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eeyy bob

Austin Texas

hey bob- noticed your name on the forum is justbobagian. did you mean justbobagain?

nah its spelled wrong on purpose. its my old AIM screen name from back in the day

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fuck bob it's you man It didn't click until now . Awesome watching ya fly by me on the courts leavin me in a trail of toxic rubber dust. Great moves . Ya no ya can only beat me once coz my internal workins didnt expect such mad speed. yer goin down on yer own turf . Count it

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE


eh Austin,

I'll be coming to town around Halloween. When do you 'all play... your chinese website is undergoing maintenance.

I'm available starting Friday night (10/28) prolly wont get to town before 7or 8... then saturday, sunday, monday, tuesday, wednesday.... but I have to visit friends too but looking forward to some POLO! see you all soon.

Is zach still rolling that rickety 'ol girls bike w/ QR rear chunk wheel and pink flairs.. awesome.


oh you found us

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eey Bob,we play on Sundays,but we are to make an exception this weekend.We will be working on our makeshift court on Sat. so come down and give a hand .


Hi Bob! This is Drew from KY. We met last summer in Lexington at te spring break tourney. I was wondering what ever became of your mini polo bike. I am interested in maybe building/buying and would love to hear of any thoughts you may have on it for polo or just in general. or if it is up for sale? see you in april!

Shoot I keep forgetting to do a full review of that bike. Pros- tight turning radius, small wheels, wow factor,
Cons- Tires:Expensive, Tubes:Expensive/shitty, Wheel size is screwy and the deep sections makes tubes hard to find (ie valve stem length), Front brake gets destroyed when if the front wheel goes under the bike. Its a cool bike for the price but you make up for the price in parts. My brothers using mine right now, so its still in use

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Hey man thanks for the info on your bike. Until I get my new bike this will be my commuter, what is a good straight bar that I can use dually?

literally any bar you can use for both, id go with something with a bit more sweep, really straight ones put too much stress on my wrists, get something cheap so you wont feel bad when it touches down. make sure you get some bar plugs too, no core samples.

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Where is that Dodici?

Winston Salem NC Bike Polo

Ordered, hopefully on the way on Friday or Monday but they didnt seem like they were in any rush.

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