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yo! if i had your number, I'd be blowin you up lady! less then a week and youre gonna be here!! i heard youre bringin jefisdef too. sooo exciting!!!!!

Hey hey Cherri! Jeff has been talking ya up! Can't wait to have you here in Denver. Lets rock n roll!

Hey Cherri! Sucks I didn't get to see you before you took off. Some exciting things happening here in Jax, we got a blog up: jaxbikepolo.blogspot.com , we're building a court at the new zombie spot, and we're gonna have our first tournament for bury your bike coming up. How's Denver?

PS Is it possible for you to change me to the club rep for jax?

Live Clean Ride Dirty jaxbikepolo.blogspot.com

That all sounds amazing best of luck. I look forward to hearing about the tournament. Denver is beyond words, I love it here. The bike polo, the bike paths, the mountains, the weather, my house/mates, and so much more, it's all awesome. I don't have Internet access and I can't figure out how to switch reps on my phone, I'll check it out again when I do have access and/or email kev.

I want to to hear about your frame...and ask some questions...I've been debating having a frame made for a while now...Jason @ 561-714-8155.

sent you a detailed reply, let me know if you didn't get it. otherwise, I'll see you in Madison with more thorough information.

Party On Squirrel Friend!

...those days are over.


party on

I believe these are the results from San Francisco's Halloween
Ball Whackers Ball 2010:
1) Valleros (LA Joker Pistolero Too $hort)
2) Slayers n Arlyn (PDX DC)
3) Los Tres Pendejos (SF Casey Devin Mickey)
4) Bad Fingers (SF Ben Ben Miah)
5?) Five-Oh (PHX MMJ DaveyC SF Justin)
5?) Working Stiffs (LA Brian Craig Jeremy)

Hope that helps...

Lefty Bullshit!

awesome, thank you!

take care, take care, take care

So you coming to town to slay, or what? Because some of us here have been getting a little better. And it's been a friggin coon's age since we've had the pleasure of being scored on by you.

:) i wish. saw the pictures of the green grundle tournament made me miss boulder so much! awesome job. hopefully sometime in the fall i'll be back if not for good definitely for a good time.

Hi Cherri,
Glad the SFBPClan could assist your travels to Eugene. Yer so close you may aswell pay us all a visit in sunny, foggy , overcast , happy , windy SF (and that was just in the last hour) . Are ya goin to Ballz in the city in Victoria?

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

Nice work! #last_stand_again

:) thanks duncan! hoping to see ya'all soon.

Hey Cherri! Just thinkin of you, would you wanna play with me and scooter at south central again?! Scooter has a diff team for SW so we'll see how that goes, but if you are interested in going, let me know.

sounds great, but I'm afraid I wont be able to go to that. thanks for asking though! hope all is well