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New Mexico Friendly

Saturday, April 3, 2010 - Sunday, April 4, 2010
Host club: 
ABQ Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
1 Hockey Court with walls and rounded corners. Exact dimensions to come

Albuquerque Polo will be hosting it's first Tourney. 16 teams max. Registration open so e-mail me and reserve a spot. It's says regional polo but to be clear it is NOT THE SOUTHWEST REGIONAL INVITE. We are looking to make polo friends in the area. I know it's on the same day as another but we figured we're far enough away to not bother Lexington. Standard Double Elimination (round robin for seeding if time allows) as well as a 2v2 where your partner must be from a different city. Prizes for both. Location is pretty sweet and ON LOCK! 20$ per three person team (had to raise it. sorry guys. also covers the 2v2 tourney). This is to pay for a permit and perhaps some food.


Herb Martinez Park
Cam Carlos Rey
Santa Fe, NM
United States

Signed up

My moms is coming to Denver then, and i have nothing todo with her, so this could be a good. quick weekend jaunt to santa fe. and if polo is there is gunna be sick!

Can we camp in the park?
Im there

That will never work.

Not in the park but we can camp right outside of town.

im in for this man!

I'd love to come to this but easter? For the deeply religious with families that day is forever blocked out. Wish it could be a week or two earlier.

Speaking of blocked out, how is that date coming for the SCC. I thought we decided on Tulsa for the bid, but i am trying to remember why we did that?

That will never work.

x TWO.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

well, I heard that Jesus is coming back this year. just a thought/precaution. hope you are all prepared.

Yea that easter thing is a bummer but to be honest most of us here are far from deeply religious. It'll more likely be something to do on a day when we'd have nothing else to do. It also lines up with a big bike week thing we're doing. If all goes well though maybe we'll be inspired to do another on date that works for everyone. We'd love to host Tulsa.

the dates are perfect for us here in Denver, were gonna be bringing at least 3 squads. so stoked to play in Sante Fe!

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Rad. We're hoping to pool up a number of fresh teams just to fill out the ranks. Bret's 2v2 multi-town mixer sounds like a hoot to boot.

Also, the week following we have grass track and capture the flag on Tuesday, an alleycat Wednesday, and a final round sprint on Friday (pool of prior sprint victors and top contenders) with a bike movie night that Sunday.

Wowee! Take the whole week off!

Man, I'm super bummed that it's Easter weekend...my lady's fam will be in town so I won't be able to make it.

Move it to the middle/end of April!!!!!! Just kidding...but not really :)

Anyway, I posted it up and am asking around. Hopefully SD will be able to send a team and if so, make sure you sign up a bunch of rookie teams so we have some competition ;)

We're trying to scrounge up as many people as possible to get a robust group of all different skillsets. I have a feeling Denver and Phoenix will be bringing the finals bracket. Just a hunch.

So you early signer uppers get a say in this: We could house everyone back home in Albuquerque. It's less than an hour from Santa Fe. OR we can camp outside of santa fe at a huge campsite and have a party there. it's ten bucks per site so that's split between however many people you have in your vehicle. It also sounds way more fun in my opinion. Here's the info on he campsite: http://www.explorenm.com/camping/HydePark/

I followed through on the court reservation and called the Santa Fe parks rep. She told me that she had not reviewed our application yet but as far as should could recall there were no prior reservations for the location and all should check out ok.

cant wait,,, im pretty sure im in

C-A-M-P-I-N-G X2

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

X3 !!
im all for some camping/partying!

Well let's all plan to camp and if someone really doesn't want to or can't let me know. All reviews point to that being the party campsite to so should be fun. I'll bring a volleyball

Camping may not be such a good idea. Santa Fe Ski Area (just up the road) has a 107" base right now. I think there is about 3 feet of snow at the Hyde Park campground (elevation ~ 9,000'). So unless you are a burly camper with some really warm gear, we may want to drive/take the train back to ABQ.

I could host a team or two at my house in the UNM/Nobhill area.

Just a thought.

Robin C. (aka crcunnin)

what time of year is it usually melted down by?

May, june and even into July. I was hiking at the ski area last summer in late July and there was still snow on the north faces.

oooh i was wondering about the snow situation there. bummer

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Mega snow this winter. No way it'll be gone in a month. However, I think we can manage accommodations. I could provide space too. I could even see about allowing camping in my yard. Gotta check with neighbors as it's sort of close quarters. They're all tight though. Hell, we'll make a block party of it.

Besides, Denver knows how smooth I keep my walls. It's an international attraction.

sooo smooth, and so fresh and so clean

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

reserve me a spot against the wall, please.

Bring down a team from Casper!

Move the tourney till later in the month...maybe the snow will be melted.

Just sayin ;)

This sort of snow pack won't be gone til early June (at the elevation we're camping at at least). I know this, because, as New Mexicans we keep tabs on snow pack, runoff, river levels and any meteorological variations that may affect the above. Weird shit.

Bummer. But good thing we have Robin the snow expert! We'll get you all housed.

Bummer. But good thing we have Robin the snow expert! We'll get you all housed.

So there it is. A limit of 16 teams. E-mail me when you know your team is signing up. It doesn't look like we'll fill up at this point however so don't stress about it.

sweet flyer!

The flyer was put together by our pal Polka. He's not a polo-goer but he's a fine graphic designer. He's clued me in on the final flyer and it's a real humdinger.

I'm hoping we can print up some shirts with the final design. I'll keep you all in touch.

Also, talking currently with Santa Fe Brewery as for sponsorship. Microbrew for the finals day, anyone? Preferences?

microbrew.... yessir! i like 'em stout, hoppy, or wheaty.

Got it, All of the Above.

i love how the "Regional Polo Tournament" heading on the logo is at the top, they know whats cool.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

anyone know if the pbp pirahna's coming to this?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

The Piranha...skinny $$

Not Yet....Not Yet.

i got my money on the Piranha's!
I said it befor an I will say it again! Look out for Phoenix!
I love the whole PH fmly

Damn, this sounds like fun! I wonder if I could swing this and the LR tourney the next weekend.... lots of driving...

For the full flyer, scope www.cranks505.com.

Expect that l'il guy printed up on custom hats as a prize...

You can do it, Rob!


is ours!

oha, sezxy tyme

hey colorado teams, anybody have room for one more? It looks as though I am flying solo, again. It will cost me too much money to drive down to Santa Fe by myself. If anybody has room and would like to lower their cost to go, let me know.

I get the impression you are driving to denver first? or are you getting here some other way?

I don't know what would give you that impression.
Actually, yes, I would drive into Denver or Springs.

or you can start riding your polo bike here!

sorry dude wasn't watching posts on our page. I am going to see what the carpool plan is this thursday or sat and then we should be able to band together and go down. adam is hurt so there's possibly...5 people trying to go there from here? we'll see.

If you can't nab a team we could hook it up for surezzz.

Granted you can roll down with D-town.

I may be an odd man too but I don't give a fuck I almost look forward more to the 2v2 games with a weird teammate that the tourney games....


broke my hand during a pick up game, wont be playing in sante-fe, but probably still making the trip.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

We'll have a special get well soon beer for you courtside.

...in sunny SANTA FE! Where all your Fanta-Se's come truuuuuuuuue!

awesome! ill donate my time to being all-time goal judge.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Colorado Springs is Bringing One Team at this time. Hopefully more, but i just wanted to get it out there. Adam S. George W. and Collin F. CONFIRMED!

That will never work.

Is it full ?

Not Yet....Not Yet.

not even full! We all want the AZ polo family there!

and your team confirmation is noted george

Consider 3G, Mailman Jay, Piranha#1 and Me in. Could use some help with lodging. like no-tell-motel on the cheap. We are excited bout ABQ putting together a friendly, keeping it simple. Nice work.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Route 66 Hostel.

There's also a number of super cheap hotels and if that still doesn't cut it I'm sure someone could offer up some floor space.

I want in on this! i don't know knowwho from PHX is going for sure. Dus is planning on going, I'm not so sure about Justin... I'm gonna need a couch, floor or dumpster hook up though IF i do go.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Hey, just a quick what's up from San Diego...unfortunately we won't be able to send a team from SD this year. We just can't get people together for the trip. I'm super bummed because I personally wanted to play the boyfriends again.

Hope the weekend goes well for everyone!

Whats up with "Death Pedal" this weekend in SD? You involved Hillbilly? Sounds like fun. Stairs, Boobs, Polo, Beer.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

I am slightly involved in that I will be around all day enjoying the festivities and hopefully playing some polo during the day. It definitely looks like it will be a lot of fun...I'm excited!

Not all the Boyfriends are going to be present anyway, so we'll save the matchup for another time and place.


I need a team for this! Phoenix is rolling w/ abotu 7 ppl, but I'm thinking playing on a team w/ different ppl would be fun.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

yeah davey! I will be rolling down there if you wanna form a team.

you still looking for a teammate?

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

yeah davey. I'm down to join with you.

since I read dus' comment that you guys won't show up til 2:30 AM on saturday, I will see you at the morning games. if you are gonna be in town on friday, let me know and I'll give you my number

Sounds good man. We'll need a third then. I won't be there on Friday simply because I work until 7pm that night. Here's my number anyway:218.686.5873. Text or call and I'll keep you posted about our arrival

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

It seems like a lot of people will be doing that so i don't think you'll have a problem. Let's all try and be at the court around 9am so we can figure out the teams and start play by 10am. Sound OK?

^^we'll be arriving in albuquerque around 2:30 am saturday. i'll make all the phoenicians go straight to bed so we're bright-eyed & bushy-tailed saturday morning!

davey, that means no blondie sing-alongs at 3am. i know, i'm a wet blanket.

Is there a 2v2 mixer happening?

i got called to NYCITY for a job interview, not gonna make it, have fun everyone.

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur


Hope you get it


my bad!

Screening shirts right now!

I got a few questions at this point: are we looking at 10-12 teams for the 3v3? and when the 2v2 happens are the players going to be able to choose someone or will a pool and picks occur?

and how much are the shirts?

10-12 sounds about right. You get to pick your partner. There will be 3v3 play in the morning so you can scope out who you want to pair with for the 2v2 or if you know who you want on your team now that's cool.

I want mini-mike

Do any of you ABQQ guys skate? we're gonna be heading down there sometime on friday in the AM and I haven't been to, I think it's palo alto?, skatepark in forever. it'd be nice to get some poloistas to skate.

I've got to work but I'm sure my roommate/teammate would be into showing you around to some spots. Los Altos is alright, but there's a few new parks in town that would be cool to jam on.

dont listen to this hillbilly kid... sand in my eggo IS rollin thru

Hey, calm yourself down...this has been addressed.

I am hosting two teams at my house (PHX and Denver). The address is 1305 Princeton Dr. NE; Albq, NM 87106.
My phone number is 805-704-1048.
So this is also the spot where the party will happen on Saturday night as well.

Save travels everyone!

Robin C.

I'll be able to host a team too. It's 717 Edith SE, ABQ, NM 87102 (about a mile downhill of Robin).

Number is 505.908.8713. Call and reserve a sleeping space.

Mega pancake breakfast party?

I will trade for/buy some of the grapefruit that we boosted from PHX front yards. i figure 5 or 6 grapefruit can be worth a few ski poles, or mallet heads. An Peak Region Polo will be bringing one extra player, so get ready to fight for who gets to play on her team. See you in 2 days!

That will never work.

i need a team...anyone need a third?

You and Amy do!

That will never work.

I can put up a team at my place (no more than 3) My place is between between Jake's and Robin's at:
1408 M L King JR Ave #B NE ABQ 87106

call 505-242-1974 if you need a place. First come first serve.


and Dus I know of at least one ABQ guy who is sans team so maybe just one more single to make your team

All your shots are block by I.

I need a team!!!

This isn't the fucking Mickey mouse club

I need a team!!!

This isn't the fucking Mickey mouse club

It looks like there will only be 3 denver peeps going. this is crazy. we were looking at bringing 6-7 denver people, now due to injuries, jobs (way to go jeff!) and stuff for other people it's been cut down by half.

+1 from boulder.


max isnt from Denver, he's from Colorado Springs

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

Alrighty then. Everything is ready to go. Call somebody if you neeed PLACE TO STAY TONIGHT OR MEET US BRIGHT AND EARLY AT THE COURT TOMORROW. 9AM

Thanks everyone who came out. Fantastic weekend, fantastic fun, fantastic folks and again, fantastic thanks to San Diego, Phoenix, Denver, Boulder and Colo Springs for making the trip and the tourney possible.

Damnable double post.

who won?

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

^^^PBP 3G.

3G came in first
Jagwolves (denver) came in second
Polo High was third.

3G and Jagwolves matched each other score for score pretty much in an epic finale. grats to jacob for MVP.

Outstanding first event.Thanks to Bret and all who put this first ever ABQ NM Bike Polo event on ! The 7 hour drive was well worth it. From all of us in AZ, Dustin, Mailman Jay, Jacob(Piranha#1) Davy Carfax, Hanna and me the NOD, THANK YOU !!
BTW, Jacob(Piranha #1) MVP !! Proud

Not Yet....Not Yet.

^^^x2, flawless first tourney ABQ! thanks for introducing me to golden pride restaurant & their drive-thru ribs!

robin, thanks for housing davey, hannah and i for two glorious nights. im working on a skylight for my shower, i have a hammer ;)

mr. klink, thank you for loaning your couch to a snoring phoenician sunday night. your front porch is awesome! also, thanks for medicating the bug bite on hannah's boob!

bob, congrats on winning the "creepiest moustache" award. keep on sleazin'!

loved every minute of my polo-cation! thanks new mexico!

p.s. slow down! I-25 isn't a racetrack!


yes! thanks abq and "fanta se"!

good times were certainly had.

major props to 3G for the win and jacob for the mvp. keep it up kid. thanks ABQ for settin this up and dealin with our san diego asses. it was a well worth it trip. Thanks brent for the hospitality. Thanks Denver, ABQ, Pheonix, Boulder, Colo Springs, you all were awsome. very stoked on meeting you all. look forward for another return. Stay posted on an SD event possibly this summer.

Go Gnar or Go Home

I have a DVD full of photos from this weekend. If anyone wants a disc I could mail them out to PHX, SD or Denver and you guys could distribute them. I will post up some on the ABQ Bike polo page under Santa Fe Tourney in the next few days.

Thanks all for coming out, especially the out-of-towners, you showed us some real polo and skills. NM will have to step up so we can compete with the rest of the southwest. lol. Sorry for losing my cool, I had a blast regardless.

Thanks Again,

Robin C.

Definitely would like a DVD, I'll text an address to you for mailing.


I would love to have some photos from the weekend to put up on our site...and I'm sure the SD team would love to have them. Is there any way you could just get them to me online? If not, let me know and I'll get you an address to send a disc to.

Also - the SD team was super stoked on their shootout victory and Trevor mentioned that Hanna (sp?) from Phoenix / AZ recorded it on video. Anyone know if this is true? and if so, we would love to get a copy if possible. Thanks!

Glad everything went well...still bummed I didn't make it. Next year for sure.

Hannah was using Mailman Jays vid camera. We need to pre view and then share. SD next event??

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Sounds great, thanks!

I really hope we can host something sometime before the end of the year...but that all depends on securing a court. I am making it my top priority as soon as we get back from the IE beginners tourney this weekend. I will keep you all updated.

Congrats by the way...heard you guys kicked some butt!

Great weekend! I'm so glad everyone had a good time and brought the party. Robin and Mr. Klink are the shit and I have a feeling they'll throw the best bike polo tournament ever one day.

Dus, I-25 IS a racetrack. Keep up next time.

this tourney was super fun! big ups to all the New Mexico crew and their hospitality.
it was great getting to meet everyone that made it out there.

was great playing with you and ryan for the first time!

im so proud of my Denver boys....tear....sniffle

Hardcourt Bike Polo Connoisseur

ABQ: Thanks much for throwing an awesome tournament! First class all the way, I regret that we didn't get down to the party, but all good I hear. Pumped to play with you all in the future - come up north when you have the chance. And Robin, thanks for playing with passion - no hard feelings from our end.

Denver: way to kick some ass despite being dragged down by that Boulderite (zing!). Just don't forget who took home The Colorado Cup. When you are ready to try and win it for once, just let us know....

Duke City Classic - Regional Polo Tournament from David Polka on Vimeo.

epic footy. good montage. great memories.
springs is throwing a tournament on june 11th weekend, you should come up... (assuming they get it on lock)