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Friday, September 23, 2016 - Sunday, September 25, 2016
Host club: 
Davis Hardcourt Polo
Court size: 
2x Mini Hockey Courts

We’d like to confirm Folsom, California as the host for the 2016 NAHBPC.

Folsom has two great mini-hockey courts (similar to those used in Weston, Florida for Worlds), situated in a park thirty minutes drive, or one hour light rail from Sacramento (the nearest major airport). It’s also less than two hours drive from San Francisco.

Jennifer Kutzleb will be the local organizer for the tournament, with help from the South West region. Thank you very much to Jennifer for stepping up, we are very excited to take NAHBPC to California for the first time.

Due to only having two courts, NAHPBC will be capped at thirty six teams, with no wildcard tournament. We are aware this will exclude many of the teams who were able to play last year, but the lack of available hosts has made this unavoidable.

Based on thirty six teams, the regional allocations will also need to change. We will give each region two spots, with one extra spot for each team in the top sixteen last year. The top sixteen consisted of five teams from Cascadia, three from South West, two from Heartland, two from Great Lakes, and one each from Great Plains, Mexico, South Central and Eastside. This would give total allocations of:

Cascadia: 7
South West: 5
Heartland: 4
Great Lakes: 4
Eastside: 3
Great Plains: 3
Mexico: 3
South Central: 3
Northside: 2
South East: 2
If any regional spots aren’t claimed, they will be allocated as a 3rd spot to the regions with the smallest allocations, ordered by highest finishing position last year. That would be South East (17th) and Northside (J47th). If there are still unclaimed regional spots after that, they will go as a 4th spot to the regions with 3 teams, ordered by the team with the next highest finishing position last year. That would be Eastside (17th), South Central (17th), Great Plains (J33rd), South East (J35th), Northside (J49th).

Updates will be provided as soon as we have more information, including the date (likely to be in September), and where to stay (no local housing, but there is a campsite two minutes away, and motels nearby).

All regions should organize qualifiers, and qualified teams should be confirmed to NAH before the end of July.


Ernie Sheldon Park
362 Natoma Station Dr, 95630
Folsom, CA
United States

Signed up

Scenic Folsom, the Paris of the West.

In just checked podiumbikepolo.com. What's the deal with you all losing to the instant mix team? You'd think some of you would be good enough to beat a bunch of randos thrown together last minute. I thought you said polo was okay.