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NM Friendlier Tourney

New Mexico Friendlier Tourney
Saturday, May 14, 2011 - Sunday, May 15, 2011
Host club: 
ABQ Bike Polo
Contact info: 
Court size: 
140 ft x 60 ft (single roller court) additional tennis court for pickup

We are hosting the NM Friendlier Bike Polo Tournament as part of the 2nd Annual Duke City Classic. The first day of the tourney will be a open slot bench mix-up (AM seating round for Sunday and then Bench Mix-up in afternoon). The second day will be the actual tournament with some pretty good prizes.

There is a $20 per team or $7 per person fee to help cover prizes and food.

I have lots of room at my house for travelers. Give me a call or send an email to grab a spot. Bob has some space as well.

Hope all can come on such short notice.


Hockey Court
Camino Carlos Rey/Calle Cedro Herb Martinez Park
Santa Fe, NM
United States

Signed up

I am in. May need a third

Fucking sweet. I just got an excuse to come back the 505 a few days earlier than I had planned. Anyone need a third who likes to play as physically as possible?

awww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

one last tournament with you guys before I move to seattle. bench minor style draft? aww yeahh!!!

moving to Seattle Max, you're making me jealous. were counting on Colorado to bring the pain.

All your shots are block by I.

Count it!! Gotta check maself B4 ah wreck maself Lookin at the bank roll B4 ah pop a rubber band off it

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Last time was a blast. 3G might defend. Just thinkin

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Awesome, you guys brought the heat last time and we gots lots of love for AZ here, tell your peeps to come play in some 70 degree Santa Fe weather rather than the 100s.

All your shots are block by I.

I think you'll have more of a run for your money then last year, mr. Gnar

from what I recall, jagwolves gave them a run for their money anyways...

Wow Josh, now I'm scared. Re-thinkin.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

N.O.D wrote:

Wow Josh, now I'm ready to step up and show you kids how to play polo.

I know right?

I sure hope your there too, buddy.

I will be here and then I'm going to cascadia.

In for this!

discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.

Maxxx wrote:

awww yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!

one last tournament with you guys before I move to seattle. bench minor style draft? aww yeahh!!!

moving to Seattle Max, you're making me jealous. were counting on Colorado to bring the pain.

As for the Bench tournament, we are hoping on getting at least 4 teams of eight and doing the draft first thing Saturday morning (everyone who shows up has chance to play). Like the 2v2 mix-up tourney last year, this is going to be another mix-up tourney. We are thinking of having one team captain from all of the visiting states; we are thinking, CA, AZ, and CO for sure then any other state or a NM team captain (if no other state is represented). These captains will take turns picking players outside their state for as long as possible then players not from their city/team. Then play Bench Minor style games with tourney prizes.

Spread the word

All your shots are block by I.

Goggles wrote:

In for this!

Justin, hope to see you guys here since you kicked ass at Desert III and we never played you.

All your shots are block by I.

We have a couple of options for housing this year let me or robin know and we will find a floor for you to crash on. Also post polo party on Sat. night. I'll try to stay upright this year.

All your shots are block by I.

OH YEAH...im in.

Does anyone have any food requests? I would be glad to do a ham again...thinking some rice and beans would be good too. Ill coordinate more with Brett, but want some other input as well.

Green fucking chile. Lots of it.

lets get it on!

Thanx for the info Robin , Ya got a 747 coming down in the night @ 6pm Friday carrying 1 slaying Machine and his slaying Machine. See all you peeps in ABQ at the bar of your choice for Snakebites and Snakebites X more.COUNT IT!!!!!!!

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Stoked for this! Can't wait to see y'all again! I think AZBP may be bringing a couple of teams and stragglers.

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

So how about some different rules for bench minor? I'm not saying wrist shots should be legal but let's have a fun format that creates an interesting game. Assuming we get 3-4 teams of 5-6 players each...

*If time doesn't limit us - we could split time up into halves? 2 10 minute halves of a game. Would time limit > score limit, would score limit be higher? like first to 10 in two 10 min halves. etc...

*In play substitutions are allowed - players can jump off the court and onto the court pretty easily in the santa fe spot.

*Co-ed requirements - a lady has to be on the court for each team for at least 5 mins per game)

*Penalty shots - someone dabs and blocks a shot (while foot down) = the player who originally took the shot gets to take a shot on the goalie from half court or a set position of their choice (they don't get to approach the net, they have to swing at a stationary ball at least 10 feet away from the goal). if they miss the shot, play resumes immediately. if they score, count it.

*whiskey shot requirements at the middle of each game, underage kids will have to suck a lemon.

*re-jousts for every goal

*t ball joust stand

*mandatory best heckler award

*mandatory nicest guy award

*mandatory DFL winning something to help them get better.

I like all that other than rejousts every goal

also I would like to point out that while tall george won the best heckler award last year, clearly it was nick from boulder who deserved it. I hope some retroactive decision will be made to strip george of his heckling award and be given to nick who is probably, bar none, the funniest (and most likeable) heckler in the state.

Watch out Nick, I think Max has a thing for you.

All your shots are block by I.

I even have the same bike as him. *wistful sigh*

As for rules I think we can be pretty flexible, most of Max's addendums seem reasonable we will work out final details Sat. morning of Tourney. If anyone else has comments please post and we will bring them up.

All your shots are block by I.

We have room for a set of DPI-3 goals if interested. Solid.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

I have the goals from last year, but modified and very tough. I cut the height down. I think they are 185 x 80 cm. If you want to bring your goals and have room, feel free. But if not, no worries too.

Wish I could make it!!! Next time I will!! SWAG THAT SHIT ALL THE WAY OUT BOB!!!!!

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

You should make it. No excuses!

What? Im not excusing my absence!! Just RSVP-ing "next time."

"wear a face mask or duck" - Tall George
stick 2 da code, stop snitchin'

oh dang. well, third year's the charm.

Machine, and I may need a third, speak up peoples

Mandatory Creepiest Mustache award. Or so says I. Maybe a "Nice Shirts, Boyz" award. Throwing some ideas out there.

JAKE we're sending our love down the well. This year Sheridan and I are trying to live up to the high bar you set last year with the Classic. Wish you could be here to enjoy.

I'll start growing my mustache out now!

All your shots are block by I.

You can grow a creepy stache in less than a week? good luck.

Prouder'n'hell Bob. My sister told me about a polo article in the Daily Lobo. I laughed my face off when I saw your picture and the caption referred to you as Bob Wire.

I really wish I could be there to participate. Polka did a killer job on the flyer. Let me know how it all pans out. I should mention I'll be back in the 505 in July for about a month doing nothing but riding bikes. I should request now we do nightly polo. And drinking.

Additionally, drawn on mustaches fully fit the criteria. Especially those drawn with imperfections, inbalances or in permanent ink. I have spoken.

Sounds like it's gonna be a blast, last year was fun as heck! If it wasn't so hard to travel from BFE California (where I now live), I'd try to make it this year to win "nicest guy award" 2 years in a row!

Someone eat some golden pride drive-thru ribs for me!!!!

Edit: someone please keep an eye on Bob this year while he is binge-drinking. it's no fun smoking cigarettes on Robin's front porch when Bob is yakking his life away in the carport.

I believe at this moment this slaying bag of furry accessories needs a team. Pick me up throw me out on court and i'll have yer back

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Try not to stress too much, there are a few stragglers here in burque that are too lazy to sign in to the league but they will be there on Sat. and will need to make teams. If not we will do what we have to so that all visiting players are teamed up.

All your shots are block by I.

tick tock tick tock

time is passing until the duke city classic II

here's an update from the mind of maxxx

weather looks like 70s going into friday, hopefully I won't be as sunburnt as last year, it took me a week to peel. and since last year I've played on 3 other bikes... now I'm back on 700c!

Davey won't reform the skidmore highway boys, what's up with that davey? We had a team with dustin last year...and you won't try to recreate that magic?! ooeeeeh...

Quazi/ryan (from jagwolves) isn't gonna be around this time (the short guy who won the gnarliest crash last year with a handlebar to his stomach) but don't worry, I am getting my handlebar to the chest practice going on...totally planning on winning it this year....by the way CAP YOUR HANDLEBARS. I actually think Dallas from co springs will take the award this year-- he's pretty good at crashing. then again, so am I....

I am hoping people can hug it out this year, keep your lids cool and your attitude cool, don't worry robin, I know how you feel....

The word is... Nick won't be making it to this tournament... so we're gonna need someone to challenge tall george for the heckler award...

Don't forget to bring your helmet cams and film this event, the polo should be excellent.

3 2 1......!

x2 Max. See ya there.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Can't wait! Pick me up!

So my friend decided last minute to not drive out...super bummed I can't come this year.

Looking to play, anyone need a third??

Dave Z, Kelli & Machine!
I wanna see this happen!!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Let's Pop a Rubba Band on it ..... You 2 down for that?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

You guys are going to slay. I'll ping Kelli on our FB group

I'm down, see ya there

Hey guys! I teamed up with Kerry from Denver, but we are in need of a third! Let me know if you guys can split up or if anyone else needs a team. Thanks!

Kelli, if you still need a 3rd i'm still looking 4806958185


x2 oh yea.

Not Yet....Not Yet.


discount code: azpolo15
for 15% off @ state bike co.

I've just decided to come and need a team to join...it's a friendly tourney so I don't know how much provenance I need to provide but I've placed top ten in ESPI and top 15 at the first worlds. Let me know if you want an experienced player (and lefty) for your bomb squad.

3 2 1! see you fools tomorrow

Hell yeah im very excite

This isn't the fucking Mickey mouse club


Hey New Mexico!! I need a massage therapist that's close by and available to work on my neck and shouders Saturday morning. Know anyone? Any MT's in the club? I have zero time here before we leave so I'm reaching out to you. Text or call me! 218.686.5873

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Bob gives good handies. Maybe that'll ease the tension?

Big league jealous right now. Enjoy yourselves. Play hard and watch out for Sheridan. He bakes a mean ham.

Thank you Alba. Well worth thr trip again. Phx enjoys your hospitality. The bench minor was killer and the most fun. Next year !!!
Jeff the NOD

Not Yet....Not Yet.

once again well done with the duke city classic II. it was fun seeing everyone and getting a mix up bench minor. This tournament was really off the hook thanks to everyone involved in throwing it and everyone who stayed until the very end. A few different faces and a few familiar faces, and the polo was great as usual. A little bummed SD didn't make it this year, and that some people just left immediately and didn't bother to watch much of the rest of the friendlies or try to play pickup after.

Much love to everyone, I was a little frustrated with my polo but I figured it out and had a lot of fun in the last game with Phoenix. Thanks for showing up deep phoenix!

Another Thanks to Machine's immensely positive energy there to balance Tall George out for me.

Davey I look forward to showing you the Carfax sometime.

Can't wait to see all the photos people!

Thanks all for coming out and playing hard. Without CO and AZ, NM wouldn't have much polo going on. lol. As always you showed us your skillz and put us to the test. I will post some photos I took shortly.

I really enjoyed playing the bench mix-up too. I think that is a tradition we should carry on for sure. Until the next tourney, worlds, or the New Mexico Friendliest Tourney next year. Take care, be safe and live polo to the fullest.

Your NM friend,

Robin C.

Thanks for a frickin' amazing tourney ABQ polo! the Bench Minor was a ton of fun, and I'd love to do it again next year. It's always a blast seeing you guys and playing polo and chillin'... Like Max said, plenty of new faces and plenty of old ones. Its great to see both. You guys put on a great time!

AZ bike polo, Jacob-Mailman J-Nathan, I had so much fun fighting for every point in our games! & look forward to seeing you in next year's friendliest championship game! it's always so great to play polo and learn from you guys! Your Polo is Magnificent.

NM bike polo, keep throwing rad tourney's and being who you are. I'll keep coming back. You guys are the shit.

MACHINE!!!! see you in a week Donkey!

ps. Show me the Carfax!!


Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

well well well If that was even Friendlier than last year and next year is gonna be the Friendliest then count me in .From the moment i landed til the second i departed the F was in fun thanx to Robin and the whole ABQ bike polo and general bike scene being a consolidatedly random ARMY of One.
To compare it to any other tournie is totally un-nessecary It stand s alone in my mind as a blinding weekend of awsome people and killer polo. I was honoured to captain and be part of my first bench minor and if i could change anything about my team, their attitude and their skillz i would NOT. As team New Mexican Standoff i would like to thank that last team we played for going easy on us . I for one won that game in my mind as i'm sure the rest of our team did as we blanked out the final scores from our mid Cortexes FOREVVA.
Thank you team for playing polo in the spirit of the Great Ones, High on a Desert Plain.
To team Meeshe my 2 allies Erin and Davy-Z i couldn't have had more fun winning the tournament with you both jousting alongside me........Wait a minute i just checked my luggage and the winners trophy is missing . Wot the hey did someone steal it while i napped.Great team play and to beat Tall George , Dallas and Brendan in the heckle off game was icing on the sticky bun.Betta luck next time Tall Talk.
To all of you that made that trip Good Effort. Only bitch for me is landing on Pancake and refracturing my rib . Just about to fly so we'll know in 20 mins if it is as bad as last time.
I should go on but i'm sure my continous banter all weekend is rattling thru your minds so i shall sign off with a Polo the Feck up everyone and stop yer whining . Superstoked with my gift of a secret weapon to slay cascadia with next weekend , from The Polo N.O.D himself . I was swinging it round til 2 in the morning and continued in my sleep. Much appreciated.
Luv you all

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

pancake = robin
haha well done, hope the rib's ok. see you in t minus...

ABQ the tourney was a blast. This was my first out of town tournament and I had a great time. Thanks machine for the never-ending supply of jokes and heckling. Thanks Tall George for the great team we had for the bench minor and the tough competition in the tourney on sunday. The championship game was a blast. We had to work for every point just like scooter said he had to. Overall tho, had a great time. Thanks for all involved for throwing the tourney and the hospitality.

Photo's coming soon.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Final game...Phx FTW !
Denver: Scooter, Duncan, Maxx
Phx: Mailman-J, Jacob, Nathan

Thanks again ABQ. Fun Friendliest Ever !!

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Well done to all the finalists but especially to Mailman-J , Jacob and Nathan . You are prime examples of how we like our champions.... Unruffled , clean playing , a wee bit rough around the edges and UNDEFEATED.

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

we tried to take them two games but the ball wouldn't go into it's home.

Thanks so much for putting this on, Burque kids. Saw some incredible polo, met a whole bunch of people that I never would have down South. Definitely taking the things I learned from everybody who was here back with me. Y'all come down to Mobile sometime, yeah?

Thanks so much for a killer tournament! Meeting all you non east coast polo players has been great! Bench Minor was super fun and so was all the trash talk.
Can't wait to play with all of you again. Congrats Phoenix!

x2 to my fellow Coloradans. What a fun weekend. Machine you are the sweetest human being ever to use the filthy language you do. Thanks for being an asset to the cause. Tournaments are instantly better when the orange and blue comes to town. And no one is better at skewering seasoned vets and shepherding new recruits. Hope you didn't injure yourself too badly-- the other tourneys need you!

Robin, Bob - So much fun. Bob that camping spot/area was absolutely perfect. Went climbing around the falls and let the fish eat my sunburn flakes in the springs. Came across an area of meadows shaped like giant reflector dishes. Looks like a meadow and sounds like a concert hall. That's the whole 'enchanting' thing out there, eh?

Aerospoke Justin, if you find your way on here, well done for your first tourney.

PBP: Thanks for bringing the family. Like Machine, your group is a great element to a weekend comp. From NOD to Jake you guys slay. Win well deserved. Davey, Julio, the rest of Phoenix, seems you have some city competition up north! Some day we need to wrangle a Phoenix/Denver bench minor.

Well played you guys, thanks for the fun and we'll be back!

Phoenix/Denver bench minor would be rad!
I love playing with y'all:)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

Pics! Who's got em?!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

ask the NOD, tell him to add me on fbook, robin may have 15k photos. Robin, we only want the last 100 photos of the last game!

I know NOD has them. I'll give him some more time. I know I saw series photos being taken, though. Who has those? Give us links, YO!

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

I have over 100 GREAT foto's. No one left out. Prob is, I need help sharing (tech shit). I did burn a disc for NPTAX, maybe he can help us out. I even got the pancake crash. Machine looked dead.
Anything with a bench minor platform, we're in.

Not Yet....Not Yet.

Bob, Robin and anyone else involved in making this Friendlier happen: Thank you!
I had loads fun with the freindly competition just as I did last year. I'm looking forward to next years Friendliest tourney!
Robin: Thanks for the clean poster. I'll put it with last years posters:)
Make sure you have a few shirts next year! Maybe I'll have a small screen printing setup ready in time for the Friendliest. If so, we'll work out a deal;)

Cadabbers - "We will literally stab you"

we're reforming skidmore highway boys.

Machine !!

Not Yet....Not Yet.

here is the link to the NOD's photos.


that's hilarious NOD . Looks like Pancake just slayed me .................oh yeah he did

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Thanks everyone for coming out, good times, good people, and good polo, who could ask for a better weekend.
Nathan thanks for posting those pics, I've been waiting all week!
Hard to believe but there is actually a picture of the exact moment when Robin stopped existing and Pancake was born. Now if we can just get him to post it.

All your shots are block by I.

Great photos NOD! I didn't realize I play so bent over like that. Looks like I could pick a penny off the ground in some of those....

duncantaylor wrote:

Great photos NOD! I didn't realize I play so bent over like that. Looks like I could pick a penny off the ground in some of those....

Always good to see how you look and play
My Fave player for the weekend was Aero Spoke Justin, for the most improved Noob! Hope he comes back.

Not Yet....Not Yet.


new mexico! throw another friendlies in august after worlds.