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brian, my suggestions:

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the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

fuck man, i just realized there's a comments section here on this site and damn me for missing that sespi message. I woulda loved killing 'em down there with you. shit! for now, I'm playin with the HBP. mebbe we'll line up at the bench minor, eh?

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Brian, welcome to the team! Let me know if you have a preference for jersey number

Gee thanks coach! (is that confusing?)
nice job on the draft. you've built a solid team.
jersey number isn't important...

I might be a little more excited about this than spring break now...

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

I need to know if you are still going to stay with us. a lot of peeps have bailed on us. give me a call 202 997 4000

fuck ur face

oops posted to the wrong person

yo ohio

want to join our team?