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NAHBPC 2015 Format and Groups

This year the NAHBPC will be using an updated format, which may be familiar to those of you who played SWQ, and many other tournaments this year.
The 36 teams have been split into 4 groups of 9, who will play a full round robin over the first two days.
Each group will be it’s games in a 3 hour window on both Friday, and Saturday:

  • Friday 9am-12pm: Group A
  • Friday 12pm-3pm: Group B
  • Friday 3pm-6pm: Group C
  • Friday 6pm-9pm: Group D

For Saturday, A & B will swap, and C & D will swap, so that each group plays one session in the heat of the day, and one early/late

  • Saturday 9am-12pm: Group B
  • Saturday 12pm-3pm: Group A
  • Saturday 3pm-6pm: Group D
  • Saturday 6pm-9pm: Group C

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