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Goast Vanvidd's profile page

Tacoma, WA

i need a team if you are still looking. im from atlanta

Yep, still looking for a Midwests team for Kentucky. You?

...those days are over.


Just in case you didn't see my reply to your post, I would love to play with you! Who is your other teammate?

Midwest is best!!

Awesome! We still need a third. Any ideas? I saw you had asked Brandon Carter (DMM) as well. I have his phone number. I can just call and ask him? What do you think?

...those days are over.


Hey Girl! It was so great to meet you this weekend! See you in Lexington!!!!!

likewise, mate. See you tomorrow in Lex.

...those days are over.


Just realized where your profile picture was taken. Nice! June of 44, from Louisville, KY had a photo in one of their liner notes of that building.

Nice meeting you this weekend. See you around.

i love this picture

Jill! Looking to form a team for the CA ladies summit, if you want to team up... Let me know!

Team giggle clit, now with more labia!