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Northside Regional NAHBPC Qualifier Tourney July 2-3, Toronto

Hell yeah!!!! Come to the TDOT.




lovely to see it going back here.

yea yea, get up here, we'll keep ya ' !!!

i am coming home for this!!!!
marco and i will be forming a team. need a third right now.
we're both "all-around" players.

can't wait to see you guys!!!!




I'll play with you guys if you'll have me! I've never been to Canada before and Toronto is on my top list of Canadian cities to visit. Plus, I love the fact that I will be in Canada for 4th of July!

Midwest is best!!


I'm pretty sure we're not FWENDS!!!

Montreal got spanked at Fall Ballin and Boston Lockdown but we've been playing all winter ( yes, even in minus 30) and are hungry for some good ol' competition. We'll be invading TO!

so can we expect registration to take place some date between may 1 and june 1?


Sorry everyone. i mistakenly made this a private thread for members of Northside region and Toronto club when i made it a week ago. funny because i edit some tournaments to make sure people don't mistakenly make them private to their club or region.

Damn. Flights were cheap the other day on Porter so I took a gamble and booked one to fly into Ottawa. Whatever. I booked it for the Tuesday before the long weekend. Good enough.

Please have this on the Island!

Looking to form a super-solid team.

well get you a ride from ottawa to toronto and let us know your flight details and we will get you picked up at the airport

Cool thanks. I knew MoM would provide. I've never beenn to Ottawa and haven't even looked at the airport situation.

thx Coach!!!


Where can I pay into the Rawbie Boards fund? This is the only qualifier the Rooster can get to.

i've been meaning to go back to TO. this looks like it will be a lot of fun.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

We're pretty close to confirming location. First weekend in July is now 99% locked in, where it was 90% last week. Expect an announcement about mid-May registration next week.


I am still looking for two teammates for this!! I really want my first visit to Canada to be a polo vacation. Please help make my dreams come true!! I would like to get my team locked down before I renew my passport...

Midwest is best!!

oh! meg! you need a team, too? how convenient..

Ann- PERFECT! Let's do this!!

Midwest is best!!

I'm still thinking this is a good idea, I WANT TO GET BACK UP TO TORONTO. Ann, you really in?

I'm so in.

if you want to vacation come to ottawa before or after for some fun!

putting some serious thought into this one..

us too


great minds think .. seriously.

THE ISLAND WAS THE BEST TIME EVER AT CMWC 2008!!! good times ahead!!!

I'm pretty sure we're not FWENDS!!!


2007 - King of The Juice

OK we have our location secured for July 2/3, a great park called Dufferin Grove on the west side of town. There's a full size hockey rink and a space right beside where we'll build a slightly smaller court, both are lit. there's a wood-fired pizza oven about 10 feet from the court, which will be lit up on Sunday.

Registration will be Sunday May 15th at 12pm EDT, here http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-register

36 teams (27 regional, 9 non-regional). Each team will play 5 12 minute games on Saturday, and top 24 teams will play double elimination on Sunday.

Friday July 1st is a holiday in Canada, and Monday July 4th is US holiday, so there will be a ton of pickup, probably at our home court at Dundas and Bathurst, or at one of the many other hockey rinks in downtown toronto.

other details, poster, etc. to follow


12pm meaning noon?

is there a travel bursary for wood oven bakers? ;)

i can't wait to come home!

Starting off the Canadian excursion with this...forsaking my homeland...I'll need 2 since my family is having friendlies that weekend.

...those days are over.


A mixed international team should be present.

I (Greg, from Paris), should play with Lewis (Australia) and Clement/Uolmo (Geneva, Switzerland).

Hope to see you there.


Finger cross!

any good teams need a third?

John S and I need a third

YEAH YEAH YEAH !!! best way to start a summer off to play polo

Anyone need a Third?

EM! did you and John already grab a third?

Very stoked to come home for this one!
There is at least one Victoria/Vancouver team coming, I've already got my ticket and I'll be visiting Ottawa following the tournament for a few weeks.
Just counting the days until registration opens now...

sounds like lots of non-region teams are looking to come. hope there's room for us all!
can't wait!

I need some suggestions on flying. I'd really like to get to this tournament but flying into toronto is lookin gpretty pricey. Any americans driving up that I can catch a ride with? I'm thinking that I can find cheaper tickets in the states. Help!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

i flew from buffalo into austin, way cheaper than from TO (750 compared to 400) there's a bus between the buffalo airport and TO which can take from 2-4 hours ($20 only though) ! or try the ann arbor crew, a few should be coming up....

or fly to chicago, party at Bench Minor, and get a party bus to Toronto à la CMWC 2008.

A party bus would be awesome, but as far as I know Joe and I are the only ones going to Northsides from Chicago. Mike- I would try to fly into MI if I were you, since it won't be that bad of a drive and there are definitely MI clubs that are going to this!

Midwest is best!!

We have big ol' van heading across the border. There's certainly room for you (psssst...Chicago you too). The only downside is flying into Grand Rapids can be expensive. You might also check on Flint, we're driving right through it.

holler, thanks maija.

Kev, I fear the party mus after my experience in Madison. Though that would be pretty awesome.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

oh gawd. second that. although i will say it was amazing fun times!

Hi I'm looking for team mates for this. Been playing 2 seasons now and will be practicing 3 days a week outside of game days this season and am hoping to find some teammates with about the same experience.
Msg me or post thx.

polo polo polo ohno

gonna be four great unlimited, play till you drop days of polo!!!! we're sooooo excited for ya'll that can come. if ya need housing please let us know, we'll be taking housing requests starting,i believe on the 15th of may.thx


I need a team!!! email me if your looking for a second or third (vfotsch@gmail.com).


I still need a team if you would like to team up!

Midwest is best!!

Another free agent looking for a team. I planned to play with two other AA players, but one doesn't have the money and the other already found a different teams.

Ps capt slow you are dead to me.

this isnt gonna be like the last tournament toronto threw is it? ya know..the one where skeet and woadie showed and no one else did...we met candel though..that was nice...yo HAWK..dig deep into the skeet vault and bring the post-OP photo with you...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Ya i doubt anyone will come this time too. other than Chandel.


YEAH! and perry came too!

that was good times.

You can register your preference for AM/PM on registration, but it isn't guaranteed, we need to balance the competition level a bit between AM and PM.

the spreadsheet isn't appearing when i click on the link



come on!

beat that suckers.
[i'm still drunk]



yes. a past teammate sees right through my gamesmanship

holy smokes people!!!!


1 more team from ottawa to come. Jonny Robbie Angelo


Jonny doesn't believe in the internet. Robbie doesn't like the internet. Angelo is at work building Barbie bikes at Canadian Tire.

Need housing? Fill out http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-housing


Any one need a third? Please contact me chuches@msu.edu I am going to be pissed if I miss out on this.

Hey Matt,

I just sent you an email, but it was rejected by the server.

I'm looking for a team, maybe you and I could join up and look for a third?

You can email me at christopherkaiser@me.com

Someone should pick Matt up...We don't want him pissed, and he'll also own the back half of the court and sink some laser shots from there.



Hows your on court game going there bud?



where is burlington?!! syracuse too!



i take it spots are filled? Caught slippin anyone want need a third?


Big Matt from Ann Arbor, MI and I are looking for a third.

It'd be a fun mismatch of people.

We should make it happen!

hey, Glen Hofman has a regional team looking for a second/third. he's a pretty good lefty!! email him at cyclebastard@hotmail.com if your interested.


all around teammate seeks the like

please inquire for details

julia and i are looking for a third. we have a spot as a non-regional, but we could go regional if you swing that way. but we're in it for fun, serious inquiries only.

This is going to be great. If we drive into town on Friday July 1st is traffic going to be totally stupid? Does Canada Day ruin access to Toronto? I am just trying to figure out if we need to arrive a day early.

Most people are driving the opposite direction on Thursday/Friday.

But you should arrive a day early so you can score some big fat pickup goals on Friday.

Sweet. Thanks Kev.

Yhaaaaaaaaaaaa fuck Yeah. International blistering barnacles team is in!
Im looking for people who goes down to Chicago or mke or Madison at The end of The tourney or days after..




two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"


Midwest is best!!


Midwest is best!!

if you show your coming to my house after for ghetto mac and cheese!! i have this great recipe i picked up in east van a couple of years ago


"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

CH0MB0 wrote:



You should play with Ann Silver and I!!

Midwest is best!!

if i can convince ken to go were are going to bring the rawbie boardz show LIVE to toronto

two asshole's don't make it right"
BUTT three asshole's make a good team"

I just sent a paypal link to the email addresses used during registration, for the 21 regional teams and the 9 non-regional teams that have registered so far. Deadline to pay is seven days from today, May 25th.

There are still 6 spots for regional teams left, but those spots will go to the non-regional teams on the waiting list on May 29th 11:59pm. Those teams will then have seven days to pay before their spot is forfeited.

Thanks Kev!

oops i missed the registration, i thought it was the 25th for some reason. looking for a team...

Ann Silver and I need a third if you'd like to join us!

Midwest is best!!

still looking for a team? Glen (Toronto) and I (Grand Rapids) have a spot.

I command someone to kick someone off their team and kick me onto their team

you will not be disappointed with the outcome of our collective efforts. real talk

"Thou Shalt put Thy Weed in it"
CH0MB0 3:16

Glen (toronto) and myself (grand rapids) have a spot. u in?


Hey Chombo, Danimal is looking like he is out. We're gonna need a third (Justin & Treeface from Calgary) are you still looking for a team? Give me a hollar if you are.

I updated the list of teams who have paid at http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-teams

Tomorrow's the deadline for those of you who registered on the 15th, if you don't pay today or tomorrow, you might lose your spot. Pay here with a credit card or paypal.


Also, if you want housing, fill out http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-housing

If there's a mistake and you think you paid, lemme know and i can double check.

when is the 75/25 % limitation lifted? There's a flight sale on now, so I booked my flight, but now the suspense of not knowing whether I'm in or not is killing me.

on the 29th at 12pm. I think there's a pretty good chance you'll get in. if not, then Toronto wins a killer ref for the weekend!

can you guys rig up killer sky-chairs like they had in Portland?? Those things ruled.


do you still need a team?

Nope. Ann Silver and I snagged her up!

Midwest is best!!

Nearby hotel recommendations?

not really, no, it's pride weekend, so hotels in the downtown core will be pricey, and we couldn't get any group deals or anything. i'd book now.

but we have tons of housing available, fill out this form: tinyurl.com/northside-2011-housing

Wait, did I make it in as non regional 15?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Yeah as of Sunday the six non-regional teams on the waiting list are no longer on the waiting list. I.e. all you have to do is pay and then you're confirmed. http://bikepolo.to/northside-2011-pay Deadline is June 9th, after which we'll invite anyone who gets on the waiting list to take your spot.

Housing is first come first served, fill out http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-housing to get a spot

Housing request filled out, money will be paid today. My spot shall not be taken!!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

come faster canada day, faaaasterrrrrrr!
I has the excitements!

who's all comin' from pegleg city?

loves me some polo

Harper, JB and I. We shall see you on the courts. Or maybe before.

bring MOAR!!!!

see you then!
or before...plannin' some pre-emptive visitronic activities?

loves me some polo

I think we will be rolling into town on the Thursday evening. It sounds like everyone has different plans for Friday though.

Tickets purchased, Team registered, Fuck yeah.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Court dimensions? Rough estimates?

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

one big, real big. one a bit smaller but still sizeable. super smooth concrete. we'll post photos soon.

"one big, real big"

you'll need Nick on the bullhorn again then.

Its smaller than Scadding though eh?

ya a bit. i think it's 160 x 60

Thinking I can make this happen now. Any chance anyone's looking for a third? get at me.

coffee, whiskey, beer. repeat.

yes, tyler scruton & i (patricia youn) are looking for a 3rd brolo for our team. WANT TO JOIN US?

It looks like I'll be able to attend this after all. Still teams out there looking for thirds?

Julia (Ottawa) and I (Naomi from Victoria) need a third still. email me




Midwest is best!!


There are currently 33 teams who have registered and paid, so there's room for 3 more. Or 1 more. But not 2 more, cause odd numbers are a pain in the ass. And if simone cancels, I think I'll cap it at 32. So if you haven't made up your mind about coming, just try not to be the 35th team.

Is there an up to date team list?


Hey Kev! Quinn AA is now Ann and I's third.

Midwest is best!!

if you need a place to crash and haven't yet signed up for housing, DO IT

it's likely we will be able to house everyone, plenty of couch/floor/tent space

Is there any space in cars coming from the Midwest? I'm looking at you Michigan! I still need a ride...help a girl out, please! I can bake you delicious treats and sing you sweet lullabies and will obviously chip in on my fair share of gas. : )

Midwest is best!!

Hello, ann arbor here, i believe we will have room for one player and their gear. we are currently planning on taking two cars and i think one spot is free, i will try to confirm this soon. Grand Rapids maybe an option too, i don't know what their plan is. We should be leaving early on friday morning. and returning sometime on monday. i'm sure we can put you up on either end of the tourney. as for how to get here, there is a train station here, and also there is a mega bus that runs from Chicago to here. i should have confirmation about the spot soon for you, or msg me if you don't see anything in the next few days.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

we went from 15 passenger van, to some SUV, to "we'll figure it out".....so we're probably riding our polo bikes there.

Also looking for a car, or something else who could bring me to somewhere in midwest.

We have one last seat, message sent. There is a cheap bus that runs from Chicago to Ann Arbor, see above. If you get here, we can get you to Toronto. We will have room for your gear and bike.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

I call sitting in the car with meg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I encourage all Americans to drink local Toronto bee while in Toronto. There are plenty of fine choices.

But if you want to do me a big favour, and you have space in your trunk, import me some beer. I will pay Canadian microbrew prices (around $2/bottle) for any beers from Founders, Bells, or other breweries that approach their level of greatness. I like american pale ales, stouts, hoppy pilsners, weisse beers, and long walks along the beach. I don't care for super high alcohol beer unless it's classy and not syrupy. Canadian customs law allows one two-four (case) per person. DO IT!!

What is your stance on Two Hearted Ale?

strong in booze but perfectly balanced, like a polo player with his toe pointing to the sky. one of the best. Last November Mr Velocity brought me a 3/4 of a two-four (plus a bunch of Founders) and i made it last all the way to last month.

OK good. This is the correct answer.

If I could only drink one kind of beer the rest of my life I'd be sad but if it was Two Hearted, I could survive.


In October we declared the booze we were bringing in, and I feel like it got us a trip to the guys with the latex gloves. They went over our car, checked out the bikes in the trunk, brought us inside and demanded to know how much money we had in our bank accounts, but never once looked at the legit, within regulation case of beer. This time I'm considering just packing every spare inch of cargo space full of Michigan micro. Thoughts, opinions, advice?

For what it's worth, getting back into Michigan felt like going to my grandma's house for dinner...warm open arms. The border agent consoled us on not winning the tournament and welcomed us home :)

i think they would have searched you either way. i often max out my limit for booze and i rarely get searched.

so ya, make sure you don't have anything illegal, like whatever cody had in his bag on the way back from NSPI 2008, plus me, the expired-student-visa alien in the back seat.

and don't take more than the regulation (24 beers OR one bottle of liquor, one carton of smokes, etc).

also, given that it's july 1st / july 4th weekend, plan for a long wait at the border :-(

and check your damn passports for their expiry date. do it now!

i think i can help with that.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Would a Quebec brew tempt you as well? Maybe something from Dieu du ciel or Saint-Arnould?

Every team needs to fill this out: http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-tanks if they want to get tank tops that fit them. I sent this in an email to the first person listed at http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-teams We only need one person to fill it out per team. deadline is this weekend (after that we'll just make guesses about what sizes people want).

What's the make of the tank? Any sizing guides? I'm kinda built like a weasel so sometimes large is long enough but a flap hazard when riding. Sometimes medium fits around but shows a bit much inny. Unless that person in your picture is 6" and 138lbs...

I'm not sure. Just make your best guess. We'll produce extras of each, so you will probably be able to just trade for a bigger/smaller one if you don't guess right.


tyler scruton & i (patricia youn) are still looking for a third to join our team.

anyone still need a team?


Julia and I (Naomi) are still looking for a third too!

EEEE!!!! you're coming to this!

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Julia and I (Naomi) are still looking for a third too!

What about Birdie?

...those days are over.


Shit I can't wait for this. I'm excited to see Toronto again. The last time I was there was probably 6 or 7 years ago. Oddly enough it was also for July 1st. Did a bike race that used the Indy track. It had something to do with a radio station and there were a ton of old, fat Italian dudes. Basically is what I'm saying is make sure there are a lot of old, fat Italian dudes there. They love bikes.

Also fuck yeah hockey rinks! I'm so over tennis courts.

I also heard that the week before this is Pride Week. Is wearing parade costume encouraged in the tournament?

yeah it's pride all week. the double elim on Sunday will co-incide with the parade downtown. yeah costumes encouraged!

"It had something to do with a radio station and there were a ton of old, fat Italian dudes. Basically is what I'm saying is make sure there are a lot of old, fat Italian dudes there. They love bikes."

That is the best description of the CHIN Picnic race ever! Dead on.

Anyone still looking for a team? We had a player unable to make it so there is one spot left on team Double Secret Probation.

I haven't heard back about housing. Don't let me be homeless.

No one who filled out the housing form will go homeless. We'll send emails next week. We're trying to get couches or mattresses for everyone but you may need to bring an air mattress. We'll let you know in the email. If you haven't filled out the form by the end of the week, you may have to fend for yourself.

Hey Kev! Sorry to be a pain, but I filled one out, right? I'm drawing a blank, and I don't know if Ann filled one out as well.

Midwest is best!!

Hello all!! Ann Silver in no longer able to make it to this anymore, is anyone still looking to hop on a team last minute? Help a girl out!

Midwest is best!!

aw no Ann can't make it!!! :( well me and Meg looking for a third!

The first of our gold and silver sponsor profiles is up on our blog... Orontas, a local petroleum-free bike lube company.

Updated schedule for Sunday's 24-team double elim is here: https://spreadsheets0.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?hl=en&key=tDsihBfUIyvbv...

We should be finished around 5:30pm Sunday, with twelve minute games all day long and 3 minutes between games.

We'll be sending out updates about Saturday swiss rounds brackets later this week, once we have all the teams confirmed. There are still 5 teams seeking a third player. They might end up forming 3 teams.

We can't wait to see you all here...

no 15 min games for the finals/semis?

if there's time and if both teams and the refs are into it. but if it's super hot and humid i doubt they will be.

ok deal.

gunslinger for hire...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

gunslinger for hire...
oops... double you pleasure
I got the kill face back...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

We missed you at Balls in the City Jas!!!

I think Brooke and I just lost our third ... I'll know for sure the situation by tomorrow but pm or email me if you are interested in playing with us.

yes nick!
make it happen i love playing with that big girl...brooke!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

Damnit, Big Lady just bailed too--those east van fools are so unreliable!
So my team just evaporated but I'm still coming. Are you still in? We'd need a third. I've started asking around, let me know if you hear of anyone whose interested.
We're bound to find our third gunman hiding on the grassy knoll.

hey nick, if you see the post below there are a bunch of teams without a third who could really use you !!!!

NICK. Glen and I (Toronto and Grand Rapids respectively) would like to invite you to join our international alliance. Good times to be had by all!

Let me know.

jdaining [at] gmail [dot] com


Hey Justin,

I'm interested, I just have to make sure naomi is covered first. I'll look into that right away and get back to you asap through email.


Let's do it!!!! Gave kev an update below. See ya in a week or so mayne

hey guys. We are coming up from atlanta but our third dropped out on us. Anyone interested in playing with a team from the dirty dirty?

OK so right now there are currently 6 teams without a third player

chris/eric (ATL)
meg(CHI)/quinn (ann arbor)
jill(PGH)/tif (LEX)
glen( TO) /justin ( Grand rapids)
Chris (TO) / matt (ann arbor)

you all need to complete your teams by this weekend, either find a third or dissolve teams i dont care how everyone does it but please figure it out ! (ps 6 x 2 = 12 = 4 teams of 3 NEAT )

you guys could form like voltron. do it.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Yo kev. Got a team update.

Glen, TO
Justin, grand rapids
Nick, Victoria

Party time.


Thankfully, we have our third.

...those days are over.


That seems like it would work.

Would anyone mind jumping on our team from Atlanta? Eric and I are coming up to try to qualify for NA's and had a disappointing showing in Savannah. It would be greatly appreciated. If not, thats cool too. It should still be a fun tournament either way.

.....I will bring the roman candles...
oh shoot...I told Chandel i would never have to say sorry after a tournament ever...ever...again
hush mouth take back words...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

I reeeally like this poster.

yes matt so do I
but do we know who the raccoon is from the "tit squad"...eh?

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

we picked up woadie for the win. thanks dude.

yes brother!

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

christopherhamersly wrote:

we picked up woadie for the win. thanks dude.


hoopdriver bicycles logo

Gold sponsor profile: Hoopdriver bicycles

i regret not planning to come to this

Schedule for the weekend is up at http://bikepolo.to/blog/kev/20110624/tournament-schedule including the AM/PM groups for Saturday.

Housing emails have been sent out to all those who requested a place to stay. So if you're still looking, better get at me quick

I'm having trouble containing my giddyness for this upcoming weekend.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

updates, pictures of the brackets?

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

you're totally jumping the gun fred.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

haha, my bad, thought it was this weekend........how about a prediction then?

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

It would probably be rude for me to predict anything.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

be as rude as you want but i own this one . and watch out for the shottas!! real gangsters!!

well in that case, You're going down.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Does anyone need a ride from Toronto to NYC area on monday after the tournament? We have an extra spot in our car.

as a personal favor to me...THE VIKING...paypal wodie to this event...

ha! someone left their profile open on crabs iPad......

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

see all you dirtbags soon!

[this just got emailed to the person who registered your team]

We'll be using the ruleset posted here: http://www.nahardcourt.com/2011-nah-rules/ We'll have a copy of this printed beside the courts.

READ THEM, especially the section on equipment. It's your responsibility to make your bike comply with NAH rules before you arrive at the court.

You will need to get your bike inspected before you play. Lewis (head ref) and other refs will be present at registration and will give you a wristband once your bike is inspected, which means your bike is deemed safe and also gets you discounts at bar Friday night and food on Sunday.

Goals are 183cmx91.5cm (6'x3'). One court is 180' x 65', the other is 130' x 60'.

I can hear the teeth grinding now...

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

From Lewis:

Balls will be the orange Canadian Ball Hockey Association Balls (as used at ESPI6 and NAHBPC2010 in Madison), they will be cooled in cold water as required in hot weather to keep them at the ideal for play.

Each game will be officiated by 2 refs at time. Both Refs will have whistles and be able to stop the game, make calls, give penalties, call goals (there will be no goal refs), and confer with each other. This is in attempt to improve officiating issues that have been the result of enforcement, consistency and visibility problems.

interesting approach. all i've heard lately about any of the qualifiers/bench minor [and i'm including espi 6 although it seems we had less difficulty enforcing the rules] was that the tournaments were great but the lack of consistency and control by refs was the biggest issue.
i hope this attempt works!

i like your bike approach. and lewis is pro.

leaving tomorrow night from philly with a tiny crew crossing the border back into the motherland.
oh my. cannot wait for this!!!!

Where is the best place to ship my bike?

Midwest is best!!

Uh shipping your bike might not be the best idea cause of customs. Also July 1 is a holiday so no deliveries happening, you'd have to ship it two-day (or overnight, if you're shipping tomorrow).

Aren't you bussing? just wrap it well and tip the baggage handler.

Cannot wait the remaining days, see all of you this weekend.

here is a picture of a cap getting ready, I suck at the internet and it probably won't work.


Keep your standards low, and morale high.

There's a public pool beside the pickup court where we're playing Friday, in Alexandra Park. Go swimming between pickup games.

Sooooooooooo I bought my ticket yesterday, flying back east tomorrow ..... weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

"fucking right 70 hrs 4 nets half a 60 of rye 2 bottles of wine and a bucket of beer now folk dont try this at home you might get scored on hahahahahah my word is my pride and wisdom is bleek thats a word from the wise. blaaaaaap" --reddragon

ohhh, those look amazing.

they look very professional, dimensions?

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

183cm by 91.5cm (6' x 3')

and tubing size?

....... __o
.... ( )/( ) \o

Pickup this afternoon/evening (Wednesday) at Scadding Court (Dundas and Bathurst).
Pickup tomorrow afternoon/evening (Thursday) at Dufferin Grove.
Pickup Friday at Scadding Court.

Map of stuff at http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-map

ANYONE COMING from Michigan or USA !!!!!!! ( I know they have them at the Ambassador Bridge Duty Free, not sure about coming from NY though)
Could you please pick up some cartons of AMERICAN SPIRIT (YELLOW) as we can not get it here in Canada anymore.
If possible get me as many as you have people in your car. They are $37/carton at the Duty Free.
I will have cash for you in Toronto and as a thank you will make it up to you. (whatever tickles your fancy let me know, excluding boy and girls of course)



I broke the heck out of my bike in Chicago, picture attached for what it's worth. If anyone in Toronto or coming to Toronto has a track frame, 700c, that they would be willing to part with, let me know. Texts at two five oh six eight six seven fore three fore or email. Thanks guys. Sorry if I'm being a nuisance about this but I really wasn't expecting to have to buy a new frame on this trip, hence the scrambling. Who's got something? Love you forever and make you a bit richer too.

You're awesome. I'm glad to hear you scored the goal.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Map, schedule, teams, all in one place to print: http://tinyurl.com/northside-2011-handout

Beer store (and most other stores) are closed July 1st.

En route on le megabus with sara, young adam, and jesse. See you in 7 hours toronto!!!

because of the fire in Madison we're moving Atwell's team (Rusty Nutz) to the PM, and Smooth Criminal to the AM.


Coach's (Brian, Ottawa) Too old to play SERIOUS/COMPETITIVE Polo Retirement Party !!!!!!

GOLDSPRINTS, Keggre, Films = FUNN . . *.¸¸.✶*¨ ¨*.¸¸.·٠••●●♥♥ ♥♪


You make the rules and I'll play the game.

Missing this one Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo............... I don't luv BOO

"So this is how it ends"MACHINE

boo <3's youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

anyone able to pick 2 Calgarians from the airport tonight around 9pm?

B.F.P. 403

because of traffic in this city and the distance to the airport it rarely makes sense to pick people up. besides that, very few polo players have cars. best bet is to take the airport express bus #192 to Kipling station, then the bloor line to wherever you're going.

Sounds good. See you all soon!

B.F.P. 403

Introducing Double Elim Brackets on Podium this weekend at the Northside Qualifier in Toronto!! Follow along Sat AND Sun... http://podiu.mx/northside

thanks for this, now we can keep track to see how the teams are doing.

Full results from Saturday, and the bracket for Sunday on Podium http://podiu.mx/northside

Start times for tomorrow:

10am: A/B
10:15am: C/D
11am: I/J
11:15am: K/L
11:30am: M/N
11:45am: O/P

The bracket looks good. Nice work Vince.

Yeah nice job on the brackets. Cowpunchers beat the Smooth Criminal twice to knock them out of the tournament, ouch! Great tool though. Have you thought about adding an online chat to it. I think that might be kind of cool.

yeah. need a live ticker. I am shitting myself waiting for results.

It does seem to have a bit of a ticker, or at least it's being updated point by point.

Yup, live score updates!

Rusty Nutz and Hand Job Well Done playing again. Vince, would it be better to set up your brackets to attempt to avoid repeat games?

You set up a double elim based upon seedings.

Does that mean that teams can't be flipped in the losers bracket to avoid repeat games?

nop, in a double elimination brackets you dont "arrange" any games. Once you have put them in some kind of classification at the begging you just run the brackets, if you have repeat any game, bad luck.

you have winners bracket and losers bracket. you start in winners, once you lose for first time you go to loser, if you lose again you go out

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Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

Its not about setting up games specifically, its making sure teams go to the "other side" of the losers bracket so you don't have the same teams repeating themselves. Its still all based on the rankings, its just in making sure the brackets are correct.

The brackets should be flipped when you drop into the losers if its done properly. Teams really shouldn't play each other twice. This is a great example of how it should look. Seams like Vince just missed the flip. Its pretty awesome though to be able to see it all like this.


even flipping, could happen that you play someone twice

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
Berlin Bike Polo 2010 - 2015
London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010

You're right, I did miss the flip in the semi's. There's a section that flips in the first round of the losers, and in the last, but not in the middle. I noticed it earlier, but it was already underway. It's fixed for future tourneys though. Doing this programmatically for arbitrary sized bracket is quite difficult (https://github.com/binaryseed/podium/blob/master/app/models/match.rb)

Doesn't seem like it was a big deal though. One dupe result was the same, the other was different.

And yes, its possible to play twice even with the flip, but usually not til the final

All in all, I'm pretty happy with how it went. Excited to see how many people were following along

Its awesome! Its made following the tournament so much easier. And its extra helpful at one that is across the boarder so we aren't getting as many text and twitter updates

Well done Toronto! Can't wait to see you all in Cowtown

B.F.P. 403


After a pretty shitty week for me it makes me really happy that one of my business partners drove to toronto and saturday night got there sunday morning and guided his team to the finals and lost to one of my best friends team who ended up winning it all. So stoked about this. Congrats to DTGP and to Rusty Nutz. Yeah Madison!!!

1st - Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Kev TO / Ngaihon TO / Hugo PAR)
2nd - Rusty Nutz (Adam / John / Piet ANN ARBOR)
3rd - Woadie and the Jets (Chris ATL /Eric ATL /Woadie PDX)
4th - Sure Bud (Ace NY / Maija TO / Charlie BUFF)

Male MVP(s) - Eric / Chris ATL
Female MVP - Jill PGH


Go Atlanta! Woadie you're pretty cool too man.

We play polo in the ATL

nice! good work everyone!!

Blue Steel Vs Strangers with Candy Part 1 at northside regional 2011 Toronto

Thanks a lot TO for the great week-end, good games, nice people, everything was perfect.

Thanks TO, you guys ran a great tourney and were all very hospitable. we all had a great time.

Keep your standards low, and morale high.

Thank you TO!!!! Such a fun tournament with so many great people. REally glad that we could make it to this one.

Great tournament! I had so much fun and was able to meet a lot of new people. Thanks to TOBP as a whole for putting this thing on. Thanks to Patty for hooking us up with a great place to stay. Thanks to Cherri and Nate for being awesome teammates and thanks everyone for the great games.

THANK YOU TORONTO BIKE POLO! this last weekend was amazing, you all did a really great job with northsides.

to kevin, i'm sorry bud, they let me back into america. ha. seriously though, kuddos to you for going the whole way through and winning the damn thing while still helping to keep on top of organizing. and congrats to all of DTGP for being the champions!

my team. you guys were awesome and so much fun to play with this weekend! Philly pride!

homies...y'all know who you are there eh bud. so good to see you all again in CANADA!
maija, love ya girlie. see you in texas right? emily you are one of my new favorite people. kaiser i miss you bud! jill, congrats on mvp, well deserved my friend. all you other fools. much love.

ok. back in america and back to reality.

Dear TOBP, I had a great time and wished I could have stayed longer. Thanks Trevor for putting the Ann Arbor crew up and thanks to the other organizers for running the tournament so well. We should think about a Michigan/Ontario friendly one of these days...you guys are so close.

1-8 (Qualified for the North American Hardcourt Bike Polo Championships)

1st - Dans Ta Gueule, Puceau (Kev TO / Ngaihon TO / Hugo PAR)
2nd - Rusty Nutz (Adam / John / Piet ANN ARBOR)
3rd - Woadie and the Jets (Chris ATL /Eric ATL /Woadie PDX)
4th - Sure Bud (Ace NY / Maija TO / Charlie BUFF)
5th - Dragon Army (Medic/Henry/Leon SEA/VIC/SEA)
5th - Hand Job Well (Alexis OTT / Johnny Crash OTT / Chris NYC)
7th - The Different Different Strokes (Jb / Mark / Eryn WPG)
7th - Cowpunchers (Justin CAL / Chombo NYC / Treeface CAL)

9-12 (Qualified for the NAHBPC Wild Card Tournament)

9th - Blistering Barnacles (Lewis SYD / Greg PAR / Clement GE)
9th - NAFTA (Chandel / Marco / Baby Joey PHILLY)
9th - Blue Steel (Tiff LEX / Seabass SEA / Jill PGH)
9th - Smooth Criminals (Shane TO / Allan OTT / Coach OTT)

who got 10, 11, and 12?

You can't really determine that from a bracket, instead there is a 4-way tie for 9th. All the 9 place teams now qualify for NAs

Thank you to everyone for a wonderful weekend. New friends and a few familiar people it was great to see all of you. I'm super happy to have been able to fly out for this weekend. To everyone in Toronto Bike Polo, you're all amazing for putting this together and I'm endlessly impressed how smoothly you got it to run. Keep it up and I look forward to being able to play in your city again.

Dubstep remixes for life.

The only reason anyone does anything.
For the lulz.

Huge thanks to everyone who came and made this weekend awesome. Err, week, with lots of people are still around making trips to the beach, more pickup. i wish i could take this whole week off to keep taking part. Dozens of you helped clean throughout the weekend, set up boards (henry and bottles), cart shit around (Greg/Hugo/Clément etc), squeegee, run Podium (chandel), and ref (a bunch of ya). THANKS.

Our sponsors came through huge, starting with Hoopdriver Bicycles (www.hoopdriver.ca, one of the finest bike stores in the country), and PACdesigns.com (our biggest supporter over the years), but also Orontas (toronto-based petroleum free bike lube), modrobes clothing, mari cla ro, st cago, Velocity USA, Squarebuilt in Brooklyn, YNOT cycles, Urbane Cyclist, Bern, and of course Banana Boat.

Dufferin Grove Park, our hosts, and especially Anna, Meyssan and Ozrin ,continue to kick ass and we're so lucky to have them.

Finally, everyone from BPTO came together on this: Eric's welding and carpentry, Navid's parties, Nick's voice and welding prep and design and other random shit, Frank's designs and buttons, Steve's clothing hookups, Aaron's stencils, Maija housing and sponsors and postering and talking though everything on the way to Chicago and back, Luke and Charlie on food, Laura's poster, Lewis' ref coordination, Angela and Kirsten's printing, and others who opened their homes, drove shit around, and did a bunch of random crap. Uh sorry in advance if i forgot people i'm sure i did. Super proud of us.

If anyone wants to see the budget and other details, check this: https://spreadsheets1.google.com/spreadsheet/ccc?hl=en_US&hl=en_US&key=t... . Basically, costs were $1200 for building courts, $750 for nets, $320 to NAH, $300 for pizza, $800 for tank tops. Revenue: $2200 registration, 100 pizza donations, $200+ tank tops, $375+ coming from ottawa for goals, $500 from a local sponsor.

Kev, really impress that you post the budget so openly in the forum, more tournament organizers should follow/copy this practice

Hats off

Zaragoza Bike Polo 2015
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London Bike Polo 2008 - 2010



Totally an incredible experience. It was so great to have so many different people from all sides of the continent. Meeting old friends and making new ones. I can't wait until I get to see you all again.

Amazing tourney for sure!
Some games here, and more are comming.

DTGP Vs Cowpunchers
http://vimeo.com/26096688 + http://vimeo.com/26108332

to the atlanta jets chris and eric...it was a honor to play with the south's finest..way to go boys!
toronto polo with kev at the helm...outstanding job everyone
to pati...thanks for the housing, food and all around good times
everyone should ref at least once at a tournament..its the best way to be forced to watch most of your competition..i really dig it

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

thanks again..TO. POLO

slayers are only slayers if the slay out of town...

TO rocks, great job everyone

video of this awesome week end...


thread #2: http://leagueofbikepolo.com/forum/tournaments/2011/07/06/photos-and-vide...