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NAHBPC 2013, hosted by Minneapolis Bike Polo

Friday, August 16, 2013 - Sunday, August 18, 2013
Host club: 
Twin Cities Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Nick Dellwo
Court size: 
3 courts at 140'x60', 4' reinforced boards

This is the top-serious, most official thread for North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships 2013, hosted by the Minneapolis bike polo club, AUGUST 16-18, and broadcast by Mr. Do and the stream team on bikepolo.tv.

Roseville Skating Center, or “The Oval” as us cool kids call it. http://goo.gl/maps/Ke2ek
If you were at the Midwest Open last October, you’re familiar with this totally amazing professional sports arena, http://www.skatetheoval.com/ If you’ve never been here before, you’re in for a treat, so be prepared to cross your arms and slowly nod your head with approval as your eyes sweep across this world-class speed skating facility.

We will provide 3 courts, 140'x60'. There is plenty of space to pass the ball around, knife fights, tomfoolery, high jinks, and hell, if you’re into shreddin’ the gnar, bring your deck, there’s a skate park with tons of stuff to hurt yourself on.

The facility provides lighting, a jumbo-tron, electrical hook ups, wifi, large indoor restroom and resting areas, and great court surface! This is truly a world class facility. The Oval is alcohol-free, and we really mean that. There will be awesome drink specials and party time at the VFW Hall nearby, but I need to reiterate: NO ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGES ARE ALLOWED AT THE OVAL.

We will be adhering to the latest and greatest ruleset put together by all the hardworking folks at NAH.
Registration contact: Nick Dellwo and, as this is a closed tournament, I imagine Chandel will be contacting the qualified teams for registration nitty gritties. More registration details to come….

Housing contact: Mike Holisky. To sign up for housing, hit this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13V8ummDPLVddWZUDqI106vbKPITjleQosLA4mVs...
For housing, we’ll need the usual info, like who you’re bringing and if you plan on having a dog with you or have a problem staying with dogs/cats. Thanks!

If you’re interested in staying in motels/hotels (ooh la la) in the vicinity of the Oval: http://goo.gl/maps/5FV3o

We do have a block reserved:
Ramada Plaza Minneapolis http://goo.gl/maps/YKDfU
1330 Industrial Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55413
$90 + tax
Reserved under: North American Hardcourt Bike Polo
Must call: 612-331-1900 or 1-877-774-4315
Cut off date: August 01, 2013

Contact Mike with any housing questions: na_housing_2013@gimpland.org

Thursday night, August 15th, the pre-tourney registration hootenanny will be at a great local dive, The Hexagon Bar http://www.hexagonbar.com/ http://goo.gl/maps/8Nxvq
Bands and drink specials are slated to do most of the entertaining. Plus, they have pool tables, darts, Big Buck Hunter, and faux-wood paneled walls festooned with posters advertising monthly meat raffles, pull tabs, and dj nights. Ambiance is a thing.

We will post further announcements as we have them. We are excited to have all you come to our lovely town, and we will do everything in our power to throw an awesome tournament for you. COUNT IT!

NA Highlights from Mr.Do on Vimeo.


Roseville Skating Center
2661 Civic Center Rd
Roseville, MN
United States

Signed up


Housing contact: Mike Holisky. To sign up for housing, hit this link: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/13V8ummDPLVddWZUDqI106vbKPITjleQosLA4mVs...
For housing, we’ll need the usual info, like who you’re bringing and if you plan on having a dog with you or have a problem staying with dogs/cats. Thanks!

The sooner you get your housing requests in the easier it us for Mike to do his job. Please request housing as soon as possible.

Now that you see your name on that shiny registration list below, sign up for housing using the form linked above.

Edited because I guess rules make free agency impossible (or next to, for my like)

I might be getting in early that Thursday. Will there be anywhere to get in some pickup during the day?

There will be pick up somewhere for sure. We have a couple different spots we play - I'm currently trying to lock down the best court we have all day. I'll post more information when I have it.

Any word?

You have options:

Pick up all day at McRae Park. It's a full hockey rink with a surface that is pretty rough. If you're staying with Minneapolis folks, it'll be nice and close to home and the registration party. Located on the corner of 47th and Chicago: https://www.google.com/maps/preview#!q=McRae+Park%2C+East+47th+Street%2C+Minneapolis%2C+MN&data=!4m11!1m10!2i10!4m8!1m3!1d59864!2d-93.2614785!3d44.970697!3m2!1i1024!2i509!4f13.1

You can also come up to the tournament venue to play pickup on their permanent court after noon. We'll be up there building the other two courts so feel free to come up early and lend a hand.

Am I understanding the schedule here correctly?
Thurs - pre tourney funtimes
Fri-Sat =full days of swiss games
Sun = elimination day

Just trying to figure out flights/drives



Does anyone have a list of qualified teams and players?

Combination of choice: Smash + Bang

.ORG would/should, but it's not current.

Qualified teams will be contacted this week regarding eligibility and other important details. Soon after, an announcement will be made.

awesome! can't wait

My team Grumpy Town qualified in Cascadia, but would like to split up and play as parts of other teams in NA's. How is this handled? Do I need to find other individual players that qualified to form a NA team?

Seattle Bike Polo

Shoot an email to tournaments at nahardcourt dot com. Chandel can answer any registration/team swapping questions for you.

Are there provisions being made to guarantee experienced and confident refs who have an in depth understanding of the current ruleset?

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.


Absolutely. We're going to try to have as many competent, non-playing refs as possible. ANYBODY who refs at NA's this year will be required to pass a small test of the rules (with the goal being not to disqualify people from reffing but educating any potential refs). We're also planning to have a complete schedule of refs before the tournament starts so there isn't any last minute scrambling to find any jerk willing to hold a stopwatch to ref a game or two.

If anybody is interested in reffing at NA's please shoot me a message.

On that note, if anybody has an questions/suggestions/concerns regarding reffing and/or rules at NA's this year, please direct them my way.

I don't feel comfortable reffing, but I can definitely keep time, score or goal judge. I can also volunteer in any other facet that is needed. Can't wait!

Midwest is best!!

An email is out to you today regarding your eligibility and specifics regarding playing at NA's.
If you did not receive an email it is because I could not for the life of me track yours down, so shoot me a message and I will send it along [or just talk with your teammates, I know I have at least one per team]

These are the current qualified teams by region:
Beaver Bros [Kremin, Dillman, Pierre]
The Makers [Nick McLean, Ben Schultz, Chris Simpson]
Turd Mergers [Chris Hamersly, Drew Combs, Adam Dirks]
The Breaknecks [Charlie Hill, Nick Kruse, Nick Dellwo]
The Lone Rangers [Jake Newborn, Guthrie, Matt Hewitt]
The Stragglers [Ian, Alan, Chris Evans]
Dark Horse [Jeff, Matt Lodge, Wade ?]
Pup n Suds [Justin Brown, Michael Fletcher, Jeremy ?]
Huffin' Farts [Eric Millard, David Frankhouser, Peter Brown]

Journeymen [Robbie, Allan, Nick Iwanshyn]
Call Me Laddy [Brodie, Seamus, Luke]
KMANG [Kevin, Ngaihon, Matt Lane]
Handsome Hosers [Emily, Maija, Adam Say]
911 [Franck, Olivier, Germain]
Spaceweed [Matt Klute, Sam Crossley, Jim]

The Means [Chris Roberts, Alexis, Nick Vaughn]
D G T [Rob Biddle, Lomax, Jake Mazonson]
White Fang [Javier, Jamie, Addison]
Philly [Peter Dalkner, Tommy Manson, Brendan Graham]
Los Or!gianls [Werm, Baby Joey, JT]
Magic Toast [Nate, Paul, Zack Blackburn]
Thinly Sliced Cabbage [Pippa, Zack Borg, Robby Finn]

Team Ginyu Force [Arnold, Bob, Chris Hill]
The Fact Checkers [Kyle, Jimmy, Travis]
tsk tsk shhh [Danny, Joseph, Mike]
Lemme Slip'a Ball In [Justin Welch, Paul, Brent]
Ribbits [Sergio, Jake, Tiffany]

Boobies Make Me Smile [Pelon, Rob Kruezburg, Drew]
Ghost Wolves [Zach, Max, Bob Rogers]
Mucho Take It Easy [Diego, Miguel H, Miguel Reyes]
Witchcraft [Malakai, Spencer, Josh]
Diablos de Tejas [David, David, Alekos]
Trident [Duncan, Alex, Lee]

The Control [Forrest, Ace, Andrew Weyland]
The Young and the Restless [Joker, Pistolero, Joey]
Grass Assault [Mini Mike, AJ, Jacob]
The Goons [Brandon, Brick, Josh]
Tri-City Pedal Junkies [Tsunami, ReMac, Joseph]
Creamy Beavers [Creamy, Tobi, Ryno]

The Guardians [Dustin, Cody, Julian]
The Assassins [Lefty Joe, Kuoyo, Evan]
Portland United [Arlyn, Jason, Eric]
Big Country [Henry, Rory, Alex]
Thunder Buddies [Messman, Martin, Scooter]
Bill Murray [Emmet, Sterling, Jake Langdon]
Grumpy Town [Leon, Drew, Wade]
Short Short Shorties [Paul, Sean, Stiven]
Mosquito [Duane, Daren, Will]

The process is going to go like this, and is outlined in the email:
1. confirm your team is going
2. confirm your team is staying the same [by July 24]
3. if not staying the same, explain the changes to who and why/how/any other info
4. once your team is confirmed via email, payment to the organizers will need to be made by August 1
5. a small quiz on the rules will need to be completed by at least one teammate
6. you are registered and it will be online

I have already received emails and questions regarding the teams and if they need to/want to split up. This is going to get a bit complicated as the system was set with allotted spots per region. But this is all do-able! So, check out the email, ask me questions, and get your teams registered asap!

More updates coming on registration as the teams start coming in.

also note, as with last year, if a team cannot attend as a whole or 2/3 majority for their region, the next team on the list will be asked to participate,
if you know this is something you won't be able to attend as a full team or at least 2/3, please let me know now.


I hope teams drop! I'm next in line and want to play!


Can't wait to sit in front of my computer all day sunday watchin' this jam. Chicken wings, chips n' dip, I'm doin' it.

Legalize Hand Throws - 2014

i've heard there is a ladies bench minor going on at this tournament?? is this true!?


So looking forward to The Main Event to wean out the boyz from the men , the girls from the ladies , the lads from the lassies and to see who our champs are. Looking at the line up, yer all in for a good pummeling.
If you are able to ref step up , add it to your polo resume as Just Did It and feel the adrenaline rush like no other.It's intense. You will come out of it remembering every move of every game you ref with clarity.
The only time I ever saw the move were the French dude ball jointed through his own bottom bracket to avoid the attacker and then passed it forward to himself just before the half, was in Geneva at the Worlds whilst reffing. Feckin SICK move.

PS Available SUB if ya wanna add Slayed it with Machine to your resume too

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Haha, I just found out Machine is staying at my house. Oh boy.

Congratulations to all the teams that qualified, and we're really excited to put on a great tournament for you.

IF you are in need of housing, please fill out THIS form. The sooner the better, as spots fill up pretty quick.

These are the same links as before, but I just thought I'd reiterate. Thanks, all!

.....and for that I thank you.....
If you check my resume for peeps that I've hosted and peeps that have hosted me you'll find that not a drop of milk or a tear was spilled..........(I've also never had a white Russian at a tournie though)

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Anyone got friends or relatives in Minneapolis that like beer, raffles and silent auctions?

Please tell them about the fundraiser we are hosting tonight at Dangerous Man Brewing.


Any word on when all the housing will be allocated?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

No date has been set yet, as we only have a hand full of requests at the moment. It's been slow over here folks!

At the moment (07/19), anyone that has a request in has a spot. I want to make sure I've got the majority of requests in to accommodate those with special needs. So do expect an email from me in the next couple weeks with a name, address, and phone number of your host.

Excellent. I sent ours in last week but am leaving for a month long road trip on Tuesday. Was just trying to get everything sorted out before I left. Thanks for taking this on (and it's good to know we got a place to lay our heads!).

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

The knife fight idea in the original post: Will we have an actual knife fight north american championship? I think it's just waiting to be done. Please make it so, Minneapolis bike polo. A hexagon, if you please.

yeah, we'll have it right after the wristshot competition. 78 MPH, bitch.

If i remember rightly Trevor Anderson from Calgary was both World knife fight and World giant knife fight champion in Seattle

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Quick informal survey to help us prepare: If you are coming to NAs and you will not have ground transportation once you arrive, please email me at sveden@mplsbikepolo.com

Hey guys, I'm doing an article for a Sacramento-based paper on Nationals and would like to interview someone from the Minneapolis team to see what kind of work and preparation goes into hosting a national championship. If anyone is willing to grant me a phone interview email me a contact number and name at ericberber9@gmail.com.


Sent you an e-mail.

If you are qualified and have NOT confirmed registration, that is:
CAS: Short Short Shorties
MW: The Stragglers
ES: Philly, Los Or!gianls
SC: Trident

You are PAST THE DUE DATE! You have been sent a final email warning to all teammates that I have emails for. If I do not hear back from you by the end of tomorrow I will be asking the next team on the list to come instead. If you know you are not staying together or coming at all please let me know so I can give the other teams the advantage of time to get me their confirmation on attendance.

Thank you!

To all that have confirmed, your main contact [the teammate that replied/was indicated as the contact] has been emailed with the paypal information. Make this payment by August 1, 2013 please and thank you!

If you have any other questions/concerns about registration please email me tournaments@nahardcourt.com

See you all soon!

No one reply to her, I'm trying to play North Americans! :-)


PAID. Can't wait. Thanks for the organizing!

After you pay you will be getting an informational email from Nick Dellwo that will include a survey on transportation once in the city as well as what kind of food you will and will not put into your body.

If you have a non-omnivore diet please make sure your team captain knows about it and answers the survey accordingly. Please be proactive.

22 teams have answered the food survey we sent out after receiving payments. Players, please make sure your team captain, aka whoever paid, has filled out the survey.

Teams have started paying, this is good. Please pay your fees by August 1!
The organizers could use the moola in their hands to get this all together and make it great!
Last minute anything is no fun for them, so help 'em out and pay!


August 1st is just around the bend folks. Make sure to book your hotel room SOON, if that's where you're planning to stay.

Hotel block info:
Ramada Plaza Minneapolis http://goo.gl/maps/YKDfU
1330 Industrial Blvd
Minneapolis, MN 55413
$90 + tax
Reserved under: North American Hardcourt Bike Polo
Must call: 612-331-1900 or 1-877-774-4315
Cut off date: August 01, 2013

For those getting housing hosted in MPLS, you should be getting an email in the next few days from me. Any housing requests I receive after today I can't guarantee, but if you're lucky... you just might end up in a roach infested place with 15+ stinky polo players.

What ball will be used?

You have to go out of town to get inside jokes.

The new Fixcraft/D-gel NAH Tournament Ball. I assume you're familiar: http://www.fixcraft.net/nah-hard-durometer-tournament-ball/

Um, guys and gals, side hack races around the oval. It's happening.

so down, count in. Need a passenger.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

Woah Messman, did you break your mouse or something?

Wow, i must have really wanted to reply to that sidecar race,

Anyways, putting it out there, that if anyone was thinking about moving to Seattle or in-between, I will be driving back a week after the Tournament and will have room for some stuff, bikes, etc. Give me a shout.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

ahem, sideHACK, my friend.

What's the word on start time for Friday? I know it's going to be adhering to polo standard time which seems to be 1-2 hours late for everything. But what's the plan? Could be good for people traveling

Show up an hour late and your team will be forfeiting games. Basic schedule will be posted this weekend. Still waiting on a couple teams to finalize Podium stuff.

Today is the deadline to pay. We're still looking for payment from about half the teams.

I'm playing as a qualified single, and have multiple requests to Chandel to get contact info for the other qualified singles particularly Mike (DC) and Justin (Mobile), but have not heard back. Happy to pay for either my spot or my future team's spot today in the mean time. Please send me the payment details to button_dork(((AT))))ymail((((DOT))))com


Seattle Bike Polo

I thought that wasn't allowed?

chandel. wrote:

also note, as with last year, if a team cannot attend as a whole or 2/3 majority for their region, the next team on the list will be asked to participate,

I was filling in for a member of my team during the qualifier so they are playing (without me) as a 2/3 team. I've been working with Chandel for a couple of weeks to set up a team of other qualified singles.

Seattle Bike Polo

I think thinly sliced cabbage needs a third.

wade's got some solid, lefty, goalie skills...and he's been scoring more than he should lately! he's not afraid to get in there and mix it up on defense...and oh yeah...did I mention he's a lefty?

Thanks fellas. Appreciate you talking me up Jason! I've hit them up, but I'm currently still a free agent so get me while you can. :)

Seattle Bike Polo

Sending you an e-mail, Wade.

Thanks Nick, I appreciate you and Chandel's help. I know stuff is crazy busy.

Seattle Bike Polo

If anyone wants some Dzr's I can pack up a box and send em out for the tournament. No shipping charge. This especially is sensible for anyone in Canada. Avoid those duty fees. Hit me up on facebook.

Hi, again. Just a reminder: Please give your bikes a once-over, and make sure they're legal for tournament play. We will have folks onsite "okaying" bikes for play based on the latest ruleset. Tools and mechanics will be available if you need help fixing bike-related transgressions.

And, just for good measure, here are the rules as stated on the NAH page:

§2.3.1 – The bicycle has at least one braking mechanism.

§ – A fixed gear drive train with foot retention on both pedals qualifies as a braking mechanism.

§ – The handlebars are plugged or capped.

§ – The chain is on the outermost chain ring or there is a bash guard.

§ – There are no racks, fenders, bottle cages, saddlebags or other additions to the bicycle
specifically designed to block the ball.

§ – Wheel covers, which cover the spokes of the wheel, are an exception to § and are permitted.

§ – There are no sharp edges, points, loose screws, or otherwise unsafe parts
(at the discretion of the referee).

Mallets, too.

§2.4 – Mallets
§2.4.1 – Shaft
§ – The shaft is made of metal or carbon fiber.
§ – The gripped end of the shaft is plugged or sealed.
§ – The shaft does not protrude through the bottom of the mallet head.
§2.4.2 – Mallet head
§ – The mallet head is made of plastic.
§ – The mallet head is securely fastened to the shaft.
§ – The mallet head is a maximum of 180mm (7”) in length.
§ – The inner diameter of any hole on the mallet head may not exceed 57mm (2.25”).
§2.4.3 – Dangerous mallets
§ – The referee disallows the use of mallets that they deem dangerous.
Examples of dangerous mallets may include: Mallets that splinter, shatter, or break easily,
mallets with sharp protrusions, etc.

any word on housing yet?

Housing emails out this week. Most SHOULD already have them.

We still have 12 teams that have not yet paid their registration fees. The paypal account for this will expire on Friday, August 9th. Please submit your money, so we can count you! Refer to your registration email for the instructions and link to pay. THANK YOU.

It is our hope not to have to stoop to public shaming. ;)

Consider yourselves harangued.

To all the teams that wanted to go to NAs but didn't make the cut, I will make sure that you guys all know the names of the teams that flaked out and screwed you out of a spot. :]

If you are are starting to think about cycling routes once you get to Minneapolis bookmark or download the Android app for Cyclopath.org.

This is a bicycling route finder for the Minneapolis area. Its really useful because it is user generated and roads and paths are ranked based on their "bicycle friendliness", elevation changes, road conditions etc.

but it's still a 50 minute commute on bike from mpls to roseville, right?
does the public bus have space for more than 2-3 bikes?

Public buses in the cities have room for 2 bikes each. But don't worry, we have you covered.

A giant ass shuttle has been secured between MPLS and the courts. Information on location and times will be provided with your registration packet.

lol @ ass shuttle.

The shuttle is ready to rock.


How about pre-registration shuttle? Will it be running Thursday from downtown to the recommended Ramada or to the courts so we can help build?

We don't have any plans to use it on Thursday. But the registration idea is interesting.

these are the teams that have yet to pay, please do this IMMEDIATELY!

Big Country
Bill Murray
The Lone Rangers
Call Me Laddy
The Means
Thinly Sliced Cabbage
The Control

You will be getting a notice today in your emails! Please respond!

Can any locals offer insight as to which lake is the best lake?

We can't tell you on the internet, silly. It's the only nekkid/drinkin'/smokin' lake in the city we got left!

And, of course, Superior is the best lake. But that'll set you back about a 7 hour drive north. I've done it on a bike from the cities a couple of times, but not a polo bike.

ima gonna call bs on that. rainy lake is way better

Yes. You have an opinion also.

One of the locals near the court told us about a good swimming lake north of the courts. I will find out more info and include it in the registration packet.

Just a quick reminder! We'd appreciate it if at least one member of every team would take the reffing test, even if you have no machinations to ref.


Be a buddy, take the test.

Anyone needing a ride south after the tournament, i am leaving early am monday towards Chicago. Then to Kalamazoo, Ft wayne. Also if you know off anyone looking for a rideshare out west. I am headed out the following week.

Matt Messenger
since 1998

You could stop by GR, they are super nice and have great courts, and beer.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

i'll take a ride to chicago on monday morning if there's still room!

I think the van may be full, but you can get it touch with Messman to confirm through Facebook.

Midwest is best!!

kev, can you delete one of these

I feel bad for any Eastside teams that are being offered spots and can't take them because of short notice. Our qualifier was so early, and it looks like we might be underrepresented at the big show

Edit: Not a shot at the organizers, if that needed to be said. .. Just speaking up for my old region. It's just a shame to see qualified teams of any region dragging their feet, while the next teams in line may have been eager to sign up.

Agreed. We, the organizers, hate to see teams drop out at any cost. We WILL have a full tournament, though. Oh, yes. We will.

hahaha, ^sweet jenn post.

Knife fight contest! Knife fight contest! Knife fight contest! Knife fight contest!

One more week! One more week! One more week!

Yeah, we're gettin' our poop in a group around here. We're excited to have you all!

Hey Minneapolis
I was wondering if anyone might have a bike they could loan my girlfriend while we are in town.We are'nt picky just need something with a freewheel.

brought to you by the good people at morningstar

Any update on a rough schedule?

Thursday night, August 15th, the pre-tourney registration hootenanny will be at a great local dive, The Hexagon Bar http://www.hexagonbar.com/ http://goo.gl/maps/8Nxvq


Seattle Bike Polo

Schedule for the weekend (this is subject to change - we'll get you an official schedule at registration):

10 AM - Court construction and pickup at The Oval
Afternoon - Pickup at McRae Park
8 PM - Registration at The Hexagon Bar

9 AM - Morning bracket games start
1 PM - Lunch served
2 PM - Afternoon bracket games start

9 AM - Morning bracket games start
1 PM - Lunch served
2 PM - Afternoon bracket games start

10 AM - 32 team double elimination games start
1 PM - Lunch served

Late teams will forfeit their games. Jerod is on the mic again this year and he runs a tight ship - be at the courts on time.

Breakfast will also be served each day before games start. Think bread, fruit and coffee. If you need something more substantial, you're on your own.

We have some evening entertainment lined up as well - details coming.

Podium link with Friday's AM/PM groups will be posted as soon we can.

stoked guys

A few amenities/features* of the Oval:

acres of concrete
a superb surface
Indoor shelter
Indoor bathrooms
3 top notch courts
3 sets of legit polo specific goals
ref stands
podium viewing station
indoor ice rinks
Squeegee Tractor
gigantic complex-wide PA system
refs in stripey shirts
mechanic on duty
several vendors with mallets and polo equipment
vending machines
the best livestream coverage ever, all weekend long
skate park
light breakfast fruit, oatmeal? etc
lunch for players and volunteers
video jumbotron/scoreboard
teeny tiny clif bars
gas station/C-store 1 block away
several food delivery options
full service bike shop 2 blocks from court
VFW bar with drink specials across the street
full on pizza shop in the VFW
livestream viewing station at the VFW?
city park with lots of green grass across the street
right next to an off street bike trail
guaranteed two days of play for all teams
top notch polo

*some details may change

And in all seriousness, if there is anything we can do or information we can provide about Minneapolis and the environs of the court please let us know.


it is good that you put "VFW bar with drink specials across the street" in bold. Visited Minneapolis recently and was surprised how rare liquor stores were, and no beer sales in grocery stores, and no sunday sales of any kind (like Utah), apparently illegal to drink a beer in any city parks......kind of the opposite of Madison, where you can buy beer at 8:00am on a sunday and drink in most city parks; in fact i think it is residency requirement.....not that that is a good thing.....fortunately there's coffee in MN, lotta coffee i hope....and clipboards.......thanx....

a.k.a. ABQ Critical Mass, "Stu the Statue",

$2.25 domestic beers at the VFW. Woot.

Thanks. That's rad. And having the games up on podium this far in advance is super awesome.

Seattle Bike Polo

Hey folks, no sure if i missed it somewhere but is there any chance of airport pickups ? Thursday @ 15:30 ? for me robbie and nick ? If not..its all good, just checking. also looking into public transit..

The light rail picks up at the airport and brings you right into the city. I'll send you an email to get some more info.

Have we mentioned there will be cash prizes for the top 3 teams? There will be cash prizes for the top three teams.

Can we get a list of registered teams and seeds, please?

Working on it. Believe me, this will be posted the second it's ready.

An email has been sent to a list of non-playing and playing referees. If you did not receive one and would like to volunteer, PLEASE GET IN TOUCH with either myself or Aren.

I used the list of folks from the certification site, along with a list that was already compiled. We've got a lot of midwest refs, and could use some other experienced folks to help us out. Let us know! Thank you!

Here is the list of teams registered by regional affiliation:
[Vince will have Podium up and sorted by tomorrow afternoon [at the latest] as i understand it]

The Guardians [Cody, Dustin, Julian]
The Assassins [Evan George, Lefty Joe, Kuoyo]
Portland United [Woadie, Arlyn, Eric Crandall]
Big Country [Rory, Alex Churchman, Henry]
Thunder Buddies [Messman, Martin, Scooter]
Bill Murray [Jake Langdon, Emmet, Sterling]
Grumpy Town [Leon, Drew, Andre]
Mosquito [Duane, Daren, Will]
Short Short Shorties [Stiven, Paul, Sean Marsh]

Beaver Bros [Kremin, Dillman, Joey Halvorson]
The Greens [Chris Hamersly, Adam Dirks, Nic Maglio]
The Breaknecks [Nick Dellwo, Nick Kruse, Charlie Hill]
The Lone Rangers [Matt Hewitt, Jake Newborn, Guthrie]
Dark Horse [Wade Ulmer, Matt Lodge, Jeff]
Three Bucks [Peter Brown, David, Eric Millard]
Pup N Suds [Justin Brown, Michael Fletcher, Jeremy Haas]
Surf Cincinnati [Chris Evans, Ian, Alan]
the Makers [Ben Schultz, Nick McLean, Greg Valentine]

Journeymen [Robbie, Allan, Nick Iwanyshyn]
Call Me Laddy [Luke Sheldrick, Seamus, Brodie]
KMANG [Kevin Walsh, Ngaihon, Matt Lane]
Handsome Hosers [Maija, Emily, Adam Say]
911 [Franck, Germain, Olivier]
Spaceweed [Sam Crossley, Jim, Matt Klute]

The Means [Chris Roberts, Nick Vaughn, Alexis Mills]
D G T [Lomax, Rob Biddle, Jake]
White Fang [Addison Minott, James, Tyler Ferris]
Magic Toast [Zack Blackburn, Nate Mumford, Paul Rauen]
Fire Truck [Zach Borg, Robby Finn, AB]

Team Ginyu Force [Chris Hill, Arnold, Bob Delgado]
The Fact Checkers [Travis, Jimmy, Kyle]
The Phoenix [Paul Elledge, Brent Hall, Michael]
Ribbits [Tiffany, Sergio, Porch]
Broken Bones [Adam Hite, Brett, Graham]

Los Cuatreros [Israel/Pelon, Rob Kreuzberg, Andrew]
Ghost Wolves [Zach Hollandsworth, Max, Bob Rogers]
Mucho Take It Easy [Diego, Miguel H, Miguel Reyes]
Witchcraft [Malakai, Spencer, Wade Atkinson]
Diablos de Tejas [David, David, Artie]
Trident [Alex, Duncan, Lee]

The Control [Ace, Andrew, Forrest]
Grass Assault [Jacob, AJ, Mailman]
The Goons [Brandon, Brick, Josh]
Arena Bike Polo [ABP] [Chris, Ryan, Tsunami Mike]
Misapppropriated Fun [Davey Carfax, Eli, Machine]
Cyclopaths [Taco Tony, Ben Pickett, Marc]

The Thrones [Aaron Hand, Christian, Chris Williams]
Locals Instant Mix

Let me explain the final two now. There were two unfulfilled team spots, as per the initial qualification allotments per region. The team that was next in line [as best could be determined by those regions that actually played out their 9th-12th, 7th-8th, and 5th-6th place ties] was invited. When the region that could not fulfill the spots had no other teams in their top 12 that could attend, the rest of the regions were extended an invitation to any teams in their remaining top 12 not already attending. The only team that confirmed they could attend was The Thrones. There were hopefuls out there, and it is with empathy that I apologize on behalf of NAH that they cannot attend on such short notice, but in the end only The Thrones could commit. They are, therefore, awarded the spot to play, however, they are not playing with the ability to carry forward regional allotment contribution for next years considerations.
The final open team spot will be played by rotating members of the local organizing club. This will also be inconsequential for next year's allotment considerations. The club is discussing this rotation appropriately and will be able to answer questions regarding eligible players etc at the tournament, should there be any.
The roster is then a full 48 teams with no "byes" in the swiss round stages Friday and Saturday, ensuring every team plays the same amount as the others.

I am going to do a call out to those that are not a part of the Minneapolis club, and those that are, for court side volunteers. This is separate from the reffing. This is the person that assists the ref with scoring, timing, reporting, communicating with central command, and generally helping out. I know most of those that will come forward for this, but all are welcome! I'll have a sign up at the registration party, but if you are positive you will volunteer for this and are keen on specific tasks feel free to email me: tournaments@nahardcourt.com

Can't wait to see you all!
Safe travels to those already on the road, and those about to be.

Should have had a refs team ;)

Only joking, great job Chandel, so stoked to be there, and be in the prime spot to watch the games.

Lots of folks have asked, so here it is. THIS is the Minneapolis light rail system from the airport to downtown with various stops in south Minneapolis between.

Other busing and cabbing services are available. www.metrotransit.org is our city's transit website.

Thanks for all your work on this Minneapolis !!

What is the plan/ idea for the shuttle ? From the court to downtown ? is it running just during the tourney on fri - sunday ? 3 times a day ? something like that ?

Most of us live in South Minneapolis and most of us have players crashing on our floors. So the shuttle will be running from S. MPLS to the courts.

The shuttle will run before morning bracket, before afternoon bracket and at the end of the day. As soon as I am 100% sure where the shuttle is picking up we will post it here and on FB.

What time will the courts open in the morning? I'm starting to adjust back to UK time, so I'll probably be up early in the mornings, looking to get out early and play some games/practice.

Can we start taking bets now? Who's your pick?

Being a ref, I probably shouldn't express my opinions. But...

Top 4 (not in any order)
Beaver Boys

I think The Control will be in the top three

Yeah, I was tempted to put them on my list. But I couldn't pick one of those 4 to take out. I think Control will make 5th

I'd be willing to put a beer on them making top three. what do ya say?

Sure, that's a deal!

interesting game coming up ...

Credo quia absurdum

interesting game coming up ...

Credo quia absurdum

Hey if anyone needs a last minute third I'm open! Hit me up on Facebook or 734-757-7114

Go Goons!



Anybody traveling from the north or west planning on driving through Detroit Lakes, MN and have room in your vehicle for one more? I was contacted by someone from Hungary, staying in Detroit Lakes this summer who wants to come down and watch the tournament but her ride just bailed. If anybody can help out, get in contact with me. Long shot, I know...

Yo. So, you're coming to Minneapolis to play bike polo in the North American Hardcourt Championships. Some things you should know about our fair city's amenities include, but are not limited to:

A light rail system from the airport to downtown with several stops in south Minneapolis between.
A veritable bike highway called the Greenway through the heart of South Minneapolis.
We got a whole dang CITY full of bikeways, dang.

Aside from our city's amazing bike facilities, we will be providing a shuttle to those who absolutely need transport from where they are staying to the courts.

The shuttle will have designated times that will be stated in your registration packet. The pick-up location for this shuttle is at the big parking lot at the southeast corner of 17th Ave South and 38th Street.
We will provide all players with a bike map of Minneapolis and shuttle location and times with their registration packets.



Well Big Country missed our flight. Nick was going to meet us at the Airport at 10:30pm Thursday. We now arrive 5:00 am Friday. Any thoughts on how we should get to the courts? We're in the first game of the am bracket.

Sooooo. . We need a third.

You still need a third???

if you need a 3rd, i'll be in min tomorrow afternoon with bike. I planned on just hanging out and seeing everyone, but would love the opportunity to defend my NA title :) hit me up on the FB

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

I'm also here, though currently bikeless until United find it. Also I don't have an NA title ;)

Anybody else think the seeding is a little strange? 2nd place at Eastsides (DGT) gets seeded 14th and plenty of other odd looking seedings, especially places 8-16 in both groups.

It's probably just because there's someone from Boston on it Tobi. Insta-drop-10-places.
But yea, these things are never accurate. The Swiss rounds will take care of the rest of it.

Tobi wrote:

Anybody else think the seeding is a little strange? 2nd place at Eastsides (DGT) gets seeded 14th and plenty of other odd looking seedings, especially places 8-16 in both groups.

How does magic toast seed higher than dgt when dgt made the finals at east sides and magic toast missed podium?

I'm not entirely sure, but I think the seedings are from hardcourtbikepolo.org stats rather than finishes in the qualifiers.

Eastside results weren't entered at HCBP.org, and I was really bad at polo for all of the tournaments on record before that. It's probably my fault.


Sort by HRA, and you have the seedings. It takes into account each player's actual performance at many tourneys, not the finishing placement of a team at a single tourney. There were minor adjustments due to AM/PM swaps because of flights and such.

* Don't worry, Eastside's were definitely included.

can you tell us what the formula was?

* the adjustments, that is.

But why were the performances in non- NAH tourneys included? It should just be based on prior NAH tourneys.



Thanks for the live stream Me. Do, Zachary, Tyler, Machine.....

Bottom 30 games start at 9am sharp.

Top 18 should start at 2:30 pm.

The live stream is the first (properly) watchable version yet, awesome quality, great work!

Be at the courts at 9am. Short player meeting before games start.

bikepolo.tv has been great. The families and I thank you ! Now to donate.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Stream and all the commentary has been much appreciated

Awesome job on the stream. Loved watching all the games I could manage. Upload as many as possible please

Off to donate now!

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

1st Beavers (Eric, Brian, Joey SF)
2nd The Guardians (Cody, julian, Dustin SEA)
3rd The Assassins (Joe, kouyo, Evan SEA)
4th Portland United (Jason, Arlyn, Eric PDX)
5th Big Country (Alex, Rory VAN, Henry VIC)
5th the Makers Y'all (Greg CHI, Nick LEX, Ben MKE)
7th The Greens (Christopher ATL, Nic COMO, Adam TO)
7th The Control (Forest SF, Andrew CRZ, Ace NYC)
9th White Fang (Addison, Tyler, James BOS)
9th D G T (Jake BOS, Jonathan PGH, Rob Philly)
9th Los Cuatreros (Israel, Robert ATX, Andrew SMC)
9th Mosquito (Daren EDM, Duane REG, Will SKN)
13th Thunder Buddies (Matt, scooter SEA, Martin VAN)
13th Journeymen (Allan, Robie OTT, Nick TO)
13th The Means (Chris NYC, alexis OTT, Nick RVA)
13th KMANG (Matt CHI, Ngaihon, kev TO)
17th Team Ginyu Force (Chris, Arnold, Bob TLH)
17th Three Bucks (Eric ATL, David, Peter CBUS)
17th Magic Toast (nate, Zach, Paul NYC)
17th Short Short Shorties (paul, Sean, Stiven SEA)
17th Ghost Wolves (Bob, Zach ATX, Maxxx SEA)
17th Call Me Laddy (Brodie, Seamus OTT, Luke TO)
17th The Breaknecks (Charlie, Nick COMO, Nick MPLS)
17th Bill Murray (Emmet LDN, jake SAC, Sterling SEA)
25th Grumpy Town (Leon, Drew, Andre' SEA)
25th Fire Truck (AB, Zack, Robby BTV)
25th Broken Bones (Adam, Brett, Graham MEM)
25th Polo Bred Piranhas (AJ, Jacob, Mailman PHX)
25th Cyclopaths (Tony, Benjamin, Marc DAV)
25th 911 (Franck, Germain, Olivier MTL)
25th Mo' Staches, Mo' Problems (Rob, Chris CHI, Aaron COMO)
25th The Lone Rangers (jake, Matt, Guthrie MKE)


These teams won their 17th place tie breaker games and earned a Worlds qualifying spot:

Bill Murray
Call Me Laddy
Magic Toast

More info on the Worlds Wildcard tournament is coming from NAH soon.

Court tear down starts at 10am if anyone wants to join us at the Oval.

Four of those 17 teams qualify. Pray tell which four?

Okay catfish, I'm going to move my mouth like this...

Breaknecks and Magic Toast are 2 of them

I know Call Me Laddy beat Short Short Shorties to get a spot, but I can't remember who the other team is.
Edit: Jerod just confirmed that the other spot went to Bill Murray. Yay!!

Midwest is best!!

I'm exhausted but grinning. We're all awash with feels and thanks from players and spectators here in Minneapolis. We're happy that you all had a good time, and we're thankful to all our sponsors for helping us give you what you needed and wanted. THANKS, POLOVERSE for the awesome polo that happened right in front of my face. Thank you, NAH, for your hard work in organizing the schedule and teams.

Now, I sleep.

Thank you so much Minneapolis Bike Polo for setting up an amazing event!! We were well fed and just in awe of the work you guys did to construct the courts. The competition was world class, as was the facility. The level of play blew our minds out here in Davis! We can't wait to start travelling and get the chance to play some of you guys again!

Huge thanks to mpls bike polo for an amazing event. Also to all the volunteers and especially the refs. Love to see people stepping up and dealing with all of us whiny players and bringing some legitamacy to our sport. Cant wait to see all yall in flurida.

MPLS- You guys KILLED it!!! The facilities, food, hosts, weather, and courts were all perfect. Thank you to Ebbin for hosting Chris and I! Also, thank you's go to- Jerod, Chandel, and Joe for running the show, the stream team for their amazing work, and of course MPLS bike polo. Congrats to all the teams that qualified!!! Hopefully, I'll get to see you all play in FL!

Midwest is best!!

Now that I'm fully rested and done being the grumpy dude under the food tent, I'd like to say thanks.

Thanks to the teams and spectators that made the trip to Minnesota. I hope you enjoyed visiting our state and our city. Come back real soon.

Thanks to all the sponsors that donated cash and prizes. We couldn't have done it without you.

Thanks to all the volunteers that helped before, during and after the tournament. Having the extra bodies to help tear down on Monday was clutch, thanks to Rhyno and Machine and the rest of the out-of-towners that helped tear down.

Thanks to everyone I'm forgetting to thank!

Your welcome

-White Fang

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Minneapolis photographer Liam Gilson just posted some great shots from NAHBPC2013.