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North Side Polo Invite IV

Saturday, September 4, 2010 - Monday, September 6, 2010
Host club: 
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Court size: 
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The 4th installment of everyone's favourite small potato day trip tourney. We're looking at running a 3 day tournament this time. Registration limited to 16-18 teams. We'll use the registration list here to get a sense of who's interested in coming and send out invitations accordingly. Register your name only if you are seriously planning, and are able, to come. Thank you.


Ev Tremblay Park Ottawa

Signed up

butcher-baker-package taker 4th last year hmmm...

"This is the way it's always gonna be"

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Ev Tremblay Park is 120' x 80' (36.5 m x 24.4 m) with 10' behind each goal, 100' from goal line to goal line.

would like to attend. anyone wanna be on my team? p. drizzle, baby?

let's do it. i'll use the next 8 months to get my game up to a north side level (ha!) wait, you are talking to me, right?

carve. smash. eat shit.

carve. smash. eat shit.

yes yes!


It's the only reason I go to this tournament.

not to be confused with (hush mouth take back words)

"This is the way it's always gonna be"

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

God bless the edit button.
Hurrah for Anarchy! This is the happiest day of my life!
"So Bike polo is the other woman?"

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

and curse the guy who couldn't reply fast enough to veto the edit function

first rule, woadie, first rule

b b b brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! bliat atatataa! oh gad i just peed myself laughing...

"This is the way it's always gonna be"

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...



I like your polo.

damn i'm not gonna miss this!!!WSM


3-2-1-count me in
Once everyone thaws I'll have a team together.

i know its a little early but i will need housing..also will be jobless by then so might come up a day or two earlyer in hopes to see a little more than the court and mikes mom house...also to play pick up with canadas finest..count it

Hey I'm gonna try and make it again this year, but not sure about a team just yet....I'll keep you posted if I get one together, or if I need to team up with someone.

b b beaver boys comin for all your small potatos


how are you guys making your selection of invites?
nothing to detailed i hope, pick the slayers!!!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

So in all seriousness what are the chances that this can be pushed back towards the back end of september. This soon after worlds will be peak burnout time. Also, many may be still wandering around Europe this soon after Worlds. I need to make my first trip to Ottawa but it will be much more likely at the end of the month.

i'm in the same boat, i won't even be back from europe yet. this year has been a clusterfuck for tourney dates.

osprey, peecocque, this is our chance.

looking into the dates

Northern Standard

bua bua bua
only rasta chants properly express what alexis and i are feeling right now

Coming from Aus for this! Via Berlin!

Yeah fuck yeah!


I have no problem with these dates...ill be there. if you invite me that is which i sure hope to be also as a 2nd place finisher last year isnt it automatic? already planning a family vacation up there too for a few days before the tourney.

The Murphys want to come back if ya'll will have us.

fuck ur face

the murphys are always welcome

is this still happening on these dates?


Any midwesterners have an extra spot in their vehicle? I can find my way to your city and pay my own way- i just don't own working vehicle.

playin with cris gt and a third


I wanna come to this. if I can't afford Guatemala Im coming to Ottawa which Im sure is just as beautiful. Let you know by the 22nd of August. I don't have any team, tell Robbie I want to team with him if he's around

The date for the Northside will remain the same. Sorry to those still in Europe and those going to Guatemala. Updates coming soon.

boo! most expensive and impossible weekend to travel! we're moving the northern crown to christmas day in rash retaliation!

i like it, coach's christmas in cascadia. i'm still coming.

at least we know it *won't* be snowing.

can we do a secret santa?

I am planning on coming to this and will be looking for a team and a place to crash. Anyone need a third?

Out. Bummer. I dislocated my shoulder playing pickup in Dayton yesterday and won't be in tournament shape in a month's time. Maybe next year.

awe that sucks! get better brad and will see you soon.

invite me, i'll come.

your invited


how you gonna cross river jordan?

YEess.. just bought my tickets! Playing with Maija and Ngaihon! See you soon


Ok folks, the NSPI is three weeks away. Alexis will get registration going when he gets home from Berlin. Anyone planning on bringing their video gear send me an email brianwwhitmore@gmail.com. There is a filming project happening if your interested. more soon.

321 polo..

email malletsofmayhem@gmail.com to register

Sorry all, Can't do it this year. Mega-sadface about it.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

teams so far:

1. Jonny Crash, Brodie, Hayter OTTAWA
2. Julian, Evan, Dustin SEATTLE
3. Young J, Cris, Robb N.O./PHILLY
4. Maija, Ngaihon, Bridie T.O./MIDWEST
5. Rob, Neill, Nick WATERLOO
6. Chris P, Chris Angry, Alexis E. VAN/NYC/OTTAWA
7. Dana. Oleha, Shelley OTTAWA
8. Meg, Shane, Mack DC/NYC
9. Quinn, Bri, Jarrett SYRACUSE/NYC/BOSTON
10. Johan, Chombo, Boom ALL OVER/NYC/MKE

more teams to come from ottawa, maybe from syracuse, elsewheres... we have Lewis looking for a team. Let me know people.

I'm going to go ahead and cap the teams at 20. we're halfway there. let me know if you're coming. first come, first served

Javier - I seem to recall getting an email from you registering a team but I can't seem to find it. I'll reserve you guys a spot, just get back at me to confirm

yes please reserve a spot for us. We're still working out the team.

Justin, Johnny Midwest, Not sure about our third, but maybe Ken?? I'll let you know. Calgary/New York

CAA. Road side assistance. Coach, Allan, Ange. Ottawa.


Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

Allan is playing? cool

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York

different allan but he might be in town

if anyone is driving through toronto, come play pick up the thursday before or tuesday after!

Here's the revised registration list. Spots are filling up fast.

1.Jonny Crash, Brodie, Hayter OTTAWA
2.Young J, Cris, Robb N.O./PHILLY
3.Maija, Ngaihon, Bridie T.O./MIDWEST
5.Chris P, Chris Angry, Alexis E. VAN/NYC/OTTAWA
6.Dana. Oleha, Shelley OTTAWA
7.Meg, Shane, Mack DC/NYC
8.Quinn, Bri, Jarrett SYRACUSE/NYC/BOSTON
9.Johan, Chombo, Boom ALL OVER/NYC/MKE
10.Justin, Johnny Midwest + 1 CALGARY/NYC
11.Coach, Allan, Angelo OTTAWA
12.Javier, Nick +1 BOSTON
13.Mason, Adam, Doug SYRACUSE

Single Players: Big Guy - OTTAWA Lewis - AUSTRALIA Katie - NYC Nate - NYC

Also so everyone's aware there will be games played Monday so plan accordingly

still looking to hear from some regulars: nyc? and the midwest. chicago? MKE? anyone else?

Anybody driving from the midwhat? Lookin to crapool.

I like your polo.

if anyone wants to fly into syracuse and catch a ride north with us, let me know.. its often cheaper than flying into canada... or so i hear. syracuse to ottawa = approx. 3hr drive

zach and i want to enter a team, alexis!

All right. Update #2

1.Jonny Crash, Brodie, Hayter OTTAWA
2.Young J, Cris, Robb N.O./PHILLY
3.Maija, Ngaihon, Bridie T.O./MIDWEST
5.Chris P, Chris Angry, Alexis E. VAN/NYC/OTTAWA
6.Dana. Oleha, Shelley OTTAWA
7.Meg, Shane, Mack DC/NYC
8.Quinn, Bri, Jarrett SYRACUSE/NYC/BOSTON
9.Johan, Chombo, Boom ALL OVER/NYC/MKE
10.Justin, Johnny Midwest, Ken CALGARY/NYC
11.Coach, Allan, Angelo OTTAWA
12.Javier, Jake, Brad BOSTON
13.Mason, Adam, Doug SYRACUSE
14.Glen, Shane, Lewis TORONTO/AUSTRALIA
15.Paul, Zach, Nate NYC
16.Robbie, Jonny, Ben OTTAWA/CHICAGO
17.Jizza, AK, Redge OTTAWA
18.Katie, Stephen, Jesse NYC/OTTAWA
19.Big Guy, Joe, Shane OTTAWA/TORONTO/NYC
20.Montog, Mitch, Big Fancy ARNPRIOR

And we have Sara NYC, Gilles OTTAWA, and Steven all looking for hook ups. I think we can swing 21 teams which is what we had last year i believe

last i heard sara nyc isnt going unles syouve heard from her in the past day or 2. also do i see shane nyc on two teams there?

are you looking at the shane with mack? that's DC shane.

HEEEEY! Tell Big guy I want to play with him... add another player and thats a team!

EDIT : BG is teamd'ed *** Alexis can you find me a team, that'd be pretty well ***

polo polo polo ohno

Katie - NYC
Nate - NYC

Do either of these folx check the site... Can you pass along contact info if not. I rlly want to have a team for this.

polo polo polo ohno

9.Johan, Chombo, Boom ALL OVER/NYC/MKE

i like ALL OVER....manny funny.. might just be our team name.....looking good alexis...cant wait

Ok, another edit to the reg list up there. those last 2 teams aren't set in stone, just some names i threw together. 2 spots left!!!

You know where to place the Big Lifter
the Jughead
the Tuna

Gatineau Style! c'mon!

Tuna is the chicken of the sea

Not quite sure what that means redge. If it refers to an all ottawa team you'll have to take it up with the players themselves.

Looking for a team for this. Just sent a registration mail. Will be getting the van up with others from NYC. Anyone up to make a team, hit me up. Or any other singles, let me know. I played at Espi's and North Americans this year. Hella fun. Let's make this happen!!!!

Alright. Shane is added to the list. As I said before, the thrown together teams i listed above are not set in stone. you are not bound to these team configurations.

Would you like to be on a team with Stephen and me?

hey, sorry for the delay, i was hoping to play on a random team, but we'll see who's around and what alexis is doing with the teams. I really enjoyed playing with new people for ESPI and North Americans. Thought it forced me to up my game straight away since you can't rely on people since you don't know their style for the beginning.

I adjusted the teams in the earlier post. .

To all the distracted and confused;

I went to the court to figure out what was happening.
I thought I was playing with some other guys, but that was hypothetical hypocracies.
All nominations considered, we chose to form a team of three players present: Jizza, AK, and me. All Quebexican
My appologies for creating any confusion for these last minute placements.
JB and Katie, I hope you still find a team.
Tex, thanks for keeping it together with all of us scrambling like this. Also noted are the words of wisdom: talk to your team mates

Once again, may you all have a cordial time on and off the court.


Tuna is the chicken of the sea

Above team list has been revised. We`re right up against the limit for teams if you include a team or two of on the spot teams.

just wondering what the story is with a place to crash up around these parts? are there floors available? motels, or is wandering into the forest the best option?

yes there is housing

brian from ottawa wrote:

yes there is housing

sounds great! looking forward to it

havnt checked this in a while. im with zach and paul NYC

Yeah, Nate Mumford.

Registration for the NSPI 2010 is officially closed. See you all next weekend.

1 or 2 teams will be added to the list. just trying to match up the remaning loners. if you don't see your name up there and you emailed me, don't worry, you're playing

hey coach, my guatemala trip fell through, so i'll see ya'll soon.



Mexicana airlines went bankrupt 3 days ago.

No worries!!! it works out for the best.i really wanted to attend NSPI's this year.with the flight money coming back, i may head out to east-van in 2weeks. so win-win for me!!


Mallets of Mayhem , Sunday practice. Good day today, hot enough to melt all the cheap orange balls. Showed up at 2:30 and saw that Bob had set up camp. We had our 6 around 3pm when Mark showed up. Most players displaying the usual explosions of power. Gilles must have scored 3 in a row. By the time I took off, we had three on the bench waiting the next crew rotation, a bunch of empty cans and only one vertebrae dislocation.

Tuna is the chicken of the sea

Alright people, we're at 20 teams including all the stragglers and a late entry from our lads up the valley way. Thanks everyone for registering and we're looking forward to seeing you all. I will email you with housing details this week.

four words lads, renfrew county bike polo.


x 2

When does the polo start on Saturday?

polo polo polo ohno

johnny crash...im gonna need you to tell your mother

that your dad is not allowed to sleep in the bed with her

and i...thats an order...

alexis....im gonna need you to have 2 mexican ladies and 2 jamaican

women for me...thanks budds..see you on friday.

when "young j" speaks, canadians better listen. ha!

carve. smash. eat shit.

Justin G & I are looking for a third. Anyone? Anyone?


Does not apply at Los Marcos Melee

ken talk to menace. he wants to play

So looks like it's me, Ken & Menace, see you soon!! So coach if I show up in your back yard around 2am Friday night will there be beer like last time?

x2 on the beer at 2am

Friday night is at 296 flora st this year. but yes you can have beer in my backyard too.

Jusatin- you have to bring your own beer to NSPI if you show up at 2am on the plus side you can make a killing selling to all the people who are out of beer :)

my greatest memory ever is mke rolling in at 3 am for the 07 nspi and me being sorry for not having a beer for those cats, the response was it ok were from mke then the trunk opens and its full of beer nothing else

haha! clowning, wearing matching green and yellow jump suits... soo bummed that I cant make it this year. just got back from europe tuesday and now i'm running around on the first day of school trying to register for classes. :(

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -


1.Jonny Crash, Brodie, Hayter OTTAWA
2.Young J, Cris, Robb N.O./PHILLY
3.Maija, Ngaihon, Bridie T.O./MIDWEST
5.Chris P, Chris Angry, Alexis E. VAN/NYC/OTTAWA
6.Dana. Oleha, Shelley OTTAWA
7.Meg, Shane, Mack DC/NYC
8.Quinn, Bri, Jarrett SYRACUSE/NYC/BOSTON
9.Johan, Chombo, Boom ALL OVER/NYC/MKE
10.Justin, Menace, Ken CALGARY/NYC
11.Coach, Allan, Angelo OTTAWA
12.Javier, Jake, Brad BOSTON
13.Mason, Adam, Doug SYRACUSE
14.Glen, Shane, Lewis TORONTO/AUSTRALIA
15.Paul, Zach, Nate NYC
16.Robbie, Jonny, Ben OTTAWA/CHICAGO
17.Jizza, AK, Redge OTTAWA
18.Katie, Stephen, Jesse NYC/OTTAWA
19.Big Guy, Joe, Shane OTTAWA/TORONTO/NYC
20.Montog, Mitch, Big Fancy ARNPRIOR

And we have Gilles OTTAWA, and Steven looking for hook ups. I think we can swing 21 teams which is what we had last year i believe, but it depends on them finding a 3rd.

i think that chris is coming from TO as well, he would play if they need a third

if your coming in friday night the welcome party is at 296 flora st if it is still daylight well be at the court 108 beech st, sat 10 am tournament starts, sat night at the carleton tavern, tournament play resumes on sunday at 10 am sunday night is at NINE nightclub 364 Elgin St, monday is the finals for the tourney

thanks for the info. see ya tomorrow, coach!

whats the word on housing? i have one syracuse team, a syracuse player coming to watch, and my team... i believe we all need a place to crash, if possible (fri/sat/sun). if not, we'll look into hotel rooms, just let us know.

thank you!

Angelo is going to be on CBC Radio One at 3pm ET today (September 2). You can tune in here: http://www.cbc.ca/listen/ then click on "Ontario" and then "Ottawa" to get the feed.

I have no interest in listening to the song playing right now, I hope he goes on soon.


Great interview boys! I'm glad I checked this thread at the right time. Thanks for informing us, Sleepkins!! I <3 Ottawhat and am really sad I can't make it up for this. Next year it is definitely top priority!

Midwest is best!!

we really need people to be at the court, ready to play at 1030. we can do the whole chat thing before hand and the first game will absolutely begin at 11. we are working without lights and by 7 we will be getting close to unplayable darkness. please please please get there early!

Just for you Alexis.

But if you dont have bagels there for me in the morning then Ottawa will never live up to Rochester.

hah! and weeds and sand patches.

wait... they have a patch for weed and sand addiction?

lewis - i will bring for you what are, in my opinion, the best bagels in the world. Fresh from the ottawa bagel shop

montreal or new york? that is the question.

montreal. it's not a question.

those bagels are pretty damn good.

East van just did a run of our old tshirts, any interest? will be arriving sat. if you are give me a size a.s.a.p

Northern Standard

bro. medium please


Chris please save me a Medium too, I'll get it in a couple of weeks..


Good Luck Everybody!!

pieter still owes me an e.van shirt from our drunken polo shirt swap on the streets of seattle that i somehow came out of with out a shirt... well, actually I got a shirt that was about 10 years old and sized XXRory

- Beaver Boys * Milwaukee Bike Polo Club -

chris please let me pay for a new east van shirt for joe.

joe, that was rory's first table-diving shirt.

shaping up to be a nice mild day. pretty much perfect if you ask me. with a 40 percent chance of showers. let's get it on

great first day everybody. lots of good games out there. here's the standings as of day 1.

Group A

1. Magic Touch - Paul, Zach, Nate
2. Roadside Assistance - Coach, Allan, Angelo
3. Monkey Touch - Glen, Shane, Lewis
4. Pandzig - Cris, Robb, Young J
5. Poutang Clan - Jarrett, Bri, Quinn
6. Astro Zombie - Ken, Menace, Justin
7. Turn It Or Burn It - Hayter, Johnny Crash, Brodie
8. Catheads - Dana, Oleha, Shelley
9. Rebel Scum - Katie, Jesse, Stephen

Group B

1. Trooper - Jonny, Robbie, Ben
2. Regulators - Chris, Alexis, Chris
3. Who Gives A Shit? - Chombo, Johan, Boom Boom
4. Earl - Javier, Jake, Brad
5. Moonshine - Shane, Meg, Mack
6. Dream Team - Maija, Birdie, Ngaihon
7. Quebexico - Jizza, Redge, Chris
8. Speed Date - Big Guy, Steve, Shane
9. Hawkward - Nick, Rob, Neill
10. Otters - Mitchie, Big Fancy, Montog

Thanks, now what about day 2?

Doug D
Brooklyn, New York


x2!! Who won?
Edit-I forgot the last day is today.

Midwest is best!!


First place: Alexis, Chris NYC, Chris East Van; 2nd place: Schultz, Robbie & Johnny; 3rd place Ngaihon Maija and Birdie.

Birdie gets M.V.P.!!! She played great today, scoring many crucial goals for her team. Shout out to Earl from Boston. Javier, Jake and Brad taking 4th.

Thanks everybody who came out and made this a great 3 days of the most beautiful game.

Blaaaaaaaaaaaah! Boff, kill, marry. JC, Roberts, Uncle Clobber. In that order.

EDIT: obviously this was written by Ange for me. The "blaaaah" gives it away. I was, however, too drunk to stop him from doing so...

Very satisfied with the entire presentation. NSPI 2010 produced the best bike polo I have ever seen. We have stretched our legs, and now the push. Keep stepping it up up up!

Tuna is the chicken of the sea

I want to send out a big thanks to everyone involved, really great time.


let's get the whole standings list when you have a chance!


bike polo hotline

my book with the entire bracket was last seen in Angelo's trunk. Once I retrieve it I will post accordingly. Thanks again to everyone who made this a really amazing weekend.

first and foremost thank you mallets of mayhem, another great one, as i said our club rolls deep! thank you everyone for coming. so many people to thank. the final was entirely filmed and well get that up soon. birdie mvp, alexis with a beautiful gwg. so many fabulous moments. even the seagul flew in from east van to say hello.

thank you m.o.m. you help us understand the criteria for hardtop hammerball

regulators: thank you for letting me ride with you

seagull calls shit on em shit on em shit on em

moses send thy ship across for us

I have your book Alexis and I tabulated the results.

1 Regulators Alexis, Roberts, Chris (van)
2 The Trooper Robbie, Ben (chi), Johnny (ott)
3 Dream Team Mayja, Ngaihon, Birdie (MVP)
4 Earl Jav, Jake, Brad (bos)
5 Magic Toast Paul, Zach, Nate
6 Who Gives a shit Zach (mke), Chombo, Johan
7 Monkey Touch Glen, Shane (to), Lewis (aus)
8 Astro Zombie Menace, Ken, Justin
9 Roadside Assistance Coach, Angelo, Allan (ott)
10 Moonshine Shane, Meg, (dc) Mack (nyc)
11 Speed Date Shane (nyc), BG (ott) Steve (to)
12 Pandzig Young J, Chris, Robb
13 Hawkward Rob, Neil, Nick (to)
14 Quebexico Jeff, Redge, guy from TO, Chris?
Tied for last place Cat Heads Dana, Shelly, Ohleha (ott) and Turn it or Burn it JC, Brodie, Hayter (ott). Same goals for, same goals against.

Thanks again

thanks Mallets of Mayhem, Ange and Marlene and for hosting, and everyone for the competitive games.
always a good time in Ottawa. Thanks to Z and Natred for being so toaster friendly.
big ups to Dream Team for killing it on Monday.
Great van ride. i love you NYCBP.
Van arrived in Manhattan at 4:15am, in bed by 5, up for work at 7:30am. I call this my Northside hangover.

Holy shit what a weekend.

Thanks NYC for bringing me back to your amazing city!!

Thanks Ottawa for hosting. Seriously some of the best levels of tournament play i have yet to experience. Made so many great new friends, I will be visiting alot of you in your cities over the next few months. Boston and Philly are first on my list after NYC.

Thanks Glen and Shane for playing with me and Ngaihon and Ange for filling in. Super proud of my buds Dream Team, it was an honour to fill in that one game for you.

Im pretty sure Monkey touch was equal 5th with Magic Toast though...

Ottawa really does roll deep.

Thank you Ottawa! for making my first NSPI so beautiful. Thanks Maija and Ngaihon and Lewis! To everyone who played, so many inspiring polo moments this weekend. There are so many of you i can't wait to play with in the future.


the dark end (aka Bobb Todd, Marzipan, B.R. Fuck Face)

Mallets of Mayhem do it AGAIN. Thank you.

Thanks to my fellow teammates, Jonny Shotta and Robbie Taz. I had SO much fun playing with you.

Dream Team - highlight of the tourney. On FIRE in the elim.

Regulators -thank you for one of the best matches I've ever been part of.

Thanks Ottawa for a great first tournament experience. Thanks Johnny for the couch to crash on. Thanks to Ken for making it so our bikes did not end up on the highway. And thanks Paul and Katie for driving.

See y'all at the next one

I'll add to the Thank You list.....Love going to Ottawa, it's always a good time!

HUGE thank you to Julia for putting team Moonshine up for the weekend :)

Congrats to everyone, some amazing games were going on. Mack it was much fun being on a team with you.

Cherry Moonshine photos coming soon......

And thanks to the moonshine crew for letting me hide under their umbrella. The weather wasn't the best, but the people & the polo were!


thank you johnny crash and guinness dog. thanks alexis. thanks to "who gives a shit" for playing us tight in the most fun 0-0 game i've ever played. my favourite quote of the weekend goes to angelo "that's it! you're dead!"


Image Hosted by ImageShack.usBy kaibot at 2010-09-09

Thanks to everyone who made it all happen! It was an amazing time despite the rain.

There are several photos from the weekend here


and at the bottom of the post there is a link to a facebook album with more.

or go here http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=212585&id=502433580&l=a0d0815ac2

I'll give a sweep through them again and see if there's any I looked past, sorry that they're a bit biased towards my crew.

Hope you enjoy!


There aren't many but here are a few photos:


i was gonna do something a little grander but what with all the rain i really didn't feel like getting my shit fucked up. so i just threw some of the clips i had into something small. really only nyc players in it. and not much action.


nspi 2010 from nate mumford on Vimeo.