiss Round Results
1) wizard sleaves
2) Jaded Cuckolds
3) Machine Politics
4) China Dust
5) one-two-trio
6) Moustache? Outrageous!
7) drunken edge
8) Polozona
9) Seattle Super Polonics
10) Wisconsin Take Over
11) Squirrely and the Hosers
12) Madderall
13) Heads we win, Tails you lose
14) Bourbonic Plague
15) Big Tides of War
16) Off in the Showers
17) The Shithawks
18) The Jagwolves
19) Alchoholinomicon
20) Cutters Polo
21) Peter North Stars
22) blood and hair everywhere
23) Scary Larry
24) Tallboys
25) Slackers
26) Stickmata
27) Desperately seeking Susan
28) Beer, Bacon, Booze, Bitches!
29) Liza Minnellis
30) Love Forever Drew
31) The Lone Ringers
32) tanqueray and tab
33) NRV Polo
34) Flight of the Conquerors

Thanks Vince!

Thanks for the info, please keep it coming,


ken dawg, you ain't there? what's up?

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

Saturday was very hot! We drank all of Treks beer. Mosquitos attack if you pee in the bushes.
Looking forward to tomorrow!

we got a bracket...

1) Seattle Super Polonics
2) Smile
3) Machine Politics
4) China Dust
5) wizard sleaves
6) East Van
7) Polozona
8) Beavers
9) Like Chicken!
10) Dans Ta Gueule Puceau
11) Hymen, I'm Back
12) The Odds
13) Jaded Cuckolds
14) drunken edge
15) Moustache? Outrageous!
16) Mike and the Piranha
17) Bad Fingers
18) one-two-trio
19) Wisconsin Take Over
20) the coach and the captain and you
21) Polony and the Pool Boyz
22) Madderall
23) Bourbonic Plague
24) The Jagwolves
25) Desperately seeking Susan
26) Squirrely and the Hosers
27) Tallboys
28) Peter North Stars
29) King Shin Beef
30) blood and hair everywhere
31) Bone Thrash
32) Manifest Destiny

here's the seeded double elimination bracket, we're going to try to keep this updated live today http://spreadsheets.google.com/pub?key=0Autj3tqs5MHTdGZPWjFjRTBYZkxoTS1o...

Thanks Jonny!

Ok it should beupdated now, try also http://tinyurl.com/nahbpc2010

updated this as well.

'nother photo of the scene on


yesterday's post has another handsome gentleman. more to come...

currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

The Odds (nick vaughn, mark caps, chris roberts)
Smile (leon, Sebastian, Dustin (MVP))
East Van (Rory, Martin, Justin)
Seattle Super Polonics (Evan, Julian, Messman)

great tournament over 400 games played in three days. Thanks so much for making it a great weekend. No team played less then 11 games of polo.


damm the Top Dogs ended up 1st 2nd and 3rd... sickness

"We don't need no education"

Big honkin' PDF compilation of people wearing sunglasses at the tournament. If I shot you with that big annoying golden reflector, you may well be in this. If I didn't, I bet a couple of your friends are. Straight up headshots.


  • nahbpc_blog.jpg

currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

Could you post the stats of all the teams from Sunday.

Fuck off

x2 i'd like to believe that we made it out of 32nd place... but i can't bee too sure.

I'd also like to extend a huge thanks for all the work that was poured into this tournament. i can't believe how smoothly hundreds and hundreds of games actually went.


x2 on the smoothness! huge thanks to madison and vince for giving us all so much polo it physically hurts. great amounts of playing and spectating, I really liked the three day format.

party on squirrel friends, party on.

So much fun. So tired. The most well organized tournament i've ever seen. Many, many thanks to the Hunters and Mr. Walsh!

Highlight of the tournament was seeing the Piranhas (12 yr old arizona slayers) going deep into the sunday brackets (knocking out COMO A in the process and flooring everyone with their crazy grass polo windups). These guys are my new heroes!

thanks for the compliments but i really want to realize that it wasn't just me ben and kevin. So many people to thank.

Jon Atwell (court design, court building, filling cracks at 10pm on saturday night so that the courts would be in good shape for sunday morning)
Cyrus Roat (court surfaces, goals, building courts)
Leif Haven (courts, goals, parties, logistics, awesome stencils, scheduling)
Matt Robertson (courts, communication, parties, food)
Ben Hunter (food, courts, logistics)
Vince from como (scheduling) MVP

Big thanks to the Bloomington, IN and the Chicago for helping us finish the courts on thursday. We would have never finished it without you.

zach-bloomington wrote:

Highlight of the tournament was seeing the Piranhas (12 yr old arizona slayers) going deep into the sunday brackets (knocking out COMO A in the process and flooring everyone with their crazy grass polo windups). These guys are my new heroes!

yes, saw them once before, so awesome to see such young people out there, that are as good as they are.

you didn't see shit

zach-bloomington wrote:

Highlight of the tournament was seeing the Piranhas (12 yr old arizona slayers) going deep into the sunday brackets (knocking out COMO A in the process and flooring everyone with their crazy grass polo windups). These guys are my new heroes!

Nooooooo! I can't believe I missed that. I wanna see I wanna see I wanna see! Where are they?

did we get replaced as your heroes??!! damn

the NAHBPC photography release continues, one lousy image at a time!


Should hopefully have a solid PDF collection together soon in the same vein as the one I put together for ESPI5
( http://gustavhoiland.com/2010/07/01/espi-5-set/ )

currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

But this image. This is working for me. I don’t know if there’s a particular focal point, but in some rudimentary tests I have determined that it may well be his back. Not entirely sure how that wins out over the other elements here, but on the plus side I just noticed the subtle tan lines from the sleeveless shirt he was wearing earlier. I think a big draw for me towards this image (and its brethren) is that it gives you all the time in the world to compare two people. What they’re wearing. Their posture. Where they plant their weight. Their height. Their hair. yadda yadda yadda. You can look as far into it as you want (and notice the way her shorts fade from blue into black and then hit that bright strip of interior denim, the three dimensionality of his shoes, the sunglasses in her hand, the wood piece in the bottom left corner…), or…

Isn't this all just a round about way of saying "nice ass"... Charlie ;)

pretty much. it's just me exhaustedly pouring words into my keyboard, trying to make sense of what's in a photo.

currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

thanks... and it is a great photo.

I am so confused right now. Why is this weekend over. So much fun. I can't begin to thank everyone that made this weekend possible, luckily someone has already done this, so x2 to that. Thank you to everyone that I played for a great weekend of polo. I walked off the court smiling everygame whether I won or lost. It was so great seeig my polo family and I can't wait to see everyone at the next tourney.

"ok Mr. Schwinn fucking Armstrong!"

thanks and praise to everyone involved, at all levels
so many memories made, so many debates begun
Vaughan is the correct spelling

rip Sugar Minott

I brought 54 balls to the tournament, and now I need to buy some more....if anyone liked those balls let me know, I can probably get a better price if I buy in bulk, and then split em up with people.....

Thanks to everyone involved with the tournament. Especially Jonny (and I guess Ben because of the whole egg thing).

I wanna thank my teammates nick, chris, and jah.

Best tournament format so far. I'm really digging Swiss rounds and double elimination. Timed games are the future. Hopefully 20 minutes is the max.

Crappy photos from my perspective. Complete with vague references and snarky commentary.


Departing from my exploration of sunglasses and the lighter side of polo, presento the HEAT RUSH AND DELIRIUM OF TOURNAMENT POLO... all in one image!


currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

                                    P   Δ   F   A

Friday AM - 5 games  

1) Smile                          15  16  22   6   
2) The Odds                       12  14  22   8   
3) Like Chicken!                  12   9  20  11   
4) Dans Ta Gueule Puceau          12   5  15  10   
5) Beavers                        10  11  19   8   
6) East Van                       10  10  19   9   
7) Bad Fingers                    10  10  17   7   
8) Mike and the Piranha           10   9  16   7   
9) Hymen, I'm Back                10   7  18  11 

10) King Shin Beef                  9   9  17   8 
11) Bone Thrash                     9   7  17  10 
12) Polony and the Pool Boyz        9   4  14  10

13) Rum, Sodomy and the Lash        9   0  12  12  
14) Rusty Nutz                      9  -2  13  15  
15) Lexington 2 (Rage Coma)         9  -2  13  15  
16) Purple Pain                     7  -2  13  15  
17) Skin Mob and the Pulpo          7  -4  11  15  
18) Chun Kuk Do                     6   0  17  17  
19) the coach, the captain and you  6   0  15  15  
20) Manifest Destiny                6   0  14  14  
21) Los Cuatreros                   6  -4  10  14  
22) Black Sunshine                  6 -11   8  19  
23) johnny and the big fancy        5  -5  13  18  
24) the stranglers                  4  -6  10  16  
25) Poloners                        4  -9   8  17  
26) Pedalpaloozers                  4  -9   5  14  
27) FBFL (Fat Boys For Life)        4 -12   6  18  
28) guilloteens                     3  -4  11  15  
29) Polosarusrex                    3  -6  12  18  
30) Armadillodactyls                3  -9   8  17  
31) And Your Little Dog Too!        1 -12   7  19  
32) abcd                            1 -14   7  21  


Friday PM - 5 games 
1) wizard sleaves                 15  16  25   9   
2) Jaded Cuckolds                 12  16  24   8   
3) Machine Politics               12  12  18   6   
4) China Dust                     12   8  20  12   
5) one-two-trio                   12   6  17  11   
6) Moustache? Outrageous!         10   2  13  11   
7) drunken edge                   10   1  12  11   
8) Polozona                        9   9  18   9   
9) Seattle Super Polonics          9   9  17   8  

10) Wisconsin Take Over             9   6  19  13  
11) Squirrely and the Hosers        9   6  17  11  
12) Madderall                       9   4  16  12  
13) Heads we win, Tails you lose    9   2  18  16  
14) Bourbonic Plague                9   2  17  15  
15) Big Tides of War                9  -2  13  15  
16) Off in the Showers              9  -3  13  16  
17) The Shithawks                   7  -1  14  15  
18) The Jagwolves                   7  -1  11  12  
19) Alchoholinomicon                6   2  14  12  
20) Cutters Polo                    6   1  17  16  
21) Peter North Stars               6   1  12  11  
22) blood and hair everywhere       6   0  15  15  
23) Scary Larry                     6  -2  12  14  
24) Tallboys                        6  -3  12  15  
25) Slackers                        6  -4  10  14  
26) Stickmata                       6  -6  13  19  
27) Desperately seeking Susan       6  -6  11  17  
28) Beer, Bacon, Booze, Bitches!    6  -7   9  16  
29) Liza Minnellis                  3  -5  11  16  
30) Love Forever Drew               3  -8  13  21  
31) The Lone Ringers                3  -8  12  20  
32) tanqueray and tab               3 -11   9  20  
33) NRV Polo                        3 -14   6  20  
34) Flight of the Conquerors        0 -22   2  24  

Saturday AM - 6 games
 1) Wisconsin Take Over            18  14  23   9  
 2) the coach, the captain and you 15  16  23   7  
 3) Polony and the Pool Boyz       15  11  22  11  
 4) Madderall                      14  12  22  10  
 5) Bourbonic Plague               13  14  20   6  
 6) The Jagwolves                  13   9  20  11  
 7) Desperately seeking Susan      13   4  18  14  
 8) Squirrely and the Hosers       12  16  23   7  
 9) Tallboys                       12  10  21  11  
10) Peter North Stars              12   6  20  14  
11) King Shin Beef                 12   6  18  12  
12) blood and hair everywhere      12   3  18  15  
13) Bone Thrash                    10  11  20   9  
14) Manifest Destiny               10   6  21  15  

15) Rum, Sodomy and the Lash       10   4  18  14  
16) Off in the Showers             10   4  16  12  
17) Los Cuatreros                  10  -1  19  20  
18) Purple Pain                    10  -2  13  15  
19) The Shithawks                   9   9  20  11  
20) the stranglers                  9   5  19  14  
21) Big Tides of War                9   4  19  15  
22) Cutters Polo                    9   0  18  18  
23) Rusty Nutz                      9   0  16  16  
24) Stickmata                       9  -1  19  20  
25) Scary Larry                     9  -1  14  15  
26) Chun Kuk Do                     9  -2  18  20  
27) abcd                            9  -4  19  23  
28) guilloteens                     9  -6  17  23  
29) Love Forever Drew               8  -1  16  17  
30) Pedalpaloozers                  7  -1  12  13  
31) Alchoholinomicon                7  -3  16  19  
32) Liza Minnellis                  7  -3  11  14  
33) Armadillodactyls                7  -4  16  20  
34) Poloners                        7  -4  12  16  
35) Lexington 2 (Rage Coma)         7  -4  12  16  
36) johnny and the big fancy        7  -8  11  19  
37) Polosarusrex                    7 -12   6  18  
38) Heads we win, Tails you lose    6  -2  18  20  
39) Skin Mob and the Pulpo          6  -3  16  19  
40) tanqueray and tab               6  -4  14  18  
41) And Your Little Dog Too!        6  -6  13  19  
42) Slackers                        6  -6  12  18  
43) The Lone Ringers                4  -8  14  22  
44) Beer, Bacon, Booze, Bitches!    4  -8  13  21  
45) Black Sunshine                  4 -11  15  26  
46) FBFL (Fat Boys For Life)        3 -13  10  23  
47) NRV Polo                        3 -18   7  25  
48) Flight of the Conquerors        0 -30   0  30  

Saturday PM - 4 games
 1) Seattle Super Polonics         12  10  19   9  
 2) Smile                           9   9  17   8  
 3) Machine Politics                9   8  18  10  
 4) China Dust                      9   7  14   7  
 5) wizard sleaves                  9   2  13  11  
 6) East Van                        7   4  14  10  
 7) Polozona                        7   1  13  12  
 8) Beavers                         6   2  13  11  
 9) Like Chicken!                   6   1  13  12  
10) Dans Ta Gueule Puceau           6  -1   9  10  
11) Hymen, I'm Back                 6  -3  10  13  
12) The Odds                        5   2  13  11  
13) Jaded Cuckolds                  4   0  11  11  
14) drunken edge                    3  -3  10  13  
15) Moustache? Outrageous!          3  -6   7  13  
16) Mike and the Piranha            3  -6   6  12  
17) Bad Fingers                     1 -10   6  16  
18) one-two-trio                    0 -17   3  20  

Thanks so much for posting this. You did an awesome job this weekend, Vince! This was the smoothest run brackets than any other tournament I've been to! Swiss rounds and double elim, FTW.

Midwest is best!!

X2. Your efforts will not be forgotten! Thank you.

everything went great thanks to you, one thing i really appreciated was all the games we got to play and not having to face the same team twice!

bike polo hotline

elevated bike rack from binaryseed on Vimeo.

Might as well post these results one more time, for the double elim on Sunday: http://tinyurl.com/nahbpc2010

What I meant was, how did the 32 teams rank? Where were we all placed at? 1,2,3,4 etc.

Fuck off

1) The Odds
2) Smile
3) East Van
4) Super Polonics
5) Bourbonic Plague
5) Beavers
7) China Dust
7) Machine Politics
9) Mike and the Pirahnas
9) Wizard Sleaves
9) Wisconsin Takeover
9) Polozona
13) Like Chicken!
13) Jaded Cuckolds
13) Hymen I'm back
13) Moustache? Outrageous!
Drunked Edge
Bone Thrasher
Bad Fingers
Desperately Seeking Susan
Polony and the poolboys
King Shin Beef
Blood and Hair Everywhere
Sense of Entitlement
one two trio
manifest destiny
the Jagwolves
Peter North Stars
The Coach the Captain and You

Thanks again for everything, Madison! Everybody did a great job, definitely one of the best tournaments to date!

I like your polo.

Thank you Madison so much this was the best Tournament i'v been to yet. And thank you to Trek for the Mansion stay it was fuckin awesome.


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the image & text
the plethora of images of it looking so fine

currently running Photo Blog www.gustavHoiland.com
formerly of http://legitbikepolo.com

big thanks to the mad crew and the court builders, those looked familiar!:) Thanks TREK for the tents beer, water and mansion afterparty. Big thanks to Sam for the hospitality and the last minute ride to my flite. Big up to the dub mix over the load system. Thanks to all other sponsors for there support and prizes. The coffee was JUST great. thanks for clean porto potties. the food was delish. I was so much fun playing all these up and coming teams from out of state. Another year of polo with teams will be even harder compition. Seattle always has a door open for anyone that wants to comeplaypolo! great ass tourney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow. Never before have I been more mesmerized by ganja...

Midwest is best!!

Does anyone have a silver Leatherman Skeletool they found at the courts? I lent it out and didn't get it back. Thanks.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

does anyone have a mallet, blue scott pole, abs head with a few 1 inch holes drilled, old tube double wrapped as grip? left on wall in command center on sunday.

who is gonna help me praise jah?

i had such an amazing time in madison (and the week leading up to it- thanks STL, CHI, and MKE)!
Thank you Sam Jackson, best host ever! Lovely courts and sponsors! Great food, efficient flow/organization, x2 on the clean porto-johns, the beautiful people, the friendly, positive, upbeat vibe, and so so so much polo.

Seriously, crashing the party bus was one of my top experiences so far in 2010.

i love bike polo and i love all of you.

Many to thank. Here goes...

The organizers:
- Thanks for your hospitality and sharing your clean, safe, and friendly town.
- Thanks for multiple venues for polo.
- Thanks for givng us so many games of polo
- Thanks for convincing your neighbor Trek to take care of our people and our sport.

Mosquitos: Thanks for choosing to feast on others

The odds: Thanks for the golden mallets. Kick some ass for NA in Berlin.

Trek: Beer, water, tools, prizes, couches, shade. No TdF win, but I forgive you.

Refs: Thanks for volunteering to make our sport better. To the refs that weren't swayed by the crowds and called what they saw; you have my respect.

Vince: Can you write a program to help me play better? I think you can.

Piranha: I'm so proud of you. You're true giant slayers!

Hunters: Thanks for serving the cause of bike polo. I know you did a lot.

NOD: You got us and our gear to Madison and made sure our gear was solid and top notch. Thanks for keeping us equipped with high quality mallets. I'm glad PBP has you.

The community: Thanks for supporting our boys, buying our t-shirts, and sharing great games and good times. Come join us if you're in Phoenix.