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NAHBPC 2016 Qualified Teams

NAHBPC Registration
NAHBPC registration is now open. Fees are $40 per player. The fees may be charged any time after the team registers.
Register here: https://podiumbikepolo.com/register/nahbpc2016
Only teams on this list may register. Teams should consist of 2/3 of the qualified team, unless regions decide otherwise. This list will be updated, and teams added/updated/removed.
Player qualified in multiple regions
Team registered
Team declined
Cascadia 1/7

  • Nick, Sterling, Jess SEA
  • Jake, JT, Sean SEA
  • Chris Lex, Greg, Will SKN
  • Cody, Justin, Dustin SEA
  • Arlyn, Aaron, Fletcher PDX
  • Elliot, Danielle, Snake SEA
  • Shannon, Emily, Mark VAN
  • Tony SEA, Howl, Addison BOS

South West 1/5

  • Andrew, Forrest, Eric SF
  • Donnie, Olson LA, Josh SDG
  • Tate, Jimmy, David SLC
  • Paul, Eli, Bobby LA
  • Able DAV, Tony MAD, Ben NYC

Heartland 0/4

  • Chris CIN, Charlie, Davier STL
  • Nick, Bruce MPLS, David CBUS
  • Chris LEX Koyo, Stiven SEA
  • Tomohiko, Ryan CHI, Thanh MKE
  • Johnathon COMO, Chu MEM, Kalei DEC

Great Lakes 0/4

  • David, Peter, Kaleb CBUS
  • Nick, Bruce MPLS, Andrea MPLS
  • Rob, Mark, Jon CHI
  • Chris, Megan CHI, Sergio Lex
  • Matt, Hunter MKE, James ARB

Eastside 1/3

  • Zach, Nate NYC
  • Rob, Nick PHL, Sergio LEX
  • David, Peter CBUS, Ben
  • Mark, Brian, Brendan
  • Matt, Carter LAN, Bird LEX

Great Plains 2/3

  • Nick MPLS, Greg, Andrea SKN
  • Will, Daren, Duane SKN
  • Neil, Tom, Bill EDM

Mexico 0/3

  • TBC

2 spots declined
South Central 1/3

  • Miguel, Andrew ATX, Diego HOU
  • Jenny DAV, Matthias, Nico SF
  • Adam ATX, David, Alvin SAT

Northside 0/2 + 1

  • James ARB, Shane, Aaron TO
  • Oskar, Justin TO, Charlie BUF
  • John, Nick, Niko TO

Southeast 0/2 + 1

  • Graham MEM, Jimmy, Bob TLH
  • Chris, Sergio LEX Bruce GR
  • Andy, Chu, Cara MEM
  • Joel, Stu AVL, Reid ATL,

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